The Best Dog Harness for Golden Retriever in 2021

If you are pushed for time and just want to get to the point, we think the best dog harness for a Golden Retriever is the rabbitgoo Large No-Pull Dog Harness. It gets fantastic reviews and is strong enough for large breeds even an exuberant Retriever.

Golden Retrievers are a boisterous breed that benefits from a harness rather than a collar at least whilst training; as they get older, Goldies may suffer from cervical spine problems and hip or elbow dysplasia, a harness is much better than a collar as it spreads the pressure from pulling across the chest and back, instead of just on the neck and joints.

In this article, we will be reviewing which is the best harness for golden retrievers that pull:

We will also ask;

  • Should Golden Retrievers wear harnesses?
  • What to look for when choosing the best harness for Golden Retrievers

The Best Dog Harnesses for Golden Retrievers

A few things make a genuinely great harness, but the necessary features vary depending on the type of hound you have, their breed, height, weight, personality, etc. 

When it comes to choosing a harness for a Golden Retriever, a bold, friendly, muscular breed, you are going to need a strong, dependable, and multi-purpose harness. Here are just a few examples of fantastic harnesses for Golden Retrievers:

Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Reviews – rabbitgoo Large No-Pull Dog Harness Adjustable Outdoor Vest Harness Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Large Dogs, (Red, L)

First of all, we have this no pull rabbitgoo dog harness that comes with two leash attachment points (ideal for no-pull training or double-ended leashes), reflective material (ideal for nighttime walks), and a sturdy handle at the back for better handling of your pooch. 

This harness is an excellent option for all kinds of dogs, as it has four points of adjustment and comes in sizes from S to XL in a wide array of colours. 


  • Chest ring and back clip harness
  • Lots of different colours
  • Very easy to spot


  • Needs to go over the head

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Top Choice for Senior Golden Retrievers – BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness Front Clip Heavy Duty Reflective Easy Control Handle for Large Dog Walking(Blue, L)

A good harness for bigger dogs, this one has to be placed over the dog’s head and is then attached with the two side buckles. It comes with reflective material, four adjustment points to ensure a perfect fit and a sturdy handle at the back.

Finally, this is also a two clip harness with two leash rings, one on the front of the chest (to help tackle pulling) and one on the back.


  • Four adjustable points
  • Two rings for flexibility
  • One of the more gentle harnesses on our list


  • Again, keep in mind it’s an overhead harness.

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Best Harness For Golden Retrievers that Pull- Sporn Non-Pull Harness, Black Large

This next option is possibly the best dog harness for Golden Retriever puppies. It’s lightweight, adjustable, and has a soft padding for the straps that run underneath your dog’s chest. 

This back clip harness is great for helping to encourage better habits if your dog pulls. A slight inconvenience, however, is that the harness does not open at any point. You simply need to spread the straps wide enough for your furry friend to enter and then adjust them to have a secure fit around your pup.


  • Great budget, lightweight harness
  • Very soft and comfy
  • Padded straps


  • No openings

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Easy to Use – HOLUCK Dog Harness Large No Pull – Front Dog Harness Freedom, Harness Dog Adjustable Outdoor Pet and 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Large and Medium Dogs (L)

This next option from Holuck is an excellent harness for everyday use and also makes the dog harness for rottweiler list. It comes only in black, and this particular harness is only suitable for large dogs. Although it does not open in the front, it does shut at the sides with adjustable straps and two buckles with locks. 

Dog owners love the soft, breathable fabric and reflective stitching that lines all of the seams.


  • Nice, strong handle
  • Safe buckling locks
  • Very reflective


  • No front leash attachment

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Top Choice for A Reflective Harness – TrueLove Dog Harness TLH5651 No-pull Reflective Stitching Ensure Night Visibility, Outdoor Adventure Big Dog Harness

This True Love harness is ideal for all kinds of dogs, especially if your dog pulls. It comes in sizes from XS to XL and in eleven different colours and styles. This harness does not open at the front, but it does open on both buckles, situated at both sides of the dog’s chest. 

Thanks to the strong back handle and sturdy leash ring, it is straightforward to keep greater control over your pooch. The front leash ring on the chest is also there as a no-pull mechanism.


  • Super strong handle for more control
  • Lots of colour choice
  • Two leash rings


  • Will not open at the front

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Great Value for Money – Funfox No Pull Harness for Large Dogs, Adjustable Dog Vest Harness for Easy Walking with Reflective Strips, Front Clip Easy Control Large Breed Dog Stop Pulling Black

This Funfox harness is a durable and robust choice. The front chest covering is broad and well-padded, making it comfortable and secure for your canine companion-wise if you use the front leash attachment to help with pulling. 

All of the straps and seams are lined with reflective material for safety, except for the back handle, which runs vertically along your dog’s back. 

The harness is secured with two quick-release buckles, and you can adjust all four straps to fit your dog’s body best.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Mesh lining


  • Doesn’t open at the front

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Best Harness for Training – SlowTon No Pull Harness, Dog Vest Harness Front and Back Leash Connectors Two D Ring Pet Harness Dog Harness

This Slowton harness is easy to slip onto your dog or puppy, thanks to the wide opening at the front, which, unlike our other contenders on this list, does not follow through under the chest. Instead, it wraps around the front of your best friend, and the under strap secures these harnesses around your dog’s body. 

The durable seams are lined with reflective material, including the handle next to the leash ring on the back. There is a front leash clip for training your pup not to pull.


  • Very easy to fit
  • Locking buckle system for safety
  • Very reflective


  • Size may be big measure correctly before purchase.

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Best Everyday Dog Harness –RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective Padded No Pull Harness, Hibiscus Pink, Large/X-Large

Finally, we have the Ruffwear no-pull harness. This one is definitely on the more premium end of the list, but the item comes in sizes from XXS to XL and in eight different colours. 

It comes with a strong back buckle and a front lead ring to prevent pulling giving better control.

There is some reflective trim around the sides of the harness, so if you are planning in low-visibility situations, you might want to buy a very brightly coloured harness.


  • Very lightweight
  • Nicely padded
  • Two rings for leashes


  • Again, won’t open at the front.

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Should Golden Retrievers Wear a Harness?

Golden Retrievers are often chosen as cuddly family pets, thanks to their sweet nature, docile behaviour, and incredible loyalty. However, they are also very energetic, excitable, and powerful! With that in mind, it is always a good idea to get a harness for Golden Retrievers. 

The harness will help you gain extra control over your Golden Retriever and not damage their neck, especially if they start pulling. 

There are many different kinds of harnesses on the market today, so it should be easy enough to find a soft, padded, durable, lightweight harness for your Goldie.

Moreover, dog harnesses have been proven to be better for a dog’s health. A standard collar puts pressure on the dog’s neck, potentially damaging the trachea. On the other hand, a good harness helps distribute the force around their chest area, making it easier on their bodies and giving you more control.

How to Choose a Harness for a Golden Retriever

When choosing the best harness for Golden Retrievers, there are a few things to consider: 

  • Does your Goldie pull? If they get excited on walks and pull you forward, you will need a no-pull harness. How does a no-pull dog harness work? They work better than a collar at stopping dogs, as you use the front leash attachment, which is not directly at their throats and will not pull them back in such a violent way. 
  • Do you take your hound hiking? If you enjoy hiking on the rough ground together, you should buy a harness with a handle for safety.
  • How often will you need the harness? If this is an item that you want to use every day, you should buy an easy walk harness that is easy to put on and take off.

Conclusion and Top Pick

The absolute best harness for Golden Retrievers is likely to support both you and your pet in terms of weight, pressure and pulling. That is why you will always see police dogs wearing harnesses and not collars as they slip into action every day – a great option for long days outdoors, no matter what you and your puppy are up to.

Thankfully, you do not need to spend a fortune to find a good one to control pulling. There are plenty of well-known and other brands in pet stores and online from which you will be able to purchase a durable, comfortable solution with two leash attachment points for your Golden Retriever.

So, what would we recommend? Well, the rabbitgoo Large No-Pull Dog Harness, which is our top pick, would do just fine – it’s well-made, one of the best harnesses for bigger dogs, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

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