The Best Dog Grooming Scissors UK – 12 Picks Professionals Use

If you haven’t got time to read the full article and just want to know what’s the best dog grooming scissors? Our top pick is the Dream Reach Professional 7.0 Inches Dog Grooming Scissors Kit. This popular set is a perfect choice for home dog groomers and the excellent reviews back this up.

Who knew there are so many dog scissors out there? Ones for thinning, some are designed just for the face and complete kits with everything included; choosing the right ones can be daunting.

So whether you are a budding dog groomer with a doggie diva who needs a trim or a pet owner wanting a perfectly coiffed canine, read on to find the best grooming scissors for dogs.

In this article, we will be reviewing;

We will also look at:

  • The different types of dog grooming scissors used in professional grooming
  • What to look for when buying dog grooming shears?
  • What are the best dog grooming scissors for a beginner?

The Best Dog Grooming Scissors

We were spoiled for choice when researching this article, but after testing some of the products on our resident dogs and trawling through reviews, we put together a list of the most popular dog grooming scissors available to buy online right now.

Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Professional Dog Grooming Shears – Dream Reach Professional 7.0 Inches Dog Grooming Scissors Kit Cutting Curved Scissors Thinning Shears Grooming Comb Pet Hair Trimming Scissors

These Professional dog grooming scissors are made from Japanese stainless steel, meaning the smooth blades are sharp and durable, ideal for any dog breed; the rounded blade tips stop any injuries and the cutting is smooth and silent.

The scissors can be held comfortably, perfect for long grooming sessions. The pack includes 4 pairs of scissors – straight ones, one with curved blades, plus thinning shears and chunker scissors to achieve the perfect finish on thick fur. You also get a stainless steel comb in this dog grooming kit and a handy leather storage case

Whether you are a professional groomer or a home grooming novice, these are some of the best dog scissors available online.


  • Complete set including blending shears and curved grooming scissors
  • Made from durable Japanese Steel
  • Blunt tips ideal if your dog struggles


  • Some reviews mention the handle holes are quite small.

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Top All-Round Choice – Royal Pets House Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set 7-inch 4pc for Dogs and Cats with Rounded Tips for Safety with Leather case, made of Stainless Steel

Fantastic value for money; this 4 piece set comes in a handy storage bag with a cleaning cloth. You receive a pair of 7-inch curved shears, 6-inch thinning shears and a pair of regular scissors plus a comb.

There are screws on the scissors to achieve the right tension and the round tips prevent any accidents. The top-quality stainless steel blades are sharp enough to tackle even thick coats without pulling the hair.

Royal Pets House is a UK company that also make dog toys and are praised by customers for their excellent customer service and quality products.


  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Fantastic price
  • Easy to keep clean


  • Probably best for home grooming rather than professionals

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Best Value Complete Kit – HomdMarket Dog Grooming Scissors Thinning Scissors for Dogs,Stainless Steel Dog Scissors for Full Body, Face, Nose, Ear and Paw 5-Piece Silver

Another complete kit here with 4 pairs of scissors, a comb, a cleaning cloth and oil.  The ergonomic design makes them easy to hold and the rubber knob between each handle reduces the sound of them hitting each other, making it ideal for nervous dogs.

The straight scissors can be used to trim the dog’s coat, whilst the curved ones can produce a good finish around the dog’s head or hindquarters, and the comb is great for removing loose hairs or detangling.

May not be the best dog grooming scissors for a salon but an excellent value choice for the home groomer.


  • Adjustable screw for tension control
  • Value for money
  • Ideal for large and small dog breeds


  • Not as sharp as some on the list

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Top Pick for Beginners – Elfirly Dog Grooming Scissors Set with Safety Round Tip (2 Pack – Curved Scissors Thinning Shears for Grooming) Pet Grooming Shears with Grooming Comb for Dogs and Cats

This 3 piece set gets fantastic reviews and customers love how well made it is. Ideal for a novice dog groomer, the sharpened blades ensure a clean cut and the rounded blade tips protect your dog’s body from injury.

Suitable for all types of dog grooming, including curly coats, the rubber handle inserts ensure that you can hold these dog grooming scissors comfortably, however long it takes to cut your dog’s hair.

There are just two pairs of scissors and a comb in this set, but it is sufficient for most home groomers and is a very reasonable price.


  • Reviews mention how well made this dog grooming scissor set is
  • Rounded blade tips
  • Ideal for a thin or thick coat


  • No straight scissors or chunkers

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The Best Option for Delicate Areas – Mikki Dog, Cat Ear and Face Grooming Care Set – Scissors and Comb Set for Face, Ear, Nose and Paw

Any pet owner who struggles with trimming the face area will love this set. Perfect for small dogs, the Mikki ear & face kit includes delicate scissors with sturdy heat-treated, micro-serrated blades for precision, durability and rounded tips to prevent injuries. There is also a small comb specifically designed to remove loose hairs from the delicate face area.

A great addition to any home grooming kit and ideal for keeping your pet’s face and/or beard neat and tidy between visits to the groomers, this little set by Mikki is one of our favourites and is a great price too.


  • These are some of the best grooming scissors for the face
  • Micro serrated blades
  • Comb removes dog hair as you trim


  • May be a bit fiddly

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Most Stylish Set – Powcan Pet Grooming Scissors Set, Professional Pet Trimmer Kit Stainless Steel Dog Cat Hair Care Thinning 7-inch Cutting Scissors, Thinning Shear, Curved Scissors, Grooming Comb

We love this brightly coloured set; You get 4 pairs of stainless steel scissors, an upward curved scissor and a downward curved option, plus straight dog grooming scissors and a thinning pair plus a comb with both wide and narrow teeth for tackling tangles or removing loose hair.

Sometimes it can be hard to hold dog grooming scissors, especially if you are elderly or tackling thick fur but these are ergonomically designed to prevent strain and also have a rubber between the handles to combat the snipping sound.

These dog shears are suitable for most dog breeds, even those with thick hair and the titanium coated blades looks very stylish.


  • Handy storage case
  • Beautiful colours
  • The blades cut dog hair with precision


  • Some reviews mention the tension screw comes loose fairly easily.

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Best Value Face Scissors – Trixie Face and Paw Scissors for Dog, 9 cm

Perfect for teeny faces and paws, these small round-tipped grooming scissors are designed for the delicate area around the face where a pair of 7-inch shears may be a bit big. They can also be used to trim your dog’s fur between the paws

For those looking for dogs scissors that can be used at home to tidy up eyebrows and beards, these are an ideal choice. You don’t want to be messing about with large scissors in delicate areas and for less than £3, you can’t go wrong.


  • Perfect for trimming the face
  • Great value
  • Trusted Brand


  • May be a bit fiddly for those with bigger fingers.

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Top Choice for Face Scissors with Ergonomic Grip – Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Grooming Ear/ Face Scissors

These may look like human scissors, but the ergonomic grip and rounded tips make them ideal for trimming your canines companion’s paws, face and ears.

Suitable for all dog breeds and coat types, they are a perfect addition to your home grooming kit, especially if you have a breed such as a Schnauzer or Lhasa Apso with a lot of facial hair.

Dog grooming scissors for the face don’t cost much and can be used alongside regular grooming scissors to ensure a perfect finish.


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Suitable for all types of dog’s coat
  • Value for money


  • Screw may come loose check after each use

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Best Downward Curved Scissors – PURPLEBIRD 7 Inch Downward Curved Dog Grooming Scissors Professional Pet Cutting Shears Safety Noiseless Blunt Tip Trimming Shearing for Dogs Cats Japanese Stainless Steel Silver

With the finest Japanese stainless steel blades that are sharp enough to tackle the thickest coats, these shears are 7-inch long and have a raised adjuster button that can be tightened with fingers; no need for fiddly screwdrivers here.

The detachable rubber rings make holding the scissors comfortable and the curved shape achieves an excellent finish on all coat lengths.

Blunt ends protect your dog’s skin and there is also a muffler between the handles to reduce noise- ideal for more nervous pets. Definitely some of the best scissors we reviewed


  • Fantastic quality
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Muffler to keep noise to a minimum


  • Need sharpening regularly

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Best Chunkers – Dream Reach 7 Inches Professional Pet Grooming Chunker Scissors, 440C Japanese Steel Straight & Curved & Thinning & Chunker Shears/Scissors for Dog Cat and More Pets (7 inch-Chunker Scissors)

Some types of dog grooming require chunker scissors. These have one blade with teeth that give a more natural finish and texture for thick and curly coats without leaving lines like straight scissors.

A dog groomer may pay up to £100 for a pair, but this option from Dream Reach is much cheaper than that and, according to reviews, do a superb job.

The handles and finger rests are contoured, making them comfortable to hold for long periods if you have a large dog and there is a pad between the handles making it less noisy and therefore less stressful for your pooch.

The titanium coated stainless steel blades won’t rust and are long-lasting, making this pair of shears tremendous value for money.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Long-lasting sharp blades
  • Easy to use


  • May be quite heavy

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Top Pick for Home Dog Groomers – Bubuxy Pet Grooming Scissors Set with Safety Round Tip, Dog Cat Grooming Scissors Kit Include Thinning Scissors Curved Scissors Straight Scissors and Grooming Comb for Dog Cat

Another complete set which includes 6.5-inch thinning dog grooming scissors, curved shears and straight scissors plus a comb. It comes in a smart carrying case for easy storage and the blades are made from titanium coated steel for longevity and precision cutting.

Like the rest on the list, they have a muffler to reduce noise and soft rubber inserts for the handles to prevent finger fatigue.

Perfect for long-coated dogs and other dog breeds that have thick fluffy coats, such as Poodles.


  • Handy carry case
  • Titanium coated blades
  • Fast delivery


  • As with all the others on the list, customers mention the need for sharpening regularly.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Basic Shears – Oster Premium Grooming Shears with Rounded Safety Tips, 15 cm

With 80% 5 star reviews, these basic straight dog grooming scissors are ideal for trimming your pooch between groomer’s visits or if you fancy some DIY dog grooming to save money.

Vets and grooming parlours use Oster pet grooming products, and the strong stainless steel blades can tackle the toughest tangles and thickest coats.

Rounded tips mean you can groom Fido safely without worrying about nicks to the skin and these shears can also be used around the legs, ears and face area. All in all, a fantastic pair of shears for both home groomers and professionals.


  • Premium quality
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Blunt ends for safety


  • You may need to buy extras like thinning scissors

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Do You Need Dog Grooming Scissors?

If you’re just starting out, you may think you can use human scissors on your dog. However, this can be quite dangerous as they have sharp ends, which can do serious damage should your furry friend fidget a lot or your hand slips.

Dog grooming scissors are designed specifically for the purpose and have rounded ends to prevent your dog from injury, so if you are giving your pet a trim, always buy the best dog grooming equipment you can afford which is fit for purpose.

Types of Scissors for Dogs


These scissors are fantastic for following your dog’s curves and give a better finish than straight scissors.


Scissors with teeth on both blades used to blend in different thicknesses the same way as human scissors work.


Smaller shears designed for the face and other delicate areas like the paw pads and ears


A Basic dog grooming scissor that cuts in a straight line perfect for long-haired dogs who need an even trim


Not necessarily recommended for beginners, these are similar to thinning scissors but only have one blade of teeth they are used to create a choppier finish on breeds like Cairn Terriers and Westies. This finish, however, is not something you want on most breeds, so care is needed.

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Scissors


The size of your shears is important when looking for the best dog grooming scissors. It will take hours to trim a Giant Schnauzer with teeny scissors, but on the other hand, if you’re grooming lots of dogs, heavy dog grooming scissors are going to make your arms ache. Smaller scissors can be easier to handle and are better for delicate areas like the face, legs and paws.


The best pet grooming scissors need to be sharp; not only will it enable you to finish the process quicker, but it will avoid pulling the hair and hurting your dog. The best blades seem to be constructed from high-quality Japanese steel; these can also be coated with titanium to make them rust free and increase their strength.

Ergonomic Handles

If you are going to be grooming your dog regularly or have multiple pooches to preen, you will want scissors that are comfortable to hold; most dog grooming scissors have rubber inserts in the handles, so they don’t dig into your fingers and many have ergonomically designed handles for ease of use.

This might not seem important but believe me, halfway through grooming a Golden Retriever, you’ll be glad you chose scissors with a comfortable grip.


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, which has to be considered when buying dog grooming scissors. If you own a grooming salon or have 3 Standard Poodles, you are going to need heavy duty scissors that are long-lasting and provide a good finish, so you may need chunkers and thinning shears too.

Alternatively, if you just want to trim your Cavapoo in the summer or want to tidy your Yorkshire Terrier’s face in-between visits to the salon, a small basic pair may suffice. In fact, you may decide to invest in the best dog clippers instead, although scissors should still be used for the face.

Dog Grooming Scissors -FAQ’s

What’s the best brand of dog grooming scissors?

Roseline, Geib and Groom Professional make quality grooming scissors for professional groomers, but you can expect to pay up to £100 for a single pair and maybe £500 for a set, fine if you are a groomer but a bit pricey for most home groomers. The Dream Reach range on our list is good quality and value for money.

What kind of scissors should I use to cut my dog’s hair?

You should purchase a pair of round tip dog scissors designed specifically for cutting a dog’s hair; human scissors have sharp points, which can be extremely dangerous; curved scissors are good as they provide a nicer finish than straight ones on fluffy dogs.

Are dog grooming scissors worth the money?

Some are, and there is the old saying, you get what you pay for, which does apply to a lot of dog grooming equipment. However, if you just want a scissor set to tidy up your furry friend every few weeks, there are some great value options available that will do the job.

Conclusion and Top Pick

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about dog grooming scissors in one place. We were surprised by the amount of choice online, but our favourite was the Dream Reach Professional 7.0 Inches Dog Grooming Scissors Kit. This set has everything you need for a home grooming session, including thinning scissors, curved scissors and even a handy comb, its the most expensive on our list but is still great value and it’s not just us that like it; dozens of reviews mention the quality of the blades and how easy the shears are to use.

Safety is the most important factor to consider when grooming your dog at home; you should have a secure non-slip surface on which to place your pooch. Check out our list of the best dog grooming tables and a few other items like detangling spray, nail clippers and maybe even a dryer if you’re going to be pampering your pup on a regular basis.

With a little practice and a good dog grooming scissor set, your best friend could be the most handsome hound in the neighbourhood.

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