The 5 Best Retractable Dog Leads That Extend & Adjust With Ease

Not sure if you have the time to read through our full guide to the best retractable dog leads right now? Our top pick was the TUG Patented Tangle Free Lead. After taking a closer look at the different reviews and opinions online, and trusting our own instincts, this lead came out on top easily.

When you take your dog out and about on the lead, they are probably going to want to pull, and tug, and twist. The fact is, too, the larger the dog, the harder they are probably going to pull. Therefore, it is always a good idea to look for as flexible a lead as possible. Some dog owners go without extendable dog leads, but they might actually find that they give their pets a bit more freedom – and themselves a bit more piece of mind – by opting for a retraction model.

That said, it’s not always easy to pick a dog lead that really works for your particular pet. Some dog leads will only ever stretch so far. In other cases, you might have a small yet mighty pet who is likely to pull you all over the place! There are lots of things to think about – what about an anti slip handle, for example? A secure fastening?

Don’t worry. In this buying guide, I’ve not only lined up what I know to be the best dog retractable lead options online right now, but I’ve also put together a quick ‘how to’ when it comes to finding the best option for your dog, and for your dog walks. Dogs love freedom, and so do you – but at the same time, it is so important to stay safe.

In this guide, we will be reviewing the following retractable dog leads:

Why Buy a Retractable Dog Leash?

There are plenty of brilliant reasons to invest in a retractable or extender dog lead. For one thing, you can place your dog or dogs on extension leads and they can run around wherever you want them to, while you still keep your dog at the length that’s safe for your needs and demands. Rather than let them run wild, these leashes are easy to use, and those with anti slip handle technology are always easy to keep hold of.

An extending dog lead is a great idea if your pet needs a lot of exercise, but you only have a standard lead or leash to control them with. Ultimately, it is never safe to let any dogs off the lead unless they are in your garden or home. No matter how well behaved your dog or dogs might be, there is nothing to say that they won’t run into trouble.

What’s more, a good length on your retractable dog lead is going to give you peace of mind. It means that you can easily pull your dog back if you need to. You can also set the length before and during your walk, meaning that they will never be able to go too far. This type of lead generally works well if your dog is already pretty well behaved and will come back to heel on an order, however. An extendable dog leash is a great choice if you’ve already done some training and if it doesn’t take much for you to keep your dog in control.

Ultimately, I personally think that retractable dog leads are much better options for you than just letting your dog off to run rampant. You can set them to a length you can handle, and safely rein them in – providing you use the best retractable dog leads on the market, of course.

Are Retractable Leashes Bad for Dogs?

There are some worries that cheaper extendable dog leads can cause problems for you and your dog. Some vets may be concerned that these leads can tangle up and cause friction burns, or provide tangling hazards. However, providing you find a well-made retractable dog lead, and make sure you discuss any concerns with your vet beforehand, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

What other dog owners may suggest is that if your dog is not yet well trained enough to heel, retracting or extension leads for dogs might not always be the best option. The last thing you are going to want to do is have to pull back your dog with force on a long length of leash. That’s going to cause both of you some serious discomfort.

If you need to teach your dog how to come and heel while out and out, make sure to train them on a shorter lead or leash with a simple handle that you can quickly pull to heel. It’s pretty impractical to train to heel on a retractable dog lead, and it could end in tears.

Are Retractable Leashes Good for Big Dogs?

In some cases, yes! There are sturdy, heavy duty dog leashes available which are built for bigger animals. Make sure to buy a retractable dog lead that is robust, well-made, and specifically has your size of dog or breed in mind.

Don’t worry, as I’ve lined up a variety of retractable dog lead options for you below which suit various breeds and sizes of dog. Make sure to shop around!

A Few Points to Consider

Before I launch into my picks for the best dog lead options online, make sure to consider the size of your dog, their activity level, how likely they are to pull, and how secure you want or need the handle.

An anti slip handle is an absolute must, especially if you have a bigger dog or one who is likely to pull with some force, or maybe get them a no-pull dog harness. Otherwise, if they are running after something in the distance and you happen to let slip, your handle is going to fly off along with wherever it may be that your dog is sprinting off to. It’s so important to get a grip – on any length of dog lead, you’ll find!

Otherwise, look for well made dog leads which have plenty of good reviews, and which are backed by leading manufacturers. If you have any real concerns about the extendable dog lead you’d like to buy, it’s also going to be a really good idea to reach out to your vet. They may even help make a recommendation.

What Are the Best Retractable Dog Leads?

The following retractable and extendable dog leads consistently review well and are the best picks for varieties of dogs and breeds. Let’s take a closer look.

Top Rated Retractable Lead for Large Breeds – TUG Patented Tangle Free Lead

This super hardy retractable dog lead is great for bigger dogs on the move, and no dog is likely to get tangled up in its fantastic anti-tangling system. It’s a one handed brake model which, again, should be easy enough for you to keep hold of any dog who’#s going to start pulling.

This is a 16 foot lead which is built with resistance in mind, and super strong material to withstand even the bulkiest of pets really pulling away. However, you’ll also be able to add length to the leash so your dog can go exploring – within reason, of course!


  • Nice length for big dogs
  • Very strong and sturdy, pulls a good distance
  • Easy enough to control with non slip grip
  • Retractable with one hand


  • May be heavier than you expect

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Best Heavy Duty Lead For Small Breeds – Uhomely Retractablle Dog Lead

Got a smaller dog who’s still likely to bound away and give you some serious pull? This impressively robust dog lead is a great choice at 16 feet in length, and with resistance for dogs weighing up to 110lbs.

It’s also built with an anti-chewing tape, in sturdy nylon, meaning that it’s unlikely to get mangled on route. It’s a one handed brake system, too, meaning it’s easy to use, as well as ideal for keeping the feistier, smaller pups under control. You’ll also find that the handle gives you a firm grip, too!


  • Anti grip handle
  • Very easy to contract and control
  • Anti-chew line is great for nibbling dogs
  • Well-made for the price


  • However, some dog owners may prefer a sturdier build from a leading manufacturer

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Best Extra Long Dog Leash – Flexi Giant Professional

If you regularly take your dog on really long, open walks, then this retractable dog lead is really doing to do the business. This is a giant dog lead which, at 10 metres, is seriously long, large and in charge. This is a robust lead / leash system which is easy to control, and easy to spot thanks to its neon design.

This easily suits dogs up to 50kg in weight, though there are even further leash options available if you really think it’s not going to give you the support that you need. That said, this is an extendable dog lead which will probably benefit most owners, meaning that you don’t even need a big or heavy dog to qualify.


  • One of the longest leads available online
  • Great for dogs of varying sizes up to 50kgh
  • Very bulky and robust
  • Reliable in bad weather as well as with serious pullers


  • A premium price tag

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Best Budget Pick Lead – Flexi New Classic Leash

If you really want to save money on your new dog lead, then this is a pretty solid choice which will give you the resistance, flexibility and usability you need while not really making a dint on your bank balance.

This stylish leash offers you up to 5 metres of leash length, while you’ll be able to keep a safe, comfortable hold on your dog with a handle that’s always simple to grip and keep hold of – there is a simple brake system in place for one hand.


  • A good all-rounder, great for medium dogs
  • Available in different styles if you’d like them
  • Really easy to handle and brake
  • Very reasonably priced given the quality


  • Maybe not so good for large dogs

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Quality Dual Retractable Dog Lead – Wigzi STDDV2-Go Doggie Leash

This is one of the best-made and most intuitive retractable leash systems available online right now, and its main selling point is the fact that it’s a dual retractable lead. This means that you can extend two dogs in one device up to 10 feet away. This impressive lead allows for two dogs weighing up to 22.7kg each.

It’s built with anti-spin technology, too, meaning that all the hassle you may have with double dog lead walking in the past are history. This lead might just change everything for you.


  • Innovative and intuitive double lead design
  • Anti-spin
  • Individual leads
  • Very easy to use


  • A premium price, but worth it for two in one

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Looking for the perfect retractable dog lead? The extendable dog lead systems I’ve picked for you here are great places to start. Don’t let your pup pull away – show them who’s boss with a safe, comfortable and freedom-allowing safety lead.

For our own personal recommendation, we lean towards the TUG Patented Tangle Free Lead as it is not as expensive as some of the other brands, its ideal for small to medium dogs under 25kg and has a 360 degree tangle free tape movement.

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