The UK’s Best Ancol Dog Harness Review in 2022

This is our best Ancol dog harness review in 2022.

Ancol is a family-run business that has been around for 50 years

Originally making superior quality leather collars, Their range has developed over the years and now includes countless pet accessories, which is why we have compiled a list of the most popular Ancol dog harness reviews.

These days Ancol has over 2,000 different products and is still growing! The success of the company based in the Midlands has always been based upon integrity along with a never-ending appetite for new and exciting products

With retail sales of over £30m and distribution worldwide, they maintain their original principles and continue to provide great value dog accessories

In this article, we will look at all the dog harness reviews from Ancol;

  • Reviews some of their bestselling harness options
  • Find out a little bit about the company
  • See what customers are saying about Ancol
  • Find out how to choose the correct size of dog harness

What Dog Owners Love About Ancol

Ancol is definitely a favourite brand among dog owners worldwide, and there are multiple reasons why. 

First of all the quality of the products. Owning a dog can become very expensive over time. Beyond their food and vet bills, most dog toys, dog harnesses, dog collars, leads, beds, and so on do not come at a low cost. 

However, with Ancol, longevity is always guaranteed. Since its very beginning, this brand has been known for producing items that can easily last as long as your dog and the reviews back this up.

Secondly, another reason why Ancol is so popular with its customer base is its prices. Whether your dog is small, medium or a heavier weight, their products are always of great value. See the great selection in this article and what features each harness has.

Ancol Viva Lightweight Breathable Comfort Mesh Dog Harness


Let’s start with this lightweight mesh dog harness. This particular harness is only really suitable for small dogs such as jack Russell.

This small harness has a very straightforward build, with chest padding, one leash attachment point on the back, and one adjustable strapping with a buckle to tie it. It does not, however, have a front leash attachment point. 

The padding mesh has been explicitly designed to create a breathable and comfortable fabric that will not irritate your dog’s skin. 

The chest piece is lined with a reflective strip that is ideal for better visibility when walking at night.


  • Extremely light perfect for small animals
  • Nylon mesh lining
  • Reflective


  • Doesn’t open at the front

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Stop Pulling Dog Training Harness & Lead Set – Large Size 7-8 (inc DVD)


This next Ancol pet harness is a great purchase for larger dogs. 

It has an easy-adjust chest strap, an adjustable back strap fitting with a buckle to tie it on, and a thick belly strap with a fleece coat.

The fleece around the belly strapping is there to ensure your dog’s comfort as you walk along and will prevent the belt from rubbing against and irritating their skin. 

There are two leash rings, one on each side of the chest strapping, that runs through to the back of the dog. The idea behind this is to help to train your dog how to stay by your side during walks. 


  • Fleece belly strap
  • Adjustable chestpad
  • Two leash rings


  • No front leash loop

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Ancol Travel And Exercise Dog Harness


This particular dog harness by Ancol is better suited to larger dogs and is an ideal choice for dogs that travel a lot in the car. The back leash ring is ideally placed so that you can easily attach the seatbelt to the harness before driving away. It comes with a detachable seatbelt clip for that exact purpose. 

The strap fittings are also lined with reflective stitching, as are the exterior lines of the chestpad. The backstraps are ready to adjust so that you can ensure a comfortable fit for your pooch. The harness is tied with one simple buckle. 


  • Seatbelt clip
  • Great reviews
  • Straps are easy to adjust


  • No front clip

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Ancol Extreme Harness, Red,


Ancol’s dog harness is perfect for small dogs and medium to big dogs alike. It comes in sizes from S to L and in two colours (red and black) and has fantastic reviews.

All of the strappings are easy to adjust and are lined with reflective material. The harness must be placed over the head then secured with the buckle on the side. 

There is one leash ring on the back, which is made of heavy-duty metal, capable of handling the weight of your dog.

Next to the leash ring, you will also find a strong handle that is perfect for puppy training or big dogs (like a German Shepherd), having better control over them during your walks, and keeping them safe in dangerous situations. 

This is also an Ancol padded harness with coverings that are made with a soft, light material.


  • Nicely padded as a comfort harness
  • Strong leash ring
  • Sturdy handle


  • Not a step-through

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How do you tighten an Ancol harness around my dog’s body?

As long as the Ancol harness you have purchased for your dog has adjustable straps, all you need to do is tighten the strappings around the loose areas to ensure a secure fit. You should be able to put at least three fingers between your dog’s skin and the harness to ensure that it is not too tight. The harness applies a slight bit of pressure when they pull and serves as a great deterrent for pulling. It hooks over their shoulders and below their belly and a goof harness won’t rub causing discomfort.

Is Ancol a UK company?

Yes, Ancol is a UK-based company. Many of their products, however, are sold around the world. You’ll easily find the whole of the Ancol dog harness range available for purchase online.

Do Ancol Harnesses go over a dog’s head?

Ancol’s dog harness usually goes over your pets head; however, if your dog is nervous about putting something over this way, then you can, of course, purchase one that opens in the front and around their legs, making them feel more at ease, and giving you the same amount of control.

Last Word

Whether your dog is extra small, extra-large, or anything in between, as a dog owner, you owe them a duty of care for safety and comfort.

Ancol has a range of harness options that gives you better control of your pooch while ensuring they don’t damage their necks which unfortunately can happen when using a regular collar; they also do options for the customer who likes outdoor adventures and ones to keep Fido safe in the car.

We hope the Ancol dog harnesses reviewed today leave you with a simple choice in which to choose. When picking the top-rated Ancol dog harness, people often browse an Ancol dog collar to compare the difference but we can categorically say that harnesses are far safer than any dog collar. Also, check out a dog coat for the colder months if your canine often gets cold.

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