The UK’s Best Harness for German Shepherds in 2022

This is our review of the UK’s best harness for German Shepherds in 2022

Does your German Shepherd pull like crazy on walks? Are you worried about the pressure a collar puts on their neck? Are you interested in hiking with your dog or training them to become a service dog? If you answered yes to any of these, then you’re going to need a harness

In this guide, you’ll find the best dog harnesses for German Shepherds. We will discuss the various types of harnesses available, their specific uses, and the essential features German Shepherd owners should look for when choosing a harness.

Our top choice for a German Shepherd dog harness is the Embark dog harness. It’s not the cheapest, but you have peace of mind knowing a dog wearing one of these is a lot easier to control in any situation, whether on your daily stroll around the neighbourhood or on longer hikes.

This no-pull harness is made from the highest quality materials. The padded chest strap ensures comfort, there are two leash connection points and the top handle is a fantastic feature.

In this guide, we will review the following German Shepherd harnesses:

The collar is one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment for dogs. It’s also one of the least effective. Because it hangs around their neck, a collar is designed to get pulled on – making it less than ideal for training or controlling  German Shepherds.

While a collar is useful in some situations for example to display an ID tag, a dog harness is the better option for most training and obedience needs.

These are a large, strong dog breed that are easily led astray by their noses. So, if you’re looking to train your German Shepherd Dog at home or out in the field – a harness is far more effective than a dog collar.

Whether you need a tracking harness or a no pull dog harness, rest assured we have combed the internet to find the best harnesses for German Shepherds available today!

The Best Harnesses for German Shepherd Dogs Reviewed

Embark Pets Adventure Dog Harness




The Embark dog harness is our top choice for German Shepherds and a great alternative to a collar. The foam padded straps provide optimal comfort when running, hiking or even swimming and it boasts adjustable straps and two leash attachment points, a front clip and one on top.

It’s not the cheapest dog harness in our round-up, but you get what you pay for here. Embark has used the highest quality materials with military-grade nylon quadruple stitching to withstand years of wear and tear which is ideal for a German Shepherd.

There is a handle so pet parents can control their dog whatever the situation, great if you have a pup who loves to jump up at everyone they meet or come across an unfriendly dog on your travels. This is also an excellent feature for an older dog to help support them over rough terrain or obstacles.

It’s easy to put on and remove and comes in four subtle colours. We love this harness’s features and going by the reviews, lots of other dog owners agree.

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Signature K9 Leather Tracking Harness




This lovely padded leather tracking harness is an excellent harness for working dogs and is considered by some as the best GSD harness. Made from the highest quality leather, this one is designed not to restrict a dog on a scent, yet allow the handler complete control. It features a handle that runs along the dog’s spine for easy control and a thick padded breastplate for all-day comfort.

The harness features four points of adjustment for a secure and snug fit, a robust leash attachment clip and comes in 4 sizes. We think this is one of the best leather harnesses around and many pet owners like the look of leather, although it is shipped from the US, so you may have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery.

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rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness




The Rabbitgoo dog harness is one of the best no pull harness options as it distributes your dog’s pulling pressure evenly across the body unlike a traditional collar and reduces strain on the joints, which is why we chose this one for puppies.

There are two leash clips that not all harnesses have and the front leash attachment can be used as a training tool to deter pulling. The strong side release buckles make this one of the easiest harnesses to take off and put on and the breathable fabric keeps your German Shepherds body temperature down and stops them from overheating.

The adjustable straps with their soft padding ensure a secure and comfortable fit and the reflective stitching gives your pooch added safety when walking in dark or low-light conditions. Another feature we liked was that this harness can be popped into the washing machine, so no need to worry about it getting muddy.

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OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest




Many German Shepherd owners choose tactical harnesses for their dogs and this military-style one by OneTigris features durable 1000D nylon. The hook-and-loop and molle system allows your dog to carry extra gear and has 4 quick snap buckles making it simple to put on and take off.

Furthermore, this German Shepherd tactical harness is lightweight, has soft padding and is water-resistant, making it ideal for hiking and training; there’s also a top handle should you need to grab your pet in an emergency.

The leash attaches to the front of this harness with a strong D ring and this upgraded version is structured to fit larger breeds better; the UTX Duraflex buckles and re-inforced stitching offer extra durability and there is an ID window to display your dog’s info. This is a high quality; no pull dog harness ideal for working or outdoor dogs.

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Kurgo Car Harness for Dogs




If your pooch accompanies you on car journeys, one of your German Shepherd accessories should include a car harness. Unlike most harnesses, this one has been crash-tested for dogs weighing up to 34kg and some think its the best dog harness for large dog breeds like the German Shepherd.

It can also be used instead of a collar as an everyday no pull harness: It includes a front D ring to attach a leash and has no less than five adjustment points for a snug fit whatever your dog’s shape and the padded chest plate makes it comfortable to wear.

It comes with a seat belt carabiner and weighs a bit more than some options as most of the buckles are metal and as with all Kurgo products, this great harness  for German Shepherds  comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Julius-K9, 16IDC-R-2, IDC Powerharness




This is the brand’s bestselling harness and for good reason. First of all, it’s’ super robust is constructed from heavy-duty materials with solid buckles. It’s also incredibly easy to get on and off; just slip over your dog’s head and buckle up.

Not a no pull harness, although it doesn’t put pressure on your dog’s neck like a regular collar and leash would. However, if your pup surges ahead like a steam train, a chest strap can be purchased separately with a front leash clip.

The body of the harness is lined with soft fabric, so when fitted correctly, it doesn’t chafe in the armpit areas. It has a handle which is fantastic for keeping a German Shepherd close in areas of high traffic or if approached by a less than friendly pup; this can also be used for older dogs to help them upstairs or into the car. This reflective dog harness comes in a range of colours and this extra-large size should be suitable for most German Shepherd dogs.

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Ruffwear is a popular brand when it comes to harnesses and their front range dog harness is one of Amazon’s bestsellers. However, we chose this one as it’s a great alternative to the front range harness when hiking with your dog.

This one is escape-proof should your dog be a bit of a Houdini and really easy to put on. You simply slip the harness over your dog’s head and place one leg through the leg loop. The reflective piping ensures safety in low light conditions.

It is then secured in place with the customisable belly strap. The neck also has three adjustment buckles and we really like the handle; it’s strong enough to assist your beloved German Shepherd over obstacles or support them if they are recovering from injury.

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PetSafe 3in1 Harness

The PetSafe 3in1 Harness is a great choice for dog owners who want an all-in-one solution for walking, running, and car travel.

The harness features a vertical martingale loop with a front D-ring clip to help reduce pulling behaviour, along with a back leash D-ring for running or jogging.

With 5 adjustment points on the harness you are able to create a custom fit for your dog, and the convenient tags help you remember where each strap fits.

They’ve also included a convenient car control strap to help keep your dog safe while riding in a vehicle. The large size is recommended for dogs weighing 65-95 pounds with a chest circumference of 29.5-42.5 inches and a neck girth of 24-38 inches. 

We think this is an excellent choice lightweight harness for large dogs. 

What to Look For When Buying Harnesses for GSD’s

Ideally, the perfect dog harness for gsd should include several features that will not only benefit your German Shepherd but you as well.

The best harness should include these features

  • No-pull design -These are the best large breed dog harnesses as they offer more control, especially if your dog pulls hard. There are two leash connection points on the chest and back; you can use either or the two together with a dual leash.
  • Padded straps – When you own a powerful dog breed like a German Shepherd, it’s crucial not to put any sustained pressure on their joints. A padded harness is much more comfortable and disperses pressure evenly across the body.
  • Adjustability – Like all large dogs, this breed comes in all shapes and sizes; some are lean and active while others are more chunky with longer hair, so you must choose a harness that can be altered to achieve a snug fit.
  • Waterproof – The last thing you need with a working dog is them running around in a soggy harness all day and with the weather in the UK, we always recommend getting a harness that is at least water-resistant
  • Handle – A German Shepherd’s strength is sometimes enough to pull you off your feet; having a harness with a handle gives you better control in sticky situations and can also help your dog over obstacles or into the car as they get older.
  • Quick-release fastenings – Alloy metal buckles are best, but ones made of toughened plastic are OK as long as they can withstand a mighty pooch and are easy to do up and undo
  • Reflective material – This will keep your dog visible in bad weather or on dark winter walks perfect for black German Shepherds or if you walk the dog early in the morning or late at night. 

Different Types of German Shepherd Harnesses

  • No pull harness – These have a front clip for the leash, which is designed to curtail pulling and prevent neck injuries caused by a collar and these types of harnesses are ideal for bigger dogs that forge ahead. Of course they are effective to varying degrees so teaching your German Shepherd to walk nicely on the leash is essential. However for those with a rescue dog that hasn’t had loose leash training  they can be a godsend. 
  • Back clip harness – These are ideal for casual walks if your dog isn’t a puller as they prevent any pressure on the throat and neck area. Many dog owners use the back clip when jogging or running with their dog and it can also be used along with the front on with a double ended leash for greater control. 
  • A tactical vest – often used during training or on long hikes; they are designed to be worn for long periods. They are ideal for large dogs as they are usually more robust than a regualr dog harness and can usually carry extra gear. Plus they have patches which can show your dog’s personality or let people know they are training or working. 
  • Escape proof – GSD’s are a highly intelligent breed and it doesn’t take them long to learn how to slip out of a regular collar or harnesses. If you have a Houdini, rabbitgoo do a fantastic escape-proof dog harness.
  • Leather – A large leather harness isn’t the cheapest option; however, some owners do like the look and it lasts for ages; these usually lack some of the features on a standard harness though like reflectivity and handles
  • Car Harness – If you and your best friend take a lot of road trips, you are going to need a harness that can restrain your dog safely whilst travelling by car. Most doggy car seats are designed for smaller pooches so a harness is a terrific option to keep them safe. 
  • Tracking harness – German Sheperds are ofen used as tracking dogs and these harnesses like the Signature K9 leather one above provide freedom of movement to work on a line whilst being comfortable enough to wear for long periods. 

Do German Shepherds need no pull dog harnesses?

When it comes to harnesses this is a powerful breed, so if they pull, you will be dragged along whether you like it or not.

Of course, your pet may be trained to walk nicely at your side, in which case a collar may be sufficient. However, there may be times when the added control a no pull harness gives is required. 


Many German Shepherds are working dogs and may need a harness to carry essentail equipment or a special tracking harness and as German Shepherds become older they can suffer with joint issues so having a good harness with a handle means you can assist them on uneven terrain or give them a hand getting in and out of the car. 


This article discusses how to stop German Shepherd lead pulling.


What’s the Right GSD Harness Size?

Depending on the brand, you will probably need a large or extra large. Still, we always recommend you measure your dog first, whatever the breed, as sizing varies significantly from product to product. You will need to measure the widest part of your dog’s chest and around their neck and some harnesses go by your dog’s weight although we always recommend checking the reviews to see if other owners experience sizing issues.

This video from Kurgo has a handy guide on how to measure your four-legged friend for a harness.

Getting Your Pup Used to Wearing a Harness –  It’s Easier Than you Think

German Shepherds are intelligent dogs that are easy to train. As such, you should start introducing your dog to wearing a harness from when you bring them home at around 8 weeks of age.

Even if they can’t go outside yet, getting them used to a harness will be helpful down the line, especially if you need to travel in the car. The best way to do this is to start training in a quiet environment. Let your pup sniff and explore the harness, and be sure to reward them with a treat when they show interest.

Once they are familiar with the harness, try putting it on. Always read the instructions carefully, as some harnesses go over the head while others are of the step-in variety. You may need a second person to help with this task, whilst you make the necessary adjustments. Don’t force things if your dog isn’t impressed with the process leave it for a while.

With patience and consistency, your German Shepherd will soon get the hang of it and when they understand wearing one means walkies they’re tail will be wagging whenever they see it appear. 

Are Head Collars Good for GSD’s 

Some dog owners can’t get enough of these dog walking products and for some dogs they work to control pulling in a way that where the head goes the body follows. However they do have a couple of disadvantages 

The first is that they can look like a muzzle and other dog owners may presume your German Shepherd is aggresive. Another issue is that not many German Shepherds like wearing them so you will need to use positive reinforcement from a young age to get them used to a Halti. Lastly they don’t provide as much control as a dog harness with handle should you encounter a tricky situation. 


What type of dog harness is best for German Shepherds?

You will need a heavy-duty harness for large breed dogs and it depends on how you want to use it, most of the ones on our list are suitable for everyday use but if you have a German Shepherd that is a working dog or need a tracking harness, then there are ones designed specifically for these purposes like the Icefang tactical harness.

Should GSD’s wear collars?

Some dog owners prefer to use collars, but for such a large, powerful breed, a harness is really the best option; they offer more control and if they pull hard, a collar can put tremendous pressure on your dog’s neck, even if they walk nicely, there may be situations when you need to give them a tug.

What size for a German Shepherd puppy harness?

You will probably want a medium, but as we’ve mentioned, sizing varies between dog harness brands, so always measure first; try to get one with multiple adjustment points as they grow fast. You don’t want to be forking out for a new harness every couple of months. There is a lot more on the harness options for puppies here.

Final Thoughts and Top Pick

As you can see, there are countless dog harness options to choose from with numerous designs, purposes, and features, so it’s important to order one or even two that are fit for your German Shepherd activities. You may need a no pull one for daily walks and/or maybe one for tracking or training).

Our number #1 choice was the Embark Pet Adventure harness. It is jam-packed with features and is made from top quality materials perfect for strong breeds.

We hope you found this article helpful when choosing the best harness for your German Shepherd!

Don’t hesitate to connect with us on our social media channels, where we will be happy to answer any questions.

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