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This is our best Freedom dog harness review in 2022.

Designed in the US, the 2 hounds harness uses a patented system to help prevent pulling. The control loop on the back tightens gently around your dog’s chest, making pulling uncomfortable for him and used with the double-ended leash, it is a great training aid for all sizes and shapes of dog.

Whatever your dog’s body shape, be they big or small, pulling is no joke and can make walkies something you dread. However, we think walking your dog should be fun, quality time spent together and investing in a premium no-pull harness is a great way to address the problem.

Our extensive research into the Freedom harness reviews has convinced us that the 2 hounds design with its martingale loop and velvet lining is a real winner!

With glowing reviews aplenty, we think that other pet owners agree and we have compiled this list so you can choose the right harness for your puller!

About the Freedom Dog Harness Design

There are countless options online when it comes to solutions if your dog pulls, but not all no-pull harness products are the same. What makes Freedom harnesses a top choice is their patented anti-pull design, their ethical business strategy and the fact they provide a top-quality harness that really works.

Founded in 2003 when the owner wanted a unique dog collar for her 2 retired Greyhounds, the company has since grown from a one-woman business into a dedicated team of over 50 producing stylish dog collars, leashes and harnesses from their factory in North Carolina.

The company works closely with rescue groups and raised more than 500,000 dollars in their first decade in business for animal charities. Many shelters and independent rescues use the freedom harness, as do dog trainers worldwide.

The company uses Lean Manufacturing with emphasis on the quality, design, safety and comfort of all their products and continues to go from strength to strength; their new Earthstyle range is made from recycled plastic bottles; how cool is that? They come in a range of fashionable patterns for any occasion too. See which is the best harness out of all the ones we reviewed:

Our Freedom Dog Harness Reviews

2 Hounds Design Freedom Harness | Adjustable Gentle Comfortable Control

Having a large dog that pulls is no fun; this anti-pull harness features the 2 hounds patented control loop to discourage pulling and is recommended by VIN, the Whole Dog Journal and dog trainers globally.

When you attach your leash to the martingale loop, it allows your dog to walk in a straight line whilst gently tightening around the chest to prevent pulling, putting no leash pressure on your dog’s neck like traditional and choke chains do.

Using a double-clip lead allows you to use both attachments of the harness simultaneously for even better control.

The velvet lining prevents rubbing under the legs and the stainless steel hardware and premium fabric make it long-lasting you can even purchase an anti-chew warranty from the company.


  • Fully adjustable whatever the dog body shape
  • Recommended by dog trainers
  • Velvet lining protects chafing on the front legs


  • A lot of reviews mention they were sent the wrong colors.

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2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness with Leash, Small

This lightweight harness and training leash is a fantastic choice for dog owners with small breeds who want to discourage pulling; unlike other harnesses on the market, it teaches your pooch to walk nicely and gives you extra control without restricting your dog’s movement.

The Swiss velvet deluxe lining is gentle on your dog’s skin and it comes in a range of 14 colours to suit any discerning pup. There are 4 leash attachment points for a comfortable fit and structural connection ring on the front.

Used with the double-ended lead and positive reinforcement, it encourages better walking manners and allows the handler to have an easier time walking with your small dog.


  • Comes in several colours
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight, only 0.19 KGs


  • Some customers mention the lead may be a bit flimsy.

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2 Hounds Design Freedom Dog Harness with Leash, Large, 1-Inch Wide

This extra-large no-pull harness is made from heavy-duty nylon webbing and is an ideal training tool when teaching larger dogs leash manners.

Easy to sort and put on and take off, you simply slip over the dog’s head and under the armpits and adjust the buckles so it will fit properly. The structural rings on the chest plate and the martingale loop helps reduce pulling and the soft lining materials around the leg straps keeps your dog comfortable.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Helps with dog training
  • Patented control loop


  • Comes from the US, so delivery can take a while

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2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness with Leash, Medium

When dogs pull traditional collars can cause too much pressure on the neck and may eventually lead to chronic injuries; that’s why if you have a hound that lunges at other dogs or pulls your arm out of the socket every time you go out, a good clip harness to stop pulling is a must-have.

This one comes with a dog’s leash and has four adjustment points for a comfortable fit. When the lead is applied to the back clip, your pup can walk in a straight line whilst discouraging pulling by applying gentle pressure to the chest.

The structural connection ring on the chest strap gives additional steering control when used with the double-ended lead making walkies easier whether you have one dog or a whole pack.


  • Comes with double ended lead
  • Four ways of adjustment
  • Perfect for big dogs


  • Bear in mind, some reviews mention it may not be the best option for narrow chested dogs.

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2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness with Leash, Reflective

If you walk your dog in the dark, a reflective harness is a must-have to keep you and Fido safe and the bright reflective strips on this no pull harness are ideal for winter walks, in the fog or winter evening strolls.

It makes walking easier, too, with a patented design loop on the back, which tightens gently around the chest area when pulled and a chest strap lead attachment for even more control. The heavy-duty stainless steel hardware and strong nylon webbing, which has been tested up to 3800 lbs, mean, unlike most harnesses, this should last for years.

Whether you are a professional dog trainer or have a poodle who pulls, Freedom dog harnesses are an excellent choice.


  • Reflective stripes for better visibility when walking dogs in the dark
  • Double-ended leash enables you to connect the back and front of the harness simultaneously
  • Adjustable to fit most dogs


  • International products may have different terms, sizes and instructions.

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Adjustable Gentle Comfortable Control for Easy Dog Walking

If you want your canine companion to step out in style, the new Earthsytle collection in a range of snazzy prints is eco friendly, being constructed from webbing, which is made of recycled plastic bottles.

With all the no pull features of the original Freedom harness, it gives complete control and is comfortable for Fido to wear, having four adjustment buckles for a comfortable fit, whatever the breed.

Recommended by trainers and vets, the 2 Hounds Design is ideal for dogs who lunge on the lead or charge ahead when out for a leisurely stroll, this allows for better behavior and a calmer walk.

Choose from 6 bright patterns and turn heads for all the right reasons when walking with your furry friend.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Lovely patterns with intricate details
  • Helps discourage pulling


  • Doesnt have a handle to help lift the pet

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Is a Freedom harness better than head halters?

Headcollars can be great for pulling and they can focus your dog on you if they are distracted easier than a harness,just by turning their head towards you instead of that fleeing squirrel. However, it’s unlikely you will pull a headcollar out of the packet and your pet dog will just accept it.

They can take some getting used to and unless high quality they can rub the sensitive skin of the face. Whereas a good quality harness is usually padded and dogs tend to accept them better.

Are Freedom harnesses made in the UK

2 hounds design who make Freedom harnesses are based in America, there are stockists in the UK, but it’s unlikely you will find a Freedom no-pull harness at Pets at Home or your local pet store.


From our experience people like the Freedom no-pull harness by 2 hounds design, firstly because the attention to detail and patented design seems to make a real difference for owners who have strong pullers; secondly, they are an ethical company who have donated thousands to rescues over the years with fundraising and auctions and finally their products are superb quality.

Our top pick is the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness. It’s not really any better or worse than the others on the list. Still, it gets great reviews and let’s be honest, having a dog that pulls is harder than controlling a Chihuahua, which is why we selected the large option.

Pulling shouldn’t be something that comes with owning a dog; you can train a pup early on the benefits of walking to heel using positive reinforcement, but sometimes, for example, if you have a rescue dog, part of the problem is that it’s out of your control and a Freedom no-pull harness is ideal for dogs who want to be first to everything.

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