Review: Best Dog Backpack UK – 5 Top Carriers for 2021

If you’re low on time and simply want to find out what our top pick of all the best dog backpacks we’ve tested is, we’ve chosen the Pecute Pet Mesh Opening Carrier. We’ve based this decision on various reviews and ratings from verified buyers, as well as on what other experts have to say.

Ever wanted to take your dog with you on longer walks? If you’re an avid hiker or someone who loves to take super long strolls, your dog may sometimes have a bit of a problem keeping up! Small dog breeds don’t always find it so easy to keep up to speed on longer stretches, meaning that it may actually be worth giving them a bit of a helping hand along the way.

Did you know that you can keep your dog cool and safe in a dog backpack? Dog backpacks may seem like a pretty new invention, but they’ve been around longer than you might imagine. A top pack is likely to keep any smaller dog safe and secure on your back while you take on those longer walks and trails.

In this guide, I’ll be taking you through my top picks for the very best in dog backpack technology and designs available online right now. I’ll also take a good look at everything you need to know before you make the right choice for your dog. After all, they’re going to need to be safe and comfortable on route, too!

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the following dog backpacks:

What is a Dog Backpack?

A dog backpack, for the purpose of this guide, is a backpack that you wear which you can safely and comfortably fit your dog into.

It’s worth remembering that if you are looking for dog backpacks online, you might come across packs which you can actually fit to your dog to help lighten the load.

However, the angle I’m taking here is exclusively surrounding dog pet carriers. These are bags which you can strap on and comfortably carry your dog around in, so they don’t have to wear themselves out on longer stretches.

You have to remember that small dogs aren’t likely to be as hardy on the road as your average larger dog. They only have little legs and paws, and therefore, they often have to expend more energy than bigger breeds.

A dog as small as a Yorkshire Terrier or a Bichon Frise, for example, is likely to get much more of a workout on a five minute stretch than, say a Great Dane or a German Shepherd! Smaller dog breeds have to do more work over longer distances, and therefore, they might need a bit of assistance.

That’s why it’s kind to them if you look to keep your dog safe, cool and comfortable in a durable dog backpack while on route. These dog bags are built for you to carry small animals around in, meaning that they are particularly safe and hard-wearing from trip to trip.

If you have a smaller dog than most, you’re probably not going to feel much pressure or weight on your back, either. That’s why, instead of putting your dog through their paces, you really will be doing them a favour by investing in a dog pack for your back.

Do I Need a Dog Backpack?

That all depends on how active you are, how long your walks are likely to be, and whether or not you want to take your dog with you.

Needing a dog bag depends on how much daily exercise your pet needs. It’s obviously absolutely fine to keep them on the lead for the smaller stretches of walks, but when these dogs start getting tired, they are likely to start showing resistance. Can you blame them, really?

You’ll also want to invest in the best bag for your dog if you’re likely to walk or hike up rocky, muddy or wet trails. Dogs are generally expected to walk barefoot across just about everything. Unless you’re willing to train your dog to wear boots on route, then a simple bag for your back might be the next best option.

If you are finding that your dog wears out easily on longer walks and really wants to be carried, don’t feel that you’re giving in to them. After all, they’re likely to be going through more calorie burning than you – especially if it’s a long day and they have lots of fur to contend with!

Backpacks for dog carrying are designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable. The best brands will generally offer a soft mesh and straps which you can easily adjust. It’s generally seen as a kinder choice for your dog than to continue letting them walk endlessly down longer and longer routes.

That’s why I’ve set up this guide to backpacks for dogs. It might not be an investment that you think about too often, but if you’re the active sort, and have a feisty little dog that’s wearing out easily, it’s probably a good idea to help them out.

What Should I Look for in Dog Backpacks?

While it might be safe to assume that any dog backpack is likely to do the same job as the next two, there are actually a few differences that you should be looking for.

After all, there are different breeds of small dog which will still vary in terms of size and behaviour. What’s more, each dog has a personality and a level of comfort – so you’re going to need to keep in mind which options are likely to suit your dog the best, especially if they are a bit of a prima donna and don’t like being squeezed into things!

Before I run through the best dog backpacks I’ve found for you online, here’s a quick rundown of what you should ideally be comparing, contrasting and considering over the course of your shopping. There are two or three things you should always keep in mind.


You might not think that bag ventilation is that important, but there are some dog bags out there which expect you to zip your pet right in for extra security. There are, of course, some which will allow you to secure your dog with their heads and paws poking out, but some dog owners might not find these options too safe.

Therefore, if you are looking for a dogs’ backpack which seals your dog in snugly and securely, make sure you choose one which has plenty of air ventilation and offers a viewing window. Zipping a dog up in any old bag is going to be really scary for them, and it’s not going to be safe, either.

Look for a bag that has breathable mesh panels, for example. Breathable mesh will allow your dog to benefit from comfort, security and ease of breathing on route.

Side Pockets and Storage

Just because a dog bag is built to carry pets in doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to use it for other storage, too. In fact, you’re probably going to need to keep water, dog leads and treats safe and close by while walking around.

Therefore, look for a bag which has two or more secure side pockets and storage pouches which don’t overcrowd your dog on route. The best bag designs will keep your dog at the heart of the unit, but at the same time, there should be a few handy pouches available for you to access if you need water bottles and the like.

Safety and Security

This really does go without saying, but it’s always a good idea to look for a dog backpack that offers plenty of safety and stability. Look for a bag that offers comfortable, adjustable straps. The straps on a dog bag will not necessarily be the same as those you’d find on your own bag, as it’s not always easy to gauge how comfortable a dog is, especially if they are behind you on your walks.

Therefore, look for pet harness systems and bag straps which can be easily adjusted. This means that if you do want or need to adjust or loosen them, you can – without having to worry about making things too uncomfy on the road.

Of course, you should also be looking out for bags which have two or more straps to ensure that your pet doesn’t fall out of the pack altogether! One or two of the best bags for dogs on the market will likely have heavyduty liners and harness attachments that you can use to make sure your dog stays in the pack at all times. This is especially important, as you’re not going to be able to look at your dog if they are strapped to your back! Choose padded straps, and a secure system that’s going to keep them comfortably in place.


As mentioned, any small dog that you’re going to safely strap to your back is going to need to feel comfortable! This means looking for padding and weight balancing in any bags you choose to buy. Not only just you be looking for breathable mesh and adjustable straps, it makes sense to look out for padded straps and shoulder units, too.

Generally, while we can’t ask our dogs what they find most comfortable, we can assume that they are going to feel most at ease when it comes to a secure, snug fit that’s well-cushioned, and primed to really support their weight. That’s why looking for a heavy duty bag for your dog, which is thick on cushioning and has the right weight resistance for your pet, is an absolute must. Even if you are two inches or two or three kg off the weight, you still might find the fit and comfort isn’t right for you or your pup.

Take a look at the sizes small dogs tend to fit into when it comes to dog bags. Read up on what other dog walkers have to say, too, as they are going to be your best guides in the hunt for the ideal solutions.

Resistance, Durability and Wear and Tear

As you’d expect, even a small dog is likely to cause some serious damage to a pack if given half the chance. Give them two inches and they’ll give you a mile if they really don’t feel happy or comfortable.I really can’t blame them, not matter how much padding or mesh you throw their way!

Therefore, be sure to look for water resistant nylon, for example, when looking into the best material for your pack. Do also look for pack designs which are built to withstand all kinds of weather, rough and tumble. If you’re investing in durable walking wear and equipment for yourself, you should certainly do the same for your dog, too. It just makes sense!

The best backpacks around for dogs will have years of use built into the design. Dogs do have a habit of scratching, clawing, biting and chewing if they get bored, restless or stressed. Therefore, try and find one or two bag options which are built to withstand fussy pups on route.

One of the main reasons why you should look for a water resistant dog backpack – and one which is going to withstand lots of wear and tear – is for the simple fact that an everyday pack is not going to hold up to scratch. Literally! Choose one or two bag manufacturers and designs which offer serious support.

Ease of Access

Of course, if your dog is unhappy or does start having problems while strapped into a bag, you are going to need to be able to access them pretty quickly. That’s why it makes sense to invest in one of the best dogs’ bags for ease of access. You should look for a dog pack that is easy enough for you to unhook and check while on the route, and which is always going to be easy to clean.

Of course, there is one issue that all dog owners will likely need to anticipate, at least for the first few times of using a pack made for dogs to ride in. Some dogs get very excited – while others get pretty scared – when trying anything new. As you might imagine, this can lead to one or two little accidents on route.

Therefore, your pack needs to be really easy to clean down and maintain, from the straps to the mesh and everything in between. It’s another reason why durable nylon is such a good choice as far as maintenance and care are concerned.

Are Dog Carrier Backpacks Safe?

Yes! Dog packs are built to be safe for everyday use. You may find that some extra large pack designs are best for shorter walks and strolls, while some are perfect for long journeys and travel.

All dog bags should be designed and made with safety in mind. Certifications and regulations should be easy to find either in the bag’s marketing or through manufacturer websites. Also, again, do make sure to read up on everything that other reviewers and users have to say.

If you’re really not sure what is likely to work best for you in terms of safety, try before you buy wherever possible. Rest assured, all of the bags and pack choices I’ve lined up for you here are certified as safe and are built by some of the leading brands and names in dog carrying and care.

Safety for dogs while strapped into bags is absolutely paramount. Therefore, I seriously insist this is the most important option you look into while shopping around. It might be tempting to go for the cheapest option on the market, but there is not always that guarantee you’re getting the safety and security your dog demands. Is it really worth risking their safety by saving a few pounds? Probably not.

What Brand Makes the Best Backpacks?

While looking into different dog backpack designs, you’ll probably find that there are more than a few different manufacturers and brands which pop up every now and again. A popular brand is always one worth looking into. Again, however, you’re going to need to trust the opinions of fellow dog walkers and dog owners, otherwise you could risk just buying into the marketing wholesale!

For this guide I’ve taken a look at a wide variety of different bags and pack options from two or three of the biggest and best known makes online. You may also find that there are other bags and packs for your dog made by the likes of Outward Hound and Ruffwear. However, bags such as the Ruffwear Approach are, again, the sort of bags which attach directly to dogs – not those which you can actually carry dogs around in! There’s a real balance that you have to keep in mind when shopping around!

So, I’m not at liberty to say who makes the best dog backpacks around. Your needs may vary from other people’s, and other dogs, too! However, rest assured that the products I’ve lined up for you here are the best bags and packs for dogs available online right now.

Our Picks – The Best Dog Backpacks Online

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best dog backpacks available for you to buy right now.

Top Portable & Breathable Back Pack for Dogs Under 10kg – Pecute Pet Mesh Opening Carrier

Providing your dog weighs less than 10kg, this heavy duty dog carrier will extend and expand, meaning that if you want to give your pet a little more room and space, you can. It’s also amazingly well-priced for such an extra large, durable unit. It comes in blue and grey to suit your tastes.

Breathable and water protected, this is also very flexible, with adjustable straps to help keep things comfy for you and your dog on route. You can even choose to let your dog to peep out while walking around if they prefer to take in the fresh air! It’s also anti-scratch and extremely hard wearing.


  • Adjustable and expandable as per your needs
  • Great design and ventilation to help keep your dog cool
  • Adjustable straps are very easy to manoeuvre
  • Storage for water bottles and other accessories


  • None to really speak of – it’s a great all rounder for most small dogs

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Best Pack Back Carrier for Small Dogs – Petsfit Foldable Soft Sided Mesh Pup Back

Ideal for smaller dogs weighing less than 6kg, this super foldable backpack is nice and firm on the bottom, with soft breathable mesh available. It’s also built with an inner leash, which means it’s really easy for you to safely secure your dog without them getting uncomfy or distressed.

You and your dog will also benefit from padded straps, too, as well as a nice viewing window so that your dog can always see what’s going on. It’s also really easy to clean, too.


  • Soft strappings for maximum comfort
  • Bottom removes for ease of maintenance
  • Excellent viewing window and ventilation
  • Very easy to adjust and secure when needed


  • You’ll need to measure any dogs you carry very carefully

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Best Lightweight Rucksack for Medium Breeds – Woolala Pet Carrier Backpack

Who says small dogs should have all the fun? The XL size in this Woolala range is ideal for anyone likely to want to make things easier on their slightly larger dogs. It’s nice and water resistant, too, meaning that it will withstand plenty of weather and will even be easy for you to wipe down after any accidents.

This is a dog backpack which will allow your pet to breathe in the fresh air as you walk around. Therefore, it’s generally a great purchase for shorter walks or quick bike rides – your choice!


  • A great option for larger breeds such as corgis
  • Your dog is in constant physical contact with you – nice and comforting
  • Different sizes available for different dogs
  • Mesh straps help to keep dogs comfy while on route


  • Not great for longer journeys

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Best Dog BackPack for Hiking – Mogokoyo Airline Approved Puppy Carrier

This super-snazzy dog backpack is certainly amongst the better-looking mesh based backpacks out there, and what’s more, it’s a great pack to have with you if you’re going on long or slightly unstable walks. Take small dogs up to 3kg with you on your hikes without worrying about them breaking free or getting hurt!

Built in polyester and offering breathable mesh for your dog to see through while you’re walking around, there’s also a great harness which helps to secure in your dogs on a two mile walk or so! Two great reasons for investing in this pack at all is for the extra strapping, and the two side pocket sleeves which will help you to carry more around with you if you need to.


  • Soft mesh window for dogs to breathe and look through
  • Lightweight for you and durable for your dog
  • One of the best priced dog carriers online
  • Plenty of pockets and strapping for added convenience


  • Only support pets up to two to three kg

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Ideal Waterproof Dog Backpack For Travel – Kurgo Small Pup Carrier

This premium dog backpack is likely to be your only ally when you’re traversing all kinds of outdoor walks. It’s amongst the most waterproof backpacks available for pet carrying, and it’s even ideal for carrying cats around in if you want to!

This pack may not be made from nylon but what it does offer is light padding and a stack of organisation. It’s built in armorsole and dogs are guaranteed to feel comfy and secure with light strapping and securing available. It’s a great, durable choice if you have the money available to invest.


  • Water resistant and will weather years of use
  • Very well organised, lots of different pockets
  • Airline approved mesh dog backpack
  • Harnesses are easy to secure


  • Pricey compared to other picks on this list

>> Check Price At Amazon <<


Investing in a mesh backpack for your dog or dogs? Dogs love getting taken on walks, but you’re going to need a reliable bag or carrier if you really want to give your own dog a bit of a break on longer trips.

It’s great to give your dogs a bit of a rest on long journeys. When taking dogs travelling, it’s also worthwhile making sure you have a solid bag or two that you can use to keep them safely out of the way. Durable nylon manufacturing and mesh panels in breathable sizes small dogs will find comfortable are well worth looking for.

However, there are some bags for dogs or dog carrying purposes which come in material other than water resistant nylon – and they are just as handy for carrying dogs around in.

If you want our personal recommendation then we like the Pecut Pet Mesh Opening Carrier as it’s excellent value and a good size for most small dogs. Take a look at two, three or all five of my picks above and see if you can find the right carrier fit for your dog on journeys in future.

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