Best No Pull Dog Harness (UK) – 7 Top Choices to Stop Pulling

This is our review of the best no-pull dog harness in 2023.

Tired of having your arm nearly pulled out of its socket? It’s not much fun, is it? However, it sometimes seems to be part and parcel of being a dog owner.

That’s why so many of us start looking for no-pull dog harnesses to save ourselves a bit of strain!

Even if it’s a small breed, dogs still seem to have super strength – as soon as they smell the fresh air or another dog they like the look of, they pull!

That’s why, in this no-pull harness review, we will break down the best anti-pull dog harness and show you how to stop a dog from pulling once and for all.

In this article, we will review the following no-pull dog harnesses.

Our Top No Pull Dog Harnesses

Looking for the best anti-pulling harness for dogs on the market to help relieve these problems? Here are the best high-quality products available right now – all of which are made to stop pulling without you causing your dog any pain or lasting injury.

If you’re desperate to find the best no-pull harness for safety and more control, we’ve saved you some serious time and effort hunting for the different types.

Rabbitgoo Adjustable Reflective Dog Harness

This comfortable, non-pull dog harness is extremely easy to put on and take off. It has two leash attachments, one on the back and one on the chest.

Reflective straps ensure your pet’s safety and are ideal for walking at night. There is also a strong handle that a seat belt can be pulled through when in a car.

Therefore, this no-pull harness should pretty much give you the full monty as far as keeping your dog safe is concerned. It is one of the easiest and most secure harnesses dogs can wear with comfortable Y-shaped chest straps. 

Plus, it comes in small to extra large, making it suitable for all breeds and a huge range of vibrant colours. 


  • The safety features here are far above what you’d expect from your average harness.
  • Soft padding for comfort across the chest and belly means your dog shouldn’t have much room to complain!
  • Excellent quality through and through – this anti-pull pet harness comes with a lot of durability and genuinely gentle fittings for most dogs.


  • There’s not much we can say against it – and fellow dog owners seem to agree it’s a great choice.

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Cooyes Adjustable Pet Vest & Harness

Looking for the best non-pull dog harness that looks good, is easy for your dog to get used to, and is likely to be one of the best anti-pull dog harness options for sheer visibility?

This dog’s harness comes with various features and will likely keep your pup looking proud while you’re out and about. What more could you want or need?

This stylish and comfortable no-pull dog leash is one of the best available on the market. It comes in a variety of colours in a range of sizes and has 2 points of attachments for a lead. Adjustable, it can also be used as a restraint when travelling in a car.


  • Soft edges prevent rubbing on the chest and belly
  • The design includes reflective stitching that offers plenty of visibility
  • It’s well made due to its nylon webbing with reinforced stitching


  • The chest strap can be short on some breeds – measure up before buying carefully.

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Sporn Non-Pull Harness, Black

Struggling to keep your dog from pulling – even if they are a little tyke? There’s no need to be embarrassed.

This fantastic harness allows you to retract your dog safely and retain control during walks without the need to spook your pet or cause them any pain.

This harness stops pulling by using the “squeeze and lift” theory. A sliding security lock prevents the harness from becoming too tight and the patented mesh chest panels allow unrestricted movement and comfort. It’s more than just your average addition to a dog leash.


  • It’s one of the best value harness choices on our list; if not online full stop.
  • This vest harness is adjustable.
  • Lightweight enough for you to pack up and carry around if you need to


  • It can be a little bit awkward to put on at times, regardless of how flexible it is – and if you have a dog particularly prone to squirming around, it’s going to be all the more tricky to manage.

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Embark Active Dog Harness

Searches for products will undoubtedly throw up this high-quality one by Embark as the best dog harness to stop pulling.

Robust, comfortable and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it is perfect for large dogs like Bullmastiffs and Newfoundlands.

Those of us who own big dogs will know that – no matter how strong your leash is, and no matter the size of strapping across their chest – it’s never easy to keep a big, heavy dog under control.

Therefore, why not invest in one of the top no pull dog harness options online? As the marketing suggests, we agree that this option will likely be a great harness for training.


  • Comfortable padding with D-ring for leashes to attach to
  • The brand has a strong emphasis on quality and guarantees
  • There’s a no-pull front attachment too on this back clip harness.


  • Again, this is a brand we can’t find that much fault with – take a look at what other users have to say for more of a breakdown.

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Halti Harness for Dog Control

If you’re looking for a harness that’s likely to grow with your pup, this is likely to be a choice that should be at the top of your wish list.

It’s another Company of Animals creation, and this time, the focus is on providing a tremendous no-pull harness free from frills or fancy trappings.

Perfect for all dogs – even a puppy – this belt stops a pooch from pulling with a front lead attachment.

It comes with a fully comprehensive training dog walking guide and is ideal for those dogs who don’t like to wear a headcollar. For maximum control, use the harness with a training lead.


  • Great value for money and has a D-ring which links the lead and harness together.
  • Padded for complete comfort – your dog will have no option but to heel!
  • It comes with a dog training manual – a great resource if you’re starting out.


  • May need to try to see if it’s the correct fit

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RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness

This premium no-pull harness has an attachment for the lead on both the front and back for more control. Plus padded strips across the belly and a padded chest plate for comfort, perfect for short-haired dogs.

There is a handy pocket for your dog’s ID tags and adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit.

It comes in a range of colours and sizes and the reflective trim means you and your furry friend are visible on Winter evenings or nighttime strolls. If you read our reviews, you’ll see this company is a trusted brand and over 4000 5 stars ratings can’t be wrong. 


  • Padded material for comfort ideal for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Reflective
  • Excellent reviews


  • Costs a bit more than some on the list

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PetSafe, Easy Walk Deluxe Harness

This no-pull harness has adjustable straps, so it fits snugly around your dog’s body and has a front D-ring to prevent him from pulling.

The neoprene padding keeps him comfortable on walks, ideal for sensitive-skinned dogs and the belly straps are a different colour making it easy to put on.

It comes in various sizes to fit smaller dogs and even extra-large canines and is a lovely ocean blue colour.

Reviews mention that it isn’t chew proof, so best to hang it out of your furry friends’ way after walkies. All in all a fantastic product for the price.


  • Cheaper than some other no-pull harnesses on the list
  • All straps are adjustable for a good fit
  • Helps prevent pulling


  • Some reviews mention its a no-no if your dog chews

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SlowTon No Pull Harness

A dog harness is one of the essential tools to maintain control over your dog, and the Slowton no-pull dog harness is one of the best options on the market.

This harness has two lead attachment points, one on the padded chest strap and one on the back, which gives you greater control over your dog while walking or running.

The reflective trim on the harness is also a great safety feature, as it will help your dog to be visible in low light conditions.

In addition, the grab handle on the back of the harness provides extra control when necessary and can also be used to restrain your dog in the car.

This harness is a great option for those who want a durable and well-made product at an affordable price. 


  • Adjustable straps for a snug fit 
  • Front and back attachment points 
  • Fantastic value for money 


  • Some dogs may find these styles of harnesses easier to escape. 

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Do Anti-Pull Harnesses Work?

 For many dogs, yes, a no-pull harness can deter pulling. However, they are no substitute for loose leash training.

The biggest plus point of these harnesses is they don’t put pressure on the neck as collars do. They are also better than back clip harnesses which may encourage your dog to pull even more.

They are a brilliant option for rescue dogs who lack training. But they are not a miracle cure. Start with proper loose leash walking techniques with your puppy and build up from there. For our full guide on how a no-pull harness works, it’s here.

How to Choose a No-Pull Harness for Your Dog 


Unfortunately, not all dog harnesses are created equal. To stand up to the wear and tear of daily use, a harness needs to be made from high-quality materials.

Oxford nylon is one of the most durable fabrics available, and it can withstand even the most energetic dogs.

Additionally, the stitching on a harness should be strong enough to hold up to vigorous tugging.

And finally, the buckles and fastenings should be well-made and secure in order to keep your dog safely contained.

Is It Adjustable? 

As we’ve briefly covered, sizing is an issue often resulting in negative reviews. Purchasing an adjustable harness ensures you can customise the fit to suit your pup’s unique shape.

After all, like humans, some pooches are carrying a few extra pounds. You should be able to place two fingers between the straps and your dog’s skin when fitted correctly. 

Do You Need A Handle? 

These days many dog harnesses come with a grab handle and we’ve found these extremely useful. They can be used to help your older dog over obstacles, on uneven terrain or in and out of the car. 

They are also invaluable if you have a reactive or aggressive dog as they give more control. 

Finally, they can be used to attach the harness to a car seat belt meaning safer journeys for you and your canine companion. 


Having reflective stitching or panels on a harness is a fantastic feature for dog owners who regularly take their dogs out early or late at night. 

It keeps Fido visible to traffic and helps you locate them should they wander too far ahead. 


Price is always a consideration when buying any dog accessories as cost varies hugely between different brands. We always advise you to buy the best you can afford.

However, the number #1 choice here is also one of the most affordable without lacking any features or quality


Perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind, but some dogs prefer a step-in harness whilst others don’t mind overhead ones.

In the case of anti-pulling devices, you may find that a Y-shaped design suits your needs better, or you may prefer a head collar depending on your dog’s personality. 

Reasons your Four Legged Friend Pulls

There are a few reasons your dog may be dragging you around the park and some may surprise you.

Excess Energy And Excitement

Some dogs love walks and literally can’t control themselves, they may briefly stop when you command them or tug on the leash, but the next intriguing smell will have them charging ahead.

A traditional dog collar and leash are no good here. The only way to calm these pooches down is by training them early on in life or investing in a heavy-duty no-pull harness to prevent pulling.


Does your canine companion pull you all the way home when they pass a building site or other dogs? This may be because they are frightened or nervous about certain situations.

Many dog owners don’t understand a dog’s body language. Think how you would feel in a world of giants with lorries thundering past, sirens or building work, especially smaller dogs.

Getting your dog used to different situations is essential from a young age, but a no-pull harness will get them used to walking on a loose leash and give them confidence.

Lack Of Traning

The third and most common reason is they have never been trained to walk on a loose leash. The good news is; that certain equipment can help – and a harness that stops pulling makes walking in the park much less frustrating.

Some breeds are bred to pull; it’s a natural instinct that can be difficult to stop and many pet parents find that a harness with back leash attachments makes the problem worse.

The best dog harness for these breeds are ones with the leash attached at the front.

Why You Need to Stop Pulling Behaviour

Being pulled off your feet every time you take your dog for a stroll is no fun, but it can also be dangerous. Think about what might happen if you are walking near a busy road!

Many pet owners are injured every year due to being pulled over by their canine companions. Even worse, if you have a large, aggressive dog and lose control, it could be a serious problem.

You need to train loose leash walking and find the best anti-pull harness options.

Alternatives to a Front Clip Harness 

Front clip harnesses are not for everyone. Some owners find they don’t work at all and others find the leash sometimes dangles between the dog’s front legs and becomes restrictive if the D-ring is too low.

In this case, you may consider a head halter, but are they any better? 

Basically, they work on the premise that where the head goes, the body will follow and many pet parents find them highly effective. 

However, they don’t give as much control as a harness, especially for larger or reactive dogs, so they would be best used in conjunction with a harness and double-ended leash. 

How to Get a No-pull Harness That Fits Correctly 

One of the most common issues when purchasing a dog harness is getting the right fit and this is essential as a harness which is too tight will be uncomfortable and cause irritation.

Alternatively, if it is too loose, it can impede your pup’s freedom of movement or, worse, allow them to wriggle free and escape. 

Most manufacturers provide sizing charts, but we’ve found these are not always accurate and a small from one brand could be the same size as an extra large from another. 

That’s why we always advise measuring your dog and it’s really simple. 

All you need is a tape measure or piece of string – Place it around your dog’s neck and record the measurement, then repeat this at the widest part of your dog’s chest. This is just behind the front legs. 

Once you have done this, you should have the right information but read reviews to see if owners of the same breed have found the product fits comfortably. 


Are No-Pull Harnesses Cruel? 

No, in fact, they are a much better option than a collar as they prevent injury to your dog’s trachea and spine, which can be caused by pulling. 

Are Harnesses Bad For Dog’s Shoulders? 

There is some debate about this. A harness with a horizontal chest strap sits on some pretty important muscles and if movement is restricted, it can cause problems such as shoulder pain and arthritis.

However, this can be avoided by choosing a Y shape harness like the rabbitgoo harness.

Do Harnesses Encourage Pulling?  

Back clip harnesses can encourage pulling due to something called the opposition reflex. This instinctive reaction causes the dog to pull in the opposite direction the more you drag them back.

The no-pull harnesses we’ve reviewed are a mixture. Some are front clip harnesses, some fit over your dog’s head, and others fit around the body. All have harness straps that are adjustable and if your dog pulls, it will gently redirect him.

After some serious research and reviews, again, we think this harness is the best no-pull dog harness and would be our choice for George, who is a large-sized dog.

The back clip can be used for casual walks whilst the d ring lead attachment at the front stops your pooch from forging ahead.

Even if you have the best dog collars, they can still harm your dog’s neck, which is why we always recommend a no-pulling harness for comfort and safety. We like the heavy-duty plastic buckle and think this is one of the best no-pull harness options for pups of any size.

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