The UK’s Best Dog Hiking Boots in 2021

This is our review of the best dog hiking boots in 2021.

Dog walking is a pastime we all enjoy, but if you and your pooch are keen hikers, it might be time to consider some paw protection

In this guide for hiking dog boots, we’ll talk you through why your adventurous canine needs walking boots.  You’ll learn what to look for when choosing the best dog boots and also find our recommendations.

Truelove’s dog hiking boots are our favourites of all the ones we tested; they stay on, have good traction on the sole, and come in a range of sizes. So whether you have an adventurous Airedale or an energetic English Setter, you are sure to find the right size, plus they are excellent value. What’s not to love?

In this article, we will be reviewing:

If you are looking for the perfect hiking boots for your four-legged friend, this article is for you. In this comprehensive review, we’ll examine the options for dogs of all sizes, and compare quality, durability, value for money and more!

Keep reading to find out which dog boots kick the competition into touch!

Our Best Dog Boots for Hiking

MOKCCI Truelove Dog Boots

These dog hiking boots by Truelove are durable and strong and they come in 8 sizes and four colours.

The front and bottom of the boots are constructed from TPR, a thermoplastic rubber also used for human boots. This material offers some flexibility whilst still being strong enough to protect paws from sharp stones, broken glass etc.

The grooved rubbery sole provides some traction on steep or slippery surfaces and the ergonomic design means these boots are lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn for long-distance treks.

The reflective strips are great for bad weather conditions or when it gets dark and the adjustable strap makes these dog boots easy to put on and take off.

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RUFFWEAR All-Terrain Dog Boots

Ruffwear is a popular brand known for its high-quality dog products, and these walking boots for dogs are no exception! These boots have a Vibram outsole, which is an extremely robust and durable material. This means you have peace of mind these boots will last.

The anti-slip design makes them ideal for slippery surfaces, providing traction for your pup even when running; the velcro closure is secure so that they won’t slip off and they have reflective strips for low visibility and winter hikes. There is also a mesh lining on the outside to keep out dirt and debris.

These high-performance boots come in a range of sizes; these are perfect for large dog breeds like a German Shepherd or Labrador; they come in three colours and are sold in pairs, so you will need to buy two lots if you want to protect all four of your dogs paws. This is the only reason they didn’t make the top spot.

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Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes

Like the Grip Trex boots by Ruffwear, these premium hiking boots have thick non-slip rubber soles with plenty of grooves and grips to ensure good traction even on slippery surfaces,

These protect from rugged terrain, stones and sharp thorns and the ergonomic design makes them easy to put on and take off. They have adjustable velcro straps and an ankle cord, ensuring a secure fit.

All this brand’s products come with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind and Kurgo also do a fantastic dog backpack for hiking and a hands-free dog running belt.

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Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

These easy to wear boots by Ultra Paws are incredibly flexible and water-resistant, making them perfect for protecting your dog’s feet on hikes or everyday walks. The anti-slip soles are a great benefit for older dogs or ones with joint problems or hip conditions and they protect paws from hot surfaces, rocky terrain, snow and ice.

Available in a range of sizes, they are ideal for both small and large dogs; they boast a wide opening, making them really easy to get on and off and velcro strap closures mean they stay on your dog’s feet, unlike some other dog booties.

Visit the Ultra Paws website for instructions on how to get the correct fit for your pet’s foot size.

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RUFFWEAR Polar Trex Dog Boots

Ruffwear Polar Trek snow boots offer comfort and support for your dog’s paws in cold weather; the thick rubber sole is perfect for hiking in the snow and ice as it provides excellent traction and the pullover stretch gaiter with zip fastener is designed for keeping out the snow.

The waterproof material is also windproof and breathable (remember dogs sweat through their paw pads). The insulation also protects against cold temperatures and the reflective trim is a welcome added safety feature.

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EXPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Boots

Like most dog hiking shoes, these have an anti-slip sole making them a good dog option and ones that like to run around when hiking.

The boot is made from durable materials; they are water-resistant to keep your dog’s paws dry and have four strips of reflective stitching for increased visibility in low light. They offer extra protection for sore pads and have a rubber toe cap to prevent stubbed toes.

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Royalcare Protective Dog Boots

Perfect for walking on ice, slippery or wet surfaces, these dog boots for hiking have a sturdy rubber sole providing extra grip for more challenging hikes; puddles and mud won’t be a problem either, thanks to the water-resistant uppers.

Like all good dog walking shoes, they are easy to slip on and take off and the two reflective velcro straps ensure a customised fit. The breathable fabric keeps your pet’s paw pads dry, preventing sores and blisters and the natural dog paw shape offers extra protection for your dog’s ankles and legs.

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Do Dogs Need Shoes for Hiking?

There are several reasons why dogs need hiking footwear. Yes, a dog’s pads are tougher than the soles of our feet, but they do get sore occasionally, which is especially true when hiking. Imagine walking for hours and hours over rugged terrain or in the snow and ice with no shoes on? Ouch!

Hiking puts a lot more strain on your dog’s feet than general day to day walking, so your pooch is going to need extra comfort and support if you want him to keep up.

Another reason your canine companion would benefit from dog bootees is the rubber soles; walking across moss-covered rocks or wet stones can be a tricky business, your dog could easily slip and injure themselves; this can be prevented by using specially designed dog hiking boots.

If you are going trekking over various terrains and surfaces, chances are your pup will step on something sharp at some point or get a foreign body stuck between his toes like a foxtail or grass seed; this can cause severe pain, so a dog boot is a great option to prevent this.

If your dog cuts his paw whilst hiking, the last thing you need is getting dirty and wet; the best dog booties will keep the bandage secure and clean, so even if you don’t use them all the time, hiking boots are something you should always have on hand when hiking.

Dog Boots for Walking in Winter?

If you enjoy walking in winter, waterproof dog boots are essential to protect your pup’s paws from the ice and snow, which can become compacted between their toes and sharp shards of ice can even cut the feet. Dog people understand that their best friend can’t tell them when something is uncomfortable and dog winter boots will undoubtedly keep your furry pal warm and dry.

Other situations where you may need dog booties

We have concentrated on hiking in this article, but there are other situations when you might need a dog boot. Pawz dog boots are thin coverings for the paws to protect them from hot pavements, or they can be used to cover a bandage and stop it from getting wet if your dog is injured.

If you are involved in any winter sports with your pups, such as Canicross, or Joring snow boots are essential

Some dogs are more susceptible to sore feet and pododermatitis than others and they need protection for their extra sensitive paws which is why pet dog booties are a good option. These include breeds like:

  • Greyhounds
  • French Bulldogs
  • Basset Hounds
  • Whippets
  • Mastiffs
  • Bull Terriers
  • Dachshunds
  • Boxers

What to Look For in The Best Dog Shoes for Hiking?

There are a lot of dog boots to buy either online or at your local pet store some are great whilst not necessarily designed for hiking, and some are just cheap and nasty.

So before you shell out on any old dog boots, it is essential you know what to look for and what makes a good hiking boot for dogs. Below our buyer’s guide will list the main features you should definitely be checking. The grip trex boots by ruffwear

Quality Material

The material the boot is made from needs to be high quality, and they should have a thick rubber sole to prevent slipping and give added protection should your pup step on anything sharp. Always choose boots that are stitched rather than glued as these tend to fall apart more quickly.

Durable options like the Grip Trex boots by Ruffwear may cost more, but they will save money as they’ll last a lot longer than some cheaper alternatives.


Non-slip soles are essential in a good hiking boot. If you need to walk across mossy rocks or icy surfaces, there is less danger of your pup slipping and injuring themselves


The best dog shoes should be water-resistant, not only will your four-legged friend be uncomfortable in soggy water-laden boots they will protect him in the snow, plus when you get home, you won’t have to worry about muddy paws messing up the place.

Do they stay on?

One of the most common complaints about snow boots or walking shoes for dogs is that they fall off due to sizing, so it’s crucial to ensure any ones you buy fit securely. Look for adjustable straps that can be tightened around the ankle and always ensure you measure correctly before ordering. Some brands come out bigger than others so read things people have said and that should help you with your choice.

This handy guide by Ruffwear shows you how to measure your furry pal’s foot correctly.


Most boots for dogs have reflectivity built-in and this is a great safety feature if you are partial to winter hikes when the visibility is low or if you hike in the early mornings or evenings.


Of course, price is important, but you usually get what you pay for, like human hiking boots. Investing in the best quality you can afford will save you money in the long run; not only will the best outdoor dog boots protect your animal from injury saving on vets bills they will last a lot longer than less expensive options.


How do dogs stay warm when hiking?

Certain dog breeds like to hike, but they still need the right equipment. A good pair of boots and a lightly lined waterproof jacket should be enough to keep most dogs warm whilst hiking against the elements.

How do I get my dog boots to stay on?

Firstly make sure you order the correct size as this is the most common reason for shoes falling off. Tighten the straps tightly enough for a snug fit but not too tight that they are uncomfortable. A dog’s hind paws are often different sizes from the front paws, which is why many boots are sold in pairs rather than sets of four. If you do buy a full set, go with the smaller measurements.

How do I know if my dog boots fit?

Run your finger around the shoe to make sure that the paw is correctly positioned, then when your dog puts his full weight on the ground, gently feel the front so you can feel the toes; they should not be cramped but not too loose that the boot falls off.

Last Word & Top Pick

There wasn’t much not to like about all the dog hiking booties in our round-up and for serious hikers, the Ruffwear range is hard to beat; however, they aren’t cheap, which is why the MOKCCI Truelove Dog Boots just pipped them to the top spot. These boots get fantastic reviews, have good traction and are ideal for all sizes of dogs, and you won’t need to break the bank to afford them.

Everyone loves a long hike, especially our canine companions so why not make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience for him, with a set of the best dog hiking boots. You might not think he needs them, but trust us, backpacking with a dog who’s injured is no joke. You can also invest in dog socks to make the hiking trails that bit easier for them. For more dog hiking equipment reviews it’s here.

Happy Hiking!

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