A Selection of Dog Drying Coats & User Guides

All About Drying Coats for Dogs

Why use a drying coat for dogs? 

Surprisingly, there are quite a few reasons, not least it saves your car and home from being drenched every time Fido gets caught in the rain or decides to go for an impromptu dip.

But choosing the right one can be daunting there are tons to choose from with varying price tags and seriously won’t a towel do?

That why we have put together these drying coat guides so you can choose the one suited to your requirements or breed, do they need to be cosy and warm after a bath or something that will keep them dry whilst working in the field?

Choose from the categories below.

Choose by Breed 

Check out our top picks from all the options online, to keep your dog warm and dry and your home clean

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