Different Types of Dog Leads - Reviews & Buyers Guides

What Kind of Dog Leash Should I Buy?

The first thing to consider when buying a leash and lead is the type of dog you have. There are leashes and leads for every breed, from big dogs to miniature breeds.

The next step is matching the lead to your walking style is. If you’re more of a fast walker, then something with a short length might be best for you.

Alternatively, if you like taking your time on walks, a long leash would better suit your needs!

A dog owner’s best friend is their four-legged companion, but how can you be the best friend to your pup? One way is by picking out a great leash and lead.

It’s crucial to find the one that will work for you. Below will give you all the information you need on which type of leash or lead would suit your needs!

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