Review: Best Temporary Fencing for Dogs UK – 8 Safe Picks for 2021

If you’re strapped for time and don’t want to read all the reviews, then the best fencing for dogs we found was the Bettacare Premium Pet Barrier. Based on the research we did and the buyers’ feedback, this is our top choice this year.

There are lots of reasons you might need a temporary fence to keep your dog contained for short periods. You may require a dog fence outside in the yard or a playpen indoors, perhaps if you have guests, are doing building work or your dog is having puppies.

A cheap dog fence will keep Fido from digging up the garden, your pooch may have had surgery, or you may be visiting someone who doesn’t have an enclosed garden. A dog playpen or portable dog run is also ideal for holidays.

There are a lot of different options to choose from. Which size of fence or fencing will work well for you and your dog? Are you going to be using it as an exercise pen in the yard or indoors? What shape would you prefer? Will your pet be able to jump out? Do you need a large exercise pen or a small barrier to keep your pet in a designated area of the garden?

In this guide, I’ll take a look at eight of the top dog fence choices available for you to buy right now. I’ve also put together a short buying guide so you know what to look for when comparing option to option.

In this guide, we will look at the following dog fence products:

Which Temporary Dog Fence Should I Buy?

So now we have covered why dog fencing could be useful. It’s time to look at the top picks for your pet I’ve lined up for this guide.

There are indoor pens with a door for easy access, Ones best used in your yard and cheap dog fences that can be arranged in various shapes.

I’ve set up links for you to explore these choices on Amazon. Whether you need a barrier for animals indoors or a large outdoor exercise pen with a door, we’ve researched dozens of products so you can choose the best for your pets requirements and I’ve also been fair enough to sort pros as well as cons.

Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Top Multi Panel Pet Barrier – Bettacare Premium Dog Barrier

Great for creating a fence for small to medium dogs that can be angled to your specific demands, this handy dog fence is a solid option for creating stair barriers or small, three-sided pens.

It’s powder-coated steel, making it impressively durable too. It’s less temporary than the other dog fences in this list as it will need some fixing, but it’s easy to install and can be used either in the yard or at home.


  • Dog owners like the robust construction
  • Expandable fence with additional parts
  • Easy to install and operate with one hand


  • Can’t be left freestanding

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Best Indoor & Outdoor Dog Fence – Flexipanel Foldable Dog Gate

If you know that your dog is likely to need enclosing in and outside, this dog fence is likely to be a great choice. It’s a great size at a metre tall, really simple to set up, and very flexible, folding down and up again, making it easy to store

The panels fasten together very easily and will give dogs plenty of space and opportunity to see where you’ve gone! Built from metal and coated in plastic, this is a hardy and durable option that’s likely to work great with plenty of breeds, even those who are to be pretty destructive!


  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Tall enough dog fence to stop even the biggest of jumpers
  • Very easy to install and store


  • A little more expensive than most

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Top Heavy Duty Fence for Small Breeds – Simply Shield Fencing Mesh

This lovely playpen addition is one of the most physically appealing options available online. Lovingly built and ready for heavy-duty rough and tumble, it’s likely to do more for you than your average, flimsy cheap dog fences

This particular fence is built for small dogs, though there is a larger size available. It’s perfect for indoor use thanks to its protective feet, and what’s more, it’s always easy to pack up and unfold again as and when you need it. There’s also a door built-in, meaning if you want to let your dog in and out, you can.


  • Some of the most stylish dog fencing available for the money
  • Keep your dog or other animals safely contained
  • Can be flexibly adjusted to create unique areas


  • Not ideal for outdoor use

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Top Portable Dog Fence – Pawhut Puppy Metal Playpen

Why just invest in a dog fence alone? It may be worth buying a full pet playpen if you really want to create a unique area for your pet. This system offers eight different panels, one with a door which you can slot together into three different shapes. It’s really easy to pack down and transport, too.

This product actually works well for a variety of pets, too, meaning that if you have a rabbit or guinea pig looking for an outdoor run, this offers a lot of durability and flexibility. More than just a dog fence, this is a full enclosure that’s always easy to set up and store when you’re finished with it.


  • An affordable option for a pet exercise pen
  • A secure two-bolt latching system
  • Easy to install No tools needed to put together


  • Pretty heavy to transport

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Most Affordable Dog Fencing Panels – AmazonBasics Foldable Exercise Pen

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to enclose your pets, this bare-bones foldable dog pen will likely appeal to you. While it does offer you the very basics in terms of dog fencing ideas, it is a cheap dog fence that will keep your dog safely enclosed

This unit comes with ground anchors and eight panels in total, meaning that you can fit together your own dog fence and perimeter in a matter of seconds. It’s portable, too, making it an ideal fence for use both inside or in the yard.


  • Great for smaller pets (bigger sizes available)
  • One of the cheapest fences online
  • Lightweight and foldable for ease of movement


  • Perhaps not the hardiest of pet fences

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Top Pick for Puppies – UNDERDOG Extra Heavy Duty Puppy Play Pen

Constructed from high-quality metal panels, this sturdy extra tall playpen can be used either indoors or outdoors and is the perfect solution if you have a litter of puppies that need containing. It’s easy to set up and install with several shape configurations.

Puppy Playpens offer security and a safe place for your furbabies or other animals to play, you can even add extra fence panels to increase the space. When not in use, this great exercise pen can be folded and stored away easily.


  • No tools required for this cheap dog fence
  • Well built and sturdy
  • Large enough for most dogs


  • Some reviews say the joins may move if pushed

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Top Pick for Gardens with More Space –Costoffs Heavy Duty Puppy Play Pen

This 12-panel exercise pen with a door is great outdoors on a lawn or indoors for multiple small dogs or litters of puppies. It could be folded flat for storage and reduced to 6 panels if you wanted to take it with you on holiday, for instance. It has easy access and is made from sturdy sprayed iron, which will keep your dog safely enclosed.

There are no sharp edges and the panels are 60cm high, so it may not be suitable for larger dogs who would be able to hop over pretty easily, but it’s definitely one of our favourite dog fences for small animals.


  • Very adaptable – sold in 2 packs so you can use 6 or 12 panels
  • Great for puppies and small pets
  • Sturdy metal frame


  • Only 60cm high

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Waterproof Mat – Speedwellstar MAT for 8 Side X Large Pet Pen

If you are using your dog fence or playpen for housebreaking or whelping puppies and it is indoors, you are going to need a mat and this one is the perfect solution. The heavy-duty waterproof material protects floors and is easy to keep clean

It fits many types of 8 sided indoor pens and is attached easily with loops; the 600 denier fabric is tough against scratching and can be omitted if you use the pen in your yard or outdoors


  • Protects carpets and floors from accidents
  • Ideal for whelping
  • Easily cleaned


  • Not really a con, but this is just a mat, not the whole pen.

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Why Should I Buy a Dog Fence?

Buying dog fences is all about keeping your pet safe and there are many reasons why a portable dog fence or playpen might come in useful

10 reasons for dog fences

1) Potty Training

If you are trying to potty train a puppy, you might want to set up a small fencing area indoors to help them understand boundaries. Many pet parents use crates to housebreak pups as they don’t tend to do their business where they sleep and eat; playpens are usually larger, though, so it’s important to rely on other aspects of housebreaking, too, like watching for signs and keeping to a routine.

2) Introducing a new pet

So, you’ve got a new pooch or kitten and not sure how things are going to go? You may even have come across a stray dog and are fearful of bringing them home in case your own pet doesn’t welcome them with open arms. Having a dog fence will allow you to introduce new friends without any fights and help them get used to each other whilst feeling secure.

3) Travelling with your pet

More of us than ever are taking our pets on holiday with us, be it to a holiday cottage, camping, or even hotels and portable fencing is ideal. Most fold flat and are portable, meaning you can take them with you and provide a safe place for your four-legged friend, whatever the surroundings. For example, there may be a swimming pool, wildlife, poisonous plants or the outdoor space may not be fully enclosed.

4) Containment in the garden

Not all gardens are dog friendly and there are all sorts of hazards for our canine companions, ponds, dangerous plants etc., so having a cheap dog fence or portable fencing can keep them safe if you are not there to supervise. Not only that, some dogs love destroying flower beds when you turn your back, so having them contained on the grass will prevent them from digging up your Petunias.

5) Moving house

Moving home is stressful for both dogs and owners, stuff and boxes all over the place, doors left open, and your new garden may not be enclosed. The Solution- A dog fence or an indoor pen. This will give you peace of mind with all the coming and going knowing your pooch is safe, make him feel more secure in his new home and get rid of any escape ideas.

6) Taking your dog to work

Not only are more of us taking our pup on holiday, but many of us are also taking them to work too. While that’s Ok if your dog is well trained and sits beside you or under the desk but if you have a young dog, one that wants to explore or rushes out the door every time it opened, A small dog fence or playpen could be a great solution in keeping Fido contained for a few hours.

7) After surgery

Some dog’s always want to be on the go or have doggy pals they like to wrestle and play with. However, if they’ve had an operation, this isn’t always the best of ideas. An outdoor fence or pen will keep them separated from their playmates or other animals and help prevent any setbacks or accidents. Temporary fencing is also useful should you have a female dog in heat, although the panels would need to fairly high to stop any ardent males from getting ideas and jumping over.

8) When guests arrive

I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone loves dogs and some pooches can be very over-exuberant when guests arrive; a small enclosed pen or barrier will keep Fido under control, so no jumping up etc. but he will still be in the same room so doesn’t feel excluded. It will also protect nervous dogs been poked and lifted by visiting children.

9) Having building work done

Speaking from experience, having a new kitchen fitted with a dog in the home is a nightmare, having to watch workmen don’t leave the doors open, bits and bobs everywhere, which could potentially be a hazard and a big dog getting in the way of everyone. This is a situation where dog fences come into their own not only do they keep your dog safe but also prevent him from getting in the way. Easily fit a cheap fence across a section of the living room and problem solved

10) Visiting family or friends

Taking a portable fencing solution with you when visiting family or friends is a great idea. Their yard may not be dog-friendly; they could be having a BBQ or party where Rover would be a nuisance running around freely or even perhaps a new baby. Keeping your dog contained in an exercise pen means you can still take them with you so they won’t be left home alone, but they won’t annoy anyone or cause disruption.

11) Puppies

If you are going to breed your furbaby, then fencing or a pen is a must. It will give puppies a space to play as they grow whilst giving you peace of mind they are not getting into everything, chewing your furniture or peeing all over the house. Plus, it keeps them safe and secure where you can keep an eye on them at all times.

What Should I Look for in Temporary Dog Fencing?

There are a few things you should always consider when buying a dog fence for the first time. You might find a chain-link fence appealing, or a simple folding fence system that’s flexible with areas of different sizes might be more practical.

Regardless, you will need to think about your dog’s safety, first and foremost and whether your dog will try to jump over the fence. Make sure to set up a fence that keeps them safely enclosed but still gives them the ability to see and hear you if need be.

You should, of course, also look for dog fences that are tall enough to prevent leaps over the top! That’s why you’ll find plenty of ideas and products out there which are built for larger animals, for example.

Do also consider fence systems that are easy to fix up with zip ties, for example, and those which you can effectively fold up and take elsewhere. You should also consider the size of the area your fence will accommodate – your dog is going to need plenty of room to wander around in!

How to Build a DIY Dog Fence

An affordable option is to build your own DIY dog fence; this means you can customise it to your requirements if you have a dog that can jump fences easily, the ground outside is uneven, or you have a large area to fence in a cheap dog fence may be the ideal solution.

Things you will need for homemade pet fences

  • Posts – either wooden or metal stakes
  • Netting, Mesh, wood or metal panels
  • Zip ties
  • Ground staples to stop Fido from pushing his way or digging under the fence
  • Hammer
  • Wire clippers

First of all, plan where your DIY dog fence will go and mark out where you are going to place your stakes. You can use wooden Suregreen 10 Pack Rounded Fence Stakes 1.8m x75mm. Wooden Fencing Posts, 6ft Tanalised wood: Garden & Outdoors or metal posts

Secondly, unwrap the mesh or netting to the required length or if you are using panels, check you have placed the stakes at the correct measurements apart.

Attach the panels or wire mesh to the post with zip ties making sure your DIY dog fence is secure. If you use chicken wire or mesh for your cheap dog fence, you can add ground staples for safety, especially if you have a terrier who likes to dig; these will anchor the fence to the ground.

If you want to add a door, you may need additional supplies like hinges or a bolt system.

Always check for safety, there should be no jagged edges, no gaps in the fence where your pet can get his paws or head stuck, and the panels should be high enough to prevent larger dogs from jumping over.

Is a Playpen better than a Cheap Dog Fence?

It depends on your needs; a playpen is usually a set of panels, either metal plastic or fabric, which slot together to make an enclosure for your pet, while barrier type dog fences can be used to section off areas to create a dog run.

If you just want to partition off an area of the garden or keep your dog contained in an open-plan living space, a barrier fence may be the best option if you need a portable enclosed space perhaps for going on holiday, a playpen may be the perfect solution, whichever you choose it should be easy to install, sturdy and safe for your pet.


How can I keep my dog in the yard without a fence?

The best way to contain your dog if your yard isn’t fenced is with an exercise pen, dog fences or dog run. You can purchase them online or in stores or if your feeling adventurous you could try to make your own

What type of fencing is best for dogs?

Dog fences can be made of all sorts, including wood, metal, wire mesh. It depends on what you need it for; a heavy-duty metal option will be good for semi-permanent outdoor dog fences, whilst plastic and fabric pens are better for indoor use. Always make sure there are no gaps where paws could get jammed and that your pet cannot jump out and escape.

What can I use for a temporary dog fence?

There are many situations where you may need a short term fence solution- a folding panel option is always handy to have for emergencies, or if you’re good with a hammer, then DIY dog fences may be the right way to go; you can use mesh or panels and secure them into the ground with stakes or fence off a corner with galvanised wire panels to create a safe exercise pen in your yard.


If you’re on the fence – pun intended – about finding a reliable enclosure or perimeter for your pup, there are stacks of dog fences out there that are likely to help ease your mind.

You might not realise you need a dog fence until that need actually arises – however, it makes serious sense to invest in a flexible, temporary prop or pen to keep your dog safe. Our favourite is the Bettacare Premium Pet Barrier as it is tall to stop dogs jumping and is easily transferable.

Whether inside or outside, the fencing I’ve looked at here offer you the top picks to help keep pups of various sizes safe and secure. If you’re like me, you’ll want to spend as much time with your dog as possible. However, sometimes, you are going to need them to keep themselves busy – why not choose some great fencing or a pen from the list above to get started? For more of the coolest dog stuff for the home and garden it’s here.

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