The UK’s Best Embark Dog Harness Review in 2022

This is our best Embark dog harness review for 2022.

Unfortunately, not all harnesses are made equal; anyone who’s owned one knows, many poor quality options are made from inferior materials and fit poorly, meaning your dog may experience rubbing in certain areas and may even be able to escape.

Below are all our Embark active dog harness reviews; we have tested each product on our own dogs and taken into account what other pooch owners say about the brand.

It’s essential to choose a dog harness that fits comfortably; you don’t want it too tight that it rubs your dog, but you don’t want it loose enough that your pup can wriggle free. You also need to pick one made of top quality material to ensure comfort and durability.

Read on to see why choosing an Embark dog harness could make an everyday walk with your dog more enjoyable.

Our Embark Dog Harness Reviews

Embark Dog Harness, Easy On and Off with Front and Back Lead Attachments

The first thing to mention about this harness is how easy dog owners find it to put on and take off; just slip over your dog’s head under the armpits and then adjust the buckles for a snug fit.

Boasting longer straps for adjustment than many brands, this large size is the perfect harness for breeds like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Labradors.

Made from lightweight military-grade nylon that will not rip, the Embark adventure harness has been designed to prevent the feeling of discomfort or rubbing for your furry friends. In addition, the heavy-duty hardware gives improved functionality.

The front clip can discourage pulling and a top handle for added control in crowded places to lift Fido over obstacles or when meeting other dogs.

This is the large option, but it comes in small, medium and extra-large too in 4 colours – black, orange, pink and teal.


  • Padded neck for comfort and distibutes weight evenly
  • Front and back attachment point for lead
  • Made from premium materials


  • There is no extra small size, so not suitable if you have a teeny dog.

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Embark Sports Dog Harness,- Breathable with Control Handle

Your pup will stand out from the crowd in this stylish, lightweight no-pull harness. Made from breathable fabric, it keeps your furry friend cool in hot weather and is quick-drying should you get caught in a shower.

The front clip is fantastic for training your dog and to stop pulling and can be used with a double-ended dog leash attached to the second lead attachment for extra control. This protects the trachea by spreading the force of Fido’s pulling across the chest instead.

The Embark Sports Harness boasts up to 250% stronger pulling power and is suited for rescue, therapy and service dogs.

The company are convinced the sports is arguably the best dog harness on the market and a lot of people agree. Just like the Julius K9, Rabbitgoo and Kurgo harness, this one is ideal if you have a small dog!

It comes in medium and large too, if you have a bigger breed and have sizing issues.


  • Breathable fabric helps maintain your dog’s core temperature
  • Top handle for extra control
  • 100% guarantee if it doesn’t fit or you are not happy with the quality


  • Is not suitable if your dog is under 6 Kgs or with a neck measurement smaller than 12 inches

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Easy On and Off with Front and Back Leash Attachments & Control Handle

This fashionable no-pull harness has been designed with both dog safety and comfort in mind, quadruple sewn for extra strength and padded to prevent any chafing feeling; this deluxe harness is a popular choice with dog owners mentioning how well made it is. Surpassing guidelines by up to 100kg of pulling strength.

Ideal if you own a medium-sized dog such as a Springer Spaniel, it boasts 2 lead attachment points making it a great training tool and there is a sturdy handle for added control in crowded places or areas of heavy traffic.

Ergonomically designed, your dog will have no movement restrictions and adjustable straps ensure the best fit even if your dog is on the thin side or piled on a few pounds.

The unique design part is hand-sewn and each one has a slightly different pattern but like all Embark harnesses, if you are not completely happy with the product, you can return for a full refund.


  • Stylish pattern makes your dog stand out from the crowd
  • Adjustment points for a comfortable fit
  • Padded neck strap


  • May be a bit pricey for some budgets

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Soft and Durable Materials for a Comfortable Fit

Night walking with your dog can be dangerous, especially if you are walking along country lanes and can’t be seen. The answer; this illuminating harness is designed to keep your dog visible from over 300 feet.

Many no-pull harnesses have reflective strips or stitching, but the option from Embark is totally reflective and was designed with your pup’s safety in mind.

Like all the others on the list, it is completely adjustable for a perfect fit every time, this option is for a large dog with a 45-75cm neck circumference and 74-104cm girth, but it also comes in sizes small and medium.

This harness prevents damage to the trachea and larynx caused by constant pulling and is a fantastic harness for multiple hikes in low visibility or winter walks with your dog when the light isn’t great. If this sport harness does get dirty, it’s fairly easy to clean the inside and outside.


  • 360-degree visibility
  • Reduces pressure on your dog’s neck
  • Easy to put and take off your dog


  • No front leash attachment point

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5 Foot Length / 150 CM (Blue)

Not a harness, but something else that makes a great addition if you choose an Embark harness and want a matching embark dog leash.

This 5-foot lead is 2x thicker than most standard leashes and made from durable webbing; it is ideal for jogging, hiking, and casual walking with your four-legged friend.

You’ll appreciate the ergonomic padded handle on long treks or when using for long periods during training.

Weather-resistant and lightweight, it complements the Embark dog harness range perfectly and has reflective stitching for safer evening walks; it comes in a smoky grey colour, orange, blue and black, so whether you opt for the Embark adventure dog harness or the sport version, you can complete the look with this durable leash.


  • Padded handle
  • Reflective for better visibility
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Some reviews mention clip can be fiddly

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Who are Embark?

Embark was founded by three dog owners who love the great outdoors in 2015; their mission is to create stylish, robust and comfortable pet gear that any dog owner can rely on. They have offices in the US and London and are renowned for their quality products for pets which as well as harnesses include leads, jackets and collars. They are constantly testing their items to ensure quality throughout.

How Do They Compare with Other Leading Brands?

Up there with the Julius K9 and Kurgo dog harness brands, their dog harnesses are made from premium quality materials and are rigorously tested. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you are not happy with the product in any way, they will replace it or offer dog owners a full refund.

An ethical company, they donate thousands of collars leads and harnesses to charity each year, including Battersea Dogs Home.


Is the Embark harness better than the Julius K9?

That’s a difficult question as both are highly rated; however, the Julius K9 is for all dogs, while an excellent everyday option, the front attachment on the dog’s chest on the Embark harness can help discourage pulling and can be used during training to focus your dog.

Does Embark make dog harnesses for tiny dogs?

Unfortunately, the smallest size they do has a chest strap of 16 inches, so they aren’t suitable if you are the owner of a teeny tiny dog.

Conclusion and Top Pick

We were very impressed with all the harnesses we reviewed by this brand; no matter the situations, it’s always better to have an embark adventure dog harness rather than a matching collar. Our top pick from the Embark review was the Embark adventure dog harness. Easy to use, washable and the padded chest straps make it a great harness for an outdoor adventure and the anti-pull attachment at the front is fantastic if you have a dog that pulls.

We love the fact that it’s adjustable and will fit your dog even if they are not a conventional shape and size with no chance of slipping out. We also like the control handle on the back, which gives you added security and thousands of 5-star reviews from dog parents we’re not alone.

When choosing a harness for your dog, it must be strong, comfortable, and fit for purpose. Embark’s range ticks all the boxes and with excellent customer service and a warranty, what’s not to love. You can view all the different dog supplies and pet supplies on the embark website.

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