Truelove Dog Harness Review (UK) – Ratings & Top Picks

This is our best Truelove dog harness review in 2022.

We tested several Truelove harnesses for this guide and found them to be of good value and of fantastic quality.

Whether you need one with a front leash attachment to stop Fido pulling or a harness to keep him cool, let’s see which of the True harness reviews for dogs is perfect.

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  • How they compare against more expensive options?

Our True Love Harness Review

Truelove Pet Products is a company that has been manufacturing top-quality pet equipment for many years. Their long list of products includes

  • Harnesses,
  • Toys,
  • Shoes,
  • clothes,
  • collars,
  • leashes,
  • Pet training equipment,
  • Accessories. 

They have spent years perfecting the designs for their products with your animal’s safety, comfort, and happiness in mind. 

They cater to the needs of all types of dogs and cats, no matter their size, breed, or weight. 

The Truelove harness fitting is easy as they come in a wide range of sizes, with adjustable straps to ensure that they are a great fit for your dog.

Truelove is also known for its fantastic customer service, thanks to whom you are bound to find the best dog harness for your dog’s size, weight, and specific needs. 

Their wide range of harnesses can help your dog adapt to different activities, exercise and more. And, despite their products being of top quality, they are reasonably priced.

TrueLove Dog Harness No-pull Reflective Stitching

This first no-pull dog harness comes in eleven different colours and sizes, XS to XL. There are two leash attachment points, with one on the chest and belly.

On the dog’s back, there is a zinc-alloy D-ring and a zinc-alloy o-ring with extra webbing underneath on the dog’s chest. The chest ring is what makes this harness ideal for dog training. 

The harness must be placed over the dog’s head and tied on with the chest strap. All four straps are lined with reflective material, are fully adjustable, and are double stitched for twice the strength. 

On the back, you will find a strong handle for better control over your dog. 

The harness is padded on the back and chest area and has a soft lining for optimal comfort for your dog. 


  • Adjustable straps made from strong nylon webbing
  • Double-stitched
  • Zinc alloy O ring and D ring  


  • Like most harnesses by Truelove, it must be placed over the dog’s head.

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TrueLove Dog Harness No-pull Outdoor Adventure Big Dog Harness

This next no-pull dog harness is ideal for large dogs that need a little extra strength to make them stop pulling. This harness comes with a firm back handle with a soft and firm exterior to help you get a safer grip on your dog. 

There is also one lead attachment ring on the back, although there is no front ring. 

The high-quality material is wholly lined with reflective strips, and the bright colours available make this a perfect piece of equipment for late-night walks or hikes in bad weather. The wording on the harness is reflective, too. 

This true love harness comes in six different colours and in sizes from XS to XXL. 

This is a strong harness that is ideal for helping to keep your dog under control in an emergency or on difficult terrain.  


  • Reflective strips,
  • Strong handle,
  • Fully adjustable nylon straps 


  • No front D ring

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Truelove Dog & Puppy Airmesh Harness Vests 8 Colours / 5 Sizes

This next no-pull harness is perfect for small dogs and puppies that don’t need too much strength to be controlled. In fact, the idea here is to make the training sessions and walks with your dog as easy as possible on their bodies.

It is an entirely soft mesh harness that will cause no bruising to your dog’s body as you have to pull them back. 

The harness must be placed over your puppy’s head, then tied with the buckle on the side. The straps are adjustable, but these harnesses do tend to run a little small, so you might want to consider purchasing a size up for your dog. 

One of the very best things about this harness is the price. Costing less than £10, this is an ideal starter harness for a puppy that will grow at a quick rate!


  • Soft mesh,
  • Adjustable strap,
  • Low cost 


  • Sizes run small, so get out the tape measure before purchase.

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TRUE LOVE Truelove Dog Harness With Handle Soft Padded Pet Harness Vest

This no-pull harness comes in sizes from XS to XL and in five different colours. 

One of the best things about this harness is that it opens both in the front and on the back. This makes it ideal for nervous dogs that may not like having a harness put on them. 

There are two leash attachment points; both the front ring and back are stainless steel o-rings. There is also a strong handle that runs vertically along the dog’s back for better control. 

It is a fully padded harness, making it ideal for keeping your dog comfortable and far less likely to rub against and irritate their skin. The back reflective straps are adjustable, but the neck straps are not. 

The reflective strips also cover the dog’s back and the wording on the harness. 


  • Reflective strips,
  • Opens at the front,
  • Two leash attachment points


  • The neck area is not adjustable

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Truelove Dog Harness Reflective Security Soft Mesh

This Truelove no pull dog harness is yet another one that is better suited to small dogs, although it does come in sizes from 3XS to XL. 

This harness’ selling point is its simplicity. It is a harness at its most basic, with one buckle to tie on, one neck strap, one chest strap, and one back strap.

The backstrap is also covered with a long handle that could replace a lead on a larger dog that you plan on keeping close. If not, then it does come with a leash ring on the handle. The dog’s chest, however, has no leash ring. 

All of the straps are lined with reflective stitching, are padded, and covered with mesh lining. 

It is a very light and comfortable harness, which works well in hot areas or during intense hikes and workouts. 


  • Reflective straps,
  • Mesh lining,
  • Great for hiking


  • A bit basic

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Truelove Dog Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Jacket with Adjustable Zipper

This last clip harness is perfect for hiking in hot weather, working out with your dog, or just generally strolling in hot places. 

This harness was specifically engineered with the idea of keeping your dog cool. You need only to soak it in cold water, wring it out so that the harness is only damp, and place it on your dog. The cool water on your dog’s back will help to keep their temperature down and to keep them happy on those long walks in the sun! 

This harness is very easy to put on, as you need only put your dog’s front legs in, then zip it up the back. 

There’s a bright reflective band around your dog’s neck and arms, and the back has two aluminium rings. 


  • Cooling harness,
  • Reflective bands,
  • Two leash rings 


  • No handle 

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5 Benefits of Using a Truelove Harness

Truelove is a fantastic provider of dog harnesses and their products provide quite a few benefits for both dog and owner

1.No Neck Damage

Traditional collars can cause serious damage if your pooch is constantly pulling, which is why most dog owners opt for harnesses these days; even if your pup is well-behaved, there may be situations when they jerk themselves on a normal collar and lead. The adjustment on the harness causes a slight pressure when they pull but doesn’t hinder any movement and causes the dog to stop pulling.

2.More Control

A Harness gives much more control than a standard lead and collar, they are not as easy to escape from and many have a handle, so you can hold Fido back or help him over obstacles.

3.They Can help with Training

Because many of the Truelove options come with 2 lead rings, they can be used to prevent pulling using the front clip or even with a double-ended lead whilst training.


Most of the Truelove range has reflective stitching so your dog can be seen, making it safer on evening or winter walks.

5.Choice of Colour and Size:

One of Truelove’s selling features is that their harnesses come in a wide range of colours and sizes, making them available to all kinds of dogs with all different types of personalities.

What to Look For When Buying a Truelove Harness

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to look for in the perfect Truelove pet harness.

Leash Attachments:

Whether you are leash training your dog or not, having multiple leash attachments is always a good point for investment. On certain dogs, it can give you better control over them. The front leash ring is also there to help to teach your dog to stop pulling on the lead. 


Whereas some other harnesses can be an absolute nightmare for your dog to wear, with a tight neck strap, no padding behind the front legs, and no padding, Truelove manufactures all of their harnesses with the dog’s comfort in mind. 


One of the reasons why Truelove is such a popular brand is its competitive prices. Taking care of a pet can be very expensive, and dogs can go through multiple harnesses in a lifetime. That is why it is best to invest in strong harnesses at a good price! 

Reflective Material:

As previously mentioned, reflective materials can come in handy in all kinds of situations. In fact, it would be unwise to buy your dog a harness without reflective material – it can seriously save lives when walking at night due to the better visibility it gives road users.

A Handle:

Handles are increasingly popular harness additions as they provide lots of control, strength, and safety assurance. If you are looking for a harness with a handle, then you will be happy to know that all of Truelove’s harnesses with handles are strong and are capable of taking the strength of any dog!

Dog Owner Approval:

Truelove’s great range of products arrive with great ratings – it’s always worth digging into ‘verified’ reviews on Amazon to gain a little bit of extra confidence.

How Does Truelove compare with Bigger Brands?

Truelove compares favourably with the big brands; they are good quality, long-lasting, offer many of the same benefits like handles and multiple leash attachments and are usually cheaper perfect for dog owners on a budget.


Can these harnesses be used in a car?

Yes, you can secure the ones with a handle to a car seat belt when travelling with your dog.

Can I use a double-ended lead with a Truelove Harness?

Some of the options have both a back and chest attachment, so yes, it’s perfectly possible to use a double lead for training or better control.

How too put on a Truelove dog harness?

Most of the harnesses reviewed go over your dogs’ heads, so you just slip them on, adjust and fasten the side buckles, but a couple of the options are step-through.


Finding the right no-pull option for your dog can take some time and multiple tries! Your dog will learn with you about what they need specifically, be it padding for their chest and belly, nylon webbing for extra durability, mesh lining, adjustable back and chest straps, etc. 

However, harnesses are an investment that every dog owner should consider, and thanks to companies like Truelove, it’s easy to find a harness that is fit for your dog. 

We highly recommend one of the harnesses from this True harness review if you’re having trouble keeping your pup under control with a standard collar and leash attachment. Whether you’ve got a small dog keen to go exploring, or a bigger dog that’s more than a handful, Truelove offers more than just standard harness size options.

Truelove is definitely a brand to consider when choosing the style and comfort of your next harness.

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