The UK’s 6 Best Healthy Dog Treats & Good Snacks for Pets in 2021

If you’re strapped for time and don’t want to read all the reviews, then the best dog treats we found was the Pooch and Mutt Fresh Breath Treats. Based on the research we did and the buyers’ feedback, this is our top choice this year.

Feed your pet with top of the line healthy natural dog treats! We have extensively researched to give your canine companion enjoyable and beneficial treats that we know they will love.

Many dog’s love a biscuit but is this the best treat we can be giving them? Unfortunately not. There is so much choice it can be hard to find a tasty treat for your dog either to aid toilet training or just in addition to a healthy diet. From oven-baked organic pumpkin to freeze-dried chicken, the options are endless.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the following dog treats:

What are the Healthiest treats for dogs?

If you’re unsure which treats for your dog are likely to be the most beneficial to their health in the long run, look out for omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, organic pumpkin and carrots.

A treat doesn’t have to be chock full of bad stuff; the best dog treat options are actually packed full of natural goodness that will ensure healthy skin, be gentle on a dog’s digestion, low in fat and taste good too.

Our main focus was to find grain-free treats and oven-baked delights that are genuine pup pleasers with long term health benefits for your dog some other treats lack. Read more about grain-free pet food here.

Let’s dive in and see what healthy dog treats will have Fido begging for more.

Buyers Guide and Review

Best dog treat for fresh breath Pooch and Mutt Fresh Breath Treats for Dogs 125 g (Pack of 3)

We like Pooch and Mutt as a brand, as they really do seem to understand what our four-legged friends need. Their dog treats natural selection are some of the best on the market.

These low-calorie wheat-free treats are just one selection of a wide range by Pooch and Mutt and are great if your pooch has smelly breath.

Containing all-natural ingredients with chicken, parsley, chicory and peppermint oil, a natural deodoriser, they taste great. They are one of the best healthy dog treats for your canine companion’s oral hygiene. Therefore, instead of popping your pet dog chews full of nasty additives, go for healthy dog treats instead.


  • Hand-baked 100% organic biscuits
  • Low calorie – perfect as training treats for portly pups!
  • Made in the UK


  • Not grain-free

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Best Vegetable High Value Treat Pet Cuisine Dog Training Snacks Puppy Chewy Natural Treats, Sweet Potato Stick, 250g

If you’re looking for the best dog treat natural health specialists opt for, you’re likely going to want to head towards the best of Pet Cuisine. – ideal for training.

Good for dogs with sensitive stomachs, this easy to digest vegetable treat from Pet Cuisine is an ideal addition to your dog’s regular diet; used as a reward or training treat, many dogs will love this sweet potato snack, a great source of vitamin A.


  • Good for small dogs – making for a top training treat.
  • Fast delivery – this is a company that delivers goods frequently and efficiently.
  • Range of flavours – meaning that if you have a picky pet, there’s going to be a great treat for them in this line.


  • Maybe better for older dogs rather than a pup.

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Best Healthy Training Treats Irish Rover Superfoods For Dogs Chicken Meat Dog Treats with Sweet potato carrot and pumpkins 750g

It’s sometimes hard to find healthy treats for dogs that smell as good as they taste! Full of great nutrients and tempting to various pets, Irish Rover is a leading brand that only ever deals in snacks that are considered healthy.

Made in Ireland and containing natural superfoods, these delicious organic snacks come in various flavours and are grain-free. Easy for your pup to chew and digest, this chicken option smells great and suitable for all dog breeds.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Great for medium to large breeds.
  • Great Chicken flavour – meaning if your best friend is picky, this will surely tempt them


  • There’s not much to say against these treats

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Top pick for Healthy Crunchy Treats Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky Squares 100 g (Pack of 5)

There are few treat options better for dogs than those made with fish. Fish is full of omega 3 fatty acids, essential for your pup’s overall health. For a list of fish oil capsules for dogs, it’s here.

Made by Fish4Dogs using 100% fish skins, these treats are low in calories and have a rough texture which helps remove plaque and tartar. You might not want kisses after giving your dog these as a treat, but your four-legged friend will love them.


  • Fast delivery means that you won’t have to hang on long to start giving your pet a tasty, healthy snack or two.
  • Low in fat – great news for anyone looking to help remove unhealthy bits and bobs from their dog’s diet and to help boost their immune system at the same time.
  • High in protein – who doesn’t need protein from time to time?

For more about high protein foods for dogs it’s here.


  • May not be suitable for really small dogs

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Top Healthy Dog Treats for those Watching their Dog’s Weight Sprats, dried fish, for dogs, 200 g

Looking for a training treat that’s likely to work well for sensitive dogs? Another fish-based snack, this leading tidbit, is likely to appear tasty to dogs and impressively nutritious to their owners.

Made by Trixie with 100% natural fish, low in fat and high in protein, these tasty treats by Trixie will keep Fido coming back for more. Great as a training aid, perfectly sized, no added sugar and suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


  • Well packaged – this is a brand that clearly cares about its presentation and its customers.
  • Low-calorie snacks make fantastic treats for training.
  • Protein-rich – perfect for getting your dog on the right track and a fantastic energy booster.


  • Smelly at times – that’s the fish – stand well back when handing these goodies out!

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Best Chew Sticks –Bounce and Bella Natural Dog Chews

Your furry friend will love these grain-free chew sticks made from 100% natural ingredients. Containing nothing but pure air-dried beef, adult dogs will love these chewy treats with the added bonus that you know they contain nothing to mess with your dogs’ digestion or cause weight gain

Bounce and Bella treats and grain-free food are a popular choice for pet owners looking for the best healthy dog treats with no artificial sweeteners, additives or artificial colours, just high-quality ingredients


  • Fantastic treats for training
  • Great reviews with users saying their dogs love the taste
  • Low fat


  • Some buyers say the sticks may be smaller than expected.

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Obesity in Dogs

The kennel club estimates that between 30 and 60% of dogs in the UK are overweight – so we as responsible pet owners must control their calorie intake and know exactly what we are feeding our four-legged friends.

Dog treats have changed over the last few years; we all know the dangers of rawhide and cheap treats stuffed with all sorts of nasty chemicals and additives, No wonder more and more pet parents are looking for healthy dog snacks with a high nutritional content made from quality ingredients like fresh chicken, game, sweet potatoes and yummy veggies.

Some breeds are prone to gaining weight – but the wrong diet, feeding too many treats and a lack of exercise can cause any dog to pile on the pounds. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to look for a good treat that your dog likes but also contains human-grade ingredients, cleans your dog’s teeth and provides essential supplements like fish oil or natural wormers while not piling on the pounds.

A chubby pup may look cute, but being overweight can significantly reduce your best friend’s lifespan and lead to several serious health issues. Therefore, it’s time to start thinking ahead.

Such conditions may include:

Feeding natural organic dog treats instead of calorie-laden alternatives as part of a balanced diet will reduce the risk of your pet becoming obese. For more on what is a dogs diet, it’s here.

Why not look for a healthy treat with plenty of fatty acids and natural ingredients? They are just as tasty as your run of the mill dog treat options, if not more so – and don’t take our word for it, take your pet’s!

Commercial Dog Treats- What you need to know.

Like many cheaper mass-produced dog foods, the treats you are feeding Fido can contain many ingredients that are not only unhealthy but could cause allergies and serious health issues. For example; here are the ingredients found in a Pedigree Jumbone:

  • Cereals
  • Various Sugars,
  • Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Beef),
  • Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,
  • Minerals,
  • Seeds,
  • Oils and Fats,
  • Herbs

It is worrying to note that sugar is the second-highest ingredient – and let’s be honest, derivatives can relate to just about anything, meaning we really don’t know what we are feeding to our canine companions.

What Dog Treats Should I Avoid?

In this day and age, you will need to be more conscious and alert about what your pup is eating! Sure – some treat options out there say they have green beans and omega 3 built into the mix – but what if it’s just as full of filler? Surely it’s better to feed our canine companions high-value treats that boost a dog’s immune system and enhance a complete and balanced diet.

Other ingredients to avoid are Propylene Glycol (also found in anti-freeze), Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) – E320 and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) – E321, which are also suspected of causing cancer. If that isn’t enough, many dog snacks contain ingredients that can cause allergies, such as wheat, soy and corn. No wonder more people than ever are turning to natural treats for dogs.

What to look for when buying organic dog treats

It can be really hard to know what to look for when it comes to leading ingredients and flavours for your dog treat choices. Peanut butter, tripe, sweet potato?

What is your dog likely to fancy the most? Is your choice of treat or snack likely to give them extra poundage or to support them healthily for years to come?

Ingredients are listed in descending order, so the first few ingredients on the list should be 100% natural and high in quality. Therefore, green beans, sweet potato, Vitamins A and more should be pretty easy to spot. Peanut butter flavourings, less so!

The fresher ingredients come from local sources and it is highly recommended you choose treats made in the UK, which adhere to EU regulations.

Size also plays a part; adult teeth need a larger treat, whilst bite-sized pieces are the perfect treat when training puppies. You may need to consider picky eaters or want soft-baked treats for elderly dogs.

Organic ingredients are the best because they contain fewer contaminants. In contrast, 100% natural doggy treats may be a little more expensive than others; the benefits to your dog’s health – and reduced vet bills outweigh the extra cost.

Of course, budding bakers can make their own; You can find a great DIY organic dog treat recipe here.

And this video has some great suggestions for the best treats on a hot day.

Another fantastic option for nutritious dog treats is dehydrated vegetables, fruit, meat or fish and this great value DEHYDRATOR is perfect for making homemade healthy treats your dog will love.

Conclusion and Top Pick

Look for healthy pet snacks that really up the ante on Vitamins and healthy supplements, not just the peanut butter flavours or other tastes that dogs are likely to clamour for.

But what’s the top pick from our list? I recommend the Pooch and Mutt Fresh Breath Treats for your dog (If you smelled George’s breath, you’d know why). The Bounce and Bella brand has both small treats and ones for large dogs that come in various flavours, including chicken and venison and are loved by most pups.

Take a conscious route to give your pets the best in healthy snacks. The options we’ve lined up here are still tasty enough to entice picky pups and are great for dog training but won’t add inches to their middles and cause health problems along the way.

After all, our faithful friends bring a lot of joy into our lives and deserve a reward now and then.

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