Dog Exercises for Dogs with Health Issues

Choose the Right Fitness Activity for Your Dog's Health Problems

We love our pets and want to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to do so because of the many health issues that dogs can have.

This article will help dog owners find exercises for their pets that match the different types of problems they may have. These exercises are tailored to each specific issue, and we’ve included a list below:

Did you know that there is a dog exercise for every dog, no matter their health issues? Well, now you do. We have grouped together activities according to the type of issue your pup may be living with on this page.

If they are overweight, they need to find a fitness regime that will help them lose the beef and keep it off.

If they have arthritis, they should avoid jumping or running as these exercises could aggravate the condition and cause pain.

Follow our guides on choosing the best exercises for dogs with different health problems!

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