The UK’s Best Coats for Pugs

This is our review of the best coat for Pugs in 2021. These comical, affectionate lap dogs make wonderful family pets, but how do they cope in cold weather? The thing is, they have very short fur, which doesn’t retain their body heat and being a brachycephalic breed, their nasal passages are too short to warm up the cold air they inhale.

Pugs are pound for pound, arguably the most difficult breed of dog to fit. With their broad chests, skinny legs and chunky bodies (some chunkier than others), it can be hard to find a winter coat that offers a custom fit.

Our top pick for a Pug winter coat is the ThinkPet Reversible Dog Coat. It offers outstanding protection from rain and snow, keeps your pet warm, it’s reversible, so you get more bang for your buck, and looks very fashionable.

In this guide, we will be reviewing.

Do Pugs Need a Winter Coat?

Pugs are just not made to withstand cold temperatures. If you live somewhere like the UK, where the temperature regularly drops below freezing, your Pug will suffer! They are a small breed with a thin coat that puts them more at risk-it’s recommended that all pet owners keep their Pug protected by purchasing a dog winter jacket to keep them warm.

Pug owners seem to love the Outward Hound Silverton weatherproof coat; however, this is a US import, and we have concentrated on UK products in this review.

Note – Dog coats are not the only thing your pup may need during the cold of winter. What about some dog bootees for snowy days, a light showerproof raincoat for milder days and maybe even a jazzy sweater to keep them warm and cosy in the house

Keep reading to see which Pug dog coats will keep your pampered pooch warm and dry during the cold winter months.

Our Best Coats for Pug Dogs

ThinkPet Reversible Dog Coat

When there are a few inches of snow on the ground, this stylish coat by Thinkpet offers the best under belly protection for your Pug. It’s also reversible, so you get two designs for the price of one.

The elastic and hook & loop fastenings under the belly make this jacket easy to put on and remove and offers a very comfortable fit for most dogs.

The reflective piping offers excellent visibility on dark evenings and we loved the selection of vibrant colours. There isn’t a leash attachment hole, but that is the only downside of these good-quality winter overcoats. Making it our number #1 choice.

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Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

Designed for cold weather, rainy days, snow and anything in between. This excellent dog jacket will keep your Pug warm and dry whatever the weather and with lots of colour options, each reversible, your pooch will always step out in style.

It is lightweight and the breathable polyester fabric will keep Fido warm without overheating, which is essential for Pugs. Like the French Bulldog, they are a brachycephalic breed for whom excessive heat can be just as dangerous as extreme cold temperatures.

There’s a 2-way zipper so you can attach the leash to a harness, reflective trim for safer walks in low light and when you return from a muddy walk in the rain, this pug coat can just be popped into the washing machine.

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Gooby Padded Dog Jacket

If you’re looking for a perfect vest that fits pugs without any hassle, then this is it! Gooby Fashion created the vests specifically to fit broad-chested dogs such as French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers and the largest size will fit dogs up to 35lbs in weight.

The outer layer is water-resistant and protects from wind chill, whilst the soft fleece lining keeps your Pug warm

The stretchy knitted bottom makes it easy for your pet to go potty without getting in the way; the vest is equipped with two D-rings for walking short distances without the need of wearing an extra harness and the step-in design makes it really easy to put on and take off.

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Kuoser Plaid Winter Coat

If you are looking for a traditional style dog coat for Pugs, this lovely plaid option by Kuoser is a winner. The water-resistant outer layer is constructed from Polyester+TC (terylene/cotton). This jacket is ideal for walks in the rain and there is a soft, cosy inner lining so your pooch will stay warm; there is even a turn-up collar to protect your best friend’s neck.

With exquisite stitching, the hook and loop closure and adjustment points ensure the perfect fit. Although you should measure your pup before ordering, the medium size is OK for large chunky Pugs, but you may need the next size down for small Pugs. This is a good coat at an affordable price and gets excellent reviews.

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Cosipet 1/2 Leg Trouser Suit

This nylon all in one suit provides maximum protection for both snow and rain and has been designed for short-legged breeds. It’s a must-have for muddy conditions as it keeps your pooch clean too.

The back zip fastening makes it easy to get on and off and these trouser suits are sized according to back length fitting dogs from 10-24 inches.

Your canine companion could wear a jumper underneath for extra warmth in the winter, but these suits are primarily designed for rain, making them perfect on wet spring or autumn days.

Cosipet are a company renowned for their quality pet accessories made in the UK and this is no exception plus, it looks adorable too.

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HUGO & HUDSON Puffer Jacket 

The stylish Hugo and Hudson dog coats for Pugs are reversible, so they can also be worn in two very different looks for the price of one! The high neck and full belly provide extra coverage.

Side stitched to make sure your dog puffer jacket padding stays in place; the high-quality materials will keep their shape and appearance for years.

It offers great underbelly protection making it ideal for walks in the snow or rain and the thick padded collar keeps out the wind. This coat comes in a wide range of colours to suit even the poshest Pug and looks absolutely fabulous.

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Danish Design 2 in 1 Dog Coat

This dog coat is perfect for any weather. A removable Polar Fleece inside helps keep your pup warm in the winter with reflective tape and strap that will make sure they are safe when out at night or on an evening walk during colder months where visibility may be low due to snowfall conditions!

In warmer seasons, you can easily remove the inner lining with velcro straps. Hence, their suit remains breathable while still being water-resistant It also offers protection against sunburns thanks to its UV blocking material made from Polyester + Spandex blend, which also wicks away moisture.

There is a leash attachment hole, reflective trim and like most of the other coats on the list, it can be thrown in the washing machine on a delicate cycle when needed.

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What Should you Look for in the Best Coat for Pugs?

There are several considerations when looking for the best dog coats. Pugs are broad-chested dogs, so obviously, the fit is important but below are some other things to look out for!

A quality jacket

Dog coats aren’t cheap, so you will want to ensure that you get value for money with high-quality fabrics and fastenings. The last thing you need is buckles snapping and your Pug running away. Look for quality nylon or polyester and at the same time check the stitching is secure.

Sizing for winter coats for pugs.

Whether it’s a fleece pullover, waterproof raincoat or padded winter coat, you need to make sure you order the right size. Most companies have a size chart for informational purposes. Still, we recommend measuring your pooch before purchase as these can differ between brands and lots of the negative reviews online are regarding size issues.

Adjustable dog coats

Pugs have a broad chest and some carry a few extra pounds, so adjustability is one of the most important factors to consider when buying them clothes. Most coats have adjustment points around the neck and belly and these mustn’t be too tight as they may damage your dog’s skin.

Materials to keep your dog warm and dry

If you are looking for a stylish jacket for your Pug, you’ll be spoiled for choice as there are dozens of materials to choose from. Polyester and nylon are standard options, but wool, polar fleece, canvas, and even leather can also be thrown into the mix.

Is your dog coat waterproof?

There is nothing worse than feeling cold and damp on a winter walk, so waterproof dog coats for pugs are the best option, especially for owners living in the UK, where you can sometimes have four seasons in one day.

Machine washable?

Pugs are playful small dogs and will likely come home from a wet walk covered in mud, so a machine washable coat is a real bonus. Most of the ones above can be popped in the machine; however, a couple need to be hand-washed

Average price of Pug winter coats?

You can pay £10 upwards for pug coats winter or summer, depending on your choice. However, these little fashion icons are also catered for by the top designer brands. Obviously, if you want something by Chanel or Prada, you will not find them on Amazon or down the local pet shop and you could pay hundreds of pounds.

Types of Pug Coats

  • Waterproof raincoats
  • Puffer jackets
  • Fleece coats
  • Fleece-lined jackets
  • Thermal coats
  • Designer coats by big brands like Gucci
  • Coats with legs

What Size Coat for a Pug?

As with all dog breeds, getting the right size is the single most crucial factor when choosing winter clothes or coats.

Small dogs are well catered for when it comes to pet fashion, but the size of a Pug jacket from one brand can vary significantly from another and you may need a larger size.

Always measure your dog before ordering to ensure you receive a correctly sized garment.

This short video from Kurgo shows how to measure your dog for a coat, we also have our dog coat measuring guide here.

Our Recommendation for Pug Puppies

If you are bringing home a new puppy, we recommend the HUGO & HUDSON Puffer Jacket the smallest size is ideal for pups and it’s lightweight and easy to slip on and take off. It’s reversible; the waterproof layer will keep your dog dry and the soft fleece lining will keep him warm.


Do Pugs get cold at night?

Pugs hate the cold weather and get chilly on winter evenings. They are breed with short, thin fur that’s sensitive to the cold and can even become ill when the temperature starts to drop if they are

Do Pugs get hot easily?

Like other dogs with short snouts and flat faces, Pugs are prone to overheating, so a cooling coat is often recommended in the summer and in your search for winter coats, you should look for breathable fabrics.

Do Pugs like clothes?

Pugs are a dog breed that usually loves dressing up, as seen from the many super cute online images and videos. Some clothes are purely designed to look good, but in our list of the best coats for Pugs UK, they are all practical options to keep your dog warm.

Conclusion & Top Pick

Pugs and freezing weather don’t mix too well. These little guys need warmth, so please be careful at this time of year when snow and ice become the norm!

Pugs are one of many dog breeds who can get sick if their temperature doesn’t regulate properly and they are vulnerable to getting chilled quickly.

All the coat options in our round-up offer excellent protection with fleece linings and water-resistant layers, so they are ideal for them to wear in inclement weather, but our top pick is the ThinkPet Reversible Dog Coat. It will keep Fido dry and the cosy fleece inner will keep him snug on frosty mornings.

Have you got a favourite dog coat? If so, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch via social media.

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