The UK’s Best Harness for Dachshunds in 2022

This is our review of the best harness for Dachshunds in 2022

Dachshunds are a unique breed of dog, and they require a specialized harness to keep them safe while walking. There are many different types of harnesses on the market, but not all of them are created equal.

In this guide, we will be reviewing:

As it is in many of these posts, our top pick is the rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness. It is good quality, adjustable, reasonably priced and other dog walkers obviously agree as it has over 50,000 5 star reviews.

These little dogs have personality and courage that outways their small size, but it comes at a cost. Their unusual stature means they’re prone to back problems, especially as adults, because of how short the legs are and it can make getting a harness that fits correctly tricky.

This article will review the best harnesses for Dachshunds in 2022. We will discuss the features that make a good harness, and we will recommend several models that we believe are the best options available. Keep reading to learn more!

Our Best Dog Harnesses for Dachshunds

rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

The best overall harness for pet owners, featuring adjustable straps and a no-pull design, this fabric harness is excellent at protecting your Dachshund’s neck if your dog pulls on their lead regularly.

The snug fit will keep your dog secure and comfortable, whilst the reflective trim sewn into the multiple straps acts as a fantastic safety measure for those evening walks!

With four adjustment points covering each chest strap and both leg straps, this no-pull harness fits a range of different sized Dachshunds.

The soft mesh fabric will support your dog’s chest and the sturdy top handle offers a point of contact to gain quick control of your dog in an emergency. We don’t think there are any better harnesses than this one for the price.

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Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

One of the best Dachshund harnesses for miniature Dachshund breeds; this choke free, step-in design harness is purposefully built to provide a proper fit around short legs. Made from a breathable fabric with superior velcro closure points, this harness for Dachshunds provides easy-adjust straps that make for stress-free walks and adventures.

The reflective strips placed on either side of this back clip harness allow for greater visibility in dark conditions to ensure that your small dog is always seen, often necessary for an energetic Dachshund!

Sturdy D-ring leash attachment points make for a dependable anchor point when walking your dog, held in place by durable nylon loops that provide added security for even the most active dogs.

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RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

Perhaps more expensive than other harnesses on this list, the RUFFWEAR Front Range is a high-end harness specifically designed for day-long adventures and extended use.

With two leash attachment points and a reinforced belly strap to resist pulling behaviours, this is one of the best harnesses on the market for dogs that like to pull and fight with their leash.

The 4 convenient adjustment points placed around the harness allow for a full range of motion without hindering your dog’s movements in any way, and quick release buckles situated around each leg strap allow your Dachshund to step in and out of the harness easily.

Opting for the matching leash will provide even more security over your energetic little dog on those longer walks!

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Puppia Soft Harness

Our top choice for those looking for a lightweight mini Dachshund harness for small dogs and puppies, this Puppia brand product is a perfect fit for a smaller body shape and provides all of the benefits of a good no-pull harness.

The adjustable bands around the chest area and neck are made from a soft mesh to provide comfort and support to puppies and smaller dogs; it’s the best harness for miniature Dachshund dogs!

What size harness for mini Dachshund? The Puppia size small should fit most smaller Doxies.

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metric USA Comfort Fit Step in Dog Vest Harness

Not all harnesses need to cost an arm and a leg to provide adequate support and comfort for your Dachshund. This Metric USA step in design product is our choice for the best budget harness with all of the benefits of a more expensive no pull dog harness.

The snug fit straps on this comfortable product are made from a soft, breathable fabric that will help to protect your Dachshund’s sensitive skin on longer walks. Available in multiple sizes and colours, this well-priced harness is the top harness for Dachshund owners on a budget!

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Anlitent No Pulling Dog harness

The cheapest of the Dachshund harnesses we’ve covered in this list, the Anlitent no-pull harness offers all of the hallmarks of an excellent no-pull harness, without any of the more premium features of the other dog harnesses we’ve covered.

With a single lead attachment placed at the back of the harness and comfortable padding to protect your dog’s head and neck, this budget option will provide the necessary safety measures that prevent pull related injuries.

Its only downsides come from its slightly lower quality build materials and lack of reflective stitching for night-time walks.

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Embark Illuminate Reflective Dog Harness 

This highly reflective and lightweight product is one of the best harnesses for Dachshunds that enjoy regular evening walks and adventures in low light!

With reflective strips covering the entire surface of this harness, your Dachshund will be able to be seen from over 300 feet away in the dark.

A leash attachment point situated on the back of this harness allows for a choke free design that helps to protect your dog’s neck, with a tested pulling strength of over 50kg, more than enough to stop even the most determined of Dachshunds!

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Dachshund Harness

Miniature Dachshunds or standard size?

One of the most important factors when deciding on dog harnesses for Dachshunds is choosing a appropriate size for your breed. Miniature Dachshunds tend to be around 3 inches shorter and up to 20 pounds lighter than full-grown standard breed dogs, so many harnesses designed for the Standard breed will be dangerously loose fitting for your mini!

If possible, it’s always best to go for a custom fit that perfectly supports your dog, but failing that, try getting accurate measurements with a tape measure and use these to decide on the most appropriate dog harnesses on the market.


Dachshunds are delicate little dogs and can have very sensitive skin; the materials that your harness is made from can be vital in ensuring that your dog is happy and comfortable when they’re taken for their walks.

Dog harnesses made from padded, breathable fabric will provide the most amount of comfort and ensure that your Dachshund is excited about every walk!

You should also try to determine how much weight the fabric on your harness is tested to withstand; most Dachshund owners will know that these little dogs can be surprisingly strong! The last thing we’d want is your dog breaking free from their harness whilst enjoying their outdoor adventuring.


Especially important as your Dachshund grows, the adjustability options on the straps of your harness could be the difference between buying several harnesses throughout your dog’s life or having one or two trusty models that can grow with your dog.

Check for the amount of adjustable straps available and the recommended size range each harness can accommodate. The best dog harnesses will be entirely adjustable to ensure a snug fit for each and every dog.

Do you need a support harness?

Support harnesses for Dachshunds are recommended over a traditional harness, as Dachshunds are more prone to neck and back issues than other dog breeds.

Their tiny legs and long bodies make Dachshunds very susceptible to developing spine and back muscle problems, especially as they age; support harnesses can be very useful in preventing these ailments from affecting your dog.

Dachshunds also have very delicate neck bones, so collared leashes and dog harnesses can be very damaging and dangerous for Dachshunds, especially dogs that are prone to pulling on their leashes.

Does your Dachshund pull?

If your Dachshund is prone to pulling on their lead, a full-body support harness is a must! The best harnesses for Dachshunds that pull are step-in harnesses with a leash attachment on their chest.

These kinds of harnesses will force your dog to turn around if they ever try to pull, making any strain on their neck almost impossible.

Where is the leash attachment point?

As previously mentioned, the positioning of the attachment point for your dog’s leash is critical when deciding on the best dog harnesses for Dachshunds.

Harnesses with multiple leash attachments are often best, as you’re offered the freedom to choose which attachment point is most appropriate for different kinds of walks.

Generally speaking, attachment points on the chest area are safest, as these kinds of harnesses drastically lower the chance of neck injury or strain on your dog.

Provided the chest strap of your harness is positioned well and appropriately padded (like the Muttitude dog harness), an attachment point on the back of the harness can also be beneficial.

Collar Vs Harness – Why Protecting Your Dog’s Neck is Important.

Collars are generally avoided with Dachshunds as their weak neck bones are incredibly susceptible to damage. Extended use of a collared lead, or even one misplaced tug, can cause severe and life-threatening health issues such as tracheal collapse.

The signs of Tracheal collapse can be found in this article.

A well supported, full-body harness with straps that can be adjusted to ensure a snug fit is recommended for any breed of Dachshund. The best dog harnesses will offer multiple points to attach a lead and durable, breathable fabric straps to provide both comfort and support.

Different Types of Dog Harness

There are several different types of dog harness to choose from, each with its own pros and cons.

Front clip harnesses are recommended for dogs that tend to pull on their leads and risk damage to their necks. These harnesses are the safest option for Dachshunds but can be a little tricky to control if your dog is particularly energetic.

Vest style harnesses provide optimal support and comfort and are great for dogs that enjoy longer walks. They can offer a little added warmth on colder days, but make sure to look for a breathable fabric for walks in warmer weather.

Fabric harnesses are generally cheaper and more flexible than other materials, though they can be quite uncomfortable when used for extended periods. They are often more lightweight options and may not be able to withstand as much pulling force as other styles of harness.

Few harnesses are as earth-friendly as leather harnesses, as they’re made from natural materials. They can be the best choice for dog’s with sensitive skin, though they are often more expensive than harnesses made from man-made materials.

Dachshund Harness Size?

Due to the Dachshund’s specific shape, finding a harness that fits correctly is a must. An ill-fitting harness can easily injure these delicate little dogs as their small legs and vulnerable necks need adequate support when walking.

Harnesses are usually manufactured by general dog size rather than breed, so harnesses made for small dogs, in general, may still be ill-fitting for the Dachshund’s particular build. Always measure your dog accurately before purchasing a harness, and check the measurements against the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Harnesses with widely adjustable straps or those designed specifically for Dachshunds are recommended to guarantee that your little dog is adequately supported and protected.

Conclusion and Top Pick

Dachshunds are a unique breed of dog and finding the proper harness can be more challenging than it seems. There are many different types of harnesses on the market, so it can be tough to know which one is the best for your furry friend

. When it comes to choosing the best harness for your Dachshund, make sure it fits properly and is adjustable so it contours to a Dachshund’s body shape and they can wear it comfortably. All the ones above, from fabric harnesses to the heavy-duty harness by Ruffwear, have their own pros and cons.

Our top pick is the rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness because of its adjustability, easy-clean design, and high-quality materials.

After reading this information, we hope you will be armed with the knowledge to pick the best Dachshund harness for your best friend!

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