The UK’s Best Dog Towel In 2021

This is our review of the best dog towel in 2021;

We’ve taken a look at the best drying towels for dogs and compared the top-rated options.

Here at Dogsbarn, it’s our mission to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to dog accessories; we’ve tested hundreds of products on our resident dogs to help you make an informed choice when choosing equipment for your best friend.

Today we are looking at dog towels, and if you’ve got a pooch that loves the water or often return from walks soaking wet, then you’ll know how important it is to get them dry before they shake all that dirty wetness over your car or home. With two large Golden Retrievers on our testing team, we feel your pain.

To be fair, most of the towels we tested were pretty good and got our dogs dry quickly; however, our favourite was the Legendog 2 piece towel set.

This one scraped the top spot for several reasons. First, you get two large towels, making it great value for money, especially if you have multiple dogs.

These dog towels are a really good size and can cope with any size breed plus; they are super absorbent and really easy to use and care for.

In this guide, we will be reviewing:

Our Best Dog Towels

If you’ve got a pooch that loves the water or often return from walks soaking wet, then you’ll know how important it is to get them dry before they shake all that dirty wetness over your car or home and with two large Golden Retrievers on our testing team we feel your pain.

Keep reading to see which towels hit the mark and leave the others out to dry.

Dog Towel, Legend 2 Pcs

Ideal for all breeds and sizes of pooch, this pack of 2 microfibre dog towels means you can keep one in the car and one at home. It measures approx 62 inches by 23 inches so that you can drape it across the length of your dog’s back and the 400gsm microfiber absorbs significantly more water than ordinary towels. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial and won’t trap the hair meaning your washing machine won’t suffer.

Talking of washing machines, this drying towel is fully washable and dries really quickly. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can pop it in your pocket for walks in the rain, saving your floors from muddy paws.

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PETCUTE Dog Bathrobe

This super-absorbent dog robe by Petcute is a bit more than a towel as it has a hood and convenient velcro fastening, so it stays put on your pet’s body. Once again, it’s made from 400GSM microfibre material, which is much gentler on the skin than regular cotton towels and speeds up the drying process.

Dog owners can prevent their pup from getting mud either on the car seat or the sofa after a wet walk or use it for bath time to keep water off the furniture and keep Fido warm and cosy. It can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and will last for ages.

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Zwipes 781 Microfiber Pet Towels

If your dog needs its own towel, this pack of 2 Zwipes microfiber towels with their snazzy paw and bone design are just the thing. They can be used to line a crate when travelling, to protect your furniture from getting soaking wet after bathtime or keep your pet warm and comfortable after a damp winter walk.

Made from quality material, this highly absorbent towel dries more effectively than a cotton towel and like all good dog towels, it is machine washable. It’s also quick drying making it ideal for dog grooming salons or pet owners and it measures 30 x 36 inches making it perfect for small to medium-sized dog breeds.

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My Doggy Place – Shammy Towel

Holding an incredible seven times more water than other towels, this shammy style super absorbent towel is perfect for your soggy doggy. It soaks up dirt and water as if by magic, making it ideal after muddy walks in wet weather and has two hand pockets for easy underbelly drying.

Although it appears relatively small at only 30 x 12.5 inches, the ultra-fine strands are woven together and give a much-increased surface area, so the towel absorbs much more than a large bath towel.

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Dolphin & DogĀ® – Dog Towel 

This pack of 2 super-absorbent towels makes the perfect gift for dog owners; as it comes in a lovely box, there’s even a poem written on the inside lid. Like the other pet towels on our list, they are made from microfibre, are machine washable and quick-drying; however, unlike some dog towels, which can feel quite thin, these are fluffy and soft.

They will have your dog’s coat dry in minutes whether he’s just had a bath, been for a swim or returned from a walk in the rain or snow and will also protect soft furnishings from dog’s paws covered in mud.

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Ancol Micro Fibre Towel

This basic dog drying towel is fantastic value for money and is large enough to make dog drying a breeze. A dog towel is a must for owners whose dogs like to swim; it can be kept in the car for the unpredictable UK weather and is lightweight, folded; it’s small enough to be tucked in your pocket for everyday walks.

Like all the best dog towels, it’s made from ultra-absorbent microfibre that is gentle on your dog’s body and won’t tangle your pet’s coat like ordinary towels. It’s safe to machine wash and the generous size makes this pet towel suitable for all breeds.

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TeddyT’s Paw Print Dog Pet Towel

Looking for a personalised pet towel? This one from Teddy T’s get fantastic reviews and makes a great gift. Super soft and absorbent, it’s great for keeping in the car to protect your seats after a muddy walk and can also be used after bathing to protect your furniture from the inevitable shaking.

The smooth microfibre won’t get caught in your dog’s fur like regular towels and because it’s more absorbent than towelling, your dog’s coat will be dry in minutes avoiding the dreaded damp dog pong.

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What to Look for When Buying the Dog Towels

You may think buying a dog towel is pretty straightforward and it is, but there are a few things to keep in mind.


Large dogs will need a large towel, so always check the measurements before ordering. No matter how absorbent it is, a 12-inch square is not going to cut it if you have a Great Dane.

How Absorbent is it?

Most microfibre towels are incredibly absorbent, but some are on the thin side, which is no good for big dogs with a long coat, read reviews to make sure the pet towel you choose is the right towel for your dog’s fur.

Machine Washable

A dog drying towel is a convenient accessory, so, therefore, it needs to be able to be cared for easily. All the ones we tested are machine washable; however, some pet parents have found that the brighter colours may run. Also, check if it can go in the dryer as not all can.

Is it Quick Drying?

You’d probably be surprised at just how much water your dog’s coat can hold, so it’s essential to have a quick-drying pet towel. Nobody wants the smell of a soggy dog towel in the back of the car; most can be wrung out and air-dried in minutes.

Different Types of Pet Towels

There are tons of different options for every dog owner when it comes to towels for dogs, from drying bags to sumptuous bathrobes; most dogs are happy with a bath towel style. The ones below have different features; some are better suited to certain breeds than others. I’m not sure a Rottweiler would like a drying bag?


These are great alternatives to towels for dogs as once dried; they can be left on to keep your pup warm and cosy on the journey home or after a bath; some have hoods perfect for dogs with long ears like Spaniels and all can either be fastened with either a belt or velcro. Personally, I use a dog drying towel first, then wrap my pooch in her robe, so she doesn’t catch a chill. Some of the branded ones, however, cost quite a bit more than other dog towels.


Dog drying bags are usually designed for small breeds; while not all dogs appreciate being in a sack, they have the advantage of keeping muddy paws off car seats and furniture. They are usually fully enclosed, as the name suggests, with an adjustable neck toggle. They can also provide a sense of security and cosiness for puppies and tiny dogs.

Bath Towel

As we’ve mentioned above, large doggy bath towels are great value for money and do the job; they come in a huge range of colours and sizes, so you are sure to find ones to suit and are ideal for getting a wet dog dry in minutes. Most dog towels are hard-wearing, so will last for years. You can even buy a few and keep one in the car, one for drying after walks and another for bathtime.


As we’ve already mentioned, hand pockets are a great feature in a dog towel to get into those hard-to-reach places, and drying gloves work in the same way. Gloves dry just the same as a towel, but they are easy to use and give your pup a nice relaxing massage as you dry them. They are good value; you can pick a pair up for less than a tenner; the one disadvantage they do have, however, is your pup can still shake water everywhere as you use them.


A shammy style of towel is arguably the best option when it comes to drying pets as all the tiny fibres produce a huge surface area that dries your pup super quickly; they also have the added benefit of trapping dirt too especially useful if you’ve been to the beach. They can take a little longer to dry after use but are fantastic for dogs with long heavy coats.

What’s so Good About a Microfibre Dog Towel?

Microfibre is fascinating stuff! I can almost see you rolling your eyes, but really it is. So how does it work? The density of the fibres means the cloth can capture and hang onto dirt and moisture, so fewer strokes are needed to get dry.

Did you know microfibre is also anti-bacterial? This is because the fibres of a microfibre towel are between 0.3-0.5 microns. To put this into perspective, a human hair is 70 microns and a single silk strand is 4 microns. Now, bacteria range in size from 0.4 -5.0 microns, so a microfibre towel can feasibly capture up to 99% of all bacteria.

This means your dog may need fewer baths and you can say goodbye to the dreaded wet dog fragrance.

Plus, there’s the extra absorbency; they are lightweight, making them highly portable and they don’t cost the earth. Seriously having a microfibre dog towel for your best friend is a no brainer!


Can I use normal towels for my dog?

Yes, you can, but it will be quite harsh on their skin and will not dry them nearly as well as a microfibre towel.

What happens if I don’t dry my dog?

A wet dog is prone to infections as bacteria love moisture; also you will notice a distinct odour if you leave your pooch to dry naturally.

Can dogs get sick from wet fur?

Yes, they can; bacteria grow in moist places, so it can lead to skin infections and puppies, or elderly dogs may catch a chill if left wet and cold, which is why a drying towel for dogs is a must-have accessory.

Last Word and Top Pick

For bathtime, after a play on the beach or a walk in the rain, a regular towel just won’t do; your best friend really needs his own to absorb the moisture from his fur and keep him cosy. After all our testing, we think the best dog drying towel in the UK is the Legendog 2 pack. Great value for money, they are fast-drying, a good size and you have one to keep in the car and one to use at home.

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