The Best Dog Drying Coat for Large Breeds in the UK for 2021

When you search for drying coats online, there are countless options tailored for smaller pooches. My two retrievers love the water and I don’t know about you but it seems to me that big dogs like Newfoundlands, Labs and Setters are under-represented when it comes to drying coats. These breeds adore getting wet, which led me to find the best dog drying coat for large breeds.

Speaking from experience, having two soaking pooches on the car ride home from the beach is not a pleasant experience; not only do my back seats suffer, but there is also that very distinctive damp dog pong, which when you have large breeds seems intensified.

So, I started reviewing some of the offerings online and found some excellent options for hefty hounds, exactly what I was looking for. So whether you have an Otterhound or a large Lab, check out the coats below to keep your pup dry.

This article is specifically for large breeds and bigger dogs, if you want to see the list of the best dog drying coat for most breeds it’s here.

The Large Dog Drying Coats we will be reviewing in this article

The Best Dog Drying Coats for Large Breeds

There are several uses for drying coats, be it the ride home from the beach, after a walk in the rain, your four-legged friend may be having hydrotherapy, enjoyed a dip in a stream, or had a bath.

Whatever the reason, you are going to want to get them warm and dry as fast as possible. Below is a round-up of the best dog drying coats for large dogs that tick all the boxes.

Buyers Guide and Reviews

Top Pick Extra Large Option – Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat – Classic Collection (XL, Bottle Green)

This super-absorbent coat is recommended by vets and has superb reviews. Ruff and Tumble’s signature deep collar is fantastic for drying spaniel ears or a large furry head and the adjustable velcro straps offer a snug fit.

The 2 layers of towelling dry your pooch quickly, reduce odours and this extra Large option here is suitable for Labradors, Setters, Pointers, Rottweilers. This R ideal dressing gown after a bath or keep in the boot for walks.


  • Elasticated leg straps and wide belly strap for a snug fit.
  • A Ruff and Tumble drying Coat is easy to keep clean
  • Perfect for bigger pooches


  • Not the cheapest optionbut worth the extra cost

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Best Luxury Pick for Large Dogs – Dog & Field™ Duel Layer Towelling Dog Coat (Olive Green

Ideal for working gun dogs or after a swim, this is one of the best drying coats for large breeds. The two layers have a microfibre towelling inner to absorb moisture and a soft fleece outer layer to keep your hound warm, making bath time nothing to dread moving forward.

A very comfortable choice, the classic look make this soft and permeable coat a top pick with pet owners.


  • A double layer for extra warmth
  • The chest and torso straps will save time putting it on and removing
  • Machine washable


  • Some reviews mention it’s quite heavy, but this shouldn’t concern owners of big mutts.

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Best Affordable Coat to Dry Extra Large Dogs – PETTOM Dog Drying Robe

This extra-large robe is the perfect solution for wet dogs. It has a 72-114cm chest measurement and is made from ultra-absorbent microfibre towelling material, which absorbs moisture quicker than normal cotton. Machine washable, it is ideal for protecting your soft furnishings after bathing your furry friend or your motor after a muddy walk.

Adjustable clips on the chest and neck ensure a snug fit and it is definitely one of the best value options, especially if you have multiple large canines.


  • You can wash by hand or pop it in the machine.
  • Adjustable collar with Velcro fastening around the neck
  • Good quality Fabric


  • Sizes may run a bit large

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Value Hooded Bathrobe for Larger Breeds – Zellar Dog Bathrobe Towel

Suitable for bigger pooches, this basic offering made from towelling material is fast drying and will help you keep Fido warm after a swim or a bath. The hood makes drying a soggy head easier and the separate belt ensures a secure fit no matter your dog’s breed.

Neither you nor your four-legged fried will mind a downpour when you have this soft cotton bathrobe for wet dogs on hand


  • Machine Washable
  • 18-month warranty
  • Protects your house and vehicle


  • The belt is quite narrow

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ZoonPark® Microfibre Dog Bathrobe,

Keep your canine companion warm and cosy with this soft machine washable drying jacket suitable for bigger pooches. Covering most of the body, apart from the legs, there is a hole for the tail to fit through and a wide belly strap to keep everything in place.

Super absorbent, your pet will be dry in minutes, making bath time a cinch and the car ride home after beach walks less smelly.


  • Lightweight
  • Velcro strips make it easy to put on and take off
  • Keeps your pet warm


  • Some reviews mention it may not be as good quality as some on the list

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One of the Best Drying Coats for Long Haired Large Breeds – Toby and Alexander Super Absorbent, Quick Drying Dog Bathrobe

If you’re fed up with Rover shaking water all over the house after a bath or soaking the seats of your vehicle after a swim, then this soft cotton microfibre robe is a real winner. Pop over your dog’s head and secure with the tummy belt.

If you have a large breed like a Malamute or Newfoundland, this will absorb moisture from their coats like magic, making it one of our favourites in this list of best drying options for bigger dogs


  • Reduces damp doggie odour
  • Covers from neck to base of the tail
  • Machine Washable


  • Some reviews mention dye runs, so be careful when washing.

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Henry Wag Microfibre Dog Drying Coat

A fantastic accessory for outdoor hounds or working breeds. The XL size has a back measurement of 80cm and a chest girth of 100 cm, making it the perfect solution for larger breeds. Give Fido a quick rub down on the legs and body before securing with the handy strap to retain body heat.

The absorbent fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and the grey colour with contract stitching makes any pooch look stylish after a swim or a bath.


  • XXL size
  • High-quality microfibre keeps Fido warm and dry
  • Foldable collar to keep your dog’s neck warm


  • Needs to be pulled over the dog’s head which some don’t like

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2 for 1 Drying Coats for Huge Hounds – Petbank 2PCS Dog Drying Coat

You get 2 drying towels and a pet brush here, meaning you can interchange; keep one in the car for the journey home after a walk and one in the house. The brush can be used to remove dirt and debris before drying and there is a handy hood to absorb moisture from the neck and head as well

The paw pockets make it easy to rub your four-legged friend down and the soft fabric takes him from wet to dry in minutes.


  • Great for sensitive skin
  • 2 Coats/Towels make this great value
  • Comes with a handy brush


  • Some pups don’t like hoods

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Best Jumper with Legs for Large Breeds –HOTTERdog by Equafleece­® Fleece Dog Jumpers

There are two layers on this stylish jumper. The inner layer wicks away the moisture from the coat to the outer fleece layer keeping your pet dry and warm even when working out in the field all day or after swimming.

The front legs ensure a snug fit and protect joints and there is also a velcro strap around the tummy: like all the best dog drying coats, it helps protect Fido’s core temperature. For the best dog drying coat with legs, it’s here.


  • Double layer keeps your dog warm
  • Equafleece is a reputable UK brand
  • Velcro fastening means nothing to get in the way of the harness


  • Some may find it a bit pricey

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What is a Drying Coat for Big Dogs

A drying jacket or robe does exactly what it says; instead of a regular towel, these microfibre coats absorb much more water and keep your pooch warm after a swim, winter walk or bath. Bathing your pooch can be a messy business; even with a small pup, water gets everywhere. Having a big breed increases the problem significantly, so having dog drying coats to hand is a godsend.

They work better than towels or a dog drying bag as they leave the front and back legs free whilst drying your pet in minutes, meaning your back seats will remain dry after a winter walk or if you have working dogs, or preserve your soft furnishings if you are bathing your dog at home.

Why Large Breeds need Dog Drying Coats

Several large dog breeds love water, such as Standard Poodles, Labradors, Curly Coated Retrievers and Newfoundlands and drying them can be difficult, especially if you only have a small towel to hand. I speak from experience here, so whether you have a boxer who loves the mud or a giant schnauzer who has rolled in fox poo, having a microfibre coat will make sure however wet they get, they can be warm and cosy in minutes with the best dog drying coats.

Also, some large breeds with short hair don’t like getting wet, such as Danes, Salukis, and Boxers; they can become cold very quickly and will appreciate a rub down when they get home.

Large Breeds who could benefit from drying jackets include

  • Labradors
  • Rottweilers
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Malamutes
  • Newfoundlands
  • Great Danes
  • Briards
  • Old English Sheepdogs
  • St Bernards
  • Wolfhounds
  • Mastiffs

What to Look for in a Large Dog Drying Coat

There are some important things to consider when buying a drying jacket for a large dog; obviously, the right fit is essential, there’s no point getting a towelling robe that’s too small, or you won’t be able to contain them and will still end up getting soaked if they shake. Also, straps and fastenings need to be heavy-duty to ensure a snug fit which will help keep your dog warm.

Always buy the best quality you can afford; buying a cheaper option with thin fabric is a false economy. Big dogs with a lot of fur will need a thick absorbent option. Some have a magic tape design which makes them easy to get on and off; some go over the head, which some pups don’t like. Check out the reviews above and pick the one which fits your requirements.

How to Get Rid of That Wet Dog Smell

The odour of damp Dog is never going to be bottled, yet many large dog owners have this impregnated into their homes and vehicles, especially if they have multiple pooches. The smell is caused by bacteria that thrive in wet environments. The good news is that a drying robe or jacket dries your pet really quickly, getting rid of the odour.

Here are few things you homemade remedies too

  • When bathing your dog, add some Apple Cider Vinegar to the water, you rinse your four-legged friend with
  • Add a few drops of Rosemary Oil to your dogs’ shampoo it’s naturally anti-bacterial with a pleasant smell.
  • Coconut Oil is an excellent moisturiser and can also mask bad smells; use it as a conditioner when bathing your dog before rinsing.
  • Buy a doggie perfume (Do not use human perfumes as they can seriously damage your pet’s skin)

Conclusion and Top Pick

So there you have it, a comprehensive round-up of the best doggie drying jackets for large breeds. Our top pick is the Ruff and Tumble Drying Coat, it’s not the cheapest, but this soft and absorbent coat gets tremendous reviews, does the job and looks stylish.

Of course, you may have your own favourite, but one thing’s for sure keeping your big dog dry and warm makes life a lot easier, no more wet dog pong, no more back seats ruined, no more shivering hounds. Make bathtime a pleasure and wet walks a winner when you choose from a set of quality drying coats.

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