The UK’s Best Tactical Dog Harness or Vest in 2022

This is our review of the best dog tactical harness in 2022

Do you have a furry friend who likes to join you on outdoor adventures? If so, you might consider buying a robust military harness for dogs.

There are many things to consider when looking for the best tactical dog harness. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We’ll outline all the features you should be looking for and give you some recommendations for the best harnesses on the market.

Our top pick and the best tactical dog harness available in the UK right now is the rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness. Made from military-grade materials, this versatile tactical vest can be used for police dogs, to train service dogs, hiking or as a heavy-duty option for everyday use

In this guide, we will review

So whether you’re an experienced tactical handler or just starting out, read on for the tips you need to choose the right harness for your furry friend!

Our Best Dog Tactical Harnesses

Below are some of the best dog training vest options; they are all packed with handy features and the only decision you need to make is which one suits your needs the best. Let’s get started!

rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness

Introducing the Rabbitgoo tactical harness – perfect for active dogs who love to run, explore and play! Made from military-grade materials, this sturdy harness is built to last.

It features heavy-duty stitching and two metal shoulder buckles that can withstand great pulling force. Plus, it’s well-padded in every pressure load point to protect your dog’s skin and like most tactical dog harnesses, there’s a top handle to help your dog over obstacles or rugged terrain.

The harness also has a breathable air mesh lining that keeps your dog cool and comfortable during long walks or hikes. And for added safety and convenience, the harness comes with two metal leash attachment points, a quick release buckle and five fully adjustable straps.

Additionally, the MOLLE system on both sides provides plenty of space to store pouches, water bottles, or other essential pet gear.

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ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

Looking for a harness that can help with training and daily walks? Look no further than the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness.

Made with a 1000 lb proof-load tested alloy metal buckle, this harness is tough enough for military dogs and a solid choice for pet owners wanting a robust harness.

The double leash clip D-ring ensures a strong connection, while the two 1″ strip MOLLE(modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) allows your dog to carry gear. The durable handle is tough and easy to grab, perfect for on-the-go use.

Icefang is well known for its excellent quality military K9 harness options and leads, so you have peace of mind when choosing this brand.

Compatible with the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Leash, this harness is perfect for big dogs and those who enjoy outdoor sports.

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The Excellent Elite Spanker tactical dog harness is a versatile and functional army dog harness that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

This harness is easy to put on and take off with quick-release buckles and features an adjustable size for a perfect fit.

The MOLLE system allows you to store extra gear on the harness while the elastic bands keep everything in place.

This top-of-the-line product is made of high-quality nylon with strong stitching. It also comes in 4 sizes and five colours, making this dog tactical vest perfect for small, medium or large dogs.

Whether you’re hitting the trails or spending time at the park, this harness is perfect for any activity and one of the best tactical dog vests around.

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OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

Designed especially for smaller dog breeds, this heavy-duty tactical dog harness is made of 1000D nylon for extra durability and dirt/water/abrasion resistance; this harness also features quick-release buckles for easy put on and take off.

The fleece-padded front strap prevents chafing and discomfort, while the heavy-duty vertical grab handle makes it easy to control your canine companion in tricky situations.

The MOLLE straps and loop panels allow you to attach pouches, patches or other accessories, such as water bottles or safety lights.

The neck circumference measures 11 “-17” while the chest girth measures 15 “-22”, making it suitable for breeds like Frenchies, Beagles and Jack Russells.

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Julius-K9 IDC Stealth PowerHarness

This is the perfect product for anyone with service dogs. The “stealth” part of this harness comes from the fact that the buckles and locks are designed to be silent, which is perfect for covert operations.

It also has a GoPro attachment, perfect for recording your epic adventures together. You may find our guide to go-pro harnesses interesting if this is an important feature.

The anti-slip harness handle provides extra security and safety when needed and the reflective detailing helps keep your dog safe when walking at night or in low light conditions.

And finally, service canines often need to display their role to the public clearly, and police departments and military divisions will want to display their badges.

The stealth harness has plenty of space to attach these, with enlarged Velcro or hook and loop panel.

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MUDINPET Tactical Dog Harness

This harness is made with scratch-resistant nylon for lightweight, breathable comfort, two metal buckles and four adjustable straps, making it incredibly sturdy and durable, especially around the shoulder position, which is the load-bearing point if your dog pulls.

The ergonomic design also evenly distributes pressure without damaging your dog’s neck, so your dog doesn’t choke. If your pup happens to be an escape artist, the two-part design with sturdy stitching will keep them secure.

The MOLLE system on each side of this dog service vest allows your dog to carry small equipment or pouches with essentials like medication.

This versatile tactical dog harness is excellent value for money and works just as well for companion dogs as it does for working hounds.

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FEimaX Tactical Dog Harness

Constructed from durable 1000D nylon, featuring soft padded lining and breathable mesh, this vest is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities.

The two alloy shoulder strap buckles can withstand lots of pulling force, while the front chest buckle can be used for pull control or dog training.

And don’t worry about adjusting the fit – this harness is fully adjustable to ensure it’s comfortable and secure around your dog’s body.

Plus, both sides are equipped with a MOLLE hook and loop system, so you can easily attach canine essentials like water bottles and training supplies to this dog vest.

It comes in various colours, including black, army green, camouflage and brown.

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What is a Tactical Dog Vests Purpose?

Initially, these were the original army harness for dogs used by military dog handlers. They were ergonomically designed to be comfortable for dogs to wear for long periods.

They covered most of the body to protect the dog and included features not found in regular dog harness products, such as handles for better control and hook and loop panels to carry gear.

Nowadays, the benefits of a tactical harness have made them a popular choice for other working dogs and any dog owner who enjoys outdoor adventures with their four-legged friend.

Police and military dogs 

There are many jobs that canines excel at within these services, from finding missing persons to sniffing out drugs and explosives.

A tactical dog’s vest protects their bodies, enables them to carry essential supplies, and gives information to the public when patches are added.

Some harnesses feature stealth buckles which make no noise, perfect for secret missions.

Service dogs

Tactical harnesses are a must for service dogs! These furry friends may be required to carry health supplies, medicine or other necessary equipment, and tactical dog harnesses are ideal for the job.

Hunting dogs

The dog’s hunting skills are enhanced by wearing a tactical vest. The dog can catch prey off-guard as tactical vests usually come in easily camouflaged colours and carry equipment or bait to help its human counterpart if needed!

Dog trainers

Tactical vests and harnesses are often used by dogs trained for security or guard dog work. In fact, putting this kind of harness on tells your dog he has a job to do and can help them focus!

Search and rescue dogs

Like other service animals, search and rescue canines need to carry essential supplies such as water and first aid supplies; they also often work in the dark, so having somewhere to attach a torch is handy.

Hiking dogs 

If you enjoy hitting the trail with your four-legged friend, a tactical harness is well worth the money; it is more hardwearing than a standard harness.

It gives you increased control and has a sturdy handle for lifting your dog in an emergency or helping them over obstacles.

Aggressive dogs

If you own a large, aggressive dog, walks can be a nightmare and a tactical harness could be invaluable.

It will give you much better control in potentially dangerous situations; you can also stick patches on to warn other dog walkers to stay away.

Benefits of a Tactical Dog Vest for Everyday Use

Best choice for big breeds

Most tactical harnesses are designed for service dogs which tend to be larger breeds. They are ergonomically designed to be worn for long periods and give the handler better control.

This makes tactical vests an excellent option for owners of big dogs such as German Shepherds and Labradors.

Better control

The best tactical harness will have more than one leash attachment point and a top handle. This means you can attach a double-ended lead during training for increased control.

The grab handle can help your pooch tackle rough terrain or assist them over obstacles.

Displaying information

They also often have velcro areas to which you can attach information patches such as “dog in training”, “do not pet”, or the military squadron they belong to. These can also come in handy when hiking with your pup.

Multiple leash attachments

One of the best things about a tactical dog vest is the multiple leash attachment points. This means you can use the front clip to redirect the dog’s forward motion, deter your dog from pulling and put less pressure on the dog’s neck.

The back attachment is ideal for casual walks with a well-behaved dog that doesn’t pull or both if you are training or have a reactive or large dog that is difficult to control.

Gives a sense of security.

The style of a service dog vest means it can offer a feeling of security to smaller or nervous dogs. Because the harness covers the torso, applying pressure creates a calming effect, like swaddling a baby.

The best tactical dog harness saves money.

Whilst tactical harnesses aren’t the cheapest, they can save you money in the long run by not having to replace them often. They are usually more hardwearing than a standard dog harness, so they will last for years.

Great for escape artists

The way tactical harnesses are designed, with more adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit means they are generally escape-proof, making them fantastic for dogs who have worked out how to back out of a harness

Helps lose weight

If you have a dog carrying more weight than it should, a military-style harness can help shed the pounds.

They are slightly heavier than a typical harness anyway, but adding a couple of loaded-up pouches can really up the ante and help your pooch get back in shape.

Are Tactical Dog Harnesses Good?

A military vest for dog walking is an excellent solution for hikers and controlling larger breeds. They are usually more robust than standard harnesses and are made to be lightweight and comfortable. They also have sturdy clips and metal buckles on the dog’s shoulder position, which is the most load-bearing point.

They have pockets and pouches so your dog can carry his share of the load and often include safety features like reflective detailing should you find yourself walking in the dark.

What Features to Look for When Choosing a Good Dog Tactical Harness


One of the best features of a tactical dog harness is the ability to carry supplies with you. Not all dogs can carry extra weight, so you must ensure you don’t overload your pet.

A general rule of thumb is no more than 25% of your dog’s body weight, less if hiking long distances.


A service dog vest is usually made from durable materials such as military-grade 1000d nylon and they often have metal buckles instead of plastic ones for increased strength.

You only have to read tactical dog harness reviews to see how well made they are, making them ideal for owners of strong, active dogs.

MOLLE system

Most dog harnesses used for service dogs have a MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) system for attaching dog tactical gears such as safety lights.

You can also buy tactical dog harness pouches separately to carry medical supplies, food etc.

Don’t get this confused with the PALS system. This stands for Pouch Attachment Ladder System, which is the webbing on the MOLLE equipment allowing modular components to be added.


A tactical dog harness needs a handle; it enables you to control your dog in stressful situations or crowded places; it can help them across rough ground, over obstacles, or grab them if they fall.

The best tactical dog harness will have a reinforced handle double stitched for extra tensile strength.


A dog may have to wear its tactical harness all day, so it’s crucial to ensure it fits well and is comfortable.

A great example is the Excellent Elite Spanker harness. It’s constructed of durable nylon and has a soft padded lining and quick-release buckles, making it a breeze to put on and take off and not as restrictive as some other tactical harnesses.

Safety When Using Tactical Dog Vests

Whilst tactical harnesses are incredibly safe to use, like any dog accessory, there are some precautions you need to be aware of when using them.

Don’t overload your dog.

Although a MOLLE system is excellent for extra storage, you mustn’t give your dog too much to carry as this could tire them out much quicker and even cause injury.

A fit, active large breed can carry up to 25% of their body weight, but you will need to work up to this gradually and remember smaller dogs, puppies and seniors won’t be able to manage this amount, so keep it between 10-15%.

Also, try to balance the weight evenly so your dog’s gait is not affected.

Beware of heatstroke

Because a tactical dog vest covers more of the body than a regular harness, it can cause your dog to overheat. So it’s crucial to carry plenty of water, stick to shaded areas in the midday heat and watch out for signs of heatstroke, such as excessive panting, drooling and fatigue.

This is especially important if you use a tactical dog harness on a brachycephalic breed such as Bulldogs, Pugs or Boxers.

Don’t let Fido get caught up.

One of the main advantages of a tactical dog harness is the loops and straps to attach gear; however, they can present a problem if caught on loose branches or thick undergrowth.

Always give your pup a once over before hitting the trail to ensure nothing hangs loose.

Don’t leave Fido in a wet harness.

Leaving a wet harness on your dog all day can result in skin infections, so it’s essential to try and keep a military dog carrying harness dry if possible.

Check for sore spots under the armpits or chest if your dog’s harness has got wet.

How to Measure your Dog for a Tactical Harness

Measuring for a military dog harness is easy. All you need is a tape measure and a pen and paper to record your dog’s chest circumference, length and neck measurement;

Girth – Place the tape around the widest part of your dog’s chest just behind the front legs; a good tip is to add 1-2″ to this measurement to allow for growing room if necessary.

Length –  measure from the shoulder blades to the base of their tail. This step is vital for dogs with long backs as some harnesses come up short!

Neck – Wrap the tape measure around your dog’s lower neck, where a collar would typically sit and record the measurement.

Some harnesses are sold by your dog’s weight; however, these can be unreliable. A 50lb dog can be long and lean like an Afghan Hound or short and chunky like a Basset Hound, both of which are very different in size and shape!

We always recommend reading through reviews first to discover if there are sizing issues and checking the manufacturer’s measuring guide.


What brand dog harness does the military use?

We don’t know what brand; however, the Icefang tactical vest on our list is probably the closest in design.

How do you clean an Icefang tactical dog harness?

The Icefang tactical dog harness is effortless to keep clean, simply wash by hand with a mild detergent and leave to air dry.

How should a tactical dog harness fit?

The best tactical harnesses should not be too tight or too loose; like any other harness, you should be able to slide two fingers between the straps and skin and there should be lots of adjustment so you can customise it for your pup’s unique body shape.

Conclusion & Top Pick

A tactical dog vest is the best option if you’re looking for a harness that will last and work well in various situations.

These vests look good on your furry friend and provide safety features to keep them from getting injured or running away while wearing them.

Our number #1 choice is the rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness. This heavy-duty vest is made from durable nylon and has all the features you need in the best tactical dog harness.

Whether you’re hiking with your pup or heading out into the wilderness, there are plenty of options available at different price points, so you can find one that fits your budget.

We hope this article has been helpful as an introduction to all things tactical dog gear! Be sure to check out our other articles for more information on canine equipment and how to be prepared.

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