The UK’s Best Spray to Keep a Dog from Peeing in the House

This is our review of the best spray to keep a dog from peeing in the house in 2023.

When you own a dog, you know that accidents can happen. However, it can be a nightmare if your adult dog is regularly peeing in the house. Inappropriate urination is an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. The first step is to figure out why your dog is peeing in the house. There are a few different reasons dogs display inappropriate urinary behaviour.

In this guide, we will be reviewing the following animal urine repellant:

What happens when a puppy becomes an adult dog and still insists on peeing in the house? There are multiple reasons dogs may have accidents in the house, but one of the most common is because they simply don’t know any better.

Medical issues such as bladder infections and urinary tract stones can also cause a dog to urinate in the house. These medical problems need to be addressed by a veterinarian immediately.

You could try rising citrus oil or pour vinegar on their special area to eliminate the smell, or alternatively, look at the options below.

Keep reading to see which commercial sprays hit the mark, how to make your own dog urine spray deterrent, and how to remove the smell.

Our Best Spray to Stop Dogs from Peeing and Ruining Carpets

Our Best Dog Pee Repellent Spray – C&G Pets Urine Stop Spray for Cat and Dog Repellent

Cooper and Gracie offer a superb range of cruelty-free pet products and Urine stop is designed to help with potty training and deter dogs from peeing in the same spot on the carpet.

The blend of natural ingredients such as lemongrass and citrus will help keep them from peeing in inappropriate indoor and outdoor areas. Unlike many urine deterrent sprays, it’s free from parabens and other nasty chemicals.

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Karlsten Dog Urine Repellent

Turn your home into a urine free space with this fresh-smelling deterrent spray from Karlsten; it’s easy to use, fast-acting and provides long-lasting protection.

Like the Cooper and Gracie spray, its main ingredients are lemongrass and citrus and it’s completely child friendly with no harsh chemicals on the ingredient list, so it can be used on carpet, wooden floors and soft furnishings.

The reviews mention mixed results, so some dogs are obviously not as averse to the citrus scent as others and you do need to use quite a lot, so once again, we would be tempted to make a homemade alternative, perhaps with white vinegar or chilli peppers as the off-putting odour.

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KinderPet Pee Stop Spray

KinderPet Pee Stop Spray is made in the UK using 100% natural ingredients which are alcohol-free, chemical-free, paraben-free, additive-free, and most of all cruelty-free.

Like many citrus-scented sprays, the bitter fruit-based formula makes for an excellent urine repellent for dogs and it can be used inside on carpets, rugs and soft furnishings or outside in the kids play area on the lawn or to protect the flower beds.

Once again, there are mixed reviews with this dog urine deterrent, with it working for some and not for others.

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Pressed to Fresh – Urine Shield

The main reason dogs return to the same spot to wee is the lingering odour; with its blend of essential oils, this spray to discourage dogs from peeing is super effective at eliminating smells to prevent repeat marking.

The biodegradable formula combines citronella, orange and clove oils. It is non-staining, so it is safe to use on rugs, carpets, bedding, and you can even apply it to the best dog friendly artificial grass. With no synthetic chemicals, it can be used with no danger to pets or children.

Made in the UK from sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, it comes in a recyclable bottle making it a fantastic choice for dog owners who care about the planet.

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Pet Harmony Natural Urine stopper Repellent Spray

Pet Harmony’s unique dog spray to stop peeing is great for stopping your dog from peeing in unwanted areas inside and outside your home.

Made from 100% all-natural ingredients, it’s safe to use around children and other pets and can be used on rugs, hard surfaces, carpet and even lawns and flower beds and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Instructions for use

  1. Always shake thoroughly before use.
  2. Thoroughly clean the soiled area with an enzymatic cleaner
  3. Spray liberally in the affected area
  4. Repeat this every other day to prevent inappropriate urination
  5. Then spritz every week or so to continue the protection

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Don’t Pee Here Spray.

The Don’t pee here spray is slightly different from others on the list as it uses natural mustard oil instead of citrus scents to discourage dogs from peeing inside. Some dog owners may find the initial odour unpleasant, but it soon fades away, although a dog’s sensitive nose will still pick it up.

The non-staining formula is entirely safe to use inside on all your soft furnishings and rugs, even in areas where children play.

The 500ml bottle is easy to use and has a long shelf life, but customers have had mixed results like all the other options in our round-up.

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Fantastic Spray to Keep Puppies from Peeing – The Dog Doctors Urine Stopper Spray

The Dog Doctor’s urine prevention spray eliminates the scent of urine, so it will stop your dog from returning to the same area to do their business.

It’s a fantastic housebreaking aid for puppies or if you have brought a new dog into the house who decides to mark their territory. It contains no harmful chemicals and can be used on almost any surface, both indoors and outdoors.

This enzyme cleaner is a bit pricey compared to some options, although it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Pee Deterrent

Pet Friendly

When you have a dog, any product you use around the home should always be pet-friendly


Look for natural ingredients and products that don’t contain harsh chemicals that may affect your pup or the surfaces you are using it on.


Read the reviews, many dog urine spray repellent products seem to have mixed results, so it’s a good idea to choose one with a money-back guarantee; also, test your dog before ordering if he isn’t bothered by the smell of citrus; these are unlikely to work.


If you want to stop your dog peeing in the house, the price may not seem important. However, most of these products are £10 and above, so why not simply invest in a spray bottle and make your own dog pee deterrent for pennies.

What Else Could I Use

Did you know there are lots of things around the home you can use to repel dogs and you can make your spray to deter dogs from peeing for next to nothing?

So, what scents deter dogs from peeing?

Homemade Dog Pee Repellent – 7 Smells Dogs Hate

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Lemon Juice or Other Citrus
  • Chilli Powder
  • Mustard Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Ammonia

DIY Natural Dog Deterrent Spray

The best dog pee repellent is certainly effective. Yet it’s really simple to make your own natural dog repellent, so why not give it a try. As we’ve mentioned above, every dog is different. They may have a particular scent they really dislike, so experiment a little before you begin. If you use things like cayenne pepper or mustard, don’t go overboard.

Things you will need

  • A clean spray bottle
  • Lukewarm water
  • Essential oils
  • Distilled white vinegar

Begin by posting the water into the small spray bottle, then add a couple of tablespoons of distilled white vinegar to the mix

Add the essential oil to deter dog from peeing, things like citronella and lemon are often used, or even a handful of herbs like rosemary give it a good shake and spray on the surfaces or carpet you don’t want Fido to urinate on and get rid of the pong.

You could also try spreading citrus peel around the area or use a solution of equal parts isopropyl alcohol and water. Things like chilli peppers can be used outside around plants without harming them.

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Dog Urine

Any dog owner knows the smell of dog urine lingers and this is part of the reason your four-legged friend returns to the same spot time and time again when potty training. If your dog urinates where it shouldn’t, use an enzymatic cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain and Odour Eliminator to neutralise the pong. Alternatively, try baking soda, which is fantastic for removing odours, even dog urine.


Should you rub a dog’s nose in pee?

You should NEVER rub a dog’s nose in their accident, they don’t understand and it will just make them fearful, so next time they are more likely to do the deed somewhere, you can’t see them, which will just increase the problem.

How do I keep my male dog from peeing on everything?

When you neuter your dog, it can help to reduce territorial marking in the home; however it will take time, so using sprays, either commercial or homemade solutions like baking soda, can help in the meantime.

Why is my dog constantly peeing on the floor?

If your dog begins to wee in the house, it could be a sign of urinary tract issues or urinary tract infection. This is one of the most common health problems in canines and could be the reason they are peeing where they shouldn’t

How long until a puppy stops peeing in the house?

It depends on how on top of the house-breaking you are and also what breed of dog you own. Smaller dogs can be harder to become pee pad trained and some breeds like Dachshunds are notoriously difficult, but most dogs should be potty trained by about six months, some a lot sooner. Of course, if your pup suffers from separation anxiety or there are other dogs in the home, it may take longer.

Final Thoughts and Top Pick

Every dog owner has to deal with the occasional “Accident”, whether you have a new puppy who isn’t housetrained yet, a male marking his territory or a pooch recovering from illness or surgery. One thing to remember is there is always a reason; dogs DO NOT pee in the same spots out of spite, contrary to popular belief.

Of all the dog pee deterrent sprays we tested, our top pick was the one by Cooper & Gracie. They are a trusted brand and this formula prevents indoor marking and removes urine stains and odours.

To be honest, your search for a spray to prevent dogs peeing need not cost a lot. There are tons of less expensive options you can make at home, a dogs nose is highly sensitive, so things like chilli pepper, mustard and citrus work well and no dog likes a vinegar dog pee deterrent.

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