Review: Droncit for Dogs: How Long + Side Effects Discussed


Droncit is a veterinary licensed wormer for the treatment of tapeworms in dogs and cats.

What is a Droncit?

Droncit tablets for worming dogs and cats are one of the safest, most effective treatments for canine tapeworms. They contain the active ingredient Praziquantel which is found in much more expensive vet-prescribed worming product.

What are tapeworms?

These are one of the most common intestinal parasites found in dogs. They are comprised of a scolex (head) which attaches itself the intestinal wall and a long flat segmented body. They are usually between 8-15 inches in length but the longest one found in a dog was well over 6 feet long.

How do our canine companions get tapeworms?

Fleas are the main reason dogs get these pesky parasites, which can grow up to a metre in length and are made up of small segments. You may have seen them in your dog’s poop or in the fur around his bottom they look like small grains of rice? They are present in rodents and small mammals so any dog which scavenges is also likely to be susceptible to these worms.

How it works

The praziquantel is absorbed in the liver then excreted in bile, which is absorbed into the digestive tract. When the tapeworms are exposed to the drug they are digested by the dog, which is why only partially disintegrated worms and sometimes none at all will be visible in the faeces.

Droncit comes in tablets and the good news is; just one dose or application gets rid of both mature and immature tapeworms. However it only kills this specific parasite so should be used in conjunction with another worming product to eradicate roundworms, whipworms and hookworms.

Key Features

Overall Rating:
Good for puppies 95%
Side Effects 100%
Easy to administer 100%
Effective 100%
Price 100%
Give to a pregnant dog 100%

Detailed Review

Is it affordable? – 4/4

Droncit is one of the most inexpensive treatments on the market and buying direct instead of from the vet can save you even more money.

Droncit can also be bought in packs of 10,20 and 50 tablets, meaning droncit cost can be further reduced by buying in bulk, saving even more cash, ideal if you have more than one dog.

Can I buy over Droncit the counter?

Droncit can be quite difficult to find in the United Kingdom, although a large dog shop such as Pets at Home may stock it. The best way to buy this popular product is online.

All the major pet pharmacies such as and stock the tablets and you can also purchase it at

Side Effects- 4/4

Dog de-womers are renowned for having side effects including vomiting and/or diarrhea, which is why many of these products need to be given on an empty stomach. Whilst it’s widely believed that this is a good sign because it proves the product is working especially if you can see the worms being expelled, it is upsetting for dog-owners to see their pooch suffering and distressing for the dog too.

It works very differently from other worming products and can therefore be given with food. There have been some side effects reported namely

Here’s the kicker;

Only 5% of cases reported nausea and even the effects listed above are rare, especially when compared with other brands.

So you can enjoy peace of mind, that de-worming your dog will not make them ill.

Is it Droncit suitable for puppies – 3.5/4

Tapeworm does not cause as many problems in older dogs as other types but a heavy infestation in a puppy can be much more serious.

Tapeworms in dogs are common and like many other parasites can be passed from mother to her newborn offspring so it is recommended that puppies are wormed from 2 weeks of age then every fortnight until 3 months of age.

That being said; It is recommended not to administer until puppies have been weaned or after 4 weeks of age. Something else to bear in mind is that the tablets are not suitable for dogs under 2.5kg so if you have a small breed you should until the puppy reaches the right weight.

Easy to use – 4/4

With an insulating mat for underneath the spa, it is perfectly fine to use the Pure Spa in the winter months making this whirlpool a great all year round product. Pop the lid straight on to minimise heat loss after you get out. When the bubbles are on, some of the heat is dispersed so consider turning the jets off occasionally to keep the water at its max when the air is cold.

How to administer

Oral administration.

The tablets are easily administered by mouth, just tilt the head back, place on the back of the tongue, close the mouth and rub the throat gently until Fido swallows the pill.

Alternatively, if your dog doesn’t like taking tablets it can be hidden in a hot dog, piece of cheese, bit of peanut butter or one of these special pill cases which you can find here


The recommended dosage of these worming tablets is 5 mg per 2.2 lbs of your dog’s body weight. So, a dog weighing up to 10 lbs should receive one tablet per dog.

Note ( Droncit should not be given to dogs weighing under 5 lbs)

Is it effective against all types of worms – 2/4

Droncit is only effective against tapeworms and is not a multi wormer. This is only an effective wormer for the treatment discussed above.

Can it be given to pregnant bitches – 4/4

All pregnant dogs should be treated for worms, and while tapeworms do not often cause serious issues for adult dogs, they will still be depriving your pooch of vital nutrients when she needs them most.

They can also be passed to the puppies, where they can cause issues such as stunted growth, intestinal blockages and anaemia.

Droncit has been tested on pregnant and lactating bitches with no adverse side effects meaning it is safe to use for expectant dogs.


Is it the same as Drontal?

Both Droncit and Drontal are made by Bayer and both contain praziquantel which is a drug which is effective against tapeworms.

Drontal is marketed as an all-in-one wormer as it kills all the worms above including lungworm. The thing is; you need a prescription for Drontal and it costs a lot more than the Droncit product.

Other Alternatives

There are other alternatives such as Milbemax which also requires a prescription or you could buy an over the counter wormer such as Johnsons or Beaphar Worming Syrup However, not all wormers are created equal. Almost every review of Droncit mentions how effective it is against tapeworms and how few side effects there are when using it after just 1 tablet. It can be used on dogs and cats and calculate the tablet per body weight.

Should I Buy?

If you want a safe and effective treatment against tapeworms, then Droncit tablets are the answer. Droncit is recommended by vets and most of the reviews online are pleased with the instant results.

It is much cheaper than getting pills from the vets but it does not kill any other intestinal worms so needs to be used with a good multi wormer. It is also a good idea to administer regular flea treatments such as Advocate as keeping your pooch free from fleas will help prevent tapeworm infestations.


Final Thoughts

Safe to use in all dogs, including pregnant bitches and puppies over 4 weeks of age, Droncit tablets are a cost effective product and simple to use dewormer. It can be bought online in 20 tablets or 50 making it perfect for those with more than one dog and has excellent reviews.

You don’t need a prescription and Droncit side effects are rare. When combined with another worming product it is an essential part of your routine worming treatments.

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