Which is the Best Raw Dog Food? Complete Breakdown of UK Brands

If you’re strapped for time and don’t want to read all the reviews below, then the best raw dog food we found was the Nutriment Variety Pack. Based on the research we did and the buyer’s feedback, this is our top choice this year.

Is your pet’s diet the healthiest it can be? Unsure of which brand has the best raw dog food? That’s where we come in! 

When I switched my dog George’s food I was panicking about it, so like I always do I started a stage of manic research to see if I was making the right decisions and what the best raw diet to go with was. The fact is, there are stacks of raw dog food options out there, meaning that I wouldn’t be too surprised if you found a raw food hunt to be a bit of an ordeal.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the following raw dog food:

It helps to have a bit of a guide to show you around what you can expect, and short of much in the way of support myself, I decided to round up the best-reviewed and most promising raw dog food options on the market. That, of course, is what led to the creation of this guide!

Whether your pooch likes their dog food raw or if you’d prefer to give them a bit of a balance to dry food and kibble, there are plenty of high quality products you can pick from. Plenty of dog foods promise to give your pup a shinier coat or that they are biologically appropriate for a variety of breeds – but how do you sort the best raw dog food from the common fodder? In this guide, I’m going to be taking you through what makes for appropriate raw food to give your dog.

Below, you have the healthiest choices on the market, and ones I’m sure any of your furry friends would love to get their paws on! Yes – different dogs have different tastes as far as what they think the best meat and tastiest dog treats are – but you’re going to need to think about which raw dogs food is likely to do them nutritional good, too. A complete and balanced diet should be full of fruits and vegetables – and the benefits of some of the ingredients listed in the following mixes might surprise you.The variety of different types of dog food available is mind-blowing (see here for grain free dog food). You now have dry kibble, cans, pouches, and of course raw. But how do you choose which one is the best for your pet? Which provides them with the best nutrition and will result in them leading a long healthy life?

A raw food diet is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons

  • It is what our four-legged friends’ descendants ate in the wild. Therefore, you could say that a modern dog’s diet is largely lacking in the best raw food they’d be used to centuries past.
  • It is completely natural with no toxic additives. This can be a serious problem with some tinned food and dry dog foods, meaning you’re going to want to look for the best raw dog food without any nasty bits and dodgy ingredients.
  • Most dogs love the taste. There are a few picky pooches out there, but the best raw dog food listed here really performs well on the taste front.
  • It contains all the essential nutrients your dog is going to need from day to day. Most raw dog foods will offer a clear balance.
  • It provides enzymes which may be missing from processed dog food. The problem with cheap dog food is not just the fact that it can look naff and unappealing, but that it’s likely lacking plenty of the benefits of raw dog foods ingredients.
  • It’s good for dogs with allergies. You’ll find hypoallergenic dried dog food out there, too, but raw dog food tends to get allergy protection right.
  • It’s pretty inexpensive. You might think that the best biologically appropriate raw dog food is going to burn a hole in your wallet. However, it’s actually on par with most other dog food, tinned, bagged or otherwise.
  • It promotes healthy skin and glossy coats – A shinier coat means a healthier dog, on the whole. While you can give your dog all kinds of different treats which say they will offer them a shinier look, raw dog foods tend to score better in this regard.
  • Some processed foods have been found to contain really nasty stuff – stick to the best raw dog food if you want the healthiest, most beneficial ingredients.
  • You might find that your dog benefits from fresher breath, too! It’s one of many benefits of raw dog food owners regularly comment on.
  • You might also find your dog passes less gas – great news for anyone suffering from a pretty smelly pooch! Dogs can suffer from wind and bad odours if they eat too much of the bad stuff. The best raw dog food will make sure there’s less of the methane!
  • It strengthens the immune system, too. Our dogs need all the protection they can get, and raw dog food ingredients are brought together to bolster your pup’s health. Why would you be feeding your dog anything less than the best?
  • It’s also thought that some raw dog food can even help with behavioural problems. Of course, you’re going to need to look at individual packets of raw dog foods to check what the benefits of that particular brand are!

No wonder, then, that more and more people than ever are searching for where to buy raw dog food from. While most people who feed raw pet food,buy fresh meat from suppliers and add a percentage of vegetables, offal etc, this can be time-consuming and confusing if you are not familiar with the ratios involved – and it’s simply not feasible if you are travelling, or your pet is staying with someone else.

The good news is: there are more complete raw foods than ever, which can be purchased from specialist suppliers and pet shops. Pets at home offers some of the best raw dog food, and it has seen an increase in sales – also, a number of brands like Country Hunter provide complete raw meals making the BARF (Biologically Approved Raw Food) diet hassle-free. 

So – instead of muddling around with building specialist dishes out of whole legs of lamb and the like, why not look for simple biologically appropriate dog food which you can easily serve from meal to meal? The raw food market has exploded lately, making it a great time to be a dog owner. If you’re not yet convinced that holding out for the best raw dog food is a good idea, make sure to read on to see some of the best high quality foods you can give your dog.

Product Review & Buyers Guide

If you’re looking for high quality raw dog foods, you’re going to need to do some digging. Or, you can rely on my sleuthing skills – these are the best raw dog food brands and meals you’ll find online and in pet shops right now. Let’s run through them as well as their ingredients and benefits.

Nutriment Variety Pack, 8 different formulas (20 x 500g)

This great value variety pack contains fresh meat, bones and offal and consists of 20 x 500g frozen tubs; including flavours like salmon, beef, chicken, lamb and venison for a completely natural diet.


  • 85% meat content
  • Top quality ingredients
  • Good value


  • N/A

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AniForte BARF Vegetables & Herbs 1KG Dog Food Mix: Gluten Free Dog Food with Dog Vitamins & Minerals

This is a fantastic supplement for raw food diets containing nutritious vegetables and natural herbs in flake form. It is gluten-free, with no colourings, flavourings or preservatives, and is the perfect addition to meat ensuring a complete balanced diet.

What I love about the AniForte range of products is that it feeds in directly into the BARF diet, and that it’s really simple to mix up their raw dog food with a variety of other foods and treats. What’s more, you can use their raw dog food alongside other branded salmon oil, too, to ensure that your dog gets a shinier coat and a full plethora of vitamins and minerals across the board. The organ meat in this raw dog food mix is truly high quality.


  • 100% natural raw dog food guaranteed – there are no pretences, and it’s raw food that you can easily mix into your dog’s diet.
  • No-fuss – it’s really easy to serve and it cuts down on the need to prep some of the best raw dog food diet plans out there.
  • There’s a Money Back Guarantee – meaning that if you’re new to raw dog food or feeding your dog on organ meat and the like, you have the right to change your mind.


  • It’s a pretty small bag for the price!

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Benyfit Natural For Senior Pack 10kg Dog Food, Chicken, Turkey (20 x 500g Tubs)

Combining the best quality meat with the correct amounts of bone, offal, and tasty vegetables, this DEFRA approved dog food has been developed specifically for senior dogs, providing them with all the essential nutrients they need.

It’s sometimes hard to get older dogs onto the raw dog food diet, however, this Benyfit staple offers you stacks of the good stuff which you shouldn’t find too much hassle feeding your dog. It’s raw food which is likely to offer that elusive ‘complete and balanced’ approach, and it’s some of the best frozen raw dog food for containing offal and genuinely top quality meat.


  • It boasts ingredients from Red Tractor approved British Farms – making it some of the most ethical raw food around.
  • It offers up a complete balanced meal, which means it’s one of the best raw food choices if you don’t want to add anything to it.
  • 100% natural ingredients mean that there’s no filler – who says that frozen raw dog food has to be low on the natural side of things?


  • There aren’t any particular cons to this choice – only that it’s a raw food option that’s likely to sell out quick.
  • Also – frozen raw food might not appeal to everyone!

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Nutriment Raw Puppy Formula 20 x 500g

Looking to start your dog on a balanced diet from a young age? This is spectacular raw dog food which is fit for humans, not just pets! However, we’d probably suggest you leave the chowing down to fido here just in case.

High in protein and with all the essential nutrients needed for a growing puppy, this frozen complete formula is a great introduction to a raw diet. Containing all-natural British human-grade ingredients, it is suitable for all breeds of dogs. Therefore, it’s likely to appeal to most people who are bringing up a pup for the first time. Why not treat them to the best raw dog food around?


  • It’s a complete and balanced formula, which means that you probably won’t need to add this raw food to anything else to get the full diet.
  • Arrives frozen – again, frozen raw food isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but it’s easy to store and defrost whenever you need to.
  • Quality ingredients mean that you’re not giving your puppy any old filler.


  • The glowing review rather say it all, in the sense that there;’s not much you can say against this formula! It’s a great all-around choice.

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Natural Instinct Working Dog Variety Box 12 x 1kg

Another frozen raw dog food pick, Natural Instinct serves up a biologically appropriate raw mix, meaning it’s likely to be a firm fit for specific types and breeds.

This complete balanced frozen raw food for working dogs is made from human-grade ingredients and is approved by vets. It is suitable for dogs of all breeds but is especially good for competition and working dogs maintaining healthy joints and ligaments. Therefore, if you are feeding your dog traditional tinned food or kibble that’s low on the diet essentials, this might just be your best alternative. It’s a great starter option and for dogs with a lot of energy.


  • Biologically appropriate – meaning that this is some of the best raw dog food emulating traditional raw diets.
  • A variety of different flavours means you can mix your dog’s diet up with plenty of interesting twists on the raw food phenomenon. What are they likely to enjoy the most?
  • No grains or fillers here – meaning that everything you get is pure biologically appropriate raw dog food.


  • The fruits and vegetables in here might not appeal to picky dogs, but do they really know what’s good for them?

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What is Raw Dog Food?

A dog’s diet should ideally consist of between 70-85% meat, bones and organs with the rest made up of fruit, vegetables, perhaps some raw eggs, cottage cheese or yoghurt.

You can find a local raw pet food supplier here do a bit of research and make up your own tasty menus. However, if you are a bit squeamish about feeding carcasses and other not so pleasant animal part,s you can purchase complete raw foods from many pet stores and online like the ones I have reviewed above. The former option works out cheaper, but the complete meals are hassle-free and a great alternative. 

Therefore, have a think about which approach to raw dog food suits your needs – and your dog’s tastes – the best! Finding appropriate raw dog food shouldn’t be that tricky once you’ve had a good look around the market.

There are some things to remember when feeding a raw diet

  • It must contain calcium – around 10-15% of your pet’s diet should be made up of bones such as ribs, chicken wings, duck necks etc. If your dog is not keen or you are worried about choking, add some bone meal to their food – easy enough to do!
  • Limit liver – although up to 30% of a raw diet can contain organ meat (these are the multi-vitamins) they should be a mixture of kidneys, brains, pancreas, liver, and hearts. Never feed more than 10% liver as this can result in too much vitamin A which can cause health issues.
  • Avoid too much fat – fat is an essential part of any diet but as with humans too much is not good. The main reason raw fed dogs get too much fat (more than 10%) is from cheap cuts of meat but if you keep an eye on sales you should be able to get low-fat meat like a chicken with no skin, rabbit, and game at a reasonable price.
  • Keep the starch low – while small amounts of starch like a bit of cooked wholegrain rice or porridge oats are not harmful to your four-legged friend, large amounts have no nutritional benefits and can lead to allergies, diabetes and other health issues.
  • Fish – raw fish is a great addition to your dog’s diet, and if you freeze it first you will eliminate the danger of parasites. Be aware however that some dogs can be allergic to fish so avoid if your dog is prone to allergies.
  • Dairy – the same applies to dairy foods – some pooches love yogurt or spoon of cottage cheese and these products can have many beneficial effects on the digestive system – but, they do not agree with all dogs! Manage your dig’s diet carefully!

This video is a great raw feeding guide

We have reviewed some of the best raw dog food online, so you don’t have to.

Our Top Pick

So – what’s the best raw dog food choice from my list above? It has to be the Nutriment pack. This is a fantastic starter kit for feeding your dog the best raw ingredients. It’s affordable enough if you are just getting into the raw dog foods scene, and it shouldn’t be too hard for you to squeeze it into their diet.

In fact, all of the raw dog food picks on this list are worth looking into. Some brands offer biologically appropriate raw food ingredients, meaning you won’t just give them a shinier coat, but a shot at an authentic, appropriate diet.ConclusionThere are pros and cons of a raw food diet; some owners worry about bacteria and parasites, but dogs have very strong saliva and can eat things a human can’t. As long as you are vigilant with worming treatments and buy quality meats there should be no problem.

However, always remember to wash your hands after preparing your pet’s meals or wear gloves. their stomachs are stronger than ours – meaning that while bio appropriate raw food might be good for them – with enough fruits and vegetables – it’s rarely going to be that healthy for you to eat raw.

There has been a lot of controversy about processed dog food recently, too – with some experts declaring that feeding your dog products which are full of fillers, chemicals, and rancid fats is the same as consigning them to a life on a fast-food diet, which we all know isn’t healthy. A raw diet on plenty of bio appropriate raw food might be just what your canine needs.

Feeding a complete balanced raw food diet has tons of benefits for your four-legged friend, and once you have done some research it’s relatively easy to get into and is pretty inexpensive. So, give it a try, be the owner your dog deserves!

John Devlin

Blogger and owner of George and Henry. Two gorgeous goldens that couldn’t be more different. One is a dream loving and caring, and his sibling is as naughty as can be. When I am not blogging about dogs, I love watching sport and travelling with the family.
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