Flexipanel Dog Fence Review – Is This The Best Fencing System for Dogs?

This is our Flexipanel dog fence review in 2021

The ideal solution for keeping dogs contained or protecting your garden.

Like all dog owners, we have found ourselves in plenty of situations where we’ve needed a dog fence right then and there. Whether it’s to keep wandering pets inside the garden or keep them safe and secure in the house, it’s not always easy to find a UK company that will supply a quality fence for the right price. 

A portable dog fence UK owners can rely on shouldn’t just be sturdy and robust – it should be easy to set up, simple to scale, and impervious against all kinds of cheeky breakout attempts. You’re also likely to want great quality that you can take with you on the move if you need to.

Having tested multiple dog fencing products, we have found that the Flexipanel dog fence is a great all-around choice. It arrives with robust and sturdy panelling and all the tools you’ll need – and it’s really well-priced, too.

This review will show you why the Flexipanel dog fence is one of the best choices for pups and pets of all sizes.

What is a Flexipanel Fence?

In short, Pdotwolf’s Flexipanel is a portable dog fence that is easy to erect and simple to transport wherever and whenever you need it. The fence panels are made of strong wire protected with a plastic coating. Pdotwolf’s range of fences are particularly well-known for their strength, longevity, and affordability. 

One of the best things about these pet fences is that they are adaptable to just about any space, both inside the house and outside. They are also adaptable to any dog, big, small, active, strong – you name them!

Pet Exercise Pen or Portable Fencing?

Whether you need a playpen or temporary garden fencing for your pet, the Flexipanel dog fence system is suitable for all purposes as it’s dog proof.

As an exercise dog pen, you can set up the exact shape and length you need with foldable panels and easy to use hinges.  Thankfully, the instructions Pdotwolf supply with the unit, too, are also straightforward to follow.

For a fence, you can fix it to any wall, door or post and run in a straight line or a zig-zag formation, whichever best suits you and your dog’s needs.

What Dog Owners Like About the Flexipanel Expandable Dog Fence

Plastic coated wire for longer life.

Customers like the fact the strong, stable, plastic-coated wire will keep your big and small dogs secure and will ensure the wire itself is protected from all kinds of rusting and damaging threats such as wet grass, rain, urine, mud, and more.

Its plastic will ensure a longer life for your panels and thus keep your dog safer for longer. This wire is unlikely to wear out any time soon.

Easy to erect portable fencing for dogs

As you will likely need portable fencing for dogs in all kinds of impromptu situations and various locations, you’re probably going to want something you can pop up and secure at a minute or two’s notice.

That’s why Pdotwolf has created a flexible fence that is easy to unfold, attach and detach. Despite being amazingly flexible and easy to handle, it remains a heavy-duty fence for all kinds of puppies. 

Flexible – will fit into any space.

The sheer flexibility of the Flexipanel dog barrier means that you can take it with you and place it in any area.

This portable, flexible, foldable dog fencing is ideal for setting up a large dog playpen or a small, heavy-duty cage for safety.  It arrives with speciality hinges that secure the panels together and ensure that they can be moved and altered to fit your surroundings.

They are easy for us humans to break apart, but your dog will have no way of breaking apart from one another!

This temporary fencing can be used indoors or outdoors.

Since the pet fence is flexible and so easy to erect, you can easily set up a small dog playpen inside of your home to keep your puppies or smaller breeds secure while you are out.

Create an exercise pen for small animals inside (convenient during bad weather, for weaker dogs, etc.), or create a heavy-duty fence for garden use. 

It’s honestly up to you how you use it! It’s a great solution that’s easy to pack up and take apart, move indoors when things turn wet, or leave out in more temperate weather.

Extra fencing panels can be added.

The modular nature of this brilliant dog fencing means that you can make it as short or as long as you need. You may want a small pet playpen indoors one day and a more extensive dog fencing set up for outdoors the next. The application of more panelling to fix on and you’re good to go.

Good height for dog fencing

The Flexipanel dog fence comes in heights of 1 metre and 1.5 metres. It’s tall enough to deter most dogs from leaping over and is just compact enough for you to handle and manoeuvre.

That being said, should your pets be able to jump very high and give you cause for concern, you could always attach the dog fencing to strong wooden posts, then line up multiple panels on top of one another until they make a tall dog gate. 


Purchases can be expensive, most homeowners know that having a fence put up, even if it is just for small animals, can cost a fortune. 

That’s why the Flexipanel dog fencing is so popular – it’s amazingly cheap without sacrificing quality. You can keep your puppies safe with an impromptu pet playpen or temporary fixture, starting from £27 for 4 ft of fence. 

You can purchase up to 35 ft of plastic-coated dog fencing directly from the Pdotwolf website, too, for £144.

Flexible Dog Fencing Alternatives

There’s more than just Flexipanel out there – and plenty of other dog fencing options that appeal to different needs and budgets. Here’s our quick pick of other dog fencing options well worth a look at.

COSTWAY Folding Pet Gate

This Costway folding pet gate and dog fence is a great addition if you are looking for a foldable dog fence solution that is a little more stylish and will look great inside your home.

For example, it comes with four panels made of quality timber. It can be easily installed as a stairgate or room barrier and even works well as a small pen for small dogs. 

The four white panels cost just under £100, making it a more expensive option than the Flexipanel dog fence, but definitely a safe and stylish one.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

UNDERDOG Extra Heavy Duty Puppy Play Pen

Underdog’s extra heavy-duty puppy play pen is another great alternative. It is effortless to set up and comes with a built-in gate for easy access. It is super-robust and is therefore ideal for dogs of all sizes and in all kinds of weather.

That being said, the dog fencing system is made of metal, and although they are protected with a powder, you will want to dry them after using them in the wet. A medium-size pack of eight panels costs just under £100.

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Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Pen With Gate

Amazon Basics’ foldable metal dog fence comes with eight strong panels, each measuring 42 inches in height and 24 inches in width.

It’s another product that performs amazingly well despite its low price tag. Amazon supply eight ground anchors for safe use inside and outside of the house.

The set forms a small octagon that is great for keeping your puppies safe when needed. It is also supplied with a built-in gating for easy use. It costs just over £45 for a set of eight 42 inch panels, more than enough to keep your pups contained.

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VOUNOT 5 Panel Dog Barrier Indoor,

Voutnot’s five-panel barrier and fence is the perfect tool to protect pets and children from fires, staircases, kitchen equipment and more.

The built-in gate opens in both directions, and the panels can be folded into whatever shape you need.

The panels are made from solid metal coated with powder to withstand the heat from a fireplace. It can easily be attached to the wall, in a door frame, or in pen form and is supplied with a fence stabilising kit.

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Final Thoughts

As dog fence ideas go, you’ll be hard pushed to find a more flexible and better value option than this one that performs from Pdotwolf Flexipanel. Whether you want to let your pets get used to a new yard or help puppies get used to indoor training.

All the tools required to fix up your fence are included, making the building work that little bit less of a hassle. It’s another product that performs from Pdotwolf, who are quickly picking up a following through what they sell online.

It can be hard to find the best fit in a dog fence or playpen unit. You’ll need to think about looking for the correct mesh size, something that’s low on sharp edges and that you can easily fix at one end and the other – without fear of your pups knocking things down and running wild.

Thankfully, there’s no need for fiddly zip ties or hours of setup here – and unless your dog can jump for fun, the base setup for this fence should give you more than enough peace of mind.

Indoors or outdoors, we highly recommend setting up Flexipanel fencing if you’re already tired of looking at kit after kit. Honestly – we wish we’d tried this one first – the sheer convenience and simple security alone make it worth the price. When we reviewed the fence posts and fixings all the reviews from people were spot-on – feel free to believe the hype, and start protecting your puppies for less.

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