Review: What’s the Best Salmon Oil for Dogs UK?

If you are in a rush or just like to get straight to the point then the best salmon oil for dogs we found is the Pets Purest – 1 Litre. Based on the research we did and the buyers feedback this is our top choice this year.

If you’ve been looking at supplements for your dog recently, you may well have seen that salmon oil is taking off in a big way.

But how do you know if salmon oil is actually worthwhile to give to dogs? What are some of the over-reaching benefits of the supplement? Are there dog foods and treats out there which include salmon oil?

It’s a lot to consider, and a lot to take on. When you own a dog, you need to start thinking about what is likely to give them the best coat, the best balanced diet and more besides. Even if you don’t already know what the salmon oil benefits for dogs actually are, that doesn’t mean they are not worth looking into!

Intrigued, we decided to take a closer look at the supplement and – after a little reading – it’s clear that this is one of many oil supplements which will give your dog incredible health boosts for years to come. Whether from wild Alaskan salmon or otherwise, it’s worth looking into the oil as a useful dog health resource.

We’ve spend some serious time not only researching the health benefits of salmon oil, but also which products and salmon oil ingestibles are the best on the market. Not sure where to start when it comes to hunting down the best wild Alaskan salmon? We have found the answers to your questions and compiled a number of fantastic dog oils that will aid your pooches health and well being. 

In this article we are going to review the following salmon oil for dogs:

Before we start reviewing the best wild Alaskan salmon oil for dogs as detailed above, let’s start looking at what you need to know about salmon oil, what the benefits are, and why it is taking off in such a big way.

Supplementing dog diets with fish and fish oil is nothing new – but the salmon oil boom is something that many dog owners will want to make sure to get involved in. Thankfully, products, supplements and food containing wild Alaskan salmon oil are more commonplace than ever before – and they’re often really affordable, too!

Firstly, Is Salmon Oil Good for Dogs?

Yes! The answer is as clear as day. natural oil supplements have long since been recommended for a balanced canine diet, however, salmon fish oils contain particular fatty acids and nutritional makeups which are worth taking notice of.

Don’t just take our word for it, or what the salmon oil supplements manufacturers have to say, either! Salmon oil contains a stack of great attributes to help your pooch look and feel great. A healthy dog is a happy dog, as they say, and salmon oil with all its omega 3 could be just what you need to help promote healthier skin, coat and general wellbeing!

Research has shown that salmon and cod liver oils are extremely beneficial to humans, but they can be a fantastic addition to a dog’s diet too. It stands to reason! Giving wild Alaskan salmon oil to your four-legged friend may help to reduce painful inflammation, help to prevent allergies and aid kidney function. As you can imagine, these are all key elements which help make up a healthy canine lifestyle, meaning wild Alaskan salmon oil might be just what you’re looking for to top off the perfect diet.

No wonder more and more dog owners are looking for the top selling oils for their pets. Let’s take a look at why you should be using salmon oil, and what levels of dosage are safe. After all, there is such a thing as too much salmon oil, and you must make sure that your dog is getting just enough – and not overdosing.

Ingredients: What Is Salmon Oil?

Salmon oil is rich in the two long-chain, omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Dogs that don’t receive enough of these can be prone to deficiency based health issues such as allergies, poor organ function, weak immune system and skin conditions like dermatitis.

It’s sadly more common than you think to find dogs which are low on omega 6 fatty acids in their diets, as well as omega 3. Therefore, you’ll commonly find dog foods stacking up at the supermarket boasting Alaskan salmon oil as a primary ingredient. It’s a good thing, but make sure you do plenty of research into any dog food you buy.

However, there are still plenty of foods and kibbles out there which fail to introduce enough of these salmon oil benefits. Many commercial dog food manufacturers don’t add enough of these essential nutrients into their products – sadly, this may often be in an effort to cut costs. What’s more, the stability and molecular structure of salmon is fragile, therefore, the nutrients do not survive lengthy storage in bags of kibble – so you may need to add them as a supplement to your pet’s diet.

Thankfully, as you can see from our upcoming list of the best salmon fish oils for dogs on the market, you really are spoilt for choice. Enough is enough, however – what exactly is it about this fish oil that’s so appealing to dogs and their owners?

Uses of Salmon Oil

Before you dive into buying fish oils for dogs, it’s important to remember a few distinctions.

There are two types of salmon oil – one which is made from wild salmon – and one which is derived from farmed salmon, which in terms of nutrition, is very different. Sea-farmed salmon gets omega-3 fatty acids from its food, usually in pellet form, and it can be difficult to know just how much it’s been fed – especially if the salmon is farmed overseas. You will also find that salmon oil derived from farmed fish is likely to be higher in saturated fats.

However, a good thing about sea-farmed salmon is that it is often fresher than its wild cousin, because the time between harvest to the production of the fish oil is much shorter. It is important to choose a high-quality fish oil and to always check the label. This way, you know where your salmon oil has come from, and you can be sure that you are giving your dog the healthiest blend of omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids, where possible. Most salmon oil supplement-based dog food should also give you a bit of a breakdown when it comes to nutritional information, calories and more.

Not all dog owners check these stats, but if you really want to give your dog the best diet possible, you’re going to need to look for healthy oil for dogs alongside a good nutritional balance in their food. You can’t just rely on fish oil alone, we’re afraid!

What are the health benefits for Fido?

Why is salmon oil good for dogs? Well, adding EPA and DHA to your dog’s diet has lots of proven benefits – and these are likely to include:

  • Improvement to the condition of both coat and skin,
  • Prevention of nasty skin allergies,
  • Easing of joint problems,
  • Reduction of inflammation associated with conditions like arthritis,
  • Regulation of a dog’s immune system and protection against illness,
  • In addition, it calms an overactive immune system, for dogs with autoimmune diseases,
  • Boosts of energy,
  • Cachexia support – this is the muscle wasting associated with chronic illness,
  • Assistance in the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease,
  • Promotion of mental and cognitive development in both foetuses and puppies,
  • Improvement in the cognitive function in senior dogs,
  • Lowering of triglycerides and blood pressure,
  • Assistance for dogs suffering from kidney disease,
  • It may also possibly prevent cancer, by slowing cell growth,
  • Production of collagen, resulting in stronger bones and muscles,
  • Assistance for weight loss in obese dogs.

As you can see, there are all kinds of conditions and concerns which salmon oil, EPA and DHA may be able to support your dog with. Whether they are low on omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids, or are struggling with their joints, you may find that food containing salmon oil is not just a great boost to their skin and coat. It may help to regulate a variety of internal problems.

What’s more, the diet-boosting benefits can clearly help to benefit portly pooches looking to lose weight.

Product Review & Buyers Guide

So – without further ado, let’s narrow down some of the best salmon oil products for dogs we’ve found online and in stores.

We’ve done plenty of searching around and stacks of research – meaning we’re pretty confident the following fish-based food is going to give your dog the best shot at the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Check out our following ratings for a full breakdown on the best fish supplements and oils to give your four-legged friends!

Pets Purest – 1 Litre

The Pets Purest salmon oil supplement is likely to be a great choice if you are just starting to introduce oil supplements into your dog’s routine. It’s affordable, and will help to keep your dog’s skin smooth, supple and free from nuisance itching. What’s more, it’ll help to keep their heart health in great shape.

Made with all-natural ingredients and with over 400 5* reviews, Pet Purest uses only quality Scottish salmon. This premium option is great for dogs of all sizes and comes in a handy pump action bottle, meaning it can be added to your dog’s food with no mess.


  • Easy to administer – even if you’re new to salmon oil for dogs, you’ll find adding this to your pup’s food really simple.
  • All natural ingredients mean that there’s nothing nasty lurking within – just the fish oils you’re looking to invest in from the get-go.
  • Reasonably affordable rates means that you really won’t have to pay too much extra to give your dog all the benefits of healthy fish supplements.


  • There’s really nothing much we can say against this supplement, but do make sure to read up on what other people have to say before you invest in the salmon oil.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

The Regal Mutt – 500 ml 

Regal Mutt is a great brand that’s well-known for developing fish oil products that genuinely benefit all breeds of pup. Kind to skin and full of fish goodness, this no-frills brand offers really easy to administer fatty acids in a fish oil you can provide your pet every day.

This 100% pure salmon oil complies with all British and EU regulations, and provides your pet with several health benefits. It also has the added bonus of 50p from each purchase being donated to Four Paws animal charity. Therefore, it is one of few salmon oil brands out there which is giving back to good causes, too.


  • Regulated – meaning that the fish oil you get is always likely to be approved by UK and EU legal standards.
  • Convenient size means that you won’t have to fumble around with this salmon oil whenever you need to administer a dose.
  • Every purchase you make gives money back to a canine charity, meaning that you’re not only providing your pet with omega 3 and high quality salmon oil, but money back to a really worthy cause. It’s a great, responsible choice.


  • Reviews for this fish oil product are really glowing on the whole, but some users advise that their dogs won’t take to salmon oil at all – therefore, if you have a particularly picky pet, make sure you take it with a pinch of salt. Not literally!

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

100% Pure, Natural Scottish

Finest For Pets presents a great fish oil solution which is actually pretty healthy for a variety of animals. Therefore, if you have cats as well as dogs, you may find that this omega 3 booster gives your moggies a bit of a boost, too. If you’re looking for EPA and DHA, and want to find a simple solution of fish oil for dogs which won’t break the bank, this option is likely to be one of the best – hence why it’s on the list/

This handy pump action bottle comes in two sizes; 500ml and 1 litre, has no additives and dogs will love the taste of this human salmon oil. It’s not always a given that fish oil is likely to taste nice – trust us! Finest for Pets also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for complete peace of mind. Therefore, if you’re new to wild Alaskan salmon oil or otherwise, you can get your cash back if things really don’t work out – for example, if you see no difference in your dog’s skin or coat conditions after a few doses.


  • Comes in 2 sizes, meaning that you can be flexible – the big bottle is great value, too.
  • Human grade oil – meaning that if it’s fit for us, it’s fit for your pet!
  • Money-back guarantee lets you cash in should you find that your dog isn’t taking to fish oil as much as you’d like them to.


  • It’s pretty popular – which means you’re going to need to keep checking back to see when this fish oil is back in stock.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

PetAmazed Pups & Cats

If you’ve been looking around for wild Alaskan salmon produce in particular, why not broaden your search and go for something a little different? This skin and coat improving fish oil is superb for helping to improve all kinds of health parameters in your pet.

Using salmon oil from fish found in the cold clear waters of Norway – this oil comes from fish which have higher levels of fatty acids than most, and is subject to stricter testing. This salmon oil is cold-pressed, too, which retains all the nutritional benefits ensuring the finest quality for your pet. Some fish oil projects promise a lot, however, it’s worth looking for the best of the best as far as the initial source is concerned.


  • Uses Norwegian Salmon oil – meaning that this is salmon oil with something a little different to offer than most fish oil products. It’s compressed, which means the omega 3 fatty acids you get are likely to be of higher quality than most.
  • Convenient pump action means that it’s never a hassle to dose your pup up on great quality salmon oil.
  • All-natural ingredients mean that you are only ever giving your dog the best – there are no nasty fillers or additives.


  • Reviews, again, seem to be really great for this product, though some users say it’s a bit on the strong-smelling side, even for salmon oil!

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Ourons 1 litre

If you really want to stock up on the good stuff for your dog, this big bottle of salmon oil is likely to provide them with plenty of omega 3 fatty acids for time to come. If your dog is suffering from itchy skin or a poor quality coat, this is an affordable option to get started with.

This 1-litre bottle of 100% pure oil is made by Ourons and is great value for money as well as being a fantastic supplement for all canine diets. Free from additives it is rich in both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.


  • No additives means that you won’t have to worry about anything sneaky worming its way into your dog’s daily routine.
  • Value for money – especially when it comes to salmon oil – there are stacks of fatty acids in here for a pretty low price.
  • Large size means that you shouldn’t really be running out of this salmon oil any time soon.


  • No pump provided means that it might not be the easiest salmon oil to administer. However, you’ve got to make sure your pet gets their oil and omega 3 somehow!

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

What about side effects like itchy skin?

While there are overwhelming benefits of including this in your dog’s diet, some dogs may not take to it and although fish oil allergies are extremely rare there are some risks and possible side-effects you need to be aware of. Therefore, before you introduce anything like wild Alaskan salmon or other salmon oil into their routine, it’s worth consulting with your vet.

Side effects may include:

  • Weight gain, although this can be prevented with a balanced diet and regular exercise – salmon oil may actually offset this issue in general, too.
  • Bad breath; the fishy odour of salmon oil can be prevented by cleaning your dog’s teeth (this handy guide shows you how).
  • Stomach ache – this can be a rare side effect of salmon oil despite all the coat and skin benefits.
  • Nausea – hard to tell sometimes, but be careful on the oil if your dog is showing signs of vomiting.
  • Diarrhoea – as above – go easy on the oil!
  • Too much fish oil can cause a deficiency in vitamin E which can result in bone weakness and lameness. This isn’t always easy to spot, so just be careful with your salmon oil products!

If you’re new to omega 3 supplements and salmon oil, don’t worry too much. Side effects are not common, and it is generally safe to give your dog salmon oil – but as with any pet product they are not all the same, and some cheaper products from abroad may contain high amounts of mercury or toxic chemicals. Always make sure you check ingredients and packet information before you start giving oil to your pup.

All the oils we reviewed here comply with strict regulations and contain natural ingredients, ensuring you are providing your four-legged friend with the best. They will help with skin, coat and internal issues – and if you’re worried, ask your vet for the best advice on salmon oil in general.

Can Puppies use it?

DHA which is found in salmon oil has been found to improve brain development in puppies and it is perfectly safe for growing pups as long as the correct dose is adhered to. Again, make sure you see a vet if you are really unsure if that Alaskan salmon product is going to be for the best. Picking the right oil can be confusing at first!

Dosage – How much should you give?

Most salmon oil and omega 3 supplement manufacturers include specific dosage on their packaging, so it is important to check:

  • 4ml for dogs up to 26lbs
  • 8ml for dogs from 26-53lbs
  • 12ml for dogs from 53-106lbs
  • 16ml for dogs over 106lbs

Some of the salmon oil options we have reviewed come in a pump container which dispenses 4ml doses making it easy to see exactly how much your dog is getting.

Check with your vet if you are using salmon oil to help with the treatment of a condition with your dog if used with drugs that slow blood clotting – as it could lead to increased bleeding.

Salmon oil does not last forever, so always check the best before date and store in a cool place.

Choosing the right one

The benefits associated with best salmon oil for dogs mean more people than ever are adding this nutritional supplement to their canine companion’s routine.

It is essential to buy premium quality oil as many cheaper foreign alternatives contain environmental toxins or concentrations of heavy metal.

Out of all the ones we tested, we liked the Pets Purest made in the UK from Scottish salmon oil – this one litre bottle is value for money and has a handy pump that dispenses the correct dosage without any mess. If you’re new to salmon oil and omega 3 in general, it’s a great launchpad.

Last Word

Salmon oil is, without doubt, a great addition to your dog’s diet, providing numerous health benefits as well as excellent skin conditions and shiny coat.

It is safe to use but essential to buy top quality salmon oil as inferior substitutes can have high levels of toxins that can do more harm than good. Therefore, if your pet is susceptible to allergies or skin conditions, always check in with a vet before you buy any salmon based products.

It can be used for any dog, even for young puppies – as long as you administer the correct dosage. Salmon oil is especially good for elderly dogs, improving cognitive function, and reducing the inflammation in painful joints.

Why not take a look through our top picks for salmon oil online right now? Start giving your canine the health boosts they are crying out for.

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