The UK’s Best Halti Dog Harness Review in 2022

This is our best Halti dog harness review for 2022.

Halti have been providing training solutions for dogs for over 40 years and are a trusted name when it comes to dog harnesses; their unique design headcollar was introduced in 1979 and proved a great success being used by trainers worldwide and they have continued to develop behaviour solutions for dogs ever since.

We have conducted extensive research into this brand. Below, we have put together a complete round-up of all the Halti Harness reviews for dogs that pull so that you can improve walking manners and make daily exercise a pleasurable experience rather than one to be dreaded.

About The Company Of Animals

The Company of Animals was founded by animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford in 1979. when the original no pulling solution, the Halti headcollar was launched.

Throughout that time, they have continued to work with the UK Animal Behaviour Centre providing training solutions for dogs that actually work; including the patented no pull Halti dog Harness, Baskerville muzzles and the highly-rated Pet Corrector spray.

This award-winning brand continues to develop innovative products that help with training a puppy and animal behaviour and have a passion for animal welfare.

It is their firm belief that pet owners and their furry friends should enjoy a quality life together and by designing high-quality training aids that deliver results, they help you do just that.

Our Halti Dog Harness Reviews

Pulling on the leash is bad for both dog and owner and, in extreme cases, can be dangerous. Owners can suffer injuries to their shoulders, neck and back, as can dogs who are constantly yanking on the lead.

It can also be a real danger in areas where there is heavy traffic if you have a strong, aggressive dog or multiple dogs dragging you around and getting tangled around your legs.

That’s why we looked for a brand offering a product that gives instant results with a non pull option, a lightweight design giving better control, suitable for smaller breeds and big dogs alike.

Halti No-Pull Harness, Large

The Halti No Pull Harness is perfect for pet owners who have a dog that takes them for a walk instead of the other way round. Its unique combination of stop pull lifting feature and front control lead attachment was designed to discourage pulling and is a fantastic training aid.

The padded chest panel provides support whilst keeping pressure off the neck and shoulders and the sliding security cord lock means it can’t be over-tightened.

It comes in three sizes for larger breeds and small dogs alike and is really easy to put on and take off after a walk.

The Halti no-pull harness is lightweight at just 0.3kg with underarm sleeves for extra comfort. For a better no pull experience, use with the Halti double end training lead.


  • Great value
  • Lightweight
  • No-slip padded chest plate


  • Some reviews mention the sliding lock system is quite difficult to adjust on an excitable dog.

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Halti Front Control Harness, S (Chest: 30-60 cm)

The Halti Front Control Harness is fantastic for dog parents looking for a harness to prevent pulling. The chest attachment helps stop dogs from pulling and can also be attached to your dog collar for extra security.

It is easily adjustable for a comfortable fit. Made from Neoprene padding, it avoids putting pressure on your pooch whilst remaining secure.

Easy to put on and take off, the weather-resistant nylon is extremely durable and can be used for extended hikes.

This is a small option, but it comes in three sizes, making it perfect for most dogs and an affordable solution for a no-pull harness for your pooch.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Recommended by dog trainers
  • Great value for money


  • May not be suitable for really large breeds

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Halti Front Control Harness and Training Lead Combination Pack

This set is the complete package; not only do you receive the Halti no-pull harness with its unique design, but you also get the dual clip lead too.

It is fully adjustable; it has four adjustment straps on the back and chest for convenient fitting, making it comfortable for your pup to wear while giving extra control on daily walks.

No fiddly holes to pull paws through here, the contrasting front straps make it easy to put on in seconds and like all Halti Products, it has the stop lifting design to prevent tugging on the lead.

The Halti training leash is an added bonus. Unlike standard leads, it boasts dual control options and several connection points, meaning it can enhance training, control steering and improve safety on a dog walk.


  • Comes with bestselling training lead
  • Front and back lead clips
  • Puts no pressure on your neck as a dog’s collar would


  • Some reviews mention sizing issues

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HALTI Comfy Harness, X-Small, Red, 0.13 kg

Many dog owners think that if they have a little breed, it doesn’t matter if they pull. After all, it’s not a German Shepherd or Boxer and your arms can cope; little dogs, however, can suffer serious damage to their backs, necks and shoulders if they are always forging ahead. That’s why this padded Halti harness is a top choice.

A must-have for older dogs and fine coated breeds, the fleece lining keeps your dog comfortable while providing optimal support when out walking. In addition, there are two attachment points for the leash and durable fast-release buckles. The clips are on the side making it easy to put the halti walking harness on and off.

The reflective stitching is an extra safety feature for evening walks or winter strolls when there is low visibility. In addition, the stylish design can be matched to other Halti products like collars and the popular dual clip training leads.


  • Padded fleece lining – great example for extra comfort
  • Easily steer your pup with 2 leash attachments
  • Reflective stitching for better visibility


  • Some reviews mention the d ring is quite far back.

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Halti No Pull Harness and Training Lead Combination Pack

Another set that combines the Halti Harness with Halti training lead, this one is designed to stop pulling and the no-slide chest panel stays in place while providing more support than most dog harnesses whilst providing a place to store poo bags.

An excellent choice for larger breeds, the harness can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes should your pup have a large chest or carry a few extra pounds.

Once again, combined with the training lead with steering control, it provides a one-stop solution to stop pets pulling on your daily stroll.


  • Fantastic for larger breeds
  • Padded anti-slip chest panel
  • Padded leg straps for extra comfort


  • The leg straps/under arm sleeves may move when walking.

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This Video Shows How to Fit the Halti No Pull Dog Harness


Are Halti Harnesses the Best on the Market?

There are many options for no pull dog harnesses, with brands like Kurgo and Freedom’s range leading the way according to others; However, on the other hand, Halti has been around for a long time and still holds its own amongst the main competitors. The no pull halti harness is a great solution for a dog training harness and bodes far better than dog collars.

Are Halti Harnesses Safe?

When buying anything including no pull harnesses, you want it to be safe, which these definitely are, however, dogs can be characters and if you have one who is a bit of a Houdini, you may wish to clip the harness to collars for extra security as with any harness; some dogs can wriggle free.

In fact another issue with dog harnesses is they can rub; this is especially common on breeds with fine coats or short hair. But, again, it’s something that can happen with any harness and it’s good practice to always check your dogs isn’t feeling any discomfort. Most people don’t often report a problem and the material on the harnesses allow for a good range of movement.

People also try a head halter and gentle leader which go around the pets’ mouths.

Is the Halti headcollar better than a no-pull harness?

It depends; the headcollar has been so successful over the years that, like Hoover, the brand name is actually synonymous with the product; however, some owners find their dog is less controllable with a headcollar than a heavy-duty harness.


Halti has been a big name in dog pulling solutions for over 40 years, so you have peace of mind when choosing this award-winning brand by the Company of Animals. They are constantly trying to make improvements to their products, tools and purchases you get you can have peace of mind it’s been tried and tested.

We hope you enjoyed the options we reviewed today and we recommend the Halti No-Pull Harness, Large. It’s a great value option to stop dogs pulling; that really works and compares well with other brands like the Embark.


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