The UK’s Best Harness for English Bulldogs

This is our review of the best harness for English Bulldogs in 2022

Bulldogs have a unique body shape, including massive heads, deep chests and short legs and they can sometimes be a nightmare to walk because of their need to pull; finding the perfect harness for this dog breed is never easy

A harness is always a better alternative to a collar for Bulldogs because they have particular medical issues that can be exacerbated by using regular collars. A few of them include brachycephalic airway syndrome, chronic and acute tracheal collapse, as well as obstructive sleep apnea.

These conditions can cause serious long term health problems, so it is essential for Bulldog owners to learn how a dog harness can help.

Today we examine how to choose the best English Bulldog harness, along with reviewing some of the best dog harnesses available online right now.

In this guide, we will review:

Our Best Harnesses for English Bulldogs

Our top pick for the best Bulldog harness is the rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness. The fully adjustable straps ensure it will fit snugly and it’s a hardwearing harness that can handle quite a bit of wear and tear.

Bulldogs are not a regular shape, so it’s crucial to get a dog harness that fits correctly and they need to be strong as this is a powerful breed. Then there’s the question of do you need a no-pull harness?

Keep reading to find out our top picks, the features and the benefits of the best English Bulldog harnesses.

rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

This soft dog harness is designed to slip on over the head without any fuss and has two leash attachment points. One on the Bulldog’s chest to help prevent pulling and another on the back if your pooch is happy to walk on a loose lead. You can even use them both with a dual dog leash.

A handy top handle means you can have more control in emergencies and give your Bully a leg up if you need to climb stairs or get over obstacles and the neck strap and chest strap are both fully adjustable for a perfect fit.

We loved the Y-shaped design that puts no pressure on your dog’s neck and the bright reflective trim, which is ideal for early morning or nighttime walks to keep your pooch safe.

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TrueLove Dog Harness

This stylish harness comes in a range of 8 colours and no less than 12 sizes; it’s constructed from tough scratch-resistant Oxford fabric with a breathable mesh material lining and extra padding in the chest to prevent rubbing and ensure your pup’s comfort.

Once again, there are both front and rear leash attachment points and a robust handle that can also be used as a seat belt attachment on car journeys.

The harness’s ergonomic design and adjustable neck and chest straps make it a cinch to put on and remove, making it ideal for puppies and because it’s such good value pet owners can trade up to a bigger size as their Bulldog grows.

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RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

This lightweight no-pull harness by Ruffwear is ideal for everyday use yet durable enough to handle even the strongest puller. It is equipped with four adjustment points and the quick release buckles make it easy to put on and remove

Reinforced webbing around the chest takes the pressure away from the dog’s throat and the padded straps will keep your pup comfortable even if the harness is worn for long periods.

We especially like the ID pocket on the front range harness so that dog owners can place their dog’s personal details in it just in case they get lost and the reflective trim ensures your dog’s safety in low light conditions.

This adjustable harness is machine washable and comes in various colours to suit even the most discerning furry fashionista.

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M&D Leather Dog Harness

The English Bulldog is a breed that suit leather harnesses and this one is made from a double layer of soft Italian leather with a cute Bulldog motif on the padded chest plate.

It is designed to fit Bulldogs from six months of age to full grown. Handmade in the UK, it has two adjustable straps with four buckles and a back leash ring. The heavy-duty brass rivets look good and ensure the harness will last.

A leather dog harness doesn’t have the features many others do, like reflective stitching, loops or a back handle ad it obviously can’t be washed, but if you are looking for a big dog harness that looks the part, a leather dog harness may be the right choice.

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SlowTon Dog Car Harness & Seatbelt Set

The SlowTon dog harness is a multifunctional option that can be used for daily walking and car journeys; it’s fantastic value and has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. It has two d-rings that clip to a leash for more control.

Unlike other harnesses, this comes with a carabiner to attach to the car’s seat belt, which is long enough to allow your pooch to lay down or move around the back seat but will protect them should you have a bump.

There are four adjustment points to customise the fit even for an English Bulldog and the breathable mesh is comfortable against your dog’s skin. It comes in three colours, grey, green and purple and is the right harness if you and your Bulldog enjoy going on road trips.

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Kurgo RSG Townie Harness for Dogs

We were going to review the Kurgo Tru Fit Harness here but rather liked the unique design of the RSG range; this is a MOLLE style harness and a great harness if your Bulldog needs to lose a few pounds or is nervous as it creates a snug compression feeling.

There are numerous places where you can attach accessories from the RSG range like side panniers, a first aid kit, hydration bottle and treat bag so Fido can carry his own pet gear and having a job to do makes dogs more focused on walks, plus the added weight will give your portly pooch more of a workout even on a short walk.

Made of ripstop fabric, this harness is fairly structured and easy to put on and take off plus, the ergonomic design can be easily adjusted to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes. Like all Kurgo products, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness

The Julius K-9 Power Harness is a popular choice with English Bulldog owners due to its robust design, functionality and reliability, plus they look really cool.

They’re made from high-quality fabric with triple stitching and the one-click system with belly strap makes this one of the easiest harnesses to slip on and off. They come in a range of colours, but this one with its union jack design is ideal for Bulldogs.

Another feature of the Powerharness is the interchangeable patches that can let people know your dog’s personality, useful information, or just their name.

Ideal for both Bulldog puppies and older dogs as you can use this harness for dog training, this bestselling harness’s rugged and stylish design makes it a real winner for both stubborn Bulldog breeds and other dog breeds. You can purchase a reinforced chest webbing strap separately if you need a front leash attachment.

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What to Look For When Buying Bulldog Harnesses

Many owners find it tricky to find the perfect harness for their English Bulldog. There is an overwhelming choice; all catered toward different breeds. This breed needs a strong harness that doesn’t put any pressure on its neck, which can exacerbate breathing difficulties.

Collars or Harness

A dog collar isn’t the best option for an English Bulldog. Even if they don’t pull, there be times you need to tug them away from something, or they may get into an altercation with another dog and any pressure on their throat could cause injuries such as tracheal collapse. A harness allows for good movement for your dog without the pressure around the throat as the harness goes around the belly for more control. More about a collar vs harness here.

Adjustable – English Bulldog’s have a thick neck, which means it’s easy for them to escape from collars and some harnesses during walks. Because of their shape, you are always going to need a harness with full adjustability, especially for English Bulldog puppies, so you can customise it and ensure a “pawfect” fit

Material – This breed is a powerful dog which is why many owners opt for a leather harness. You need one that is made of durable nylon that can withstand plenty of wear and tear; make sure the stitching is heavy-duty too

Attachments – Different dog harnesses have various options when it comes to where you attach the leash. Unlike a collar, which forces you to clip the leash to the neck, some harnesses allow you to connect the lead to your pup’s chest, which can be a great option to deter pulling

Aesthetics – While your Bulldog may not care much about how they look, the chances are that their humans do. Harnesses come in a huge variety of colours to suit your dog’s personality and most have reflective strips for good visibility when walking at night. A leather dog harness looks good but lacks some of the features of a harness.

Is a Halti good for Bulldogs?

It depends; the Halti no-pull harness is designed to prevent pulling by tightening around your dog’s chest, so if your dog has breathing problems, it may not be the best option and the head collar doesn’t work too well on flat-faced breeds. Always seek veterinary advice if you are unsure which option is best for your furry friend. More about Halti dog harnesses here.

Different Types of Suitable Harnesses

  • Leather dog harness – A popular choice with English Bulldog parents; however, they can be expensive and lack some of the features of the bestselling big brand options.
  • Back clip harness – these are the most common types and are ideal if your pooch has learned how to walk on a lead nicely.
  • Y shaped harness – this type of harness disperses the pulling force and are one of the best options for this breed.
  • Front clip -These harnesses can help if you have a dog that drags you along on your daily walk.

What’s the Right English Bulldog Harness Size?

This is another question with no right answer. Some Bulldogs including french are more chunky than others and obviously, if you have an English Bulldog puppy, they will be growing fast so you need to get measurements correct before purchasing.

Another issue is that different brands have different sizing guides, so we recommend measuring your pooch before ordering. This is especially important when choosing a leather dog harness as they are often not as adjustable as other models.


Are harnesses bad for Bulldogs?

No, they are the best option for this breed; the size of a Bulldog’s head means they can easily slip out of collars and they are also prone to several medical issues as mentioned above, which can be made worse by a collar or the wrong harness choice. Movements in a harness are far easier than a collar and apply less pressure, as it fits around your pups chest area.

Do Bulldogs pull?

When they are young, they often pull until you have completed leash or obedience training with them. If you choose a harness with leash attachments on both the front and back, you can use the chest ring when harness training and the back one once they have learnt some manners.

Final Thoughts and Top Pick

Your Bulldog is an affectionate, happy dog with a big personality. While they are not the fastest or most graceful breed, they are a joy to own. However, their strength can make walking them a challenge.

Then, all the health issues we’ve talked about above mean a collar isn’t the best option for this short-nosed breed.

Our favourite English Bulldog harness is the rabbitgoo no-pull harness, which ticks all the boxes and is excellent value for money.

All of the harnesses in our round-up offer durability and should last for years even with the most muscular Bulldog, so take your pick from all the great brands on the market and enjoy walking with your best friend, knowing they are comfortable and safe!

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