How Much Exercise Does a Springer Spaniel Need Every Day?

If you’re considering adding one of these dogs to your family, one of the most important questions you’ll want to consider is how much exercise does a Springer Spaniel need?

Springer Spaniels are gun dogs which means that they need plenty of opportunities for physical activity every day. A healthy adult dog can run around off-leash in a securely fenced yard for some time, but it’s best to get your dog moving with a walk or two every day.

If you can’t provide enough physical activity for these working dogs regularly, consider getting them involved in canine sports like agility, obedience training, tracking, or flyball.

The second great thing about this dog breed is their intelligence. Your furry friend will be easy to train and can learn many different tasks, which means lots of mental stimulation will keep them happy.

If you’re at home during the day, you may be able to get away with shorter training sessions that involve trick training or other activities designed to engage your Springer Spaniel’s brain instead of his muscles.

English Springer Spaniels make great hiking companions, especially if you own a working strain dog, and they love to accompany their owners on any other outdoor adventures.

Why is Exercise Vital for your English Springer Spaniel?

Springer Spaniel’s exercise requirements are high; they are an active breed like the working Cocker that requires as much exercise as possible.

They were bred as hunting dogs out in the field all day, so they have tons of pent-up energy that needs to be used up and an excitable personality.

If they don’t have the opportunity to run around and get their energy out, they will become bored and destructive in the home.

They will also suffer from weight gain if they don’t get enough exercise

How Much Exercise Does a Springer Spaniel Need?

Spaniels have lots of energy, especially Springers and enjoy exercise. Pet dogs should be walked daily and allowed to run free in a large yard or park at least once a week for an hour or more. The owners of this dog breed must take time to play games with their dogs and provide them with other opportunities for stimulation.

Spaniels excel in activities like agility and obedience training. Although many dog owners keep their Spaniel as a companion pet, they enjoy the challenge of learning new things and do very well at it.

Working dogs need around 2 hours of adequate exercise daily and can easily cope with more, making them fantastic hiking companions.

Springers were bred to spend hours in the shooting field; they are used for flushing game and their natural instinct and working ability is still strong. They like to run around and play with toys such as balls, frisbees or sticks.

Best Types of Exercise for Springer Spaniels

Springer spaniels are an intelligent breed that needs plenty of physical activity and mental exercise to keep them happy. This is especially so for young dogs.

This breed is highly energetic and boisterous when young and will not mellow out until much later in life. Owners should channel their dog’s energy into healthy activities such as field trials and sports like Canicross.

Below are five exercises for dogs like Springers with high energy levels


Swimming is a perfect exercise for Springers, especially if it’s hot outside. As natural retrievers, the breed loves to swim and play fetch in the water.

Owners can train their pet dog to retrieve a toy or ball thrown into the pool and let them have fun swimming back to shore. This is excellent physical exercise and helps to build your Springer’s confidence.

Jogging or walking

Springer Spaniels will happily join their owner for a run or jog around the park like all active breeds. How fast can a Springer spaniel run? Well, I wouldn’t like to try and keep up!

This is an excellent way to keep them healthy and in shape while also allowing them to burn off some excess energy! Owners can also make this activity more fun by throwing a ball or toy for them to retrieve, which will help to keep their excitement levels high throughout.


If you want something that doesn’t require you to do much but is still fun for your dog, then try an agility course! Springer Spaniels are intelligent dogs that excel in activities like these.

Agility courses can be found in most pet stores, or you could purchase one online if you wish. You could also check out the kennel club website for nearby classes.

Fetch/tug of war

As mentioned before, Springers are natural retrievers and love to play fetch! Any retrieving game is popular with English Springers and is a great way to build up their stamina and give them mental stimulation.

Tug of war can be even more energetic as the game keeps changing throughout, leaving your SpringerSpaniel guessing what you will do next.

Nose Work

Springers have an excellent sense of smell and are often used by the police to sniff out explosives and drugs. This breed is, therefore, perfect for helping owners to play a game of ‘Hide and Seek’ with their favourite treats.

This is fun for you both and helps build your Springer Spaniel’s cognitive skills.

Can a Springer Spaniel Have Too Much Exercise?

Spaniels are bred for rigorous exercise with their compact size and endless energy. You will be hard pushed to tire out a Springer, although it depends on the individual dog.

Senior dogs are susceptible to joint and health problems like many other dogs, so their daily exercise should be reduced from around seven years old.

It should be replaced with less vigorous workouts and more low-impact activities as they can suffer from hip dysplasia later in life, although it’s rare.

How Much Exercise Does a Senior Springer Spaniel Need?

When dogs get older, they often start to lose some of their energy. However, this breed continues to be active more than most breeds.

It is up to you, the owner, to ensure your dog gets enough exercise to stay healthy without tiring them out. Exercise keeps muscles flexible and bones strong, which are very important for a senior dog.

Springer spaniels are high-energy dogs; this means that they may still need more vigorous exercise than other breeds, but not as much as before.

It is important to still take your dog out for walks and engage in play to help them maintain muscle mass and mental health.

However, it would be best if you focused more on walking and less on running and jumping because it is easier for older dogs to get injured when playing too intensely.

How Much Exercise Does a Springer Spaniel Puppy Need?

The Springer Spaniel is a breed that loves to be active. These dogs are sporting dogs bred for flushing game and require a considerable amount of daily exercise regardless of age.

When you first bring your new Springer puppy home, it’s crucial to keep an eye on them, but don’t overdo the exercise just yet; they are still growing.

Your dog’s activity should consist of a couple of walks a day (not long distances) and plenty of playtime and training, which expends more energy than you think.

Find some training tips for Springers in this video


Springers make excellent family pets; they are great with young children and other pets, do not suffer from many health conditions and you will find training them a breeze.

However, whether you have a pup wanting to compete in the show ring or a dog you have adopted from a Springer rescue, they will need lots of walks. 

As with other breeds, Springer Spaniels can quickly become obese and lead less-than-healthy lives if they do not get the necessary activity. Exercise is vital for this breed because they have been bred to work.

Springers also need a lot of mental stimulation because they are intelligent dogs that love to solve problems. For this reason, dog owners need to ensure that Springer Spaniels get the exercise and mental stimulation they need in addition to meeting their basic needs. Activities like agility and canicross are ideal for Spaniels, as these activities combine physical and mental workouts.

You can find out the exercise needs of other puppies and dogs on our main page, where we look at small and large and how to safely walk them.

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