Best Retractable Dog Lead (UK) – 7 Top Extendable Leashes

This is our review of the best retractable dog lead in 2022.

When you take your dog out and about on a regular collar and lead, they are probably going to want to pull, and tug, and twist. The fact is, too, the larger the dog, the harder the pulling is going to be on your arm. Therefore, it is always a good idea to look for the best leash possible be it a cord lead, chain leash or best extendable dog leash.

That said, it’s not always easy to pick a dog lead that really works for your particular pet. a classic lead will only ever stretch so far and your canine companion might like to explore a bit further! There are lots of things to think about – will one for small and medium sizes be enough for an extremely strong staffy? what about an anti-slip handle? Are they safe?

In this guide, we will be reviewing the following extending dog leads:

In this buying guide, I’ve not only lined up what I know to be the best dog retractable lead options online right now, but I’ve also put together a quick ‘how to’ when it comes to finding the best option for your pet, and for your long walks. Dogs love freedom, and so do you – but at the same time, it is important for the best retractable dog leash to be safe.

Our Best Retractable Dog Leads Reviews

The following retractable and extendable leads consistently review well and are the best picks for varieties of dogs and breeds. Let’s take a closer look at the range of leashes on the market and the benefits and drawbacks of these products:

Heavy Duty for Big Dogs – TUG Patented Tangle Free Lead

One of the best retractable dog leashes, this super hardy lead is great for bigger dogs on the move, and your four-legged friend won’t get tangled up in its fantastic anti-tangling system. It’s a one-handed brake model which, again, should be easy enough for you to keep hold of any hound who’s going to start pulling.

This heavy-duty retractable dog leash has a 16-foot flexi cord that is built with resistance in mind and super strong material to withstand even the bulkiest of pets pulling away. People love this product because you’ll also be able to add length to the leash so your dog can go exploring


  • Nice length leash for big dogs
  • Very strong and sturdy pulls a good distance
  • Easy to control with non-slip grip


  • May be a bit heavy for smaller dogs

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Best for Small Breeds – Uhomely Retractablle Dog Lead

Got a smaller dog who’s still likely to bound away and give you some serious pull? This impressively robust dog leash is a great choice at 16 feet in length and with resistance for dogs up to 110lbs.

It’s one of the few flexi leads with an anti-chewing tape in sturdy nylon, meaning that it’s unlikely to get mangled en route. The one-handed brake system, too, meaning it’s easy to use, as well as ideal for keeping the feistier, smaller pups under control. You’ll also find that the handle gives you a firm grip, too!


  • Anti grip handle
  • Very easy to contract and control
  • Anti-chew line is great for nibbling dogs
  • Well-made for the price


  • However, some dog owners may prefer a sturdier build from a leading manufacturer

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Super Long – Flexi Giant Professional

If you regularly take your furry friend on really long, open walks, the Flexi giant lead is really doing to do the business. This is extendable dog lead which, at 10 metres, is one of the longest retractable pet leads you can buy. This is a robust lead/leash system that is easy to control and easy to spot,, thanks to its neon design.

This easily suits dogs up to 50kg in weight, though there are further leash options available if you really think it’s not going to give you the support you need. That said, this is a retractable leash which will probably benefit most owners,


  • The Flexi Giant is one of the longest leads available online
  • Great for active dogs
  • Very bulky and robust


  • A premium price tag

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Stylish Handle – Flexi New Classic Leash

If you really want to save money on your new dog lead, then the Flexi new classic leash is a pretty solid choice that will give you the resistance, flexibility and usability you need while not really making a dent in your bank balance.

This stylish long retractable dog lead offers you up to 5 metres of leash length is a great alternative to cord leads, with a handle that’s always simple to grip and keep hold of – there is a simple brake system in place for one hand. They also do The Flexi New Comfort Retractable Tape Lead with adjustable handle


  • A good all-rounder, great for medium-sized dogs
  • Available in different styles
  • Really easy to handle and brake


  • Maybe not so good for large dogs

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Best Dual Retractable Dog Lead – Wigzi STDDV2-Go Doggie Leash

This is one of the best retractable lead ideas available online right now, and its main selling point is that it’s a dual retractable lead. This means that you can extend two dogs in one device up to 10 feet away. This impressive lead allows for two dogs weighing up to 22.7kg each.

It’s built with anti-spin technology, too, meaning that all the hassle you may have with double-dog lead walking in the past are history. This lead might just change everything for you.


  • Innovative and intuitive double lead design
  • Anti-spin
  • Individual leads


  • A premium price, but worth it for two in one

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One Button Lock System – Pecute Retractable Dog Lead

Best for small and medium dogs, the one-button lock system and tangle-free design give ultimate control. The maximum length of this flexi lead is an impressive 16ft and the reflective stitching makes visibility easy when night walking.

The ergonomic grip handle is comfortable for a long walk and as an extra bonus, you receive a little storage box for poo bags. With its money-back guarantee, pet owners have complete peace of mind when choosing this strong extendable dog lead.


  • Lock safety system
  • Anti-slip grip and ergonomic design for comfort
  • 100% satisfaction or money back


  • May not be suitable for larger dogs

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With LED Lights for Winter Nights – SUPERNIGHT Dog Leash Retractable, 8M/26ft Long

Hands down one of the best dog walking leads, with its 8 metre length and bright detachable LED light, this retractable dog leash is ideal for winter evenings or jogs in the dark. It can handle dogs up to 50kg and the ergonomic handle provides additional comfort for the dog owner.

It comes with a poo bag holder and a tangle-free heavy duty lead that gives your pet more freedom to explore and is ideal for owners who like to go for an evening run or bike ride with Fido by their side


  • Detachable flashlight
  • 8m length for more dog freedom
  • Suitable for large dogs up to 50kg


  • Some reviews mention the rewind spring could be a little stronger.

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Are Extendable Leads Better Than Standard Leaches?

There are plenty of brilliant reasons to invest in extendable dog leads. You may have a dog with terrible recall or one that doesn’t play well with others, and want to invest in some dog training. That being said, they still need the freedom to sniff and explore, making a heavy-duty extendable leash a good investment. An extending dog lead is easy to use, and those with anti-slip handle technology are always easy to keep hold of and usually involve nylon tape.

Ultimately, it is never safe to let any dogs off the lead unless they are in your garden or a safe enclosed space. No matter how well behaved your dog or dogs might be, there is nothing to say that they won’t run into traffic. It’s important that the surroundings and areas you allow your dog off the lead have plenty of open space away from roads.

What’s more, a good length on your lead is going to give your best friend confidence while enabling you easily pull your dog back if you need to. They are also a good option for pups practising their recall; if it’s safe to do so, let them have the leash extended to full length, then call them back with a treat as a reward. Having your dog secured to a training or flexi leash is the safest way to do this.

You can’t beat dog retractable leads in bad weather. I know it’s a bit selfish but you can shelter under the trees while Rover runs about in the rain to his heart’s content. The difference in value as well, extendable leads are slightly more expensive but well worth the price.

Ultimately, I personally think that retractable leads are much better options for you than just letting your dog off to run wild. You can set them to a length you can handle and safely rein them in – providing you use the best quality retractable leash you can find on the market, of course.

Are Retractable Dog Leads a Danger to Dogs?

There are some worries that cheaper extendable leads can cause problems for you and your dog, such as friction and rope burns or tripping hazards if you get tangled in the cord.

Lack of Control

The other issue is lack of control, your dog may not be able to run away but at 5-8 metres away you have little or no control should he bump into a none friendly pooch. Another example, is if a lead tangle around the dogs and owners legs it can be a pain to get any type of movement going to get out of it.

They are also not great when you are teaching your canine companion to walk to heel an essential as it stops pulling. It’s pretty impractical to train to heel on a retractable dog lead, and pups who are allowed to go wherever they please will never learn to walk at your side.

Are Retractable Leads Good for Big Dogs?

In some cases, yes! There are sturdy, heavy-duty dog leashes available that are built for larger dogs. Make sure to buy a retractable dog lead that is robust, well-made, and specifically has your size of dog or breed in mind. If you have a hefty puller or a huge breed keeping them close can make controlling them in a difficult situation easier, a mastiff chasing a cat is not going to be easily reined in at the end of a 5-metre cord.

Don’t worry, as I’ve lined up a variety of the best extendable dog leads for you below, which suit various breeds and sizes of dog. Make sure to shop around!

What to Consider When Buying an Extendable Lead

Make sure to consider the size of your dog, their activity level, how likely they are to pull, and how secure you want or need the handle.

Anti Slip Handle

An anti-slip handle is an absolute must, especially if you have a bigger dog or one who is likely to pull with some force, or maybe get them a no-pull dog harness. Otherwise, if they are running after something in the distance and you happen to let slip, your handle is going to fly off along with wherever it may be that your dog is sprinting off to. It’s so important to get a grip – on any length of dog lead!

Anti Tangle

Also look for anti-tangle options, especially on the dual lead models there is nothing worse than 2 dogs getting tangled up or even worse winding around your legs and you end up on the ground. Been there, have the T-shirt.


The best retractable lead systems I’ve picked for you here in this list of leash reviews are great places to start. Many pet parents want an alternative to cord leads or a classic led of webbing, they need a leash that allows more opportunity to explore whilst still being in control.

The good news is: there are plenty of options from the Flexi retractable lead for strong dogs, ones for multiple dogs or a lightweight leash for smaller dogs. Look for leash features like the type of brand, reflective materials, different components, a comfortable easy-grip handle, clip and easy locking system.

You can find extendable dog leads in local pet stores, Pets at Home and some supermarkets but buying online gives you the chance to see what other pet parents think and compare reviews. You can also view our guides on equipment for dog training if you need more help training your pup.

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