The UK’s Best Waterproof Dog Walking Boots in 2022

This is our review of the best waterproof dog walking boots in 2022

If you love spending time outdoors with your dog then you know how important it is to have the right gear. Buying a decent pair of waterproof boots is a great way to keep your feet safe and protected from tough terrain and harsh weather conditions when you walk the dog. 

But which ones are the best? In this post, we examine what features to look for when choosing the best waterproof boots for dog walking and see which ones come out on top!

Our top pick is the TOG 24 Whernside Unisex Waterproof Boots. They can be worn by both men and women, the Vibram rubber sole on this boot provides excellent traction on different surfaces and the waterproof membrane ensures your feet stay warm and dry even in bad weather.

In this guide, we will review:

Today we’ll be sharing our top picks for the best dog walking boots available online right now. Keep reading to learn more!

Our Best Waterproof Dog Walking Boots

From crocs to wellington boots, many dog walkers just throw on the first pair of shoes to hand when heading out with their furry friend. However, investing in a pair of quality boots will keep your feet dry, avoid posture problems and make walking your dog a more pleasant experience.

Below are some of the best waterproof dog walking boots in the UK

TOG 24 Whernside Unisex Waterproof Boots

When the great outdoors beckons, answer the call with a pair of these hardwearing Whernside boots from TOG24. Expertly crafted for both men and women, these waterproof hill walking boots are made from durable, water-resistant leather and suede.

The breathable waterproof membrane outside keeps your feet dry and comfortable even in the wettest conditions and the quick-wicking lining inside the boot ensures you stay cool and refreshed even on long hikes with your dog,

We particularly liked the EVA moulded midsole for shock absorption and added comfort on rugged terrain. Finished with a tough Vibram sole, these boots will see you safely through all your outdoor adventures.

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Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Timberland dog walking boots are a premium boot made to protect your feet no matter the weather or terrain.

The full-grain leather uppers are waterproof and the boot is seam-sealed for additional protection against the elements. Rust proof lace hooks keep your laces in place, and the boot comes in several colours to match your personal style.

Customers do recommend ordering a size bigger than you normally wear though and this boot option is quite expensive, but Timberland is a trusted brand for outdoor clothing and footwear.

If you’re looking for a boot that will last you for many dog walks to come, Timberland boots are a great option.

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Berghaus Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

These boots were made for walking and running, hiking and climbing. Actually, they’re the perfect boot for any outdoor activity you can think of! They’re super lightweight and comfortable, with a Gore-Tex membrane that ensures your feet stay dry no matter what the weather throws at you.

The streamlined one-piece leather construction makes the boot incredibly comfortable. In fact, one reviewer wore these leather walking boots trekking through the Himalayas and you can’t get a much better endorsement.

The only drawback we could find with these fantastic dog walking boots is that they are a little narrow, so you may need another option if you have wide feet.

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Dublin Women’s River Boots III

Looking for a classic country boot that’s waterproof and breathable? These boots feature a moisture-wicking RCS footbed system with heel, arch support and double cushioning layer for great comfort on long walks with your furry friend.

They’re also available in two calf widths, a great bonus if you have larger calves. Plus, they have great reviews from dog walkers everywhere, so you know they’re tough enough to handle anything nature throws your way.

We loved how stylish and easy to clean these warm walking boots are. Top tip – order a size bigger if you plan on wearing thick socks, and get ready to take your dog on some outdoor adventures!

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Ashion Kids Warm Winter Boots

Do your little one’s tag along on dog walks? If so, these kids walking boots are perfect for keeping your child’s feet toasty and dry in the rain and snow while they explore the great outdoors!

The M-Select rubber outsole of the boot provides superior traction over wet or dry terrain, while the crampon in the sole ensures a good grip even on the most slippery surfaces.

The breathable synthetic upper of this boot allows your child’s feet to breathe, and the soft velvet insole keeps their feet snug and comfortable all day long. Plus, they come in a huge range of fun colours, so they are sure to be hit with any young dog walker.

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Northwest Territory Inuvik Men’s Hiking Boot

Made with genuine leather uppers and cushioned padding, these boots are perfect for a variety of activities, including hiking, mountain trekking and dog walking.

With deep grips on the rubber sole for improved traction and a waterproof/breathable HYDRY membrane construction, your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter what the activity.

Plus, the versatile lacing system provides a secure and customised fit. We think these are the best men’s dog walking boots for those on a budget, as many reviews say they are just as good as more expensive brands.

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Muck Boots Girl’s Women’s Arctic Weekend Boots

This UK company have been providing 100% muck proof boot options for over 2o years. These dog walking boots are lightweight and offer unrivalled protection from the elements.

The cosy fleece lining keeps toes warm and dry even in rain and snow and you won’t need to worry about mud anymore as these rubber boots are a doddle to clean; just wipe over with a damp cloth after use or rinse with a hose.

The lightweight EVA midsole and durable rubber outsole provide better grip in muddy conditions, while the range of colours means you are sure to find the perfect ones to suit any occasion.

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Grisport Unisex-Adult Fuse Boots

Finally, a lightweight, comfortable and warm waterproof hiking boot that doesn’t require breaking in! This is a solid boot made by Italy’s best-known hiking boot brand.

It comes with a new ‘Vibram’ sole design – exclusive to Grisport – ensuring excellent traction while you hike. With its waterproof and breathable properties, this boot is perfect for any outdoor activity, including walking the dogs.

We loved the seamlessly constructed waxed leather upper, adjustable gusset and the fact that they look just as good on both women and men.

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SHULOOK Walking Boots Mens Waterproof Boots

Waterproof walking boots are essential for anyone who enjoys dog walks in the countryside, regardless of the weather.

Made of premium suede leather, these boots are both durable and stylish. The SL-TEX waterproof membrane prevents water from entering, making them ideal for wetter climates or for walking through puddles and mud.

They’re also ultra-light weight, at just 0.54kg, so you won’t feel weighed down on your walks. Double stitching in high stress areas adds even more durability, while the all around soft support foams reduce the danger of ankle sprain.

The breathable and skin-friendly D01 lining ensures your feet will stay dry and comfortable, even when walking for long periods of time. In short, these are some of the best dog walking boots around! 

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Features to Look for When Choosing the Best Boots for Dog Walking

What Kind Of Lining?

There are all kinds of linings for dog walking boots, including fleece, faux fur or polyester, but the best by far is a breathable air mesh lining.

This will keep your feet from becoming damp and sweaty, when dog walking, which can cause blisters.

Do They Offer Support?

If you walk on rugged ground or uneven terrain, it’s essential that the boots you choose have some  support for your ankles, as without, you may sustain twists and ankle strains.

The best boots for walking dogs are high rise boots that support the foot completely.

How Will You Be Using Them?

How and when you intend to wear your boots will impact the ones you need and the price.

Men and women who head out into the countryside often and in all seasons will benefit from paying that little bit extra for quality boots that keep feet warm and dry in extreme conditions, ones with Vibram rubber soles and a warm lining.

Alternatively, if you just walk your dog around the block twice a day, you may just want a basic option to keep you warm.

Shop around and we guarantee you’ll find some great walking boots to suit your lifestyle and budget!

Are They Durable?

Walking your dog can be a rigorous activity, which is why the best dog walking boots are made from premium quality materials.

Not only will this offer better protection against the elements, but it also ensures they last longer than standard boots or trainers, saving you money in the long term.

Suitable For Cold Weather?

If you and your best friend enjoy Winter walks, you will need dog walking boots to keep your feet warm.

We liked the Artic Weekend boots for women as they have a cosy fleece interior to ensure your toes stay toasty. Of course, you can always wear thick socks when you wear boots, but it might mean ordering a bigger size with some.

Do They Have A Good Grip?

When dog owners buy walking boots, one of the most important things to look at are the boot’s soles because, along with keeping your foot dry and warm, a good walking boot should provide excellent grip when walking on wet or slippery ground.

Most dog walking footwear and boots have a thick Vibram rubber sole. A wider pattern is great for muddy conditions, whereas a more narrow design provides more surface area and a better grip in icy conditions.

Benefits of Walking Boots

There are many reasons why you should shop around for waterproof dog walking boots; below are just a few;

Improves posture

When you’re walking the dogs, you may sometimes suffer from aching calves and sore feet, which can be avoided when wearing boots specifically designed for the purpose.

Good walking boots have thick rubber soles and extra cushioning, meaning you can tackle any terrain comfortably.

Helps you keep up with your best friend

If you walk your dogs through muddy fields or in wet conditions, the accentuated grip from the rubber soles means you won’t be slipping and sliding all over the place. Plus, they make climbing over rocks or slippery surfaces a breeze.

Protection from the elements

Weather can be unpredictable in the UK, so it’s essential to have a warm pair of walking boots that can withstand anything mother nature throws at you on your walk with Fido.

Along with a warm lining, most dog walking boots are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if the odd shower catches you out.

Saves money

Dog ownership can be expensive, so ways to save pennies are always good. The best waterproof boots may seem costly compared to other options, but they can last up to 4 x longer than standard shoes or trainers, so they can save you literally hundreds of pounds. Something we think is not to be sniffed at!

Hiking Boots or Dog Walking Boots – What’s the Difference?

Walking Boots 

A Walking boot is a type designed for walking on flat or even surfaces. They are usually lighter than a hiking boot, but they provide less support and protection.

However, dog walking boots can sometimes be made from water-resistant fabric, although they probably won’t stand up to walking through puddles or in heavy rain.

They are also usually cheaper than hiking boots, but they may not last as long. For dog owners choosing walking boots, it is important to consider the terrain you will be walking on and the weather conditions.

If you plan to walk on rugged terrain or in inclement weather, waterproof dog walking boots may be a better option. However, if you just want a comfortable pair of shoes for walking the dog or taking a leisurely stroll, walking boots will likely suffice.

Hiking Footwear 

There are a few key differences between boots designed for dog walking and hiking boots. Hiking boots are usually much more robust than walking shoes and provide essential support which can prevent injuries when trekking over rugged terrain or clambering over rocks.

They are also great for inclement weather with many being fully waterproof, making them easier to clean too. The big drawback of this style of boot is their weight, they can be heavy for those not used to wearing them. If you have issues like Plantar Fasciitis you may prefer to choose ones with cushioned soles.

They can also be significantly more expensive. However, if you do a lot of walking or hiking, they are definitely worth the investment.

Why Trainers Aren’t Great for Walking the Dog?

Walking your dog can be hard work and sometimes, we need footwear that is designed for the task. Trainers are not recommended if you plan on going on long walks.

They don’t offer the support of proper dog walking boots or have linings designed to protect against blisters. They aren’t usually waterproof either, plus trainers can cost a packet, so the last thing you want is to be wearing them to walk through deep mud.

Trainers are OK for flatter terrain and short walks around the block, but a good pair of waterproof walking boots are essential for countryside strolls and long walks in wet and windy conditions.

How to Look After Dog Walking Boots

  1. Depending on what material your boot is made of you can either wipe them over with a damp cloth after use or for leather boots, leave them to air-dry, then brush off the mud.
  2. Do not use detergents or soap as these can damage leather and eliminate the waterproofing. This video shows how to clean and protect leather walking boots
  3. Never dry a good walking boot next to a direct heat source as this can damage leather and cause adhesives to melt. Instead, stuff them with newspaper or kitchen roll and if you’re in a hurry, use a fan.
  4. Although your durable walking boots should be fully waterproof when new, it’s recommended to reproof them every month or so to ensure they continue to keep the rain out.
  5. Leather boots will need conditioning every so often to prevent cracking and keep the boot supple We love this conditioner from Leather Honey


Are Hiking Boots Good For Dog Walking?

Definitely, they provide support and can tackle even the most challenging terrain. Obviously, if you just take a quick stroll around the neighbourhood twice a day, they may not be necessary. But if you enjoy walking in the countryside in all sorts of weather conditions, waterproof hiking boots are the best option.

Which Muck Boots Are Best For Dog Walking?

Muck boots were designed for farmers, stable hands and basically any outdoor activity which involves dirt and mud. Our favourites for dog walking are the Arctic Weekend range; they keep your feet dry and are lightweight with a cushioned rubber sole.

Can You Hike In Rubber Boots?

The average pair of wellington boots aren’t designed for hikes in the rain, as they lack a lot of features that proper walking boots provide such as support for ankles and cushioned soles. However, there are a few exceptions.

Should I Buy Dog Walking Boots A Size Bigger? 

If you have wide feet or intend to wear thick socks then buying a size bigger is a good idea. However this can also cause the boots to rub and cause blisters so check reviews and see what other users say about the size. 


With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose the best dog walking waterproof boots that offer both protection and comfort.

Our number #1 choice is the TOG 24 Whernside Unisex Waterproof Boots These extremely comfortable, versatile boots boast a host of features, not least a cushioned rubber sole and breathable lining.

Plus, they get great reviews from both men and women who walk their dogs, just like you and me.

It’s worth investing in quality footwear for outdoor activities like hiking or dog walking as you need to ensure they provide proper ankle support for long walks and are fully waterproof.

We hope our blog post has helped you narrow down your choices and find a pair that will keep your feet comfortable when walking the dog while still protecting them from rain or other elements.

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