The UK’s Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys in 2022

This is our review of the best treat dispensing dog toys in 2022

Dogs love to play, and there’s no better way to keep them entertained than with a good toy. If you’re looking for a new toy that will keep your dog amused and engaged, look no further than a treat-dispensing toy.

These toys are designed to release treats or kibble little by little as your dog plays, providing hours of entertainment. They are fun and can offer some valuable benefits, especially for dogs who don’t like being left alone or get bored quickly.

Our top pick is the KONG – Classic Dog Toy. Designed for average chewers, this bestselling treat toy is recommended by vets and dog trainers worldwide. It can help with crate training separation anxiety and prevent unwanted behaviours such as destructive chewing and incessant barking due to boredom.

In this post, we will be reviewing. 

Keep reading to learn more about the best treat dispensing dog toys on the market and how to choose the right one for your pup. 

Our Best Treat Dispensing Toys

There are many different kinds of treat dispensing dog toys, each providing various benefits to your furry friend! Some are great for mental stimulation, and others are just the thing for introducing healthy eating habits into your dog’s routine.

Whether you’re shopping on a budget or looking to splash out on a special toy, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect treat dispenser in this carefully curated list.

KONG – Classic Dog Toy

The simple-to-use, classic KONG wobbler is one of the most popular treat-dispensing dog toys on the market, and for good reason!

Made from a satisfying and tough rubber, this toy is perfect for dogs that enjoy the mentally stimulating benefits of chewing and working to free your choice of dog-friendly treats hidden inside.

One of the best dog treat toys for alleviating separation anxiety when crate and playpen training, pop your dog’s favourite treats into the kong toy. They’ll be occupied and stimulated for quite some time.

The unpredictable bounce of the KONG wobbler makes it a great treat ball for engaging games of fetch and will keep inquisitive dogs occupied during their daily exercise at the local dog park. We think this is the best treat dispensing dog toy for everyday use, a must-have item for all dog owners.

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Petdentist- Rubber Dog Ball Treat Food Dispenser 

Caring for your dog’s dental health can be tricky, but it’s essential for their overall wellbeing. Healthy eating habits are an essential piece of the puzzle, but a good quality chew toy makes the difference in removing plaque and keeping your dog’s teeth clean and strong.

The soft, textured bristles around this treat ball work to clean your dog’s teeth by acting like mini toothbrushes and satisfy even the most aggressive chewer!

We think this dentist-recommended treat ball is perfect for teething pups and older dogs that exhibit excessive chewing behaviour; if your best buddy needs a better oral health routine, this is the treat ball for you!

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Busy Buddy Cow Wow, Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

The Busy Buddy Cow Wow is the perfect interactive toy for your playful pup! This bouncy cow dispenses treats unpredictably, keeping your dog moving and engaged in play.

The adjustable Treat Meter lets you control the rate at which treats come out so you can customise the experience for your furry friend.

This toy is made of durable, non-toxic rubber and vanilla scented to keep your dog’s interest piqued.

Customers love how durable this toy is for the price; plus, with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest assured that your Buddy Cow Wow will be bouncing around for years to come!

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Starmark Bob-a-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

This bob-a-lot dog toy is an excellent form of mental stimulation for small dogs and pups that like a challenge with their treat-dispensing toys.

Smaller treats are placed into the top of the dog toy and will work their way out as your dog interacts with the bobbling ball.

A high IQ treat ball with a relatively high difficulty level, dog toys like this are a fantastic way to keep your dog engaged and occupied throughout the day.

As this toy is heavily geared towards the mental form of exercise, your dog can happily spend hours working to dispense treats and figure out just how the dog toy works!

We think this is the best treat dispensing dog toy for owners that want to limit the number of treats their furry friend enjoys in a day whilst still enjoying the stimulation of a treat ball!

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Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Dogs are surprisingly clever little things; sometimes, they’ll surprise their owners with the problem-solving skills that they have at their disposal.

This puzzle-based toy is an excellent bet for dog owners who want to nurture their pup’s curious side and provide them with a dog game that rewards clever thinking.

We love this dog treat dispenser toy’s difficulty level; treats can be hidden under the flippers or placed in the blocks through the top for a more formidable challenge.

Non-removable parts make this product extra safe and easy to clean; talking about safety, all Nina Ottosson toys are BPA, PVC & Phthalate free.

A premium quality dog treat-dispensing toy, we highly recommend this product to the owners of dogs that love a challenge.

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Trixie 32019 Dog Activity Turn Around

Could your furry friend benefit from a bit of brain training? Does your curious little pup love to get stuck into problem-solving dog games? If this sounds like you and your pet, we think this dog treat toy dispenser might be just the ticket for you!

With a highly interactive design and fully adjustable difficulty levels, this Trixie product works by dispensing treats when your dog works out how to flip the correct container around.

A great form of mental exercise and suitable for owners considering weight management, each difficulty level gradually makes the treats harder to dispense and more challenging to set free.

We recommend this treat dispensing dog toy to owners of older dogs who could benefit from some brain training to keep them sharp and active as they age.

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Pet-Fun® Large Mango Dog Enrichment Chew Toy

Larger dogs can have trouble with your average treat dispensing dog toys, either clearing out the treats too quickly or not being able to work them out at all!

If this is the case for you and your pup, we recommend trying out this Pet Fun mango enrichment chew toy, perfect for treating big dogs.

With deep-cut grids to hide your dog’s favourite foods, and a rugged rubber design perfect for chewing, this dog food dispenser toy even has an inner section for owners who want to slowly dispense treats and look out for them their dog’s weight management.

We think this dispensing dog toy provides excellent physical and mental stimulation for any large and active dog, a smart buy for pet parents of large breed pups.

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Are Treat Dispensing Dog Toys any Good?

Treat dispensing dog toys have several beneficial uses for excise, mental invigoration and managing your dog’s food intake. They can be great for occupying anxious and energetic dogs and teaching your pup to use their problem-solving skills for a reward.

As with all dog toys, some are better than others, and some specific types of treat dispensing dog toys are better for certain tasks and training than others. It all comes down to research and understanding your dog’s health and wellbeing needs.

The Benefits of a Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Dogs are incredibly social animals and need to feel safe as part of a pack to remain happy and healthy throughout their life.

Your dog relies on you for comfort, so if you often disappear for prolonged amounts of time, your pup will likely experience a lot of anxiety and worry.

Of course, we, unfortunately, have to leave our dogs alone sometimes, so making sure that they’re occupied and distracted during our absence is a great way to curb any feelings of anxiety.

Food dispensing toys for dogs is a great way to achieve this and can help any dog owner leave their dog unattended for a short time without worrying that their best buddy might feel anxious and afraid without them.

Great For Fast Eaters

If your dog has a tremendous appetite, as most often do, a treat dispensing dog toy can be a great way to slow down feeding time and even get a little extra exercise into your dog’s daily routine.

A ball or interactive toy that dispenses treats slowly will prevent your pup from over-indulging too quickly, which can cause bloat or GDV and teach them to slow down during meal times.

Look for a dog toy food dispenser with a small opening for some food; this kind of dog toy dispenses treats slowly and takes a little bit of manipulation to get to the prize! If you’re wondering what’s the best dry dog food to place in the dispenser, then view our guide.

Provides Mental Stimulation

Dogs are very intelligent animals that need regular mentally enriching activities to help them feel satisfied throughout the day. Bored or under-stimulated dogs will often exhibit destructive behaviours like chewing and barking, not because they’re poorly trained, but because they need an outlet for their busy minds!

Providing your pup with a high-quality treat-dispensing toy will allow them to use their problem-solving skills and keep their mind sharp!

Redirects Destructive Chewing Behaviour

Dogs that show signs of destructive behaviour, like chewing and scratching, are often just under-stimulated and bored.

A great way to redirect this behaviour, and keep your dog occupied, is to let them play with a stimulating chew toy that provides the incentive of high-value treats or dry food.

This outlet for your dog’s chewing behaviour will help curb any unwanted destructive tendencies they may otherwise be engaged in around the house, a win for both dog and owner!

Improves Dental Hygiene

Your dog’s oral hygiene is just as important as any other aspect of their physical health, so including steps in your daily routine that work to clean and protect their teeth is always recommended.

Dog toys to put treats in with soft bristles and textured surfaces can be great at removing the plaque and tartar that may build on the surface of their teeth.

You may even consider filling their food dispensing dog toys with dental dog treats, so your dog simultaneously cleans their oral area with both toys and treats alike!

How To Choose Treat Dispensing Dog Toys


Always choose a treat-dispensing toy specifically designed for your dog’s size. Large breed dogs could choke on toys made for small breeds, and small dogs will not be able to use toys for their bigger counterparts properly.

Be particularly careful with squeaky dog toys around large breed dogs; some pups will want to find the noise source and choke on the small pieces of a toy they’ve destroyed. It’s always best to supervise your dog when playing with chew toys.


The toughest dog chew toys make the best treat dispensing dog toys. Products like the KONG stuff-able wobbler are incredibly popular as the thick, robust rubber design is hard to break apart and will minimise the risk of your dog choking on small bits of the toy that might come detached.

A good quality, durable chew toy will last a few years and ensure that your pup can be left alone with the treat dispenser safely when you need to leave them alone now and then.

Difficulty Level

Dogs can quickly become bored and restless, which is often the cause of unwanted destructive behaviours. Ensuring your dog has access to a range of stimulating toys can help keep them happy and is great for their mental health, especially later in life.

Many puzzle toys will have adjustable difficulties, different-sized holes to make treats harder to access or tougher contraptions to move and reveal their favourite food. These mentally stimulating toys are great for intelligent and inquisitive pups!

Is It Dishwasher Safe?

It’s always important to keep your dog’s toys clean, especially when they’ve been exposed to dirt, mud and other dogs during their daily exercise outside. Ensuring your new treat dispensing dog toy is dishwasher safe will make cleaning and sanitising the product a walk in the park!

Dog toys that aren’t dishwasher friendly can melt and deform when exposed to the hot water in your dishwasher, ruining the toy and potentially releasing harmful chemicals as the plastic or rubber breaks down.

Even if the toy isn’t suitable for putting in the dishwasher, it should be easy to clean like all the ones in the list above.

Different Types of Treat Dispensing Toy

Treat-Dispensing Chew Toys

This is the most commonly used treat-dispensing toy and will be enjoyed by dogs of all shapes and sizes. Most treat-dispensing chew toys can be used to keep your dog mentally and physically active throughout the day.

Look for chew toys will adjustable holes that can be altered to provide different difficulty levels. This will allow your chew toy to be used for slow feeding mental exercise and hold your dog’s attention for hours!

Interactive Puzzle Toys

These dog treat dispensers are perfect for highly intelligent dogs and pups that need attention throughout the day.

By stimulating your dog’s mind through problem-solving, you can curb unwanted behaviours that stem from boredom and restlessness.

Puzzle toys can occupy your dog for hours on end, so they’re great for energetic breeds and can even promote better sleep by tiring your dog safely and productively!

Textured Chew Toys

Textured chew toys with deep ridges and crevices that you can hide treats in or smear peanut butter on are a great form of mentally stimulating fun for your pup.

Even larger enrichment toys and mats provide even more space for hiding tasty treats and healthy snacks that will keep your dog entertained for hours!

Things to Put Inside a Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Dog food dispensing chew toys can be used in various ways; they can be filled with all manner of tasty treats and yummy surprises that your furry buddy will love!

You’re not limited to only using store-bought dog treats in these products; you may wish to get creative and provide Fido with some healthy snacks that will offer an added benefit to their playtime.

Healthy treats include veggies, peanut butter and diced fruits; during the summer months, you can even try freezing these snacks to help keep your dog cool when you’re out and about.

If your pup is a fast eater and you’re looking for a way to slow things down, try popping their kibble into a treat dispenser and set the opening only to allow a small amount of food to be released as they play.

This video shows you how to make healthy dog treats


How Do You Train A Dog To Use A Treat Ball?

Teaching your dog how to use a treat ball is relatively simple, especially as they’ll be excited to win the prize inside! Just fill the toy with their favourite snacks, show the ball to your dog, and tip the toy to allow a treat to fall out.

Encourage your pup to sniff and paw at the ball; this will help them to make a connection between the treat and the toy.

With all this in action, your dog should be good to go and will love playing with their new treat ball.

What Toys Can I Leave My Dog Alone With?

While you should always provide your dog with a few toys if you’re planning on leaving them alone in a crate or a travel pen for dogs, the toys you choose are crucial!

Only leave your dog alone with durable, simple toys that don’t have any moving parts or easily removable features.

Solid balls and single mould chew toys are the best options and avoid rope toys or items that can be easily destroyed and present a choking hazard.

Last Word 

When looking for a new way to keep your dog entertained and out of trouble, consider investing in one of these treat-dispensing toys.

Treat dispensing toys come with loads of benefits and can be used as part of a training regimen or to help relieve boredom while you’re away from home.

From licky mats or the Kong Classic, a Bob-a-Lot, to the Omega Tricky Treat Ball, there are various options for any pup and lifestyle, which is why we included so many different styles in this blog post.

Our top choice is the Kong wobbler; this food dispensing dog toy can help keep your dog occupied for hours and, like any Kong classic, can be stuffed or filled with tasty treats.

Whether your pet needs some extra mental stimulation or wants something new from time to time, these toy companies have you covered with their innovative products!

We hope this article has helped you decide which treat-dispensing toys will meet your pup’s unique needs! For a full range of dog training equipment for sale, see our main page where we cover a variety of products to keep your pet healthy.

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