How Much Exercise Does a Poodle Need? [Mini, Standard & Toy]

The poodle breed, originating in Germany, is classified as a non-sporting dog. It has been bred for centuries as a companion animal and expert in water retrieval, making it an ideal pet for active individuals who like to participate in outdoor activities such as biking or jogging. Poodles also excel at canine sports such as agility and obedience.

Poodles come in three sizes and each has their own requirements, so lets find out how much exercise does a poodle need.

How much exercise for a Toy Poodle?

As the smallest of the breed, Toy Poodles, needs little more than a brisk walk each day to remain fit and contented. However, they do need fun games to play and dog toys with a mental challenge; otherwise, they will become bored, which can cause problems such as excessive barking.

Do Miniature Poodles need much exercise?

The miniature Poodle requires only moderate exercise, making it an ideal choice for people who want a dog to accompany them on their daily walk but do not lead a particularly active lifestyle.

What dog owners need to know about Standard Poodle exercise requirements

A Standard Poodle is a high-energy dog that requires proper exercise daily up to a couple of hours to release its pent-up energy! They make excellent jogging companions that will happily trot along at your side for miles. Poodle owners should also be prepared to give their pet plenty of mental exercise too.

Poodles are an intelligent breed. Their brains are sharp, so they need to be stimulated with training and games. Poodles will keep themselves occupied for hours on end if you provide them with an appropriate toy, such as the Kong line of chew toys that can be stuffed with treats to keep your pet entertained.

Poodles are an active and sensitive breed and do not make good pets for dog lovers who work long days. Despite their affectionate nature, they will quickly become bored and restless without human company, which can lead to destructive behaviour.

Why is Exercise Vital for your Poodle?

Regular vigorous exercise is vital for your Poodle and if they don’t get enough daily exercise it can cause boredom, destructive behaviour and behavioural issues. They will also suffer from weight issues without a good workout.

What happens if you do not give adult Poodles the exercise they need?


If a dog has nothing to do, they get bored and because of the way Poodles are, boredom can affect their mental health and cause them to act out. They may bark at everything they see, dig the garden or chew your best shoes.

Behavioural issues

If you do not give a healthy adult Poodle the exercise they need, they will act out and become hyperactive. As the old saying goes, a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.

Weight issues

If your Poodle is overweight, be it a Toy Poodle or its larger cousin the Standard, it can affect their physical health resulting in arthritis, injury after exercise and diabetes and poor cardiovascular health.

How Much Exercise Does a Poodle Need?

Poodles, in general, are a happy dog that needs lots of exercise and loves to play. However, some poodle types require more than others due to their energy levels.

A Standard Poodle needs tons of exercise and has an extremely high metabolism. They should be taken on long daily walks at a brisk pace to keep them in good condition. If Standard Poodles do not get enough exercise, they will become hyperactive and challenging to manage.

They need at least 90 minutes of exercise a day, but they also enjoy playing games with their owners, which also fulfils their exercise requirements.

A Miniature poodle is slightly easier to control due to its small size. However, they need at least 30 minutes of exercise twice a day too.

Toy poodles don’t need long walks; they only require about 15 minutes of outdoor walking twice a day. Toy poodles are highly energetic and full of life but are happy to play in the garden and also enjoy cuddling up with their owners on the sofa for a good movie or relaxing in front of the fire.

You can find out more about each type of Poodle on the Kennel Club’s website

Best Types of Exercise for Poodles

Poodles should have lots of mental stimulation as well as physical workouts. If they do not get enough exercise, they can quickly become bored and destructive as well as excessively bark. They need to be active, but it is essential to keep their minds stimulated too!

Because of this, the best type of exercise for Poodles are:

Retrieval Games

Standard Poodles were bred to retrieve waterfowl, so they will really enjoy games playing fetch with you. They are very gentle dogs too, which makes them perfect for indoor retrieval games.


Poodles were bred to swim and do water retrievals. So this is a fantastic workout for this breed. They are very fond of water too, so this should be an easy task and will result in a deep sleep when they come home!

Sniffing Games

Poodles love exploring with their noses; this is their strongest sense, after all! Playing scent work games will tire your Poodle out and keep them happy; they will love following a scent trail either indoors or out in the fresh air at dog parks!


Poodles excel at agility, so this is an excellent workout for them. Like most dogs, you should start off with the easy obstacles and increase the difficulty once they get the hang of it. Senior Poodles could try Cavaletti instead, which is fantastic for both physical and mental health.

Puzzle toys

These are excellent for poodles, even a young puppy because they need mental stimulation just as much as physical activity. Look for toys that you can fill with treats and your Poodle has to solve the puzzle before they get it out; this will keep them entertained for hours and is a great alternative to strenuous exercise for older dogs.

Can a Poodle Have Too Much Exercise?

Poodles can be over-exercised, but this is only generally the case if they have any health exceptions. Poodle’s endurance levels vary on the type they are. Not all Poodles want to spend the day hiking; it depends on how much energy they have.

Poodles usually are very healthy dogs if they are fed good quality food and looked after correctly. Hip dysplasia can occur with larger Standard Poodles and they can sometimes suffer from heart conditions.

Here we share the exercises to undertake for dogs with hip dysplasia.

Poodles should never be over-exercised if they have not reached full maturity because this can damage their joints and cause health problems for the dog later in life.

How Much Exercise Does a Senior Poodle Need?

As your Poodle gets older, the amount of exercise should decrease. However, a senior dog still needs to exercise regularly even though they may not be as playful or energetic as they were in their younger days. Other dog owners have found that regular exercise is beneficial even in older dogs.

Elderly dogs require less strenuous activity than young adults or working dogs but can still benefit from low impact exercises like hydrotherapy and cavaletti poles. Cavaletti poles can improve leg strength as well as balance and coordination.

You can find some Cavaletti exercises in this article

Swimming is a great exercise for your older dog because it relieves stress and works the entire body.

How Much Exercise Does a Poodle Puppy Need?

As a general rule, a puppy Poodle can be taken on walks once they are fully vaccinated, but these should be short to start with so as not to damage their developing joints. Puppies should only do around 10 minutes of walking at a time as it’s important not to over-exercise when they’re young.

Make sure your puppy gets plenty of opportunities to run about for between half an hour and an hour every day by playing with other dogs at the dog park, chasing after toys, etc.

A good way of ensuring that your dog stays healthy is to walk it every day; this doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous, but just being taken out help the dog stay fit and healthy. You should also play with the puppy regularly, as playing is another way to release excess energy, especially for the larger standard poodle.

A game of tug of war and fetch are two very good games to play. In addition to this, there are also several activities that you can do with your puppy to tire them out. These include the hide and seek game which involves encouraging your dog to use their sense of smell. Simply hide treats around the house or garden for them to find during training sessions.


There are three main important aspects of poodle exercise: mental stimulation, socialization, and physical activity. Keeping this in mind, the best way to keep them happy is an hour a day of walks or jogs if they love running!

If you have a Toy Poodle or Poodle puppy, it’s likely that hour a day of physical exercise is going to come from playtime; they can play with other dogs, crack on with their obedience training, play fetch or sniff out some hidden treats.

Running and playing games is great for keeping your adult dog active, but it can wear them out quickly, so if you have an older pooch, be sure to evaluate their energy levels before you start any game time.

When the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor activity, there are plenty of fun indoor games you can play. There’s no shortage of games for you to try, so find some great toys and get started!

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