The UK’s Best Ladies Dog Walking Coats in 2022

This is our review of the best ladies dog walking coats in 2022

Picking the right coat for dog walking can be tough. You want something that will keep you snug and protect you from the elements but is also lightweight and easy to move around in.

Here at Dogsbarn, we are committed to giving you all the information you need to keep your dog healthy and happy, but sometimes it’s easy to forget about the owners. A good dog walking coat is essential when exercising your dog in the UK.

 Our number #1 choice is the Mountain Warehouse 3 in 1 Women’s Jacket. This versatile jacket can be worn three ways, is fully waterproof, and has plenty of pockets to stash essentials like keys, phones, and dog treats. 

In this post, we will be reviewing. 

We’ll look at some of the best lady’s coats for dog walking on the market today. Discuss what to look for when choosing a coat, and share our top picks for ladies who love to walk their dogs.

Keep reading to find out which ladies coat we recommend and why. Happy dog walking!

Our Best Ladies Dog Walking Coat

It was hard to narrow down our choices to these seven, but we think they tick all the boxes; whether you want a cosy parka to keep the heat in or lightweight waterproof coats for spring walks, we’ve got you covered!

Mountain Warehouse Bracken Melange 3 in 1 Women’s Jacket

Looking for a versatile jacket for dog walkers that you can wear in multiple ways? Look no further than the Mountain Warehouse Bracken Melange Jacket.

With its fully waterproof and windproof fabric, this jacket will keep you dry and cosy whether you’re hiking in the hills or just strolling around town. The detachable hood provides extra coverage when you need it and the zippered outer pockets provide storage for your essentials.

The inner jacket can be worn alone on mild days or together with the outer waterproof shell for added warmth in cold weather. And to make things even easier, this jacket is machine washable, so you can keep it looking great season after season.

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The North Face Women’s Arctic Down Parka

The North Face Women’s Arctic Down Parka will keep you warm all winter long. The 550 fill down insulation and waterproof, breathable exterior will keep you comfortable in the coldest weather. At the same time, the removable hood with faux fur trim and adjustable back hood webbing with buckle adds extra protection from the elements.

The quilted lining, dropped split hem with functional snaps, covered elastic at waist side panel, and zips at reverse entry hand pockets make this clothing as functional as it is fashionable.

And for added convenience, the internal pocket with media loop on this women’s dog walkers jacket ensures that you can keep your phone close by no matter where you go.

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Berydale Women’s Coat

This womens dog walking coat is the perfect way to keep warm and dry in cold, windy weather. The 5000 water column ensures that you stay dry even in the heaviest rain, while the rib knit seams with thumb loops keep the freezing temperatures at bay.

The walking slit with a snap button also allows for great freedom of movement, making it easy to walk around in your coat. And with a variety of practical pockets, dog owners have plenty of room to store their belongings.

These jackets can be machine washed on a delicate cycle, the subtle herringbone pattern provides contemporary elegance and it comes in five stylish colours, blue, black, brown, grey and green.

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Jack Wolfskin Women’s Mantel Iceguard Coat

Step out into the elements in style with this Jack Wolfskin Women’s Mantel Iceguard Coat. This long dog walking coat for ladies is made with microguard materials; it’s light, breathable and warm, perfect for keeping you comfortable all winter long.

The quilted jacket has a thick synthetic fleece lining, knee-length cut, and extra fleece cuffs to keep the cold at bay. Plus, the metallised fibres reflect your body heat so you can warm up quickly.

Two outer pockets and one inside to keep valuables safe, plus a removable hood. We think you’ll love the functional and stylish look of this waterproof women’s coat!

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Regatta Womens Pack-It

The Regatta Women’s Pack-It III Waterproof Packaway Jacket is ideal for those spring days when a shower is never far away.

Made from Isolite 5000 polyamide fabric, this jacket is durable and weather-resistant, perfect for hiking with your dog in warmer weather.

It features an adjustable hood, sleek snap fastening, and two handy pockets; it can also be paired with the Regatta pack it trousers – plus, it comes with a small stuff sack for easy transport.

Just be aware that some customers have reported sizing issues with this product, but it’s a great affordable option for walking your dog in mild temperatures and comes in a range of bright colours.

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Trespass Clea Womens Padded Waterproof Coat

This longer length coat is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy this winter. The fake fur trim around the hood adds a touch of luxury, while the outer shell is effective against rain and is windproof.

The coldheat insulation makes up the padding, ensuring that you stay comfortable even on the coldest days. Plus, there are four spacious pockets to store all your essentials.

True to size, this jacket is a popular choice with customers due to its high quality and great value for money price. Ideal for the next time you head out the door on a walk with your four-legged friend

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Game Technical Apparel Waxed Jacket

The Game technical apparel waxed jacket is the perfect choice for stylish and practical outerwear and will suit females of any age.

Made from high-quality wax cotton, it features a heritage checked lining with a classic country look. It also has side pockets, an inner chest pocket for more valuable items, and a stud fastened storm flap.

The corduroy collar and elbow patches add an extra touch of elegance. Sizes range from S to XXL, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

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How To Choose the Perfect Dog Walking Coat for Women

Rainy days – Is it waterproof?

Living in the UK, any clothing you purchase for dog walks should offer some protection from the rain. However, the labelling can be confusing; what is the difference between shower resistant and waterproof? Let’s take a look!

Waterproof coats

Offering the highest protection again downpours, a waterproof coat will have a durable water repellent coating either impregnated into the fabric or as an outer coating.

This will have a minimum grade of 10000+ mm water resistance and they usually also have sealed seams, waterproof zips and additional layers, making the price higher than other options.

Water repellent Jackets

Water repellent clothing has a hydrophobic coating so that water doesn’t penetrate the surface; they depend on surface area angling. Some moisture will be absorbed if a drop of water hits the fabric at less than a 90-degree angle.

If the angle is greater than 90 degrees, less water gets through. These types of women’s dog walking coat need respraying every so often to retain their effectiveness.

Water-resistant outer layer

These options offer the least protection; fabrics like nylon and polyester are so tightly woven when constructed that water finds it difficult to penetrate these materials.

They can only withstand so much moisture and are unsuitable for heavy downpours.


The best dog walking coats for ladies have plenty of storage; these will enable you to carry keys, hand sanitiser and a phone and dog essentials like waste bags, treats, etc.


What fabric the coat is made of is essential. You won’t need a thick padded coat in Summer, so picking a suitable jacket for the season is necessary.

Chances are your coat is going to get dirty, so colours like navy blue, brown and black are best for the winter months and materials such as nylon and polyester are durable and the easiest to keep clean.

Additional layers

Some coats, including our top choice from Mountain Warehouse, have additional layers and can be worn in more than one way.

The outer shell will protect you from the rain, whilst the warm fleece inner jacket can be removed on milder days. These short jackets can be teamed up with waterproof trousers and worn as a suit.

Different Types of Dog Walking Coats for Ladies


Parkas are a popular choice with many dog owners because of their versatility. Whether you prefer a lightweight waterproof coat or wearing thermal lined jackets, you are guaranteed to find a parka that will protect you from the rain, wind and cold.

Plus, parkas usually have more pockets than regular outdoor clothing, so you can easily carry treats, poo bags and tennis balls.

Fleece Jacket

Fleece is a highly versatile material for outdoor clothing; it’s breathable, hardwearing and perfect for women on the go.

Fleece is made from synthetic polyester; it’s much lighter than wool is moisture resistant and insulating. This short video shows how Fleece is made.

Although fleece jackets are great to wear on a crisp cold winter’s day, they shouldn’t be your number #1 choice if your top priority is staying dry.

Wax Jackets

Waxed cotton is a durable fabric that can withstand driving rains and provide waterproof protection when wearing it.

We think these are some of the best dog walking jackets and coats. The material also has better heat retention properties than nylon or polyester, making it an ideal choice for a dog walk in colder weather conditions.

Plus, these types of jackets look the part they usually come in a range of earthy colours like brown and khaki, which provide that unique country elegance.

Padded coats

Best for the winter, quilted coats can be worn with boots and gloves in even the coldest temperatures to keep you warm and toasty. They usually have insulating technology using either down or synthetic fabrics and are incredibly lightweight.

Goose down or feathers are ideal if you want to stay warm but are usually not waterproof and can take a long time to dry out if they get wet.

Synthetic thermal linings are a man-made alternative to feathers, consisting of poly fibres. They are not as effective as natural down at retaining heat, but they are a lot less expensive. They can be more practical as they handle moisture better.


When you search for the best dog walking clothing, inevitably, a raincoat will be top of the list; is there anything worse than arriving home after a walk with your best friend, soaked through to the skin?

Just be aware that not all coats designed for the rain are created equal. Some may have a showerproof outer layer, whilst others offer complete protection from the heaviest of downpours.

We liked the Regatta jacket as you can roll it up when not wearing it, and it can be paired with the Regatta pack it trousers.

Last Word

It can be tricky to find a good coat. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and curated this list of dog walking coats that will keep you dry, provide ample pockets for poo bags and treats and are water-resistant or waterproof depending on your needs.

Our top pick is the Mountain Warehouse 3 in 1 Women’s Jacket. With its deep pockets, waterproof material and cosy fleece lining, wet winter walks can be taken in their stride. We think this is one of the best coats for women wanting to step out in style with their pooch.

We hope our coat choices help make your search for the right type of coat for any dog walk easier! Remember to look at for latest offers and discounted prices, have you found one yet?

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