Best Harness for Pugs

This is our review of the best harness for Pugs in 2022

Pugs are cute, but they’re also active and agile dogs who need a good harness to keep them safe on walks.

If you’re looking for the best harness for your Pug, here are seven of the top options available right now.

In this guide, we’ll review:

Our top choice is the rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness. Not only has it got over 50,000 5 star reviews, but it’s also great value for money, fantastic quality and is the perfect harness for your furry pal.

Keep in mind that what works well for one Pug may not work as well for another, so read reviews and do your research before settling on a specific brand and always measure your dog before ordering Pug harnesses.

Keep reading to see the best Pug harnesses in the UK, what to look for when choosing a new harness, why they’re better than a collar for this flat-faced breed and what size you’ll need!

Our Top Harnesses for Pugs

rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

This is the perfect harness for your Pug. The rabbitgoo dog harness is made of durable nylon oxford and padded with a soft cushion, ensuring that your beloved pet stays safe and comfortable during outdoor activities.

Additionally, the breathable air mesh fabric keeps your dog’s skin cool, while the two metal leash rings provide a safer walking experience.

With four adjustment points, it can be customised to fit any size dog and the quick release buckle makes it easy to take on and off.

Lightweight and easy to clean, this must-have accessory comes in a range of fun colours and features a top handle for extra control.

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metric USA Comfort Fit Step in Dog Vest Harness

Are you looking for a comfortable, safe, and easy-to-use Pugs harness? Look no further than the Metric USA body harnesses!

This vest-style option is designed to reduce strain on the neck and trachea if your dog pulls without causing your dog discomfort, while the two reinforced D-rings keep your leash locked securely in place.

It’s incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for dogs of all sizes. Plus, it comes in seven fun colours and four sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your pup. Plus, this great harness is straightforward to put on and take off, making walkies a breeze!

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SlowTon Dog Car Harness Seatbelt Set

Keep your dog safe while driving with the SlowTon Dog Car Harness. This is made of breathable mesh fabric and features PP material straps that absorb sweat.

The straps tighten securely to keep dogs from roaming in the car and jumping into the front seat. The harness also features adjustable buttons for a comfortable fit.

Plus, it’s universally compatible with most standard vehicles. Plus, there are tons of vibrant colours to choose from – so your pup can travel in style! Best of all, SlowTon offers great value for money.

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TrueLove Dog Harness

Made with soft padding in the chest and belly, this is extremely comfortable for your dog to wear. The ergonomic design is easy to put on and take off, and the scratch-resistant oxford material outer layer ensures that your harness stays looking great for years to come.

The strong tensile strength and double stitching make this harness perfect for even the strongest pullers, while the two leash attachment points provide walking options.

And don’t worry about visibility at night – the nylon webbing with 3M reflective material makes sure your dog can be seen from a distance. Choose from 11 colours and five sizes to find the right harness for your canine companion.

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Kurgo Dog Harness

Looking for an everyday harness that’s comfortable and adjustable? With five adjustment points, this one by Kurgo is perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The no-pull D ring ensures your dog won’t pull on the leash, while the padded chest plate provides extra protection and comfort.

Dog tether (seat belt loop with attached carabiner) is included and compatible with any car seat belt system.

Unlike most harnesses, this one includes crash test certification. Use as a Pug puppy harness or for adult dogs.

Best of all, there’s a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects when purchased from authorised dealers.

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Bestia Bowtie leather dog harness. 100% leather


Introducing the Bestia Bowtie Leather Harness! Using only the finest, 100% genuine leather ensures that it’s both strong and stylish.

This boasts an adjustable neck girth and the small size fits a dog’s chest circumference of 15.7 to 28.7 inches. The unique bowtie design is sure to turn heads, while the padded front plate ensures your pet’s comfort.

This harness is perfect for small breeds like French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Jack Russel Terriers. Not the cheapest option on the market, but certainly one of the most stylish – and your pet will thank you for choosing this high-quality harness.

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RUFFWEAR Lightweight Dog Harness

Ditch the heavy, cumbersome harness and switch to this Ruffwear Harness. Like the front range harness, this premium brand harness is perfect for everyday wear, as it is easy to put on and take off.

Plus, the robust aluminium V-ring on the back provides one attachment point for your lead, while the padded chest and belly panel ensures your dog stays comfortable.

The high visibility reflective trim keeps your pup safe during evening walks, and the ID pocket can store your dog’s tags or pick-up bags.

Made of durable materials, including lightweight nylon with robust woven straps adapted from mountaineering technology and closed-cell foam, this harness is built to last. Hand wash with mild detergent and air dry.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Pug Harness

Collar Vs Harness

This is a brachycephalic breed which means Pug owners should not use a collar as even with small dogs; any pulling will put pressure on your dog’s neck and could worsen any existing breathing issues that brachycephalic dogs have.


Adult Pugs with their flat face, curled tail and relatively thick neck are not a standard dog shape, so it’s essential you choose a comfortable harness for your daily walks.

A lightweight mesh lining will keep Fido cool and it’s a good idea to go for ones with soft sponge padding, so they don’t rub or chafe.


The best harness for Pugs needs to be adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. It should have at the very least two adjustable straps, preferably four, so you can customise the fit to your particular dog’s shape.

Do you need a no-pull dog harness?

If you’re one of the many dog owners whose furry friend drags them around the block, a front clip harness to prevent pulling may be the perfect option.

Choosing a harness with two leash attachment points allows you to use the one on the chest strap for training, the one on the back for casual walks, or both for extra control.

Is it a lightweight harness?

Pugs are a small dog, so having a cumbersome, heavy harness is no good; a lightweight option that doesn’t sit heavy on your dog’s shoulders is the best choice.

Different Types of Dog Harnesses for Pugs

There are several types of harnesses, each with its pros and cons; below are just some of the most common:

Overhead Harnesses – As the name suggests, these go over your dog’s head and fasten with a belly strap; they work well for most dog breeds.

However, some dogs don’t like things going over their heads, so consider this before ordering.

Step in – Many pug owners opt for a step in harness; your dog steps into the leg holes and the whole harness is then buckled up, tightened and your good to go.

These harnesses have no neck strap, so avoid putting too much pressure on your dog’s throat like a traditional collar plus, they’re easy to put on and take off.

Vest harnesses – These harnesses are good for Pug puppies and nervous dogs as they give them a sense of security; they are usually the step in kind and are more of a vest than a regular dog’s harness. They aren’t generally as robust but do come in some lovely designs.

Front clip harnesses – The best harness for Pugs that pull is one with a front leash attachment; this can deter the behaviour and make daily walks a more pleasant experience, although they are no substitution for loose-leash training.

What’s the Right Size for a Pug Harness?

Finding the correct Pug dog collar is pretty easy; however, the right size harness can be a bit more tricky. Each manufacturer has different sizing guides and whilst your Pug may be an extra small on some sizing charts, they could be large in others.

Always measure your Pug before ordering to ensure you get the correct fit and if ordering a puppy Pug harness, make sure there is a little growing room.

This video shows how to measure your dog for a harness

Conclusion and Top Pick

Having the correct harness for your Pugs is important. With so many different Pug harnesses available, finding one that will work best for you and your pet can be challenging.

We hope this guide has helped you narrow down what type of Pug harness would meet both your and your pup’s needs!

We love the rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness and think it’s the best dog harness for Pugs available to buy online right now.

The premium quality materials, adjustable fit and reflective safety stitching ticks all the boxes when looking for the best harness for Pugs and thousands of outstanding reviews back this up.

Connect with us via social media channels if you have any questions or need help finding a good fit- we are always happy to assist our readers in making sure their Pug stays safe while out on new adventures together.

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