Review: Best Dog Steps UK – 5 Top Pet Stairs for 2021

If you’re strapped for time and don’t want to read all the reviews, then the best dog steps we found were the High Density Pet Ramp Steps. Based on the research we did and the buyers feedback, this is our top choice this year.

Ever heard of pet stairs? Sometimes, your pet is going to need a little bit of assistance getting up and down. Whether it’s getting up to a car or a piece of furniture, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to make things easier on your dogs. After all, we all start to feel the old pain in our joints once in a while!

In this guide, I’ve taken a look at a few of the top dog steps and pet stairs options available online. These have all been tested and reviewed thoroughly, and rest assured, I have lined up picks which I know work well for a wide variety of dogs, breeds, and their owners! One of the best things you can do for your dog if they are struggling to get up and down is to give them a bit of a helping hand.

In this guide, I’ll also be looking at things you should consider when shopping for dog stairs in general. What should you be keeping in mind when you need dog stairs for large dogs? Which options are likely to work best in the long run? All will be revealed!

The products we are going to review in this guide include:

Why Should I Invest in Dog Stairs?

Pet stairs are great for helping dogs of all shapes and sizes get up and down. They might have a high bed, may be overweight, or may simply be getting on in years. Ultimately, pet stairs are great for helping your best friend access where they want to go without having to strain themselves.

But which dog stairs should you choose? Why are there so many different brands of dog stairs out there, and why is there so much of a market for these accessories? The fact is, finding the right dog stairs for your pup might not be as simple as choosing the first set of steps that you come across. You’ll find that there are some which are made from certified foam, others which are high density, and some which are built for outdoor rather than indoor use. In any case, get ready to shop around!

It’s probably safe to say that pet stairs or dog stairs aren’t things you are likely to think about a lot. That is, however, unless your dog is likely to be showing issues with getting up into bed, vehicles, or otherwise. Dogs’ joints are just as likely to need looking after as our own, and therefore, one of the kindest things you can do is help them in and out of bed when they really need the support.

Are you finding that you need to lift your dog up and down or on and off things to ensure that they get comfy? Are you struggling to find ways to encourage them on and off surfaces and platforms? It may be that you need to invest in one or more pet stairs systems, in 4 step or otherwise, to give them a little support and encouragement. Unfortunately, our dogs don’t always let us know when they really need support, and therefore, we need to keep looking out for them. If this means investing in pet stairs made in high density foam, then so be it!

Here are a few reasons why investing in the best dog stairs available might just be what you and your pups need for making things easy access in future.

You Have an Older Dog

As our dogs get older, so do their joints and muscles. They are much like us! Therefore, there will likely come a time when your dog is perhaps unlikely to get up to a high bed or even the furniture – if they are allowed up, of course! That’s why, in these circumstances, pet stairs can be a real asset. They can help to encourage your dogs to ascend to bed or onto high up platforms which they would normally find painful or hard to clamber up to. It’s a great way to show that you care.

You Have an Overweight Dog

Of course, an overweight dog needs encouragement to exercise and to lose some pounds. However, until they do, it might be tricky for them to get up to bed, into a car, or otherwise. What’s more, investing in one of the best pet stairs options available will mean you don’t have to pick up and lug them about all the time! Pet stairs and dog steps will encourage your portly pooch to start taking up a little more in the way of exercise and leg-stretching, meaning that it’s all for the greater good.

However, dog stairs and pet steps are never a good idea to be used in place of exercise. As always, you need to make sure that your dog gets enough exercise and a healthy enough diet to shift that weight, and in time, they might not need dog steps at all! It could be a temporary solution.

Your Dog’s Post-Surgery or Can’t Climb

There are always going to be some pets – small dogs, large dogs or otherwise – who are unable to leap or climb as well as others. This, of course, is one of the key scenarios where dog stairs will come in really handy. Dogs who have come out of surgery, or who may not have the leg strength or dexterity to climb into bed or onto high platforms will likely need a helping paw or two.

Pet stairs can be a great asset to those dogs who are likely to need a little time to recover from surgery, or larger dogs who have weaker muscles than most, for example. These steps and dog stairs in general are also great for smaller pets who find getting up to some areas particularly difficult.

You Take Them in the Car a Lot

Another great reason to look for dog stairs is if you take your dogs or pets in the car on journeys on a frequent basis. Essentially, it’s going to be tricky to get your pets up and moving into a vehicle unless they can either leap in, or if you are willing to pick them up and carry them in. Now – if your dog or dogs fall under any of the above categories, this might not be an option at all. Therefore, you’re going to need dog stairs which they can use to easily and comfortably get up and down.

You Can’t Lift Them Yourself

This may fall under one of the above categories, of course, but dog stairs are ideal for situations where you simply can’t get your dog up and into a car or up and into bed on your own. This might be due to the fact that you have a large dog, or that they are overweight, or that they are older and you don’t want to risk their health. Your dogs may simply not like being picked up at all!

You also need to consider safety. You might think that you are strong enough to hoist a dog into a car or up and down on your own, but if you slip accidentally, it might result in problems for both you and your pet. Therefore, an anti slip, high quality pet stairs solution could be just what you need to help keep things nice and safe.

Is a Ramp or Stairs Better for Dogs?

The jury really is out on this one, but there are a few points that tip things in the direction of pet stairs or dog stairs. For one thing, it’s likely that most dogs will likely be more used to steps than they will ramps. If you think about it logically, their legs and paws may find it all the easier to walk up and down stairs than to use a ramp of any kind. While some of the best dog ramps can be really useful, pet steps and dog stairs may be more likely to give them the support you’re considering for them.

A ramp is likely to be a great option if you are largely helping your dog or dogs in and out of the car. However, it is often likely to be an outdoor solution alone, meaning that you may be stuck if you want to use a similar solution indoors. That’s why there are so many different dog friendly steps and dog stairs out there which are built exclusively for indoor use, which are easy to clean, and which are made from high density foam. These are steps which are largely built for a different purpose!

Therefore – I’d seriously consider looking at a ramp option for a bit of a different purpose. Dog steps are likely to be fantastic if you know your dogs or pet will need support up and into bed as well as in and out of the car. If you really have your heart set on a dog ramp, I’ve set up a separate buying guide to help break down everything you need to know about these accessories separately.

What Should I Look for When Buying Dog Stairs?

Oddly enough, there are actually more than a few things you should be considering when setting up dog steps or pet stairs for the first time. Your unique purpose for them may differ from other people’s, for example, and there are some pet stairs built for different scenarios. For example, a Pet Gear Easy Step II is likely to be a little bit different to the Pupstep Plus. In this guide, we’re going to look at more than just the Pupstep Plus and the Pet Gear Easy Step II – but before I even scratch the surface on that side of things, you need to have a checklist to hand to compare between the best models and accessories on the market right now.

Here’s everything you should be keeping in mind when shopping for dog stairs for the first time, and for virtually any purpose.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

One of the first things you should be considering when buying dog stairs or pet steps is whether or not they are going to be ideal for indoor or outdoor use. For example, outdoor dog stairs are going to be waterproof or water resistant to some extent, and will likely be built in a material which is easy enough to wipe down and rinse off.

Indoor dog stairs, on the other hand, are likely to be just as easy to clean, and some even come with machine washable covers. Machine washable steps are those which are likely to offer a bit more of the ‘indoor’ aesthetic, too, with comfier steps and fluffier linings. What’s more, indoor steps are also likely to arrive with certified foam or at least high density foam as standard.

Number of Steps

Of course, one of the main factors you should be looking into is how many steps you actually need per unit. There are some dog stairs systems which are 2 step, 3 step or even 4 step. Therefore, depending on the height of the areas you need your dog to climb up and down from, you may well need to look into a specific size or type of unit to facilitate your needs. It’s certainly worth looking for a model which gives you more than you need if you’re unsure. You may even be able to find a step system that’s extendable or flexible if your dog’s needs are likely to change from time to time.

Non Skid and Anti Slip

Naturally, if you are investing in outdoor pet stairs, then you are probably doing to want to invest in a non skid system. A non skid pet step solution will, of course, help dogs to keep their grip when going up and down the unit at their own pace. It’s reasonable to assume that dogs will have enough grip of their own as they have claws, but those paw pads can slip all over the place if given too skiddy a surface!

You may also find that there are some indoor machine washable steps which are anti skid, too. It’s well worth comparing between these individual characteristics before you choose a single option outright for your pet.

Easy Storage

Are the stairs you are hoping to buy easy to pack up and put away? In some cases, if you buy outdoor stairs or those which are built to use outside the home, you will find that they are easy storage by design – in that they will fold up. This is not always the case when it comes to machine washable dog stairs for inside the home, but you may still find that there are some units you can easily store away or put to one side when they are not in use.

This is why it’s always important to measure any certified foam stairs before you buy them. Plan your space carefully and look at the measurements and dimensions in a product’s marketing. If it’s unclear on how much space the stairs will actually take up in your home, it may be worth looking at an alternative.

Foam Inner

When it comes to buying a reliable set of indoor pet stairs, certified foam is a must. High density foam, or certified foam, will give your pet the stability and security they need to get up and down their stairs to and from bed whenever they want to. Solid foam stairs are likely to withstand the years to come, and they will generally provide for some of the best dog supports online. Do be sure to check out reviews on foam stairs, too, so you know what other people are thinking.

Easy to Clean?

I’ve mentioned already that some indoor dog stairs are machine washable – in that they have machine washable covers, at least – but it’s always worth looking closely to see if they are easy to clean in other ways. For example, you can invest in pet stairs which are simply easy to wipe down and clean with a cloth, or stairs which you can rinse down with warm water if they are for use outside.

You’re going to need a set of stairs which is easy to clean for a variety of reasons. Anyone who owns dogs or a pet that goes outside frequently will already know that muddy paws are a frequent cause of cleaning terror! However, providing you invest in pet stairs which you can easily clean down from use to use, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Whether this means investing in stairs which have removable and washable covers remains to be seen, and it’s entirely your choice.

Dog Sizing

Yes – it’s also a good idea to look for dog stairs which are ideal for big dogs, small gods, or any pets in between. Pet owners will likely want to look for stairs for their dogs which are going to give them complete ease of access. For example, a smaller breed of dog is unlikely to do well with stairs and ramps that are extra wide or super tall. In the same way, you’re going to need dog stairs that bigger dogs can easily climb up and down from without stumbling along the way.

Consider size options carefully. This is certainly worth considering, for example, if your dog has a health condition or joint problems, as the more convenient their stairs are to use, then the more support they will receive. It really is a no-brainer – if you need stairs to help your pet get in and out of bed, you’re going to need to size them up well before you buy.


As mentioned, a sturdy foam inner is going to be a great choice in terms of stairs which actively support your dog’s weight up and down. Make sure to look for stairs which will happily handle and support the bulk of your pet, and which are nice and rigid. While you need stairs made of foam which are comfy to an extent, you’re also going to need to make sure your pet receives a level platform or two to walk up and down.

Also built into the step design may be rubber grippers, which you can use to allow your stairs to grip carpet of various lengths and types. Ultimately, you are going to need your pet stairs to stay as rigid as possible from use to use. Otherwise, you could be doing your dog more harm than good.

Ease of Use

Do also think carefully about how easy stairs are going to be for your dog to use. Have you found the best option for their agility or exercise level? What about their joints, size and height? Think about how easy it will be to train your dog on these stairs over time.

Training your dog to use their own stairs shouldn’t be too tricky, and I’ll come to this shortly. However, it makes sense to be kind to your dog instead of offering four of five stairs to a Yorkie and expecting them to ascend right away! Look at what other reviewers have to say, again, and if you can find a video demo or review online, this will be all for the better, too.

What are the Best Dog Stairs Available Online?

Now that I’ve taken you through what you should be looking for in terms of dog steps and stairs, it’s time to actually consider a few top picks that are available for you to buy right now. The following stairs and steps are all really easy to find online, and receive fantastic reviews and ratings. Rest assured, I always make sure to thoroughly analyse and research my markets, meaning that I’m confident you’ll find the best steps or stairs for your dog in the following line-up.

Best Foam Dog Steps – High-Density Pet Ramp Stairs

Foam steps for use in the house are ideal for stability, and these stairs offer three steps which will help to get your dog up and into bed with ease. They are ideal for small dogs, and are nice and easy to use, with an anti-pressure technology built-in to ensure that they weather the years to come.

You will also be pleased to note that these steps come with a machine washable cover, meaning that you can easily unzip it and pop it in the washer when it’s time to get those nuisance paw marks up and moving. These stairs are designed for pets who may have trouble with mobility, and they come in a nice enough design to blend in around the house.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to vacuum and keep dust-free
  • Comfy and firm for dogs to use, also non skid for stability


  • May not be the best for large dogs

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Dog Steps for High Beds – Easipet Plastic Foldable Steps

These super affordable plastic steps are a great choice if you need a lightweight, storable dog stairs solution which you can use for various purposes. This system unfolds into four stairs in total, and are ideal for high beds and furniture which your dog is allowed on and off!

These steps are also some of the best for travel use, meaning if your dog is going to need mobility support on the move, you are looking at a reliable and durable option for the years to come.


  • Collapsible stairs – very easy to store
  • Great for small dogs and some large dogs
  • Very affordable – some of the cheapest steps online
  • Comes with carpet grips for non skid


  • Few I can see – though the look might not be to everyone’s tastes

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Best Dog Ramp For Cars – Hewitt & Blue Large Dog Car Ramp

Let’s mix things up a little with a safety ramp. This is a durable and dependable ramp solution which is very easy to glide open and close again whenever you need to. As a good alternative to stairs, this is a telescopic system which you will likely want to use to help your dog get in and out of the car.

This handy piece of pet gear is non skid by design, and it’s incredibly lightweight. It’s also built to fit all car boots, meaning there’s no need to look for a specific fit or branding. Keep in mind that this ramp is built for large dogs.


  • Very light and easy to store
  • Extremely well gripped and anti skid by design
  • Very durable and won’t bend
  • Telescopic design makes it one of the best picks for ramps


  • You may need to look for a different option if you have a small to medium pet

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Top Rated Wooden Dog Stairs – Yaheetech 2-in-1 Folding Pet Ramp

This neat, foldable wooden stairs system is fantastically easy to manage and to store away. It’s particularly interesting in that it’s a 2 in 1 steps solution, which means that you can fold it down into a ramp if you want to. It’s nice and wide, as well as sturdy, and this means you should be able to support lighter dogs up and down to bed or into vehicles.

These handy pet stairs are built to withstand loads of up to 60kg. While material used here might not be machine washable, it’s still easy to keep clean and can be used for indoor and outdoor needs.


  • Folds up and down into steps and a ramp
  • Easy storage by design, nice and light
  • Great for travelling with
  • Wide design makes this an easy step system for pets to get used to


  • Some assembly required, is dependent on screws

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Budget Pet Steps – Ballshop 3 Steps Pet Stairs

Lastly, this super affordable pet steps solution will certainly appeal to you if you want something light and simple to get your dog up and down easily. It’s a three step system as the name suggests, with a thick cover that is machine washable.

What you see is what you get with these stairs. They are ideal for no frills needs, meaning that if practicality or purpose means more to you than a fancy look, this is the product to buy.


  • Very affordable, the cheapest online
  • Lightweight and easy to use around the home
  • Machine washable cover
  • Foldable for easy storage


  • Non foam model, and isn’t non skid

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Can I Train My Dog to Use Stairs?

If you live in a multi-story house, it’s probably already the case that your dog knows how to use stairs! Training them to use a smaller system may take time, but be patient. The best steps for dogs are really easy to train pets on. Simply take them gently up and down on a lead, and treat them when they do well!


I hope you’ve found my guide to the best dog stairs informative and useful. If you are after our personal recommendation then we would advise the High Density Foam Dog Steps. Whether you look for a Pupstep Plus or something else entirely, they can be great investments. Check out the best dog step solutions above and compare the market!

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