9 of the Best Dog Clippers in the UK to Buy in 2021

If you’re strapped for time and don’t want to read all the reviews, then the best dog clippers we found were Otstar Dog Clippers. Based on our research and the buyers’ feedback, this is our top choice this year.

Below, we’ll take a look at the 9 best dog hair clippers we’ve found online – we want to share with you the very best in professional timmers, which will ensure stress-free precision grooming and great value haircuts for your pup. You might not have designs on being a professional groomer, but investing in a powerful pet clipper alongside other groomers equipment is going to save you money and fewer trips to a professional dog groomer.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the following clippers for dogs:

Why groom your pup at home?

Thinking of turning your hand to DIY dog grooming? We really don’t blame you! More and more of us have more than one dog and with poodle mix breeds such as the Cockerpoo and Cavapoo becoming extremely popular, more pooches are needing a haircut than ever before. Between £20-£80 a time, those costs start to add up No wonder more of us are turning to the best dog clippers online to start taking canine hairdressing into our own hands.

How easy are electric dog clippers to use?

Dogs are known to squirm and wriggle at the best of times if they’re trying to get out of doing something – which may put you off using grooming clippers. You will certainly have more respect for your local doggie barber than ever before. However, most dog hair trimmers are relatively easy to use, so with some practice, patience and high-quality clippers, your dog’s coat will always be looking its best.

Corded or Cordless Dog Clippers?

There are tons of great options out there, from cordless dog clippers, ones with ceramic blades, low noise clippers; some, like the professional Andis dog clippers, are quite an investment, but there is value for money dog clippers for home groomers too, meaning that depending on the type of dog’s coat you wish to clip, there are always going to be dog groomer clip brands and kits out there which are going to suit your needs.

Confused? Don’t be

In this article, we will show you the best dog clippers for all levels of ability and give you a step-by-step guide on how to groom your pup. If you’d like to start grooming your dog at home, there are plenty of great ways to get started. However, investing in the best dog clippers, you can afford is a solid start.

Product Review & Buyers Guide

Ok – so, before we get back to considering how to make the most of your pet clipper, let’s actually take a look at our picks for the best dog clippers online. The 9 products listed below are the best dog clippers for a variety of reasons. Looking for low noise, cordless clippers? What about a dog clipper system with a 10 blade switcher? Maybe you’re just looking for a clipper powerful enough to tackle really fluffy dogs, a lightweight option for fine and smooth coats or one with replaceable blades.

In any case – read on, check out verified user reviews, and be sure to stick around to learn how to become the best home groomer around.

 Best dog clipper for beginners – Otstar Dog Clippers

These clippers are not only low noise but are also cordless, making them some of the most flexible on our dog clippers list, if not on the market.

The ultra-sharp titanium blade in Otstar clippers provides safe and efficient grooming, and these come with four attachment combs for precision cutting. Ideal for beginners. The quiet motor is perfect for skittish pups and the lightweight cordless design makes them easy to use.


  • Good dog clippers for beginners – very easy to get used to and ideal for novices.
  • Quiet to a fault – perhaps one of the best low noise clipper solutions online and ideal for really nervous pups.
  • 4 attachment combs allow you to mix things up as far cut lengths are concerned.


  • May not be suitable for dogs with thick hair – but if you have dogs with fine and smooth coats needing the occasional trim, it’s a winner.

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Great for matted hair – OMorc Dog Clippers

This all-in-one pet grooming kit boasts low vibration and a quiet motor to help Fido feel at ease.

The cordless clippers design makes it easy to use and the sharp blade and various cutting lengths mean it makes short work of even the furriest pets. It also comes with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind. This professional clipper arrives with five lengths for you to clip to, as well. Meaning you can take your dog to a whole new level of style.


  • Low noise levels – ideal for even the fussiest or shakiest of pets.
  • A one-year warranty means that you have decent protection
  • It’s a cord-free system so that you can take it all around the home. Flexibility is a massive bonus in all dog grooming clippers.


  • Scissors may need to be used first on heavy coats – meaning that it might not be a cordless dog clipper system that’s ideal for bear-like breeds with a thick coat!

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Best cheap dog clippers Wahl Pro Series Dog Clippers

Wahl is a big brand and these corded grooming clippers boast a contoured ridged finger grip, rust-resistant blades and are lightweight, making them easy to use.

These Wahl dog clippers boast a powerful, professional standard motor and solid blades for regular clipping. Designed to cope with almost any dog’s coat, you can take these blades to the hair of a Schnauzer, Pekingese or Poodle. Made by one of the market leaders, this pet grooming kit comes with full instructions to make cutting your four-legged friend’s hair a snip. It’s easily one of the top professional dog grooming clippers in 2021.


  • Tough, durable blades which protect against rust and other potential damage.
  • Value for money – Wahl is a premium brand, and these professional dog clippers come at a fraction of the cost of some other brands.
  • It comes with four combs and a special carry case,
  • You’ll have access to scissors, oil, and full instructions right out of the box. Worth buying into!


  • May get hot – take care not to clip your dog for long periods or use a coolant spray!

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Top cordless dog clippers – Rision Cordless Dog Clippers

Looking for a solid choice in dog clipper that dispenses with the cord? Rision’s great professional blades make for an ideal, flexible option. Powerful enough to trim through the most stubborn of fur.

This professional cordless dog trimmer will give you and your canine companion an excellent grooming experience in the comfort of their own home. The super-powerful motor is extremely quiet and cuts through hair smoothly, plus you get an incredible 5 hours using time on a full charge. The lifetime warranty on these clippers is an added bonus. It’s one of the best dog clippers for long-term dog grooming.


  • Long-lasting charge makes for one of the most reliable cordless dog grooming clippers you’ll find on the market right now.
  • Low noise -at an impressive rate of strokes per minute, the blades and clipper system here will barely cause a stir, great for nervous dogs.
  • Lifetime warranty options are always worth looking for – for a modern cordless clipper and blades, you really can’t ask for much better.


  • Doesn’t come with oil or a cleaning brush – you’ll need to buy these separately

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Best dog nail clippers Thunderpaws Dog Clippers for Nails

Great name, great clippers. I mean, you can’t give your happy hound a haircut without a manicure too, Therefore, while looking around for the best dog grooming clippers, you should definitely invest in a good pair of nail trimmers, too as an extra accessory.

These are professional grade high quality, stainless steel nail clippers that ensure a safe, clean-cut. The non-slip handles are designed for ease of use and the protective guard means no injuries to your pet. Using regularly means saving money on vet or dog groomers bills. They come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.


  • The ergonomic design makes it all the more comfortable for you as well as your pet.
  • Professional grade nail clippers – what some of the best professional dog and pet clipper services use – now available for home use and grooming!
  • A protective guard allows you to keep those paws safe while clipping away. We love this extra feature.


  • May need to use it with a file.

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Best professional dog clippers for Nervous dogs –Andis Andis Ultraedge AGC Super 2 Speed Brushless Clipper

These 2-speed professional corded clippers are the go-to for professional dog groomers; they can handle even the toughest haircuts with a brushless motor. The normal speed is perfect for pet grooming on most dogs and the higher rate can cut through thick coats with ease.

The ceramic edged professional removable blades last longer, so although the initial cost may be more than some cheaper options, these professional grooming clippers will last for years. The long 3-metre cord gives flexibility and the detachable blades make cleaning a cinch.


  • A long cord makes moving around your pup to reach those awkward bits as easy as pie.
  • Innovative technology means the clipper glides through the furriest of coats with no loss of power.
  • Blades can be purchased separately, meaning you can choose the perfect one for your breed.


  • Customers have mentioned the blades get hot quite quickly, so don’t use for long periods.

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Dog clipper with great battery life – Wicked Tangle Professional Clippers For Dogs

When pet owners design a product, you know it’s going to be good, and with one of these pooches called Tangle, is it any wonder their clippers are one of our favourites.

Fully charged, the battery gives these chargeable clippers 4 hours of trimming time and these professional dog clippers can also be used on other animals, such as cats and even rabbits. The interchangeable blades give plenty of length options and the ceramic heads prevent skin irritation.

  • Low noise -meaning you don’t need to worry about your dog being stressed
  • Cordless design -so pet grooming can be carried out wherever they feel comfortable even outside.
  • Comes with scissors, comb and handy carry bag
  • We couldn’t find any downsides to these great value for money clippers.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best professional dog clippers for small dogs – Wahl Pink Arco Clipper Kit

These stylish, lightweight dog clippers have an adjustable blade giving you 5 lengths to choose from; they also come with two battery packs so you won’t leave Fido embarrassingly half done if the battery runs out. The powerful motor has soundproofing making it ideal for small dogs who can be spooked by a noisy dog grooming clipper and the blades are removable, so you give clean thoroughly after use.


  • LED light indicates when the battery is running low
  • Lightweight and quiet-making it our favourite choice for little dogs
  • Comes with oil and cleaning brush – Helps maintain performance


  • Battery life is only 50 mins, but there are 2 batteries which is a plus

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best complete dog grooming kit – PANGU Dog Clippers

This complete pet grooming kit gets fabulous reviews and is one of the top value for money options in our best dog clippers roundup. Not only do you receive the dog clippers, but the pack also includes four attachment combs, 2 pairs of stainless steel scissors, a steel comb, nail clippers and file, grooming glove, oil, cleaning brush and instruction manual. Quiet and easy to use, these rechargeable clippers pack a real punch and, with all the extras included, are an absolute bargain.


  • Has everything included to make cutting your dog’s hair a cinch
  • Quiet – so perfect for dogs that don’t like noisy clippers
  • Fine-tuning knob for precision cutting


  • Reviews mention the blades may clog up quite easily.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Want to Clip and Groom Your Dog At Home?

Do you visit the dog groomers often with your pooch? If you have more than one dog or one which needs regular attention, the costs can soon mount up. Breeds such as poodles and miniature schnauzers, for example, while lovely examples of everyone’s favourite pet – are going to demand regular trips to professional groomers.

But what about grooming them yourself? Surely buying your own set of high-quality blades is going to ensure you are on the right track to some serious savings! Trust us – it’s one of the best ways to cut down on pet bills in general.

You don’t need a degree to be able to smarten up your pup – just a bit of practice – and we hope you’ll find our guide to the best dog hair clippers and blades useful in your pursuit of cheaper haircuts for your pooch!

In this guide, we’re going to run through a few things you should know about the best dog grooming clippers online. What should you be looking for in terms of great value? Which blades are best for your dog’s hair type? Which ease through thick hair? What about corded options or the battery life on cordless dog clippers?

Things to consider when buying dog clippers for your own dog


When looking for the best dog clippers, you need to consider what type of coat your pooch has. Does he have a very thick coat? Some options struggle with thick coats, so it’s important to choose clipper blades to cope with the task.

Some dog coats continually grow; you may own dogs like a Cocker Spaniel, which has a wavy coat, A Yorkshire Terrier whose locks grow straight and long or a Poodle with tight curls; these breeds need interchangeable blades or attachment combs so you can adjust the length of the cut to either the time of year or your personal taste.

Do you have a large dog? If so, you want dog grooming clippers with wide blades that can take off more hair in one swipe making the process quicker and easier.

What are the best dog clipper blades?

If you ask a professional groomer what blades are best many will say stainless steel for a good reason, they are easy to sterilise and keep clean, don’t rust, give a sharp cut and are low maintenance; however, there are other options such as ceramic blades.

The big benefit of these is they stay 75% cooler than steel blades, so no need for cooling spray or changing blades during a cut; they stay sharper longer but aren’t as strong and can be more expensive.

Some blades are coated with alloys such as titanium and chrome; these provide protection and increase the strength, giving an overall better performance. Do your research; it’s all down to personal choice whether you go for a German steel blade or ceramic.

Battery or corded dog clipper?

If you have multiple hounds, take part in shows or want to become a professional dog groomer, you may spend a lot of time pampering your pups then an electric powered dog clipper may be the best choice you can take as long as you want; there is a constant supply of power and no half-completed haircuts.

Most dog owners just want to give Fido a quick trim and this is where a cord-free grooming clipper comes into its own. You have the flexibility to groom your furry friend wherever he feels most comfortable; you can get into those awkward places without getting tangled in the cord, you can even give your pup a trim outside, saving the living room from being covered in animal hair.

Here’s the Deal:

When choosing the best dog clippers and grooming essentials, it is important to do your research as there are many different types of sets and kits out there, with different price tags. It can be confusing! How do you know whether or not heavy duty dog clippers are likely to be enough? What option should you take when it comes to cord or cordless? What about dog hair clippers with ceramic blades as an option? What’s likely to be powerful enough for your pet’s fur? The list really does go on.

Some breeds need a little more care during grooming than others, meaning you will need to be super careful about the pet clippers you choose. For example, if you have a spaniel, a basic set of cheap dog clippers may do the job. However, if you need to trim super-fluffy Labradoodles or a Giant Schnauzer, you will want to spend more on powerful dog clippers.

Best dog clippers for nervous dogs

Vibration combined with noise can make a dog nervous especially smaller dogs, so it’s a good idea to look for grooming tools and pet clippers that as well as removing the dog fur will not stress your pup out.

We found the Andis clippers are best for nervous dogs because of their low noise and low vibration combined with 2 cutting speeds that can cut through most dog coats.

You’ve chosen a quality dog clipper; what next?

This step by step dog grooming guide may help:

Here are some top dog grooming tips to keep in mind while working with your new dog clipper and blades:

Pick a Quiet Spot – The less noise, the better.

When grooming your pampered pooch at home, it’s best to do it away from distractions to help him feel more relaxed. Cutting his fringe in the living room with all the family around, the kids dropping crisps on the floor is definitely a bad idea, so find a quiet corner where Fido feels comfortable.

Choosing low-noise clippers can help make the whole experience much more pleasant for both of you. Most of the clippers we reviewed said they didn’t make much noise. However, some reviews disagreed, saying they were louder than expected, so once again, it is important to do your research when purchasing clippers.

Don’t Rush

While trimming either their nails or fur, NEVER rush. Especially when you are a beginner, Don’t decide to give your pup a trim half an hour before the school run or when you have an appointment. You need to take your time. especially in the beginning  

Have a grooming kit to hand

  • Brush, comb, matt-splitter
  • Clippers, attachments and spare blades
  • Nail clippers
  • Towels
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Conditioning Spray
  • Cotton balls
  • Scissors
  • Blow Dryer
  • Optional accessories like bows, hair clips
Step One

Secure your pup on a grooming table with a specialist noose or secure with a leash if pampering on the floor; this isn’t essential but makes the job a lot easier. reassure them by stroking them and maybe giving a couple of healthy treats

Step Two

Give them a good brush first to remove debris, loose hair and tackle any small matts. Don’t use scissors as you could cut the skin; removing matted hair can be extremely painful; if your dog is badly matted, we recommend taking them to a professional. Grooming your pooch plays an important part in the bonding process so let this be a calm and relaxing time for both of you.

Step Three

Trim the nails; this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have been getting your pup used to having it done from a young age. Firmly yet gently hold onto your hound’s paw exerting slight pressure on the pad to push the nail forward. When Fido is holding still, use the clippers to snip straight across the tip of the nail. It is important not to cut the nail’s quick as this will hurt and result in profuse bleeding; the quick is easy to see on white nails, but black claws can be tricky. Many dog nail clippers have a protective guard to overcome this problem.

Here’s some information on how to stop dog nails from bleeding:

Step Four

Bathe your dog, shampoo, rinse, condition and rinse again; this is also a great time to clean any face staining. You can purchase specialist tear stain removers Here.

Also, clean the ears with cotton balls; you can leave these in whilst rinsing to prevent a build-up of water in the ears, which can cause infections,

Why stop there? If your dog is anything like mine, their breath isn’t the sweetest, so why not give their teeth a quick brush too? There are plenty of doggie toothpastes, but you can make your own from baking soda and coconut oil. Using equal quantities, melt the oil in the microwave for a few seconds, mix with the baking soda and add a sprinkle of fresh mint. Voila.

Step Five

You need to dry your canine companion thoroughly before you get the dog clippers out rough dry with a towel, then you can use a professional doggie dryer or your own on the lowest setting. Some dogs hate the dryer; some don’t mind at all, but you want to stroke and reassure him during the process and make sure he is completely dry before moving on to the next stage.

Step Six

Turn on the dog trimmers and start shaving; make sure you choose the correct attachment for the desired length and follow the direction of the dog’s fur over the head, back and legs; some areas such as the butt and pads may need to be trimmed shorter, after finishing the cut itself you can scissor trim the legs, face and tail. Don’t worry if it’s not Crufts standard practice makes perfect and one thing’s for sure about dog hair it always grows back.

Always clean and oil your attachment combs and clipper blades when you have finished grooming your pet. Even the best dog grooming clippers will go blunt if neglected and this will make cutting thick fur harder and may even hurt your beloved pet.

Top tip (Always read the instructions when you buy clippers, they are sharp and, whilst most have protective guards, can cause a nasty cut if not used correctly)

Do I need professional dog clippers?

What dog clippers do professionals use?

Like dog owners, professionals have their personal favourites. Wahl, Andis and Masterclip are popular choices. Don’t be swayed by that, though; A busy groomer has different needs to a novice, so make a list of what you require, check out our recommendations for the best pet clippers.

What are the best dog clippers for home use?

Do your research, read reviews and pick the ones most suited to your requirements – don’t go for the cheapest clippers available or those which come with the fanciest brands. If you don’t need a 10 blade clipper or a 3 speed motor with advanced blades technology, don’t waste your money. Our list above contains some great options for dog clippers UK.

Can You Use Human Hair Clippers on a Dog?

It’s not unheard of for some pet owners to use human clippers or blades to trim down their dog’s coat. However, using human clippers for grooming, regardless of cord option, or the number of strokes per minute you get in return, not the safest option on the block. Take it from us – you’re going to need cordless or cord grooming blades designed for your pet.

Different Pet Clippers For Different Breeds

Creativity is wonderful, but most owners prefer their pooch to resemble the breed standard and whilst a close clip all over may be all you can manage at the start, once you get a little more practice, you may want to try different cuts.

That’s all the more reason to look for powerful professional pet clippers– which will allow you to flexibly add and remove blades at will. Those with super 2-speed functionality, too, will allow you to master different styles. You might even find one or two kits with an instructional DVD, too!

You can find out what your four-legged friend is supposed to look like by heading over to the breeder’s club website – but before you do, take a look at a few ways to groom your dog in the most common ways. Below are some of the most common dog grooming styles used by a professional groomer:

  • Puppy cut
  • The Puppy cut or Teddy Bear cut are more or less the same. Generally, it is a style where the hair is the same length, usually ½ inch to 1 inch all over the legs and body, resulting in an extremely cute looking pooch. Only the faces are different, and this depends on the owner’s preference and breed. This may be the easiest result to achieve with your newly bought dog clippers. Cordless or otherwise, this is an effortless cut to get used t, and you probably won’t need fancy blades or an instructional DVD.
  • Kennel Cut
  • This a short cut all over the body, head and legs; it is generally used during the summer or when a pooch is being kennelled as it is low maintenance and easy to keep clean. Depending on the breed, the kennel cut is a great starter cut enabling you to practice and gain confidence. It should be easy enough for you to get any 2-speed clipper to help you manage this basic trim.
  • The Top Knot
  • Usually seen in Shih Tzus, Maltese and Lhasa Apso pups. This cut can be any length all over the body whilst leaving, as the name suggests, more hair on the top of the head. Handy for a dog that wears bows or to conform with breed standards like the Bedlington terrier.
  • The lamb cut
  • This cut leaves longer hair on the legs while being short on the body and is an excellent cut for summer – it is often seen on the Airedale Terrier and Schnauzer, although it is a versatile style that looks good on almost any mutt. Again, you should be able to tackle this cut with a good cordless clipper, offering sturdy blades and reasonable numbers of strokes per minute.

Best Clippers By Dog Breed

Of course, we’ve all seen the fancy coats at Crufts and these vary from breed to breed. Don’t expect to be able to do these when you are just starting. There are plenty of handbooks and video tutorials devoted to specific cuts for breeds who need a little more TLC. Is it worth investing in an instructional DVD to learn how to clip a poodle? Probably not. Here are some ideas on how to clip specific breeds with a variety of blades and two-speed clipper options:


The best cuts and dog clippers for poodles can be seen in this video:

Cocker Spaniels 

See the video for Cocker cuts – the best dog clippers for cocker spaniels are Wahl professional sets, in our opinion.

Other dog breeds who could benefit from specialist clippers may include:

  • Schnauzers
  • Maltese
  • Sheepdogs
  • Afghan Hounds
  • Bichon Frise

Show-grooming, however, takes years of experience and very few professional groomers will attempt this – so don’t feel too disheartened if you can’t quite get your clipper to behave. If you are not looking for perfection, though, give it a try; you’ll soon get the basics.

Clipping Guide: Professional Tips

Start grooming your pup at a young age.

The earlier you get your best pal used to grooming, the better. Not only will it get him used to the process, but it will also help build a bond, and you will gain confidence.

Get him used to standing still for the process, run the clippers over him without being switched on. Grooming your pooch from day one will make the experience easier for both of you.

Did you know; You are more likely to burn your dog with hot clippers than cut them? Remember to turn them off and check them regularly and if they feel too hot, change to a cooler blade, spray on some coolant or switch to another pair if you have them. 2-speed clippers with variable strokes per minute will likely help you moderate the heat and power you use.

Holding onto a fidgety dog when grooming with clippers can be a challenge, so a dog grooming noose is an excellent investment to prevent mistakes and injuries. Find dog grooming loops HERE.

Dog hair is unique because it grows in different directions. It is important to get this right and follow the flow of your pup’s fur if you want Fido to look good. Choose the best dog clippers you can afford and start snipping.

Conclusion and which dog clippers top pick

Dog grooming with cordless clippers at home isn’t that difficult and is extremely cost-effective – especially if you have more than one dog. We have reviewed the best professional dog clippers in 2021 in our list above.

So – what’s our top pick from our list of the best dog grooming clippers? Otstar just inches it for us with their affordable, flexible, multi-comb clippers. They may not be the best dog clippers for dogs with thicker coats, but they are great for smaller dogs and really easy to adapt to.

John Devlin

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