The UK’s Best Raw Dog Food in 2023

This is our review of the best raw dog food in 2023.

Is your pet’s diet the healthiest it can be? Does Fido suffer from allergies? Unsure of which brand has the best raw dog food? That’s where we come in! 

When I switched George’s food, I was panicking about it, so like I always do, I started a stage of manic research to see if I was making the right decisions and what the best quality BARF ( biologically appropriate raw food ) diet to go with was. The fact is, there are stacks of raw food diet options out there and it can be confusing if your a newbie. 

Should you go for a complete meal, mix up your own menus or add supplements? How much does it cost? Is raw food safe? Let’s find out! 

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the following raw feeding options:

I decided to round up the best-reviewed and most promising raw dog food options on the market. That, of course, is what led to the creation of this guide!

Whether your pooch likes their dog food raw or if you’d prefer to change from dry food and kibble, for health reasons, there are plenty of high-quality products you can pick from. 

Plenty of dog foods promise to give your pup a shinier coat or that they are biologically appropriate for a variety of breeds – but how do you sort the best raw dog food from the common fodder? Should you chose complete meals from brands like Natures Menu or Nutriment or make your own? In this guide, I will be taking you through what makes for appropriate raw food to give your dog.

Below, you have the healthiest choices on the market, and ones I’m sure any of your furry friends would love to get their paws on! Yes – different pups have different tastes as far as what they think the best meat and tastiest dog treats are – but you’re going to need to think about which raw dogs food is likely to do them good nutritionally too, after all, we all want our best friends to have the healthiest and happiest life possible.

A complete and balanced diet should include high protein dog food, healthy carbs and fruit and vegetables –  the benefits of some of the ingredients listed in the following mixes might surprise you. The variety of different types of dog food available is mind-blowing.

You now have dry kibble, cooked food, cans, pouches, wet food and of course, raw. But how do you choose which dog food is the best for your pet? Which provides them with the best nutrition and will result in them leading a long healthy life?

Reviews – Our Best Raw Dog Food For 2023

If you’re looking for the best raw dog food, you’re going to need to do some digging. Or, you can rely on my sleuthing skills – these are the top raw dog food brands and meals you’ll find online and in pet shops right now.

We have reviewed some of the premium raw dog food online, so you don’t have to.

Good Raw Dog Food For Working Dogs – Nutriment Adult Working Dogs Raw Food (Starter Pack of 10 Trays)

This great value variety pack contains fresh raw meat, bones, and offal and consists of 10 trays x 500g, including flavours like salmon, boneless beef, chicken, and lamb for completely natural raw feeding.

Grain and gluten-free, this dog food provides complete nutrition and is a popular choice for raw diets. Feeding raw needn’t be difficult and with extras like fish oil, vegetables and Spirulina Powder, a powerful antioxidant, This raw meat selection has everything needed for a healthy diet


  • This dog food boasts 85% meat content
  • Top-quality ingredients
  • Good value frozen food


  • N/A

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Great Value Raw Dog Food- AniForte BARF Vegetables & Herbs 1KG Dog Food Mix

This is a fantastic supplement for raw food diets containing nutritious vegetables and natural herbs in a flake form. It is gluten-free, with no colourings, flavourings or preservatives, and is the perfect addition to homemade raw food.

I love the AniForte range of products because it feeds directly into the BARF diet and that it’s really simple to mix up their raw dog food with a variety of other foods and treats. What’s more, you can use their raw dog food supplement, which offers a plethora of vitamins and minerals across the board, with salmon oil to ensure that your dog gets a shinier coat or maybe a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to aid digestion.


  • 100% natural flakes guaranteed – you can easily mix them into your dog’s dinner.
  • No-fuss.
  • There’s a Money-Back Guarantee


  • It’s a pretty small bag for the price!

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Ideal Food Pack For Senior Dogs – Benyfit Natural For Senior Pack 10kg Dog Food

This DEFRA approved dog food has been developed specifically by combining the best quality meat with the correct amounts of bone, organ meat, offal, and tasty vegetables. It is one of the best dog’s food for older pooches, providing them with all the essential nutrients they need.

It’s sometimes hard to get older canines onto a raw food diet. However, this Benyfit staple offers you stacks of the good stuff, which you shouldn’t find too much hassle feeding your dog raw meat. It’s raw food that is likely to offer that elusive ‘complete and balanced approach, and it’s some of the best frozen raw dog food for containing offal and genuinely top quality meat.


  • This raw pet food boasts ingredients from Red Tractor approved British Farms
  • It offers up a complete balanced meal, which means it’s one of the best options for dog owners wanting to try raw feeding. 
  • 100% natural ingredients


Specially formulated for older doggies

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Best Raw Dog Food For Puppies – Nutriment Raw Puppy Formula 20 X 500g

Looking to start your dog on the best diet from a young age? This is spectacular raw dog food that is fit for humans, not just pets! However, we’d probably suggest you leave the chowing down to fido here just in case.

High in protein and with all the essential nutrients needed for a growing puppy, this frozen complete formula is a great introduction to a raw diet. Containing all-natural British human-grade ingredients, it is suitable for all breeds. Therefore, it’s likely to appeal to most people who are bringing up a pup for the first time. Why not treat them to the tastiest raw dog food around?


  • It’s a complete and balanced formula,
  • Arrives frozen – again, frozen raw food isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but it’s easy to store and defrost whenever you need to.
  • Quality ingredients mean that you’re not giving your puppy any old filler.


  • The glowing reviews rather say it all, in the sense that there;’s not much you can say against this formula! It’s a great all-around choice.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Bella & Duke Working Dog Raw Food 8kg Variety Box

Working hounds need more than a dog’s regular kibble; they need high-quality ingredients, and boy does this option deliver with pure meat, seasonal organic fruits and vegetables plus fish oil, kelp, healthy fats and minerals; this hypoallergenic raw pet food has everything required to give them more energy and balanced nutrition.

This 8kg variety pack is exactly what every owner is interested in pet nutrition and feeding raw needs with eight flavours including beef, chicken and white fish. Also, Bella and Duke are a trusted UK brand with great customer service; they actually quote on their website, “99% of our happy customers noticed an improvement in their pet’s poo”, a big endorsement.


  • Variety of flavours for those who want to mix it up
  • Hypoallergenic – for dogs with intolerances to traditional dog food
  • Leading UK Brand for raw pet foods


  • 8KG may be a bit much for owners with limited freezer space

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Top Rated Natural Raw Food Option – Natures Menu Dog True Instinct Complete Dinner

Combining the natural goodness and health benefits of raw meat and vegetables with the convenience of grain-free kibble, Natures Menu have upped the game with their True Instinct range. This freeze-dried food is made from the finest raw meats, superfoods, and raw vegetables with no gluten or grain. Natures Menu offers natural food your dog will love

A healthy coat, skin and boosted immune system are just some of the advantages of Natures Menu new raw diet and users are saying their pets can’t get enough of these tasty beef, chicken and lamb recipes. All the benefits of raw hassle-free


  • No hassle- Just pour and serve
  • Beneficial to dog health – with superfoods like Kale, coconut oil and Kelp among the ingredients
  • Suitable for all life stages


  • Some may find Natures Menu quite pricey

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Excellent Raw Food For All Breed Sizes – Durham Animal Feeds Start Pack – 24 x 500g

This is an excellent range of raw food safe for pups of all ages. I have used this brand for years as they also do a range of raw treats, raw bones and supplements beneficial for your dog’s health. Dog owners will love the variety in this starter pack and it will give you an idea of Fido’s favourite flavours

It includes various raw meats minced such as beef, salmon, chicken, lamb along with ground bone meal and offal, you may add fruit and vegetables if you like, but they also do a range of complete meals which include fruit and veg


  • 24 pack is great value for money
  • The raw formula is ideal for puppies and adult dogs
  • Many Dog owners, including me, trust this brand – a must for raw feeding


  • The starter pack is minced raw meat; you can add any veggies such as carrots or pumpkin should you wish

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Frozen Raw Food Choice – 4PAWSRAW Raw Dog Food Mixed Meat Variety Box

A good raw food diet should result in a shiny, healthy coat, improved digestion and reduced allergy symptoms, all of which are listed as the benefits of this DEFRA approved pet food.

Made using human food-grade meats, these 520g sausage bags are perfect for large dogs; delivered in an insulated box which keeps them frozen for 48 hours, you just need to defrost overnight in the fridge and serve, and with flavours including chicken liver, grass-fed lamb, beef and offal your pooch will love tucking into this raw meat.


  • DEFRA approved with numbers and batch codes on each package
  • Starter Pack with various flavours – great for those new to raw feeding
  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath


  • Once again, this may not be the best option if you have limited space in your freezer.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

WILSONS Variety Pack Premium Raw Frozen Dog Food 

Made with 86% human-grade meat, these delicious recipes are sure to tempt even the pickiest of pooches. The eco-friendly trays in this variety pack contain flavours such as lamb tagine, salmon medley and beef hot pot; there are no by-products, fillers or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, just top-quality meat and vegetables.

We love this UK brand, and yes, it isn’t cheap, but you pay more for quality, and the reviews are glowing for this excellent raw food option


  • Tempting recipes like steak and kidney and chicken casserole. 
  • Ethical British company
  • Convenient 500g trays


  • May be a bit pricey for some

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Raw Sample Pack For Beginners Prodog Sample Raw Food For Dogs (Adult Pack)

Prodog raw food is quite new to the market. I was sceptical at first, but after doing some research and trying it out, I’m a believer!

The ingredients are DEFRA approved and ethically sourced, and there’s an extensive menu including rabbit, beef, lamb, chicken and venison. These complete meals are handmade in East Yorkshire by a small family business, and are gluten, wheat and sugar-free.

They even have special packs for puppies and working dogs. If you’re looking for a healthy, natural option for your dog, these canine culinary delights are a fantastic option and are also reasonably priced. Although costs will add up if you have multiple or larger dogs. 


  • Great variety 
  • Free Delivery
  • Specifically designed for different life stages 


  • You’ll need a lot of freezer space 

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

What is a Raw Dog Food Diet?

Raw foods for your dog often consist of:

  • Muscle meat
  • Organ meats such as kidneys, heart and liver
  • Raw eggs
  • Bones, either whole or ground
  • Fish
  • Vegetables like kale, sweet potato and carrots
  • Dog-safe berries such as cranberries, apples, apricots
  • Possibly a little dairy such as kefir or frozen yoghurt

Many pet parents want to ensure their hounds eat dog food that is as close as possible to what they ate in the wild as they are descendants of wolves which has led to the search for the best raw dog food diet on the market. 

You can, of course, prepare homemade recipes but with big brands like natures menu entering the marketplace and convenience being key for many of us, having the best raw dog foods in a handy tub or tray makes feeding raw a piece of cake.

Thousands of years ago, dogs would be eating raw, and many owners these days think this is the most natural way to ensure your four-legged friend has all the nutrition he needs. 

What is appetising to a dog in a bowl of kibble coated in chicken fat to make it taste nice but containing corn, wheat, and dangerous additives and preservatives. The best raw complete dog food is more interesting for many dogs and has countless health benefits.

Yes, you have to be careful when feeding bones, making sure the food is stored and prepared correctly to ensure you don’t run the risk of catching unwanted parasites and salmonella, and always wash your hands after touching raw food. Still, these precautions should ensure your dog can safely chomp down on what they enjoy most. Meat!

A raw diet is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons

  1. It is what our four-legged friends’ descendants ate in the wild. Therefore, you could say that a modern dog’s diet is largely lacking in the best raw food they’d be used to centuries past.
  2. The best raw dog foods are completely natural with no toxic additives. This can be a serious problem with some tinned food and dry foods; a BARF diet is the healthy option.
  3. Most dogs love the taste of raw dog foods. A few picky pooches are out there, but the best dog foods listed here really perform well on the taste front.
  4. A raw diet contains all the essential nutrients your dog is going to need.
  5. It provides enzymes that may be missing from processed dog food. The problem with cheap dog food is it is probably full of grains and filler instead of the beneficial ingredients that raw dog foods are packed with.
  6. It’s good for dogs with allergies. You’ll find hypoallergenic dried dog food out there, too, but raw dog food is renowned for being the choice for allergy sufferers.
  7. It promotes healthy skin and glossy coats – A shinier coat means a healthier dog, on the whole. While you can give your dog all kinds of different treats which say they will offer them a shinier look, raw dog foods tend to score better in this regard.
  8. Some processed foods have been found to contain really nasty stuff – stick to the best quality raw dog food if you want the healthiest, most beneficial ingredients, such as salmon meal, chicken liver.
  9. You might find that your dog has fresher breath, too! It’s one of many advantages that raw dog food owners regularly comment on.
  10. You might also find your dog passes less gas – great news for anyone suffering from a pretty smelly pooch! Dogs can suffer from wind and bad odours. A raw diet will make sure there are fewer gassy smells!
  11. Raw feeding strengthens the immune system, too. Our dogs need all the protection they can get, and raw dog food ingredients are brought together to bolster your pup’s health. Why would you be feeding your pup anything less than the best dog food?
  12. It’s also thought that some raw dog food can even help with behavioural problems. Of course, you’re going to need to look at individual packets of raw dog foods to check the composition of that particular brand!

No wonder, then, that more and more people than ever are searching for where to buy raw dog food from. While most people feeding their dog raw meat buy fresh from suppliers and add a percentage of vegetables, offal etc., this can be time-consuming and confusing if you are not familiar with the ratios involved – and it’s simply not feasible if you are travelling, or your pet is staying with someone else.

The good news is: there are more complete raw foods than ever, which can be purchased from specialist suppliers and pet shops, with delivery made to your door. Pets at home offer some of the best raw dog food, and it has seen an increase in sales – also, several brands like Country Hunter provide complete raw meals making the BARF (Biologically Approved Raw Food) diet hassle-free. 

So – instead of muddling around with building specialist dishes out of whole legs of lamb and the like, why not look for simple raw dog food which you can easily serve from meal to meal? 

The raw food market has exploded lately, making it a great time to be a dog owner. If you’re not yet convinced that holding out for the best raw dog food is a good idea, try one of the variety packs on our list and let us know what you think

How Much Does Feeding Raw Cost?

It’s pretty inexpensive. You might think that the best raw food for dogs is going to burn a hole in your wallet. However, it’s actually on par with some of the more pricey kibbles and that’s for processed food if you have the freezer space and want to have a go mixing up your own chicken carcasses, organ meat, raw eggs, beef kidney and dog-safe fruits, it’s even cheaper if a bit messy.

Plus, the health benefits of raw dog food pay for themselves with reduced vet bills, Boosting the immune system, improving digestion, great for skin allergies and food intolerances means fewer trips to the vets.

Do Vets Recommend A Raw Diet

There is no simple answer here; vets tend to recommend highly-priced kibbles, which they sell in reception and although there is no doubt about the benefits of top raw food, there are a few issues that prevent Vets from saying its the best, most of which are down to the owners. 

Dogs have been known to choke on bones and if raw meat is not stored correctly, it can contain harmful bacteria; your local vet doesn’t want to held liable for these situations.

Also, whilst there are many owners who swear by BARF it does take some research to make sure your pet is getting the correct nutritional balance so vets are wary of owners preparing their own recipes and dog’s missing out on some essential vitamins or minerals, however these convenient complete meals and minces go a long way to alleviating that problem.

As long as you do your research, store the dog’s raw food correctly and feed the right way, you’re onto a winner with raw dog food.

There Are Some Things To Remember When Feeding Raw Fresh Food

  • A raw diet must contain calcium – around 10-15% of your pet’s diet should be made up of bones such as ribs, chicken wings, duck necks etc. If your dog is not keen or you are worried about choking, add some bone meal to their food – easy enough to do!
  • Limit liver – although up to 30% of a raw diet can contain organ meat (these are the multi-vitamins), they should be a mixture of kidneys, brains, pancreas, liver, and hearts. Dog owners should never feed more than 10% liver in a raw diet as this can result in too much vitamin A which can cause health issues.
  • Avoid too much fat – fat is an essential part of any dog diet, but too much is not good as with humans. The main reason raw fed dogs get too much fat (more than 10%) is from cheap cuts of meat, but if you keep an eye on sales, you should be able to get low-fat meat like a chicken with no skin, rabbit, and game at a reasonable price.
  • Keep the starch low – while small amounts of starch like a bit of cooked wholegrain rice or porridge oats are not harmful to your four-legged friend, large amounts have no nutritional benefits and can lead to allergies, diabetes and other health issues. A complete meal should consist of at least 80% meat.
  • Fish – raw fish is a great addition to your pup’s diet, and if you freeze it first, you will eliminate the danger of parasites and cross-contamination. Be aware, however, that, like humans, some dogs can be allergic to fish.
  • Dairy – the same applies to dairy foods – some pooches love yoghurt or spoonful of cottage cheese and these products can have many beneficial effects on the digestive system – but they do not agree with all dogs! Manage your dog’s diet of raw foods carefully!

This Video Is A Great Raw Feeding Guide

Is Raw Feeding Safe?

There are pros and cons of a raw diet; some owners worry about bacteria and parasites, but dogs have very strong saliva and can eat things a human can’t. As long as you include natural wormers such as pumpkin seeds or apple cider vinegar and ensure there is something to boost the immune system along with the chicken meal.

Always remember to wash your hands after preparing your pet’s meals or wear gloves. their stomachs are stronger than ours – meaning that raw dog foods might be good for them – For us, not so much

There has been a lot of controversy about processed pet food recently, too – with some experts in the pet food industry declaring that feeding your dog products which are full of fillers, chemicals, and rancid fats is the same as consigning them to life on a fast-food diet, which we all know isn’t healthy. 

A raw diet with plenty of real food, ground beef, chicken bone, fish oils, vegetables and essential minerals might be just what your canine needs. These make up the majority of meal plans and food recipes.

Feeding Bones

Many owners worry about giving their dogs bones, however whilst cooked bones can be dangerous and may present a choking hazard, raw bones are completely digestable and rarely splinter. 

Yes, problems can sometimes occur especially if your pooch gulps down their food but this can be avoided by feeding appropiately sized bones or feeding them partly frozen which causes Fido to slow down. 

Beware about feeding large knuckle bones and weight bearing bones. If you have a smaller breed these heavy load bearing bones can chip or break teeth 

Adding a couple of meaty raw bones in addition to your dog’s raw food provides them with extra nutrition and mental stimulation, so go ahead! 


Is It Better To Feed Dogs Before Or After A Walk?

Good news; we have a whole article about whether to feed your dog before or after a walk.

How Long Can You Keep Raw Dog Food In Fridge?

You can keep unused defrosted meat in the fridge for up to 2-3 days. Make sure to keep raw dog food covered and away from any human foods to avoid cross contamination. 

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Pet parents may be surprised to learn that their canine companion has saliva which is much stronger than ours, they also have a shorter digestive tract which enables them to push through food quickly leaving bacteria no time to colonise and cause problems, so yes they can chomp down on raw chicken without ill effects like salmonella. In fact many dogs love a treat of raw chicken wings 

Can A Dog Get Worms From Eating Raw Meat? 

Yes, they can although pre-freezing raw dog food can avoid this, which is why most companies sell their meals frozen or freeze dried. 

However, as long as you provide regular worming treatments or include natural wormers in the diet like pumkin seeds it shouldn’t be an issue. 

Hygiene is extremely important when handling raw dog food or any meat for that matter. Always wash your hands and clean work surfaces thoroughly to avoid conntamination. 

Our Conclusion and Top Pick

So – what’s the best raw dog food choice from my list above? It has to be the Nutriment pack. This is a fantastic starter kit for feeding your dog the best raw ingredients. It’s affordable enough if you are just getting into the raw dog foods scene and convenient, just defrost and serve, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to squeeze it into their diet. 

Big brands like Natures Menu and Bella and Duke are also great choices and we would advise not making any homemade dog food meals unless you know exactly what your doing.

In fact, all of the raw dog food reviews on this list are worth looking into. Some brands offer biologically appropriate raw puppy food ingredients like cage-free chicken and turkey, grass fed beef, muscle meat and salmon, meaning you won’t just give them a shinier coat but a shot at an authentic, appropriate diet. 

Dogs are essentially carnivores, their teeth are designed to rip apart flesh and when was the last time you saw Rover tucking into a field of wheat, yes dogs will eat just about anything but why not give them a natural diet they will love?

Why not give raw dog food a try?

Feeding a complete balanced raw food diet has tons of benefits for your four-legged friend, and once you’ve done some research, it’s relatively easy to get into and is pretty inexpensive. So, give it a try, be the owner your dog deserves!

John Devlin

Hi, my name is John, and I am the founder of Dogsbarn – a UK-based website dedicated to helping the owners of furry friends enjoy life with their four-legged companion. We currently own two golden retrievers, George and Henry, who love running around in the park together. We are thinking about adding a third – called Frank! Our mission is to provide excellent guides and introduce great products we’ve bought or come across online.