Best Harness for Rottweilers (UK) – 7 Top Choices for Rotties

This is our review of the best harness for Rottweilers in 2022.

Rotties are loyal courageous athletic dogs that, contrary to popular belief, make fantastic family pets if trained, but boy can they pull. They were used to pull carts back in the day, making harness training hard as they are used to weight pulling.

Although not classed as a giant breed, they can weigh upwards of 100lb’s and believe me, if they want to go somewhere you’re coming to. That’s why we’ve reviewed and chosen the best harness for Rottweiler dogs that pull to give you a helping hand.

In this article, we will be reviewing the following dog harnesses for Rottweilers:

We will also learn;

  • What key features to consider when buying Rottweiler harnesses
  • Do harnesses for Rottweilers need to be anti-pull
  • What are the best harnesses for Rottweilers
  • 10 Facts about Rottweilers – Just for fun

Our Best Harnesses for Rottweilers

As boisterous, burly dogs, a Rottweiler harness will need to be robust and give you maximum control. A great walking harness for a Rottweiler will be usually be made from either nylon webbing or leather and should be comfortable for your pup to wear on short and long strolls alike.

We’ve hunted down the best dog harnesses to fit Rottweilers with ease – built to last, easy to get on and off, and great for extra confidence on walks. whether you want a tactical harness, one with a handle or one to combat pulling, below is our guide with a list of the top picks for dog harnesses.

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective Padded

The first of our dog harnesses on this list is the Ruffwear no-pull harness. It comes in sizes from XXS to XL and has 2 leash attachment points and multiple adjustment points so that you can ensure that it fits this dog breed perfectly.

There is a padded chest piece and padding on the back and two leash attachment points, one made of metal and the other of fabric. 

Finally, this dog harness for Rottweiler dogs is ideal for walking in the dark and/or stormy weather, as it has good reflective lining all around.


  • Padded dog harness
  • Fully adjustable
  • Reflective harness for night-time safety


  • Won’t open at the front

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Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness No Pulling Front Clip Leash

The Auroth training tactical dog harness for Rottweiler is ideal for full-size adults – it’s built for large dog breeds.

This sturdy dog harness comes with a strong handle at the base of the dog’s neck, has two leash attachment points, webbing on the back to hold a pouch, a bottle of water, etc., two strong padded restraints not to harm your dog’s skin as you pull back on them. 

All four adjustment points are lined with stitching that’s reflective, making it safe to use at night and in bad weather.


  • Padded restraint sleeves
  • Stitching is reflective for night walking
  • Back webbing


  • Again, no front opening

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PENGDA No Pull Dog Harness Large-Pet Vest with Handle

This obedience training harness is great for helping to secure your Rottie safely in the car, thanks to its seat belt ring.

Some of this harness’ key features include four adjustment points, a strong nylon handle, two lock buckles, reflective stitching, and breathable, comfortable fabric. 

The front leash ring is there to discourage pulling as you walk while not hurting your dog’s trachea. 

Thanks to its funky design, this dog harness stands out, including a picture of a cartoon cowboy dog at the front. It’s definitely a harness with character, while it delivers all the safety touches you’ll demand.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Buckle locks
  • Solid handle


  • No padded restraints

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FRIENDLY Green Colour Coded Non-Pull Dog Harness

One of the best harnesses for rottweilers, this colour-coded and comfortable nylon dog harness is ideal for your pet.

As you may know, Rottweilers do have an unfair reputation for being violent, guarding, and untrustworthy. Despite this being a massive generalisation, many people are uncomfortable around them, and this harness will let them know whether they have a reason to be or not! You can choose the code and that you want, with the colour that matches. 

For example, you could have the colour blue with the word ‘training’, yellow for ‘nervous’, green for ‘friendly’, red for ‘caution’, etc.


  • A good Rottweiler pup harness
  • Strong material
  • Matching Rottweiler leads are available


  • No handle

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Belababy No Pull Dog Vest Harness Front Clip Handle

This harness has to be placed over the pup’s head, and then it’s attached via two quick-release buckle points, one on each side of your’s dog’s rib cage Both the chest and back coverings are padded with a breathable fabric, and the top and strap seams are all stitched with reflective material. 

This dog harness is designed with big dogs in mind and is therefore strong enough to handle Rottweilers. It’s also impressively priced. This walking harness comes in ten different colours and sizes, from S to XL.


  • Two leash rings
  • Padded chest straps
  • Get a size smaller for Rottweiler Puppies


  • Doesn’t open at the front

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Jackalware Comfort Fit Easy Adjustable Reflective Dog Harness

This is a premium-priced harness, but you definitely get what you pay for. It’s extremely well padded, offers lots of control over any Rottweiler.

This lead dog harness for your Rottweiler comes in three muted colours and sizes from S to XL. 

It is great for walking in the rain, at night, or on a lovely hike in the sun. The material is soft and breathable, as well as being lined with reflective stitches. There is extra padding under the legs to prevent your dog from getting irritated skin as a bonus.


  • Leg padding is a great addition
  • Pocket storage amongst key features
  • Considered by some as the best Rottweiler harness


  • Not great for dogs who prefer front openings

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Friends Forever No Pull Dog Harness Large Breed

This Friends Forever product is one of the best harnesses on the market for nervous dogs. There are two openings, one on the front chest strap and a buckle underneath the chest strap. Both straps are adjustable so that you can get a secure fit for your dog’s body. 

This Rottweiler dog harness comes with a solid back leash ring and a sturdy handle behind it. The two main straps are lined with reflective stitches. 

This extra-large harness is ideal for bigger dogs that need a little extra room in their walking gear! 


  • Two different openings
  • Strong leash ring
  • Very sturdy handle


  • No front clip

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Do You Need No Pull Harnesses when Walking a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are very intelligent, powerful, and loyal dogs. Although they tend to get a bad reputation for being an aggressive breed, all Rottweiler owners know that this is simply not true. 

Like all dogs, Rottweilers need lots of attention, care, and training. 

Rottweiler Collars V Harness?

As they are indeed powerful animals, it is best to train them to walk with a harness. A dog collar is known for damaging dogs’ throats and backs, as the weight pulling against them through the collar can hurt them in ways that we do not always notice right away.

Moreover, rottweiler harnesses with a no-pull design like the Kurgo harness do exactly what it says on the label. It will help you teach your furry friend how to walk correctly without pulling their way forward by applying slight pressure around the shoulders and chest area when they pull.

It is an excellent idea for such powerful dogs to have a piece of equipment that can halve the trouble as your dog pulls – and can help you gain back your control. 

There are multiple dog harnesses available on the market today, one to fit every breed, price range, style, and physical activity, so you are bound to find the best dog harness for your Rotty pup.

Things to Consider When Buying a Harness for a Rottweiler

As Rottweilers are such strong, energetic, and social dogs, you’re going to put a harness through its paces. It will need to last through intense use, the wet, the pulling, the car rides, etc. 

You will therefore need to bear a few things in mind before investing in Rottweiler harnesses:


There are so many kinds of harnesses out there (leather harnesses, nylon ones, padded ones, more traditional harness styles, etc.), and all in different price ranges, so it is relatively easy to find a good quality one. However, when buying for a Rottweiler, quality manufacture is a must.

It will therefore need to be solid and weather-proof as starting points. You must also consider comfort, and given that they will be wearing it on most days, the right harness is crash-tested for everyday use.


The fit of the harness is crucial for your dog’s security and comfort. Before purchasing any harness, correctly measure your dog’s chest, neck, and even around the belly.

A harness that is too big will be easy to get out of, and in an emergency, you can see how that would be dangerous for your Rottweiler and the surrounding people/animals. 

On the other hand, a harness that is too tight can impede your Rottweiler’s breathing, as well as rub against their skin to the point where it can rub the fur off, irritate them, and even make them bleed.

Hardware- Leash Attachment and Buckles

When buying a harness, we often think of the measurements and material from which the harness itself is made, but we tend to forget the other hardware, such as the leash attachments, buckles, pockets, etc. These things are just as essential to check out as the rest of the harness is.

The metal hardware (such as the leash rings) will need to be strong enough to withstand the strength of your Rottweiler’s body as it pulls against the leash. 

The buckles will need to be just as strong not to open once your Rottweiler pulls too hard against them.


Although many of us tend to think that as long as we walk our dogs in broad daylight, we will not need to worry about high visibility – that can be a huge mistake. 

Using gear with reflective elements can be life-saving in all kinds of situations, even in broad daylight and on completely clear days. 

Most harnesses nowadays do come with some reflective stitching, but it’s best to opt for something with a lot of reflective material for both your and your Rottweiler’s safety.


Handles on harnesses have become increasingly popular over the years. They are incredibly helpful, even on calmer and smaller dogs. Handles can come in handy on hikes (to help your dog over rough terrain), on general dog walks, on service dogs, to help to hold them back when they are pulling too much, or to keep them close to you in the case of an emergency (keeping them from another dog, for example). 

A good harness will have a solid and comfortable handle on top, possibly with reflective stitches covering it, as a bonus.

What the Harnesses Should You Have

The best harnesses for Rottweilers should include strong materials such as polyester, be comfortable, and be easy to put on. However, these are all very general terms that should apply to all kinds of harnesses.

What Exercise Will They Do?

We have written extensively about Rottweiler exercises and what they need in this article. There are, however, a few more specific harnesses that are made for particular situations and dogs. For example: 

  • Dogs that work in the armed forces need tactical harnesses. A heavy-duty harness acts almost like vests on us, as they come with extra layers for security, additional pouches, and pockets, etc. 
  • Senior dogs could use a handle. As Rottweilers are relatively big animals, their legs can weaken as they get older, making it more difficult for them to move around. Exercise, however, remains necessary, and so, having a handle to help carry their weight when needed can be very beneficial. 
  • No-pull options are great products for training dogs, significantly stronger ones, to not pull when they are being walked. 

What About a Halti?

Halti head collars have been going for years and can be an excellent solution for pulling; however, not all dogs like a head collar.

10 Facts About Rotties

  • Loyal: As you may know, these beautiful dogs are often used in the police forces and guard dogs. This is partially due to their demeanour and their incredible loyalty. They are very protective of their owners and would literally take a bullet for them.
  • Big Appetites: As big dogs, Rottweilers do need a good amount of feeding! To keep up with their natural physique, Rottweilers need a few big meals a day, especially as they grow up.
  • Black and Tan: As you know, one of the defining features of Rotties is that they commonly have two colours to their fur. This can be seen on dogs with spots and so on, but Rottweilers specifically have patches over their eyes, on the bottoms of their faces, on their chests, and their legs.
  • Protective: As mentioned, Rottweilers are incredibly loyal and protective. They are often used as guard dogs because they are naturally very protective. They will go to great lengths to protect their people, which is also why they are unfairly known for being quite violent. 
  • Funny: All dog lovers know that pups all have their own personalities and characteristics. That being said, it is widely thought that Rottweilers are particularly funny. They are brilliant animals and can be a true pleasure to be around thanks to their sweet and funny personalities. 
  • Ancient Breed: Rottweilers do indeed happen to be one of the oldest dog breeds known to man. It is believed that their heritage goes all the way back to Roman times. We’ve been domesticating them for longer than anyone can remember.
  • Originated in Rome, then Germany: These dogs appear to have originated in Rome as herding dogs but then travelled with the Roman Legions into Germany, over the Alps, and into the region of Rottweil, where they officially got their name. Rottweilers were used to guard the herds and their people during their travels.
  • Misunderstood: Due to their common professions and various horror stories, it is sad to say that many people dislike and disapprove of Rottweilers without actually having met one. They are, in fact, very loving dogs that just happen to be very good at their jobs – they are not the nasty, aggressive dogs you may believe them to be.
  • Powerful Jaws: Thanks to their enormous heads, Rottweilers are known for having a powerful bite. Rottweilers can bite with a force of around 328 pounds, more than that of a German Shepherd. It is nearly half the force of a shark bite! 
  • Herders: Even today, Rottweilers are very commonly used as herding dogs. They were initially bred for herding in Rome, and it remains a part of their DNA. They are fast, energetic, strong, intelligent, and loyal, making them ideal herding dogs.


How do I stop my Rottweiler from pulling on the lead?

Invest in a front leash clip – it makes it easier for you to hold your dog back when you are trying to stop them. Keep consistent with your training, so stop or try walking in the other direction when they pull. We have a full post about stopping Rottweilers from pulling on a lead here.

What size harness do Rottweilers need?

Finding the right size harness for your Rottweiler will depend on their age, weight, and height. You will need to measure them correctly before purchasing a harness. Usually its a large or extra large

Conclusion and Top Pick

There is no denying that a harness is a better choice than a dog collar option any day.

That being said, finding the best harness for your Rottweiler pup may take some time. They will have specific needs, as will you, regarding the equipment you will use together frequently. Try to get your Rottweiler accustomed to a harness early on in life.

In our opinion, our favourite choice for the best dog harness for rottweilers is RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness – it’s one of the best Rottweiler harnesses for visibility and for training the pull out of your pet.

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