The UK’s Best Drying Coats for Spaniels in 2021

If you haven’t got time to read the full article and want to know our top pick, it’s the Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat. This stylish bottle green robe will keep your pup dry and cosy and is a popular choice with Spaniel parents.

Spaniels are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the UK. They are usually energetic, friendly, gentle-natured and loving. They have been bred for centuries as gun dogs, being used to find and retrieve pheasants, rabbits, etc. and love nothing better than spending days out in the field getting wet and muddy.

That’s all very well, but you don’t want muddy pawprints through the house or your soft furnishings looking like a Tsunami has drenched them.

That’s why the Best Drying Coats for Spaniels are a must-have accessory

In this article, we will be reviewing

We will also cover:

  • How to measure your Spaniel for a drying jacket
  • How to get rid of that awful damp dog smell
  • What to look for when choosing a new coat to keep your pet dry
  • Why working spaniels should be kept warm and dry

The Best Dog Drying Coats for Spaniels

We’ve found some of the best dog drying coats online that will work wonders for your Spaniel. You’ll need something to keep your dog warm, something that’s machine washable – and that will protect your seats on the car ride home.

So if you want a dry pup and no more dirty paws, read on:

Buyers Guide and Reviews

Best Soft and Absorbent Coat – Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat

This Ruff and Tumble drying coat comes in a wide range of sizes and is adjustable for all kinds of breeds. The breathable soft cotton fabric makes it comfortable for your pup to wear after a bath. It also happens to be very durable and can withstand even the roughest wearer for years. It comes with Ruff and Tumble’s signature deep collar.


  • It’s extremely ultra-absorbent,
  • All sizes available for different spaniel breeds
  • Long-lasting – won’t wear out easily


  • It doesn’t cover the tail 

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Top Affordable Pick –Toby and Alexander Super Absorbent, Quick Drying Dog Bathrobe

Next on this list, we have this cute dressing gown from Toby and Alexander, which comes in a selection of different colours and sizes. 

This covering is lightweight, which is ideal for spaniels out and about in warm weather. It is also made of microfibre, making it very absorbent. 

The thin material also makes it perfect for taking with you to the beach, lake, or other bodies of water to keep your dog from dirtying the car on the way home. 


  • Very lightweight and comfy
  • Super absorbent to keep your dog dry
  • A range of sizes suitable for bigger dogs


  • Colours may run in the wash

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Best Lightweight Drying Option for Spaniels – Arcadian Microfibre Dog Robe.

This robe is also made of microfibre, making it absorbent, long-lasting, easy to carry, and known for drying quickly. It comes with an adjustable tie underneath and needs only to be put over your dog’s head like a jumper. The wide range of sizes makes it easy for any spaniel to find their own! 


  • Unbelievably absorbent
  • Will weather years and years of use
  • One of the quickest to dry off with


  • Does not dry underneath the dog  

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Henry Wag Microfibre Dog Drying Coat

This stylish grey and blue option closes with a strap underneath. The neck area cannot be opened, so you have to put it on your dog over their head. It comes in sizes up to XL, great for smaller dogs. The enclosure does not have a hole in it through which one could attach a lead, so do bear that in mind before using it on your daily walk. 


  • Made in microfibre for brilliant drying
  • One of the most secure
  • Comfortable and fluffy for even the fussiest spaniel


  • Does not open around the neck 

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Dog & Field 2 in 1 Fully Waterproof Dog Coat – Microfiber Lined Drying Jacket

This classic look choice is completely waterproof on the outside and is lined with microfibre on the inside. It is ideal for a zero-stress rainy dog walk or on a swim day – again, superb for fussy spaniels. It opens at the front, around the chest, and has two straps underneath the chest and belly. It comes in one colour, but sizes do range from XS to XXL. 


  • Reliably waterproof manufacture
  • One of the easiest to put on your spaniel
  • Very affordable coat


  • Does not cover the dog’s tail  

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Morezi Dog Bathrobe Towel, Dry Fast Dog Bag

This unconventional choice is perfect for drying dog after a bath. Made of microfibre, this towel has two openings to welcome your spaniel inside and is such an affordable product. It comes in grey, red, blue, or purple and ranges from size XS to L. 


  • Superb microfibre dog drying bag
  • Large size for bigger spaniels
  • Covers your whole dog, great for a nervous puppy


  • Dogs cannot walk in it

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Zellar Dog Bathrobe Towel

These adjustable microfibre drying coats come with their own hood, perfect for drying your puppy’s noggin! It is machine washable, can be purchased in two colours, and comes with an 18-month warranty. It opens in the front and has a strap that runs underneath, making it very easy to put on. 


  • Easily machine-washable
  • Protected by a long warranty
  • Comes with a hood to help keep your pup warm


  • Big sizes – only for larger spaniels

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Absorbent Dog Bath Robe – Dog Microfibre Towel, Dog Puppy Drying Coat

This is a fluffy soft cotton microfibre towel that comes in two colours: red and blue. This towel comes in a wide range of sizes (from S to XXL) and efficiently covers the rear end of your spaniel, as well as the neck. The loose design opens around the neck and is held on by a strap underneath the animal—ideal for making bath time not something to dread moving forward.


  • Covers the whole of your spaniel
  • Two openings for ease of fitting
  • A large selection of sizes


  • It may size smaller than you expect

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HAPPY HACHI Pet Dog Bathrobe Robe

These drying coats are made of anti-bacterial microfibre and come in sizes from S to XL. The towelling material is machine washable and can also be put through the drier. They have an adjustable neck drawstring; however, they do not open around the neck. They cover the dog’s entire body and come in vibrant blue colour. 


  • Covers the whole of your spaniel
  • Made with anti-bacterial microfibre
  • Light, comfy material won’t irritate your pup’s coat.


  • Does not open around the neck 

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Нсрet Dog Drying Coat Robe Towel

These drying coats are made of microfibre, have two openings on the chest and on the neck and one belt that covers the underneath of the spaniel. The adjustable collar acts like a hood and scarf. This affordable covering comes in either purple or red and ranges from S to XXL in size. 


  • Nifty hood and scarf fitting
  • Magic tape design
  • Your whole spaniel is covered, ideal for wriggly dogs.


  • May be smaller in size than you expect

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Why Soggy Spaniels Need Dog Drying Coats

Spaniels make for excellent working dogs, thanks to their keen sense of smell, their loyalty, and their capacity to work in all kinds of weather and terrain conditions. As it happens, spaniels are fantastic swimmers and love going for a dive! They’ll pretty much take advantage of any body of water by soaking themselves in it. That being the case, having the right products to clean and dry your spaniel is pretty standard for any owner. 

No one likes a wet canine smell, of course, but the need for a dry-off jacket or robe goes beyond that; above all that, drying off your spaniel is essential for their well-being. A wet mutt is susceptible to catching a cold, at the very least. 

The coats can also help protect a spaniel’s easily matted fur and keep their sensitive skin comfortable.

A dog drying coat can be very beneficial for drying your spaniel and keeping them warm after a swim outdoors or after being caught in a rain shower, as well as being a go-to after a bath. 

Working Spaniels 

Spaniels are very commonly used as working dogs in multiple sectors, as they are very intelligent and are easy to train. Their acute sense of smell makes them among the best dogs at tracking and they will happily spend all day in the rain.  

They have a very fine coat though and can become chilled quite easily, especially if they are in and out of the water or get caught in a shower.

That’s why you need a warm waterproof coat whilst they are working, perhaps with a fleece outer layer and something fast drying before they jump in the car for the journey home.

If you have a working hound, it really is worth paying the extra for something like the Dog and Field coat to keep them dry.

Average Size of a Spaniel Drying Coat

Spaniels are not large dogs; here are the measurements you’ll need to keep in mind to buy the best dog drying coats for your dog’s body:

  • Springer Spaniel: Females measure between 46cm and 51cm, and males measure between 48cm and 56cm. 
  • Cocker Spaniel: Females 36cm to 41cm and males 38cm to 43cm
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Females and males 30 to 33cm
  • Russian Spaniel: Females 38cm to 45cm and males 38cm to 45cm 
  • Picardy Spaniel: Females 55cm to 60cm and males 55cm to 62cm

How to Measure Your Spaniel for a Coat 

When it comes to measuring your Spaniel for a jacket, all you need to do is measure from the bottom of the neck to the base of the tail. 

Then, to correctly measure its chest, measure the widest part from side to side. 

Although most coats are adjustable, measuring your Spaniel is essential to get the perfect fit, which will be comfortable for them to wear. 

What Should You Look For in the Best Dog Drying Coat for a Spaniel

When looking for good dog drying coats for a spaniel, there are a few things that you should take into consideration: 


Always measure your spaniel before purchasing a jacket. A bad fit will make your pooch feel uncomfortable, which will make them reluctant to wear it. 


One of the best materials for dog drying coats is microfibre. This material absorbs water well while remaining very light. This is important, especially if your pup will be wearing it for a long time. Materials like thick cotton will retain the water but can quickly become too heavy for your spaniel to carry for a long time.

Is it Fit for Purpose:

You may need a few drying towels for the boot of your car if you have multiple dogs on wet walks or if you have a service or working pup; a waterproof coat with microfibre lining will keep them warm and dry all day.

How To Get Rid of That Wet Dog Smell 

There are a few ways to get rid of that wet dog smell that has been covering your home:

  • Dry your dog. Professional dog groomers start blow-drying a dog as soon as they have been washed. It is the best way to prevent a horrible damp smell and keep them from catching a cold. 
  • Protect surrounding furniture with blankets and cloth. This is especially important for the furniture that your pup climbs on or can rub themselves against, such as the sofa, armchairs, etc. 
  • Clean the carpets by vacuuming them frequently and cleaning them with pet-safe products. 
  • Air out your home by opening the windows. 
  • Wash your dog’s bedding and towels frequently. 
  • Use fresh smells around your home.

Conclusion and Top Pick 

When you decide to use good dog drying coats to keep your pet warm and dry, finding the right one depends on exactly what your spaniel exactly needs.

Do they have easily irritated skin? How can you prevent the small that typically occurs after a wet walk And, most of all, what do you expect as the dog owner?

Our favourite is the Ruff and Tumble option. If you need something that protects them on wet and windy walks, Dog & Field 2 in 1 Fully Waterproof Dog Coat is a winner.

Ideally, you need a jacket with an easy velcro closure that will save you time putting it on after bath time or a beach walk; a soft inner layer will provide extra warmth and help prevent nasty tangles on their fur and spaniel ears. Those velcro straps alone will be a godsend in windy weather. You can also browse all the dog coats with legs for more protection for your canine companion.

Take your pick of the best drying coats we’ve listed here; neither you nor your Spaniel will be disappointed. Of course, no one likes wet dogs – especially not the spaniel, who wants some cosy towelling material to get comfy again.

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