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Give Your Furry Friend Some Style With A Personalised Dog Collar!

A personalised dog collar gives your pooch the style they deserve, as well as an essential part to being easily identified. Don't miss the chance to see our expert round up of the most sought after brands.

For almost as long as we have shared our life with man’s best friend we have used dog collars.(See here for Tweed Collars) Right from the beginning, they were a stylish and practical accessory. These have been extremely popular for a long time as they help your pooch be identified should they run off or escape.

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Pamper Your Pooch With The Latest UK Dog Grooming Equipment!

Make your pup look like a King or Queen with the latest UK Dog grooming equipment whilst saving on those costly bills!

Regular grooming is an essential part of your canine care routine. Not only does it keep your canine companion’s coats clean and prevent it matting if long, it also reduces shedding, strengthens the bond between pup and owner, improves blood circulation, gets Fido used to being handled, while also enabling you to do a health check and make sure there are no bumps, cuts or injuries.

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These 9 UK Drying Coats for Dogs will Outperform any Random Towel or Robe

In need of a dog drying coat to keep your pet warm. Then you've come to the right place. We have reviewed various materials, sizes and colours to give you the best selection that is currently available.

Some pups just love water and no walk in the country is complete without them getting wet, even if your canine companion is not a water baby, living in the UK, it's likely they will come home from some walks soaked through, requiring a thorough drying off when they get in.

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UK Dog Clothes: Make Your Pooch A Fashion Icon

UK Dog Clothing is a booming market in today's age and will no doubt continue to rise! That is why we have done an in depth analysis of the types of products that are popular at the minute for your pooch!

You can now buy all manner of doggy clothes from hoodies, and superhero fancy dress costumes to onesies and princess outfits, believe it or not, there is even a growing market in wigs for dogs.

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