The UK’s Best Julius Dog Harness Review in 2022

This is our best Julius dog harness review in 2022.

Julius K9 are arguably the most popular brand and do a range of harnesses to suit all breeds; whether you have a powerful Pyrenees Mountain Dog or a boisterous Boxer, there are products for everyday walks or ones for serious hikers. It took some time, but we feel we have provided an in-depth guide to Julius K9 harness reviews in the hope your canine gets the harness they deserve.

About Julius K9

If you have a dog, then Julius-K9 may well be a brand you’ve heard of if you’ve shopped online. They are a leading brand in dog equipment and have been since their start in 1998. Products include collars and their famous Julius k9 powerharness, which are regarded as some of the best available on the market and can be found on their website.

They are a European company that specialises in the welfare of dogs, making outstanding harness wear and accessories for any kind of dog and activity. 

From general everyday options to water protection, you should easily find a canine harness that best suits you and your dog easily. 

They became particularly famous for being the name-brand in accessories for working dogs. They are used in all kinds of fields, such as farming, with service animals, and in the armed forces.

As the years have passed, Julius-K9 has not slowed down and continues to innovate products for the best comfort, security, and usage possibilities.

You are now able to purchase accessories to complement the base of your harness (such as pouches, belts, personalised patches, extra straps, etc.), as well as specific harnessing for various activities and needs, both human and canine. See our full article for individual reviews on all the Julius K9 harnesses:

Our Julius Dog Harness Reviews

Julius-K9, 162DG-BB2, K9-Powerharness



This first Julius-K9 dog harness comes in sizes from 3XS to 2XL, making it an ideal choice for any size of dog whether that’s a small puppy or large pooch.

It comes with a simple front strapping with reflective lining for better visibility at night and a chest strapping that can be securely attached with a strong buckling at the side. 

On the back, you will find a thick, sturdy leash buckle for more adjustment, as well as a handle. The handle can be used to restrict movement, training, or protect your dog on your walks. 

The main pad of the harness is also lined with reflective stitching, and this particular harness comes in a bright blue colour, making it ideal for late-night walks or hikes in the woods. 

Both straps are fully adjustable and easy to attach to any dog.  This harness is suitable for big, small, strong, and nervous pets alike.

The lining in the pads is anti-allergenic and is soft enough not to irritate your dog’s skin, no matter where you walk. 

The patches on the side can be interchanged with patches of your own design. The text that you choose will be written in reflective letters.  Finally, the entire harness is also water-resistant and is definitely one of the best we have reviewed in recent times.


  • Bright colours,
  • Interchangeable patches,
  • Reflective material 


  • No chest pads 

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Julius-K9 16IDC P1+ IDC PowerHarness with Security Lock for Dogs



This second Julius-K9 dog harness resembles the above entry but has a few essential extra features. It has a d-ring loop on the back for dog leash to attach to, this allows for better control.

Let’s start with the similarities: much like the first model, this one comes with a front strap lined with reflective material, sturdy chest buckles, a strong leash ring and handle, interchangeable patches, and reflective stitching. 

However, it also has an extra strap to cover the buckling, making it that much more secure for your dog. 

This particular model is only available to bigger pups, coming in sizes from M to 3XL, and only comes in black. 

The padding inside is soft, whereas the exterior padding is solid and resistant. It is the perfect harness for active dogs who like playing on all different kinds of terrain! You will not have to worry about its not handling water, mud, or even rocky areas, as it is built to last and built to handle your dog. 

The front strap is ideally placed not to hurt your dog’s neck, as a standard collar could do easily. However, with the sturdy back handle, you will also be able to control your dog as they pull safely. 


  • Extra strap,
  • Reflective
  • Sturdy handle 


  • No front leash ring

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IDC Color & Gray Belt Harness for Dogs, Size 3, Blue-Gray

This product is as simple as it gets while still offering incredible functionality through just two main straps. 

The straps are completely adjustable for a secure fit. There is only one strong chest buckling, and the patches are still interchangeable. 

The harness comes with all the basics that you will need for a longwalk, including the large lead ring on the back for more control over your dog. 

Another great point about this product is that it is significantly cheaper than the other Julius-K9 options on the market, coming in at under £30. 

However, it also means that it lacks certain features that you might want. For example, there is no padding on the back or chest, making it less comfortable than other modern choices. There is also no reflective material, apart from the letters on the patch. It is therefore not ideal for dark or bad weather walks. 

However, if you are working on a budget, and need an easy to use handle for your dog of any size (as it caters to pups in sizes from XS to 2XL ), then this is the power harness for you. 


  • Low cost,
  • Easy to use,
  • strong build overall


  • No padding

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Julius-K9 16STEALTH-P-2 IDC Stealth PowerHarness for Dogs

This pick comes with your regular harness features, including a strong chest buckle, a thick front strap with a reflective band, and a strong leash ring on the back. 

However, this pick is for dogs on a mission! It also comes with a non-slip, thin handle, a silent, strong buckling, with an extra strap over it to cover it, an ergonomic design, and only one reflective band on the front.

Moreover, there are extra scratchy pads on the sides for badges, as well as a torch attachment and, of course, the water-resistant exterior. 

The inside of the harness is padded for your dog’s comfort and is made with breathable fabric to not irritate your dog’s skin. 

Finally, this harness is just as easy to use as any from this brand and is just as easy to wash, making it the perfect working dog’s harness.  


  • Quiet buckling,
  • Non-slip handle,
  • Torch attachment with velcro strapping


  • Bear in mind it’s only suitable for larger pets 

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Julius-K9, IDC Multifunctional Dog Vest 3-in-1, X-Large

The final harness on this list is on the more expensive side of the market, but with good reason. It’s ideal for pets that love to go swimming like a golden retriever or german shepherd.

This Julius K9 harness is made with a water-resistant material, and even comes with removable floating swimming pads, to help keep your dog safe and afloat in the water. 

The harness covers most of your dog’s body and comes with adjustable front and back chest straps, as well as a belly strap for extra security and coverage. 

Unlike the others on this list, you will find two leash rings on this harness, one on either side of the sturdy handle in the middle of the back. The rings can be used for car attachments, as well as lifelines on boats and regular leashes. 

It is lined with reflective stitching and comes in a couple of different fluorescent colours as well as standard black. 

It is suitable for pups sizes S to XL, although many find that it sizes quite small but ideal for breeds such as a chihuahua, pug, cavalier king charles spaniel and jack russell.

This harness will work perfectly well as a daily harness, although it does shine in the water. 


  • Water-resistant,
  • Floating pads,
  • Best harness for dogs who love swimming


  • Sizes small

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What Dog Owners Love about Julius K9 Dog Harnesses

Julius-K9 dog harnesses are some of the best-known pieces of dog equipment. They are very strong, long-lasting, secure, and easy to use. 

Dog owners everywhere rely on Julius-K9 for all of their training, general walking, and work needs. What sets them apart from other harnesses is the pure quality in manufacture – you can tell they are going to last a long while from the feel alone.

One of the many great things about these dog products is that they are suitable for any kind of dog. They are easy to put on with the chest and front strap and can handle even the most powerful dog’s strength. In fact, Julius-K9 is a chosen brand for many working dogs, especially police force dogs. This is because they are swift to put on, do not restrict movement, and come with both a strong leash ring and a sturdy handle for better control.

Chest Strap or Y Harness?

Both chest straps and Y harnesses are good choices, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

A Y harness is better for pups who need that extra bit of control and have possible joint or back issues. The idea behind this kind of fitting is that it helps to evenly distribute the pressure around the dog’s chest, shoulders and armpits and sit on the back like a saddle.

However, Y harnesses are a little more tricky to put on, which is where ones that fasten in the front come in. They do not need to be placed over your dog’s head nor between their legs, making it easier and faster in case you need to head out quickly.


Does the Julius K9 harness stop pulling?

Any Julius-K9 dog harness is excellent for training your dog to stop pulling. As they pull, you can exercise safer control over them by using the strong handle on the back and reduce the risk of damaging their neck – the force will be placed over their chest and shoulders, not just their throat. 

Are Julius K9 the best?

Many pet owners do consider their Julius-K9 IDC powerharness to be the best that they’ve owned, but of course, it all depends on what you need. They compare well against the Ruffwear front range harness and are suitable for car rides for comfort and safety, hikes, walks, and working conditions. They are made to be secure and comfortable in line with your dog’s movement while also being strong enough to handle powerful hounds. 

Final Thoughts

As far as harnesses go, in our opinion, there are very few makes of harnesses that are as well-rated as Julius-K9. They are known for making a lot of high-quality, long-lasting, comfortable, and most of all, strong products.  

They are definitely not the cheapest on the market in any way shape or form, but their prices are not unreasonable. They are also worth the investment, as your dog will likely use their harnessing on most days, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they have something with safety bells and whistles! If you need anything else regarding a no pull harness, see the rest of our guides.

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