The UK’s Best Ruffwear Dog Harness Review in 2022

This is our best Ruffwear dog harness review in 2022.

Buying a new harness for your dog can be confusing, there are just so many to choose from, with lots of big harness brands having a range of harnesses for different scenarios. Take a look below at all the Ruffwear dog harness reviews and see if we can find the right fit for your pup.

From serious outdoor adventure harnesses to daily walk options, we decided to compile a list of the best Ruffwear harnesses to see how they compare for quality, features and price.

From the impressive Ruffwear front wear harness, with over 4000 5 star reviews, to the Web Master harnesses for rugged environments. We have tested them all over the last few weeks and put together a comprehensive guide of the best Ruffwear harness reviews for dogs.

About Ruffwear

Ruffwear is a US-based company that has specialised in dog gear since the early 90s. The company’s founder, Patrick Kruse, was inspired by his love of the outdoors and of his lifelong affection towards dogs to create practical, durable, and affordable products for all kinds of outdoor activities for canines. 

He started by making things like collapsable water bowls, and the company has grown into being one of the top dog gear companies in the world. 

Now, they specialise in

  • Harnesses,
  • Shoes,
  • Leads,
  • Life jackets,
  • Bowls,
  • Toys,
  • Beds

Ruffwear believe in creating products with a dog’s comfort in mind, as much as their owner’s ease in use. On your adventures together, your dog will be able to move comfortably with no pressure on the neck area like a traditional collar, and you will have peace of mind that your Ruffwear harness can be worn in any situation.

Our Ruffwear Dog Harness Reviews

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective Padded

To kick off this list, let’s look at the Ruffwear front range harness. This is an ideal choice for pups that need some more training on the lead and who have a tendency to start pulling. It offers a greater sense of control and an extra bit of security when walking with people.

There is a front leash attachment point to encourage your dog to stop yanking. There is also a solid leash point on the back for general walks. 

You will also find reflective material on various lines around the harness, making it safer to walk in the dark and bad weather. 

The back strap on the Ruffwear front range harness is easy to adjust to ensure a secure fit; however, the front strap does not open. This means that you will have to place the harness over your dog’s head. 

The chest, back, and front straps make use of padding, making this harness more comfortable for your dog to wear. 

Finally, this harness comes in sizes from XXS to XL, so it is ideal if you need a larger size and comes in eight different colours. 

One of our favourite features of this harness is the way the extra ID pocket is placed on the front. Rather than this turn into one glowing Ruffwear front range harness review, we’ve made room for other products below. 


  • Reflective material,
  • Padding features with nylon webbing for extra durability
  • Two leash attachment points including a front clip


  • It does not open in the front which can be an issue

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RUFFWEAR Lightweight Dog Harness, Small Breeds, Adjustable Fit

A great alternative to the Ruffwear front range harness fit above, this product offers incredible comfort and great range of motion – from front legs to neck and chest.

This piece comes with all of the features that you could expect, including a strong leash clip on the back, fully adjusting straps to ensure a perfect fit, and a strong buckle on the side to secure the harness. There are also a few reflective strips along the front to make the harness more visible. If you are worried about visibility, you will be happy to know that this harness also comes in two other bright colours. 

The key selling point of this harness is its weight. Whilst offering mild padding for your dog’s comfort, it remains a very lightweight harness, perfect for long hikes, intense training, or walks on hot days. 

As the harness covers a good part of your dog’s body, having a thick one will definitely be more comfortable for their skin but will also be heavier and hotter for them to wear, making it difficult for them. 

Thanks to this lightweight harness in the range, you can ensure your dog’s comfort with the slight padding and light, easy wear. 


  • Lightweight, compared to the Ruffwear front range harness
  • Reflective strips,
  • Strong aluminum v ring 


  • Little reflective material 

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Ruffwear Climbing Harness for Dogs, Medium Breeds

The following harness on this list might surprise you with its high price, but there is a good reason for the price. It has been specifically made for carrying your dog, for example, over steep rocks, whilst climbing, on intense hikes and other adventures, etc. 

This light harness comes with two leash attachment points, both on either side of your dog’s back, and between them, you will find one of two strong handles. The second handle is situated lower on the back, above the two back leg ropes that are detachable. These handles make it easier to lift and lower your pet safely. 

There are padding areas around the dog’s back, beneath their rib cage, and a small pad on the chest area. 

The harness does not open in the front, meaning it will have to be placed over your dog’s head. They will also have to be put into the back strappings instead of having them open around them. 

There is a little reflective stitching around specific points of the harness. It arrives in sizes from XS to XL – great for hiking along trails with your pup.


  • Strong harness,
  • Designed to wear when climbing
  • Two lead rings 


  • Some may find it difficult to put on

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RUFFWEAR Flagline Dog Harness, Reflective Padded No Pull with Handle

This next harness is also on the more expensive side of the market but is a cheaper hiking, climbing, and general adventure harness, than the one we previously saw. 

This harness comes with a front leash attachment, as well as two back ones. There is reflective trim on the front, and the harness covers your dog’s entire rib cage. This particular one also comes in three colours, two of which are bright enough to help you stand out. 

You will notice two strappings on either side of the dog, including one that surrounds their belly. This makes it more comfortable and safe for them if you need to use their back handle to lift them up or help to carry them over something during your hike. The handle is also padded, making it easier for you to hold their weight. 

The chest, belly, and back areas are all padded and connected with solid straps tied with sturdy buckles. 

As you will likely use this harness on hikes over rough terrain, in water, and all kinds of weather, you will be happy to know that it is machine washable! 


  • Machine washable,
  • Features three lead attachment points
  • Strong handle 


  • It does not open in the front 

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RUFFWEAR Switchbak Every-Day Dog Harness with Pockets

This next harness in the Ruffwear range has been made for both you and your dog’s usage in mind! The back pad is vast and covers nearly all of your dog’s back. This is because, on either side, you will find two large, deep pockets. These are perfect for carrying ID, maps, leads, collapsable bowls, and anything else that you can think of.

Just remember that this is all extra weight on your dog, so this harness is only really suitable for fully grown, strong, younger dogs that are capable of carrying the excess weight. Moreover, it is not ideal for hotter areas due to the top’s thickness, making your dog sweat and overheat more likely. However, for hiking and general walks, this harness will do just fine! 

This harness definitely has more to offer than just pockets, as it comes with all of your favourite features, including chest and back lead attachment points (the back ring being an aluminium V-ring), reflective trims, adjust straps, strong buckles, and a sturdy handle on the back. 

Finally, this harness comes in sizes from XS to XL and in three different colours. 


  • Pockets,
  • Easy-adjust strapping,
  • Two leash rings 


  • Thick top layer 

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RUFFWEAR Web Master Pro Multi-Use Dog Harness, Working Dogs

The Ruffwear Webmaster harness is commonly used with working animals who at times need to do a search and rescue. As they tend to go in particularly harsh weather, the fabric on this harness has been made with plenty of padding over the back area to help keep your pup warm.

It also has two lead attachment points on the back and a thick, strong handle. You may notice that the handle seems to be particularly wide, but this had been done for a good reason. The idea is that even with thick gloves on, you can easily wrap your hand around the handle, making it easier to carry and lift the animal in emergencies. With that in mind, two straps run underneath the dog, one under the chest and one under the belly. 

All of the Webmaster harness straps are easy to adjust. 

This harness is perfect for dogs sizes XS to XL and comes in this bright red colour, with black and great strapping. The different coloured patches are lined with reflective material and are very beneficial for keeping track of your pet and locating them when necessary. It is often used on smaller dogs such as a daschund and airedale terrier.


  • Padding on the back,
  • Wide handle,
  • Two leash rings 


  • It does not open in the front 

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Will a Ruffwear harness stop my dog pulling?

Buying a no-pull Ruffwear dog harness will help with your dog’s training and won’t damage their neck like dog collars and a lead; however, it will not do the job for you. For your pooch to learn how to walk correctly on the lead, it will take consistent training, including stopping and walking in the opposite direction every time they pull. They can be used in a variety of breeds but are popular for a greyhound, whippet and border collie.

Is the climbing harness by Ruffwear worth the money?

The Ruffwear climbing harness is indeed an investment, but it is worth it for the safety of your dog. It is ideal for hiking, wearing on general walks, and most of all for lifting your pooch when necessary.

Can you put a Ruffwear harness in the washing machine?

Yes, most of the Ruffwear harnesses are machine washable unlike others but should go on low heat for better protection. Even the more significant, bulkier harnesses will do just fine in your wash and will likely be the ones that need it the most! In addition to this, just remember to take any ID tags or other dog tags before putting dog harnesses in the wash.

The Last Word

As you can see, ruffwear’s harness reputation for being a quality brand is well-earned. It has a number of models including the ruffwear doubleback harness and the ruffwear flagline harness which are some of the most popular choices. It also compares well with other harness brands like Embark.

We hope you enjoyed the harnesses we reviewed today and whether you are looking for features such as a strong collar, clip, an anti-pulling, water-resistant, durable harnessing that comes with belly and chest straps alike, or anything else related to your dog’s outdoor activities, you can find Ruffwear products on Amazon in pet stores, and elsewhere online. 

Wearing harnesses are much easier on the neck and chest than the same old collar and leash – check out the best harness ranges from ruff wear and see if you can purchase one of the ruffwear dog harnesses that customers rave about on the website.

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