Designer Pets Will Love These UK Luxury Fancy Dog Beds!

Luxury Dog Beds have become essential to doggies as they can spend up to 14 hours per day sleeping so it is important we provide them somewhere comfortable, secure and free from drafts to have a snooze.

There are thousands of pet beds designed for that purpose, but but if your looking for something fancy, we've saved you the hassle by whittling it down to only the best designer dog beds on the market.


Reviews of the Top Products in 2019

this image shows a large dog on luxury waterproof bed

#1 - Orthopaedic & Waterproof

Possibly more comfortable than your sofa this luxury mattress has a grey faux fur surface and suede sides the interior is premium memory foam surrounded by a waterproof cover, which provides support for joints whilst providing maximum comfort.


  • check
    Medical-grade orthopaedic support
  • check
    Washable bed
  • check
    Hypoallergenic bed


  • ban
this image shows a luxury cave cover

#2 - Detachable Cave Cover

These beautiful luxury beds are handmade in Europe. The pillow is filled with Oeko-Tex® which is allergen and dust resistant and the removable cover has an air vent. This stylish patented home is made from the highest quality fabric with leather piping and would look good in any home.


  • check
    Removeable cave top
  • check
    Upholstery grade fabric
  • check
    Machine Washable bed


  • ban
this image shows a dog sitting on a luxury sofa

#3 - Kopeks Sofa 

Great for pups who suffer from joint problems or arthritis this luxury funky dog bed is made from 100% memory foam for maximum comfort with a removable and washable cover. It also has a waterproof interior cover in case of any accidents.


  • check
    Washable interior lining
  • check
    Supports joints
  • check
    Bed looks great


  • ban

#4 - Prestige Wicker Willow Basket 

This large vintage style wicker bed would look fantastic in any home and has a strong MDF base with interior cushion. Handcrafted from the finest willow it is eco-friendly as well as being stylish. The dimensions of this luxury model are 80cm x 50cm x 30cm.


  • check
    Environment friendly
  • check
    Stylish bed
  • check
    Washable cushion


  • ban
    Not suitable for pets which chew
  • ban
    Does not provide much support
This image shows a blue waterproof bed

#5 - P & L Quality Sleeper

Made in the UK and perfect for pups who get dirty and wet this luxury waterproof dog bed is covered in a 100% polyester waterproof fabric which is easy to keep clean. The high sides and deep base are designed to keep your pooch warm & comfortable.


  • check
    Heavy duty bed
  • check
    Made in UK
  • check
    Odour free


  • ban
    Needs a blanket for comfort

#6 - Silentnight Pocket Sprung 

Made by the mattress makers famous for luxury this plush bed is ideal for older canines as it provides premium support. It has a tri-layer construction base-support foam, pocket spring section and the top is made from high quality memory foam. Also available with optional waterproof mattress protector.


  • check
    Non-slip base
  • check
    Easy clean bed
  • check
    Reduces stress on joints


  • ban
this image shows three dogs sitting on a bed

#7 - Large Trendy Sofa 

Give your pooch there own luxury sofa with this comfortable trendy dog bed that will add an elegant touch to any home. With a thick padded washable cushion, stylish silver velour fabric, sturdy construction and handy storage bag for treats and toys it is the ideal spot to grab 40 winks.


  • check
    Elegant design
  • check
    Storage bag for toys or treats
  • check
    Bed has wooden frame


  • ban
    Not for heavy breeds or chewers

Types of Exclusive Baskets

No matter if your a human or canine, everyone wants comfort when retreating back to their bed for the night.

Designer pet beds have become increasingly popular among pet owners as many see the brand as a trusted sign compared to beds without one. Here are some of the most compelling pros and cons of a designer bed:

  • People see it as a sign of quality
  • A brand is always trusted more
  • Can often buy online or in store
  • Some brands can be expensive
  • Not always better quality
This image shows black dog looking at the camera while laying down

Ideal Combination 

Posh & Pretty

I know what your thinking, what on earth are posh dog beds. Well, let me first explain by saying that its not everyone's cup of tea, but what it does offer is luxury at its very finest.

They often consist of materials such as velvet and are usually for smaller breeds like Shih Tzus and Chihuahaus. Basket forms are often the most chose when it comes to posh pet beds because they are often small, concise and elegant. 

  • Offer quality materials
  • Extremely comfortable for your pet
  • Expensive 
  • Often only available online
This image shows brown dog curled up sleeping in basket

Great Quality 

Fancy dog beds are extremely similar to posh choices in the respect that they offer very good quality for your canine with abit of added luxury. However, fancy beds can also be unusual and often not follow the trend of what everyone else is buying.

Again, they are more popular among the smaller breeds but nevertheless, you could still get fancy bed for your large breed if you wanted to. 

  • For small & large breeds
  • Great quality & comfort 
  • Expensive 
  • Can be difficult to find in store
This image shows black breed staring at the camera

Where to Buy Stylish Choices


  • Pets at Home
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Argos 
  • Wayfair

Over the Counter

  • Argos
  • Wayfair
  • Pets at Home 

Here are some important things to consider;

  • check
    How long will it last?
    If you are spending your hard-earned cash on a luxury pet safe haven you want to know it will last. Is it well made, are the sides well-supported? Spending a bit more on quality can be cost-effective in the long run.
  • check
    Is it easy to keep clean?
    You definitely want a washable pet bed or one that is easy to clean and if you or your pet suffers from allergies it is worth paying the extra for a hypoallergenic one that will keep sneezes down.
  • check
    The filling?
    It is essential to know what is inside any potential pup bed, just because it sates luxury does not mean it's well made. Many foreign foams and fillings do not comply with this country’s fire regulations or contain chemicals which can be harmful if chewed and as recently as last year a family pet died after becoming entangled in the filling of a bed.
  • check
    Joint support?
    This is especially important if you have a senior canine or one which suffers from joint problems. If you can press down on the mattress and feel the floor, it will not provide much support or luxury for your pooch.
  • check
    You need one that allows for your pooch to move around unrestricted, yes, some animals like to curl up but there should be room for them to stretch and sprawl if needed. Also, there is no point spending a fortune on a luxury bed for a large breed puppy who will probably have grown out of it in a few months?
  • check
    Does it have a Guarantee?
    Buying any luxury item without a guarantee would be madness and the same applies to these beds. They should be as described and failure to live up to expectations should result in you receiving an exchange or refund.
  • check
    Country of Manufacture?
    Where it's made is important while purchasing a cheap foreign alternative might seem like a bargain, remember the materials it is made with do not have this country’s strict regulations and a could be shoddy at best, dangerous at worst.
  • check
    Can you buy replacement covers?
    Being able to purchase replacement covers for your pooches crib means even though the initial outlay may be a bit more it will save money in the long run, as you only need to replace the covers every so often and not the whole bed.
  • check
    Customer Service?
    Some companies are keen to take your money and run, always ask about customer service, what if the item is faulty, needs exchanged or you have questions further down the line? Excellent customer service is worth paying that little bit extra for.
this image shows a dog looking towards camera in luxury bed

Materials, Styles and Price - Which One Matters?

Perhaps an older canine suffering from arthritis needs support for aching joints, maybe you have a companion which likes a den, or simply want something that is elegant and modern to match your décor.

Expensive Doesn't Equal Quality

Whatever the reason, some of us want to splash out and purchase a luxury bed for our canine companions. Below are just some of the types that we have covered:

1. Basket Types

2. Soft Washable Options

3. Orthopaedic Options

4. Rattan Choices

5. Wooden Choices

What to Watch For

Pets will sleep just about anywhere as this video shows;

However, you will want to provide a luxury bed which provides comfort and support especially if you have an elderly pet or one which suffers from joint problems (see here how oil can ease joint problems).These can play a major influence on a pet's life through the lack of mobility and pain often caused.

The most important part of any bed is the mattress. It should be soft, but firm enough to keep its shape, not bunch up or flatten, provide support and insulation even after months or years of use.

Cheap mattresses have a tendency to become lumpy especially after being washed. A general rule of paw is; if you you can feel the floor through the base of a bed it isn’t going to provide of the required degree of support and over time will become less comfortable, which is why investing in a slightly more expensive luxury option is normally better, as they last far longer.

Check the weight of the mattress if possible – a lightweight mattress will more than likely contain cheap foam and a lot of fresh air, unless really small, that can be placed into a washing machine whole rarely provide the support needed.

Beware of Rubbish

Also, low price mattresses often aren't luxurious and can sometimes be poor quality so its important that you do thorough research on your dog mattress before letting your pup use it as a sleeping bag.

Furthermore, dog cushions and dog pillows can also help your pet settle into there luxury bed. Whether thats a couple for comfort around the mattress or some of there favourite pillows that they like to have whilst sleeping. This will create more luxury for them and allow them to have a better nights rest.

this image shows big dog asleep on luxury bed

Choosing the Best Option

As with anything in life, most of the time you get what you pay for. Dog crates and quality baskets are an investment in your pups health and well-being it is worth taking the time out to do some research ensuring you make the right choice.

These are usually made from various materials, these can include fleece, flannel, denim, tweed and faux suede. So, its important that you find one that will be comfort and luxury for your pup to sleep in.

Luxury fleece beds have become a growing trend among pet owners recently, as well as pet blankets and rattan dog baskets.

Strength is Vital

Its vitally important that the bed is easily accessible and strong enough. For example, do you have a pup that would love an elevated or raised bed for them to jump up onto. Not to mention the different fabrics, if you have a large pup maybe solid wood is a better choice, if you have a small puppy then maybe merino wool which is also machine washable. Both offer luxury and quality but safety should always be the number one priority.

this image shows a luxury chequered bed with dog asleep on it

Its quite self explanatory, a luxury large dog bed is one that has the capabilities to suit larger breeds. Whether thats a Great Dane, St Beernard, Scottish Deerhound or any other large canine, you need the materials so that they can have a good nights sleep without a bed breaking on them. 

Bigger breeds deserve to have luxury comfort just as much as anyone else. They may be more expensive but a good nights sleep for your pet is essential for there health, I mean imagine if you were sleeping on a mattress that was extremely uncomfortable?

You would go out and buy a new one!

After all, where a canine sleeps is one of the most important things for your pet. In today's market there is so much choice that people can choose snuggle sacks. So if your looking for something out of the ordinary, these luxury beds can be found all over the UK.

All are luxury and most look great, after all looks are a major selling point but what other benefits do they offer? 

this image shows a dog curled up asleep on luxury sofa

Final Thoughts

While browsing for posh doggy beds online or in pet stores, you may be over-whelmed by the sheer volume of choice; they come in all different styles, shapes and sizes so it is important to do your research first and decide what you are looking for.

Most Popular Options

One of the most popular luxury styles in the market today is faux fur or crushed velvet which is often considered one of the most comfortable for all breeds. Not to mention memory foam beds which can help aid older canines. Some pet owners also choose to invest in blankets, spare covers and pillows for that extra comfort.

Not all of them will be suitable for your four-legged friend but the good news is; you are likely to find Fido will love whilst also meeting your aesthetic requirements. How much you spend is up to you but spending a bit more on quality can be cost-effective in the long run, as you won’t have to replace it as often.

There are also other added extras which are extremely popular, these include:

  • Cushions
  • Crates
  • Sofas
  • Bed Covers
  • Baskets

If you decide to splash the cash on luxury dog beds for your pampered pooch it is more important than ever to get it right; you will want one that is long-lasting, sturdy, easy to clean and comfortable, possibly with extra support as well as one that looks great in your home. 

Also growing in popularity are luxury puppy beds that might be useful to anyone looking for a smaller size.

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