The UK’s Best Puppy Sling & Carrier in 2021

This is our review of the best puppy sling and carrier in 2021

A dog sling carrier is an ideal accessory to keep a little dog safe and secure whilst you’re on the go.

Those with babies may be familiar with this kind of device, but did you know there are slings for dogs too? But why would you need a puppy pouch carrier and are they worth buying?

We’ve reviewed and tested some of the best dog carrier slings around, so you can make an informed choice about whether they are right for your dog.

Carrying your dog everywhere can be tiring even if they only weigh a few pounds, so if you like your best friend by your side when you go shopping, visit friends or head to the pub, a sling carrier may be just the thing.

However, they are only suitable for smaller dogs, so if your puppy is over 15lbs, you may be better with a backpack or dog stroller.

In this article, we will be reviewing:

Our favourite puppy sling Amazon had on offer was the SlowTon Pet Carrier. It boasts some great features like the extra-wide adjustable strap and zipper pocket; the soft cotton material is hard-wearing, machine washable, and comes in an array of colours at a great price.

It’s ideal for taking your new puppy on their first vet visit, perfect for senior dogs when their little legs get tired and great for travelling.

Our Best Puppy Slings

We’ve rounded up some of the best dog carrier slings available online today so that you can choose the perfect papoose for your pooch.

Keep reading to see which sling carriers stand out from the crowd

SlowTon Pet Carrier

As mentioned above, we love this carrier and think it’s the best dog sling around, arguably one of its best features is the thick padded shoulder strap that goes across the body. It’s easily adjustable, making carrying your pup more comfortable even on long distances.

The sling itself is made of soft, breathable cotton fabric for your dog’s comfort and security. It features a handy pocket for treats, poo bags or even your phone and a secure clip to attach to your dog’s collar or harness so they can’t jump out and there are buttons so you can adjust the size of the opening.

Ideal for small dogs weighing up to 11lbs, it’s lightweight and machine washable.

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CUBY Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

This stylish reversible canine carrier by Cuby is made from high-quality breathable cotton; it can be folded for portability and is suitable for small dogs weighing under 6kg.

The wide shoulder strap is 4.7″, which means less back strain when carrying your pup for long periods and the hands-free design is excellent for carrying shopping bags, opening doors etc. This is seen by some people as one of the best dog slings currently on the market.

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Companet Pet Carrier Sling

Although this is classed as a sling, it’s more a cross between a sling and a carrier backpack, which you can also carry at the front. Instead of your pup being cocooned, their legs and tail are free, which some dogs may prefer.

The breathable mesh keeps Fido cool and comfortable and is also robust and lightweight. One benefit of this type of carrier is that the hands-free design makes it perfect for dog owners who like cycling; you can pedal along while your pup enjoys the sights safely.

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Nasjac Pet Dog Sling Carrier

Jam-packed with features, we especially loved the storage space this great dog carrier provides; there are pockets on both the inside and outside for treats, poo bags, phone, wallet etc. and a water bottle holder. Plus, it has support for your beloved pet in the carrier base, unlike many on our list.

It never made the top of our list as the best carrier sling because it is only suitable for tiny dogs up to around 7lbs, such as Pomeranians, miniature Daschsunds and teacup breeds.

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BIGWING Style Pet Sling Carrier

Made from 70% breathable mesh for your dog’s comfort, this cosy sling bag comes in 2 sizes-small, which is ideal for pets weighing up to approx 7lbs and the larger option, which can hold dogs up to approx 11lbs

It has a cushioned shoulder strap to reduce back and shoulder strain and a neck toggle that can be used to keep your pet securely inside, along with the internal safety hook, plus two pockets where you can store extra dog food poo bags or treats.

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OrgMemory Puppy Sling

Perfect for teacup breeds and small puppies, this cute soft cotton dog sling ensures your pet is warm and comfortable as you go about your daily errands with them by your side.

The velcro strap and safety collar hook will ensure your furry friend can’t escape and the adjustable shoulder strap makes it suitable for all dog owners.

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Alfie Pet – Amos Pet Front Sling Carrier 

This luxury dog sling carrier isn’t as cheap as some of the other dog carriers on the list. Still, the generous proportions will handle medium dogs weighing up to 15lbs partly due to the fact it has two rather than one thick adjustable shoulder strap.

There is an inner collar hook for additional safety and no less than five pockets for storage. The fashionable blue and white stripes will suit even the most discerning furry fashionista and like all the best dog carrier slings, it can be washed in the machine on a cool cycle to keep it clean. There’s also a safety clip to attach to your dog’s collar.

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What is a Dog Carrier Sling?

A dog sling carrier is a bag that sits across your chest or at your side used for puppies and small dog breeds.

It can be used to get your puppy used to the big wide world before they are fully vaccinated or to carry your pet with you when shopping or for trips to the vet.

They are not the best pick for hikes as they don’t usually have much padding or a sturdy bottom and not all have a padded shoulder strap like the Slowton dog sling either, so if you are looking for something more sturdy, a doggy backpack may be a better option.

However, the best dog sling is undoubtedly a safer option than carrying your pup and leaves your hands free for shopping etc.

They are designed for small dogs like a Chihuahua, French Bulldog or Jack Russell and usually are made from materials such as polyester. Also your pet’s weight needs to be under around 6-7kg

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Sling for Puppies

A comfortable dog carrier sling certainly has its uses; while they aren’t really suitable for large dogs, but they are far better than other options such as a purse or carry bag, see below why people are choosing pet slings:


The best feature of a dog carrier sling is that your four-legged friend can accompany you just about anywhere, whether you are planning a city break, going to the shops or visiting friends.

Public transport can be frightening for small dogs and the underground with its huge escalators and throngs of people must seem terrifying when you are only 6 inches high, you can take them anywhere even on a push bike, to an airport to board a plane, on a motorcycle, these slings allow complete freedom and are even better when a pet has a dog harness on as it allows for more control.

Dog slings are an ideal solution to keep your pup snuggled safe and secure by your side at all times.


Socialisation from an early age is essential if you want a well-balanced, confident adult dog. Unfortunately, puppies can’t go out for walks until fully inoculated at about three months and even then, the world can be a terrifying place for a tiny pup.

Dog carriers offer you the chance to introduce your furbaby to new places, sounds, people and experiences without risking their health or putting them in harm’s way.

Medical Issues

Dog carrier slings are the perfect solution if you have a smaller animal with medical problems; these could include

  • Old age
  • Disabilities
  • Injury
  • Amputation
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Illnesses like heart conditions

You should want your pup to have the best pet sling so they are always comfortable when out and about.

What to Look for When Choosing a Good Puppy Sling for Walking

There are a few things for dog owners to consider when choosing the best sling bag; they are not all created equal and some boast more features than others; below is a checklist of the most critical points.

Size of your Dog

A dog sling carrier is only really suitable for puppies or small breeds under 10kg, if your pup weighs 20lbs or more, then a puppy pouch is not the best option.


Most sling carriers are made of soft cotton, breathable mesh or a combination of both. Always read reviews on your pet papoose to see what customers thought of the quality and if the fabric is hardwearing, the last thing you want is seams coming apart or the handle breaking when you are out walking with your pup.


The singularly most important factor when choosing the best dog carrier sling is safety; the material needs to be robust and hardwearing. There should always be a strong safety clasp to attach to your pup’s harness or collar and any neck toggles or elasticated opening shouldn’t be too tight.


You may not think your teeny dog is hefty, but they will still put a strain on your back and shoulders if you carry them around for hours; a dog sling carrier with thick padded shoulder straps are ideal as they distribute the weight evenly. An adjustable shoulder strap is even better, so you can have the sling at your preferred height.

Your best friend’s comfort is important too, especially if they are elderly or ill; you may need to pop a soft blanket in some dog slings and always make sure your pet has room to manoeuvre whilst remaining securely restrained.

Below is a free sewing pattern for DIY’ers

DIY Soft and Cozy Pet Sling – My So Called Crafty Life


Are puppy carrier slings a good idea?

Definitely, dog owners can use them in all sorts of situations and a sling carrier can make a little dog feel much more secure when out and about in crowded places.

Can Puppies use a baby sling?

It depends; baby slings like dog carrier slings come in an assortment of styles, some of which may be able to hold your pup securely inside; however, I wouldn’t recommend it as they won’t have collar clips and your pooch may be able to jump out.

What’s the difference between a backpack and dog carrier slings?

Dog backpacks are a sturdier option for dog owners who like to go on long hikes; they have two adjustable straps, so whilst a sling bag can only carry smaller dogs, a small dog backpack can cope with a bit more weight.

The disadvantage of backpacks is that you can’t always see what your pup s up too and they are also quite a bit more expensive than a small dog sling carrier.

Read more about the best dog backpack carriers we reviewed here.

Are dog sling carriers safe?

If used correctly, yes. Always make sure the collar hook is attached though, and check before use that the sling bag is fit for purpose with no tears or loose stitching. Always make sure there’s a strong clip to attach to your dog’s collar to ensure they can’t jump out.

Last Word & Top Pick

A dog sling carrier is both practical and stylish. Anyone with a small breed of dog would benefit from one, even if you don’t use it on a day to day basis, you may need it for a trip to the vets or travelling and there’s tons of choice we guarantee you that there’s something to suit every pet owner’s needs.

We recommend choosing one with a padded adjustable shoulder strap so as not to put too much pressure on your back, especially if you wear the sling for extended periods.

Of course, there should be a safety collar hook to keep your beloved pet safe. Since most puppy slings are made out of cotton or breathable mesh, they are lightweight and machine washable.

We hope the range of products and choices shown in this guide will give you a clear indication of which pet slings suit you best. Remember safety is the most important aspect, you don’t want any accidents but you also still want them to be comfortable. The SlowTon Pet Carrie contains all the features you could want from a dog carrier sling, plus it looks great, which explains why it’s our top pick and the best dog sling on the market right now!

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