Review: Best Indestructible Dog Toys UK – 5 Top Picks for Strong Chewers

If you’re strapped for time and don’t want to read all the reviews, then our pick from the best indestructible dog toys is the Kong – Extreme Dog Toy. Based on the research we did and the buyer’s feedback, this is our top choice this year.

If your pet is like mine, they want to play, if they can’t play, then they’re bored – and when that happens they chew. And strong chewers do damage!

Therefore, you’re going to need an indestructible dog toy, ball or two to really keep their interest. Unfortunately, there are too many flimsy toys out there which really don’t stand up to the test of a real canine’s molars!

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the following indestructible dog toys:

That’s why we have compiled the 5 best indestructible dog toys – so you can relax whilst keeping the pup entertained while keeping your precious furniture and belongings out of reach. If you are interested in interactive dog toys then that’s here.

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a lovely chair or settee that’s been savaged by an aggressive chewer. Not all dogs chew under pressure or in fear, either – they do it because they like chewing!

Anyone who owns a pet knows that chewing is something many dogs love to do – it’s as natural to them as barking or wagging their tails, but it can become a serious problem – especially for dogs that chew up everything. Destructive behaviour isn’t pleasant for you or your pet, as it means they get in trouble, and your precious upholstery, literally, goes to the dogs. Your dog’s teeth, anyway!

The good news is you can train your four-legged friend to chew hard to destroy dog toys. If, however, like me, you have an aggressive chewer who can destroy just about anything in a matter of minutes, it can be difficult to find an item that will last. Therefore, you’re going to need to keep your eyes peeled for a non toxic chew ring or two which is going to withstand years of munching down hard. A plush toy might be cute and cuddly, but in the teeth of a keen chewer, it’s going to have a lifetime run of about five minutes – if it’s lucky.

A dog ball, too, might not be the best toy choice for one seriously intensive chewer. A solid rubber toy is a toy that’s going to give serious chewing fun for years to come. Sure – throwing a ball might be fun – but you’re going to need a toy that does more for your sanity and their boredom. Does such a mythical toy exist?

We have reviewed some of the top unbreakable dog toys and found there are ones strong enough to withstand even the most destructive chewer. A dog’s teeth need to be stimulated, and therefore, you should be keeping your eyes out for a toy for aggressive chewers and keen munchers. Is a simple chew ring not enough? here are some great, durable dog toy options well worth considering.

How Indestructible Dog Toys Help

There are four main reasons a canine enjoys a dog toy that is indestructible:

  • Teething – Puppies often chew things to relieve the discomfort of teething but it is important to guide them and restrict their chewing to appropriate items – such as a chew toy or a toy like a ball. Experts recommend giving teething puppies things which can be frozen to relieve the pain, in the same way we give babies frozen teething rings. The good news is that aggressive chewers should only last until around 6 months of age. That shouldn’t stop you finding chew toys that last, however!
  • Separation Anxiety – Dogs which are left alone for long periods often display destructive behaviour which can include chewing. It is often accompanied by other behaviours such as peeing in the house, whining, or excessive barking. There are numerous ways to deal with separation anxiety, such as taking a dog on a long walk before you leave, leaving them puzzle toy options, dog chews, rope toys, a rubber ring toy, leaving the radio on and providing interesting things to chew on rather than the sofa. Promising them that you will play with a toy or a ball when you get back is not enough!
  • Lack of stimulation – Pets which don’t get enough physical and mental stimulation have a tendency to chew – this is to relieve boredom, and is particularly true of high energy breeds such as Border Collies and other working breeds which can include large dogs. Providing plenty of ways to keep your dog’s mind and body active will usually alleviate the problem. Perhaps buy some dog agility equipment or try other activities like flyball, but above all make sure they are exercised regularly and leave puzzles filled with treats if you go out. Throw a ball, find a fun toy – get their minds and bodies active.
  • Stress – Chewing is a great stress reliever and a common reason for the problem – your dog may not like being left alone as mentioned above, but there could be other reasons. For example, perhaps being left with a dog who bullies them, being teased by children, seeing activity through a window or even underlying pain could be causing stressful situations for your dog. Never punish them for chewing as this will only increase their confusion and fear. 

Why do dogs chew?

Chewing comes naturally to canines of all ages. In the wild, dogs spend would spend hours chewing the bones of their prey. It keeps their teeth clean and strengthens their jaws and domestic animals enjoy chewing just as much.

Our canine companions will chew on bones, sticks, a classic rubber toy or two, and in fact, just about anything – and while it is normal for them to do so, it can become a big problem if – when you come home from work – they have chewed through the kitchen door or eaten your favourite trainers. 

Is it because you’ve not thrown a rubber ball or toy for them in a while? It’s one potential cause. However, let’s actually take a look at some great toy options – including near-indestructible toy lines – which will appeal to your dog in the long run.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

Trying to keep your pup entertained can be a problem, especially if they have an abundance of energy after you have just walked them! You could throw a rubber ball for some dogs time and time again – and there never seems to be an end time!

We have researched the best durable dog toys on the market to prevent anymore aggressive chewing! Rest assured, we have looked for non toxic toys which are designed with dogs in mind, and which are affordable for most household budgets. You should never have to pay over the odds for the best dog toy or rubber ball. However, in this guide, we have avoided softer rubber ball choices for obvious reasons! These are toys which are built to last.

These dog toys are indestructible in every sense of the word. There is plenty that goes into the design to make a dog toy indestructible at all – however, let’s not think too deeply! All you need to know right now is that these are the best dog chew toys for those pups who are likely to chomp down hard on any items and upholstery you hold dear.

A plush toy just not cutting it any more? You’re going to need dog chews and toy options which are going to stand the test of time. Put down the ball and start looking for these great chewy toy choices online.

Best Indestructible Dog Toy for Large Dogs-KONG – Extreme Dog Toy – Toughest Natural Rubber

KONG is renowned for producing tough dog toys for aggressive chewers and this classic red rubber toy is ideal. It is ultra-durable and has an erratic bounce for dogs that like to play. It can also be filled with treats ideal for animals who are left alone during the day.

This extreme dog toy is one of the classic picks for those owners who find that their dogs are munching on everything they can find. In fact when you think of toys for aggressive chewers, this toy is likely to be the classic type or look you probably think of first. There’s a reason why it is so salient in people’s minds, and we think it’s a great dog toy for aggressive chewers on the larger side. Smaller dogs might have a few problems getting their choppers around this unit, but it’s a real beast for bigger pups.


  • One of the few brilliant toys on the market recommended by vets for aggressive chewing and potentially destructive behaviour
  • It might look like a simple toy, but it’s mentally stimulating and super-interesting to most dogs
  • While it’s a great toy for a bigger dog, there are other size options if you have a nipper who’s likely to take a nibble of things they shouldn’t


  • Perhaps not the most advanced chew toy out there, but there’s otherwise very little we can say against this classic dog toy essential

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Best “Tough” Dog Ball – Sharples Beef Scented Five Senses Rubber Ball

Looking for something more than a simple chew toy? There are plenty of fussy dogs out there, and as such, you may need to look for something more than just a basic KONG toy to get your pup chewing on something other than the sofa. Therefore, why not look for dog chew toys which come with delicious scents built in?

Dogs go crazy for this fun, indestructible dog ball – it appeals to all 5 senses of sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. The colours are ones thought to be the easiest for a dog to see, there is a squeaker, it has a multi-textured surface for mental stimulation and best of all it smells and tastes of beef.

It’s one of the smartest-designed dog chew toys on the market, meaning that while you do get great value from well-built dog toys indestructible or otherwise, this is something of a special case – and it’ll likely become a firm favourite of any pup likely to be going in for the hard chew.


  • One of the toughest dog chew toys available online right now
  • This is a dog toy that appeals to all the senses – not just a chew toy, but a multi-sensory experience for any pup likely to be more than a little curious about the world around them
  • One of the most affordable dog toys of its kind online right now


  • Reviews say that it can lose its squeak
  • It’s not clear whether or not this chew toy is dishwasher safe – though that might not be a deal breaker for all dog owners

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Good for Strong Chewers – ONEISALL Durable Chew Toy

Looking for a superb chew toy that offers your dog a little more than a nibble or two? You should, of course, also be looking for a non toxic chew ring toy or otherwise at the very least. However, in our line of the best indestructible dog toys, this ONEISALL option seems to be one of the best aimed at particularly aggressive munchers.

Made from non toxic durable nylon, this tough bone-shaped dog toy has the irresistible scent of bacon your dog will love. The shape helps to clean the dog’s teeth, promotes oral health and soothes the pain of teething. Designed for aggressive chewers, it reduces boredom and anxiety and is one of the best non-destructive rubber dog toys to buy.

What’s more, it has that classic dog chew toy look – bright, colourful and tons of fun, it’s likely to appeal to most pups in need for a solid toy for aggressive chewers.


  • How many chew toys come with a bacon flavour? A great toy that appeals to more than two of the senses
  • This dog chew toy will also help to keep your pup’s teeth clean – which can be a tricky task
  • Perhaps one of the strongest chew toys for a dog likely to bite their way through plush toys in the space of ten minutes


  • Maybe not an ideal fit for larger dog breeds, who require something a bit bulkier

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Best Indestructible Squeaky Toy – KONG – Wild Knots Bear

We defy you to find a dog who doesn’t love a squeak or two! This toy from KONG aims to bring together the best of all the worlds, meaning that you get a nice, chewable body, a reliable and resounding squeak, and an intriguing look. As with other chew toys we list in this guide, it’s likely to appeal to plenty of the senses.

A soft dog toy is not usually the best choice for a dog who loves to chew, but this cute bear is the exception – the plush toy hides a durable knotted rope skeleton. There is a squeaker to encourage play and less stuffing which means less mess, should your dogs get inside.

Therefore, this chew toy might well be the best pick for anyone looking for less destruction, and a non toxic option that is likely to keep your dog happy and occupied for hours at a time.


  • Despite the look of the toy, it’s really durable and soft – making it one of the most unique chew toy options around
  • Not sure which size of chew toy is likely to work best for your dog? It’s available in four different sizes
  • If you’re sick of stuffing strewn everywhere, this is one of the least messy toys on the market, making it a great toy for aggressive chewers who are going to go hell for leather


  • However – word to the wise – if your dog is a seriously extreme chewer – and is likely to bite a KONG in half, this might not be an ideal fit. Check user reviews and buy wisely

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Best Heavy Duty Bone – Gigg L Bone Sound Super Strong

Nylon remains one of the top materials for use in dog toy and chew toy standards, and this fantastic bone is likely to appeal to any canines and owners looking for some chewing relief. It’s even one of the few toys out there which appears to heal itself – and not only that, it has some seriously interesting sounds emanating from the inside.

This virtually indestructible nylon bone is made from heavy-duty nylon and puncture-resistant TPR and is one of the best toys for Staffies and other extreme chewers. It promotes dental hygiene and makes a funny giggle sound your dog will love. It is virtually indestructible and is one of the more popular non-squeaky toys on the market.

As a result, if you are getting next to no joy from natural rubber toys or simple chew toy options elsewhere, it might be worth holding out for the Gigg L Bone. Daft name, daft toy – but we’re sure your dog will love it!


  • One of the toughest chew toys around – the marketing even suggests that it repairs itself
  • This toy isesistant to all kinds of wounding and punctures, meaning that even sharp-toothed staffies won’t have their way with this beast
  • Makes a unique giggle sound which is going to seriously entertain your pup


  • May only be suitable for the chewing habits of small to medium dogs

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Avoid puncture proof for strong chewers and get unbreakable!

Just like us humans, dogs have their own personal preferences when it comes to entertainment – some love a ball or frisbee, while others prefer a cuddle with a soft cushion and some love a good old-fashioned bone to chomp down on. For the most energetic and intelligent, you might find that they appreciate a little bit of all the above! There’s certainly no harm in going for a bit of variety. Even your dog needs to keep things interesting sometimes!

That being said, if you have a “Chewminator” you will want to provide tough dog items for aggressive chewers that will last. By far the best inextricable in the UK are made from solid rubber and the leading player in the market is KONG. They produce a wide range for all sizes of dogs and are generally considered to be the most durable dog chews and also the safest. As you can see from our buying guide above, we are thrilled to see that KONG provides some of the toughest dishwasher safe dog toys on the market, ideal for canines of varying sizes and habits.

Most squeaky toys are not recommended for aggressive chewers – although dogs love them, they are easily destroyed. Allowing your pet to play with fascinating toys which are torn apart within minutes will increase their destructiveness. Not only that, but cheaply-made squeaky toys could prove to be a choking risk for some pets, who may dig into their toy and risk swallowing small plastic parts. Thankfully, dog toy manufacture is more responsible these days, but it still pays to be vigilant.

There are, however, a few squeaky toys which will stand the test of time – such as the Outward Hound Snake and Gigg L Bone by Sharples and Grant – which although it doesn’t squeak, does make an intriguing giggling sound. You’re going to need to make sure you’re unlikely to get too annoyed by repetitive noise, however!

Forget flimsy

Plush toys are also not usually the best choice for determined nibblers, but over recent years, companies like KONG and Outward Hound have developed super-tough soft chews which are made from heavy-duty fabric and have no stuffing to make a mess if the inevitable happens. Therefore, while it’s probably not the top idea to start looking for plushies for chew-crazy pets, there are at least a few solid options out there likely to withstand years of aggressive munching.

Start them young

Toys are just one important part of your dog’s life – when used correctly, they can relieve stress and boredom, help with training, and generally enrich your pet’s life. Some dogs prefer play more than others, meaning that breeds such as Siberian huskies and border collies are likely to demand lots of boredom-busting fun – whether that’s throwing a ball, catching a ball, bringing a ball back… you get the gist.

It is important to teach a puppy from an early age what is appropriate to chew and what isn’t, and this applies to toys as well. This side of training can be tricky, but it is easier to break puppies into these trends than to help rescue dogs who might have underlying behavioural issues. That said, you can teach an old dog new tricks – believe me, it’s entirely possible. Patience is key – as is understanding.

A lot of people complain about aggressive chewers destroying tennis balls and soft toys. However, let’s face it – these products are not designed to be indestructible, and should only be used at specific times when the dog is supervised. Tennis balls, in particular, are very easy to shred into, and may provide choking risks. It’s probably worthwhile to save these for the court action, if being completely honest.

Our Top Pick

So – given all of this information to take in – what’s our top pick from our buying guide? Which toy do we think is likely to give you the top indestructible experience?

In our collective opinion, you can’t beat the classics. The Kong – Extreme Dog Toy is solid, super-durable, and appealing to dogs of all temperaments. It’s extremely affordable and is likely to have a strong place in any canine toybox. What’s more, it’s dishwasher safe, meaning that it will always be easy to sanitise and bring back out again and again.

We’ve been using KONG for years, and while they do have soft toy alternatives, you really can’t beat something big and solid for a dog to really get their teeth into. Why not take a look at the KONG Extreme line for yourself? There are options out there which smell and taste great, too, though we’re going to have to take our dogs’ words for that on the last one. How do they even know how to get that bacon flavour into rubber?

Last word 

The only toys dogs should have free access to are chews, and while there are no completely indestructible dog toys, fortunately, there are some (not many) on the market which are heavy-duty and can withstand even the strongest teeth. Therefore, don’t be too surprised if even the toughest-built toys splinter apart in some seriously sturdy gnashers!

What unbreakable toy have you found to be the best? We’ve tried plenty over the years, and while we often need to reinvest from time to time, some of the best brands we look at here – such as KONG – know what they are doing. save your sofa, your skirting boards and your slippers – start looking for a dog toy that’s going to stimulate your intensive chewer for the better.

For further reading why not check out the top 5 interactive dog toys we recommended.

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