Hiking With Dogs: Guides to Dog-Friendly Hikes and Tips for Hikers

Hiking with Dogs - A Healthy Way to Get Outdoors

There are a lot of benefits to hiking with your dog. It’s an excellent way for you and your pup to get some exercise, it can be fun for both of you, and it gives your furry friend the chance to explore new places.

But before you go on an adventure with Rover by your side, make sure that you know what is required to hike safely with dogs.

On this page, we’ll highlight the basics of hiking with dogs so that anyone who wants to do so will have all the information they need!

Most dogs are natural-born hikers, but that doesn’t mean they’re always ready to go on a hike with you. Here at Dogsbarn, we’ve put together some tips for hiking with dogs and dog-friendly hikes around the UK and beyond.

We also have some handy guides for newbie hiker owners who want to ensure their pup is properly prepared before hitting the trail.

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