Best GPS Dog Tracker (UK) – 7 Top Activity Tracking Systems

This is our review of the Best GPS Dog Tracker in 2023.

There are tons of GPS pet trackers available both online and in pet stores. However, as with any dog device or accessory, you will want one that suits your dog’s size, is comfortable to wear and doesn’t cost the earth.

The best pet tracker must be powerful enough to communicate with your smartphone continuously, have live tracking  and a decent battery life.

We rounded up the top pet tracker options for your consideration. Let’s dive in and find out more about these GPS collars and see what each brings to the table.

The pet tracker we recommend would be the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker, it’s a reasonable price, with a small monthly fee and it has all the features you need, including a virtual fence and an activity monitor, the battery life is impressive and you can use the live tracking to see where your pooch is in real-time.

In this guide, we will be reviewing:

If you have a dog who’s a master escape artist or chases after every squirrel, they see when hiking, you will understand just how important it is to know your dog’s location at all times. Did you know that over 500,000 pets go missing every year in the UK? Using a dog tracker will give you peace of mind if the worst happens and your best friend gets lost.

Our Best GPS Dog Trackers

Another important consideration when choosing a pet tracker is monthly subscription fees. Some of the best GPS trackers for dogs require monthly payments on top of the original price; you will also find options with no fees —so it’s essential to choose the right one for your requirements.

Not all pet trackers are the same and there are lots of choices out there. Some rely on cellular service to locate your dog’s whereabouts, while others use GPS technology and even Bluetooth. Each type of tracker has its own pros and cons; in this guide, we’ve reviewed the top-rated pet trackers.

GPS devices aren’t perfect, but they can be a lifesaver and are an important accessory if you and your canine companion enjoy outdoor adventures.

Keep reading to see which of the dog tracking devices we located fit the bill and are popular in today’s market:

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker


This Tractive GPS pet tracker offers worldwide location tracking in more than 150 countries with an app for both iOS and Android. It’s lightweight and fully waterproof, ideal for dog breeds that love swimming.

The battery life is pretty decent too, with an average of between 2-5 days; yes, there is a monthly subscription fee, but this can start at under £4 if you pay for the two-year subscription plan upfront; there are one year, two and five year plans available.

The Tractive GPS tracker not only locates your pet and sends you alerts should they runoff, but it also has a virtual fence feature and you can track your dog’s activity and how many calories burned so it can help fitness goals too. It is by far and away one of the best GPS trackers for dogs and constantly gets good reviews from customers.

One of the drawbacks of this product is it depends on how good the mobile service is in the area as to how good it works, not great if hiking off the beaten path; however, it gets excellent reviews and for the price is one of the best dog trackers out there.

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Weenect Dogs 2 


Transforming your dog’s standard collar into a tracking device is simple with the Weenect Dogs 2; it just clips on and includes some handy little features not available on some of the other pet trackers in our round-up

There is no tracking distance with this option; you can check on your pooch from anywhere in the world, so even if a dog sitter loses your furry friend and you are holidaying in Spain, you can connect to the mobile app and see where they are.

The battery life on this dog tracker device is between 2-4 days. Although it doesn’t include an activity monitor or virtual fence like some other tracking devices, it has an interesting alarm bell training feature that we loved.

It offers real-time tracking with the location being updated every minute, so you have the best chance of finding them as soon as possible should the worst happen. It also boasts an anti-theft alarm that will notify you should someone try to remove the dog’s collar.

The Weenect tracker for dogs costs around £3.50 per month on top of the original purchase, which we think is reasonable; it’s also the world’s smallest GPS tracker, so it is perfect for tiny pups.

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Pawfit 2 Dog GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor


Pawfit 2, like the tractive GPS tracker, has an activity monitor and is another solid choice when it comes to a tracker for dogs and the embedded sim card offers coverage throughout Europe and North America.

It utilises state-of-the-art GPS and also Wi-Fi technology to let you know your dog’s location continuously; it boasts the fastest and most accurate live tracking and is waterproof should Fido decide to go for a dip.

It also uses text-to-speech technology. This will broadcast your dog’s ID to anyone who finds them and presses the button, helping you get your dog back sooner.

It can be attached to collars up to 32mm wide and used with dogs weighing over 8 pounds. The battery can last up to six days, depending on usage. The Pawfit App is compatible with both Apple’s iOS 9.0 or later models and Google’s Android 5.0 upwards.

Considered by some as the best GPS pet tracker, due to the low price and small monthly subscription fee of under £4.

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Safer Pet GPS Dog Tracker


The Safer GPS tracking device for dogs allows you to use live tracking to determine the location of up to three pets through the app, and access can be shared with the rest of the family. The device claims it is accurate up to ten metres and tracking intervals can be set between 1-60 minutes.

The silicone protective case can be attached to almost any collar, it’s splash-proof and it has a generous battery life of up to three days between charges.

The activity monitor will let you see walking history for up to three months and step counts for the previous week so you can check if Fido is getting the correct amount of exercise and the unit is lightweight and easy to use.

Yes, a subscription is required, but it can be as little as £3.33/month (with a two-year plan paid yearly) and this includes the integrated SIM card and all data usage. Once you have downloaded the app, you are ready to start tracking your best friend.

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 Vodafone Curve, The Smart GPS Tracker


The curve is a GPS tracker from network providers Vodaphone and is compatible with both Apple and Android phones. All you need to do is connect the small device to your dog’s collar and you will know the exact location of your pooch in real-time; just connect via the Vodaphone Smartphone app.

Like other dog trackers on our list is requires a subscription fee, you will need to sign up either for 12 or 24 months, but it is competitively priced. One of the features we liked about this option is the ability to set up zones where you will receive a notification if they leave and the battery life is also impressive at seven days. However, a few reviews say that’s somewhat optimistic; it does have four tracking modes to save on juice.

This is a really lightweight model, suitable for dogs of all sizes and it’s also waterproof, making it ideal for breeds like Spaniels and Labradors. All in all, a fantastic location tracker for the price, although its effectiveness depends on Vodaphone’s coverage and it doesn’t have a dog activity monitor.

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KIPPY – EVO – GPS Tracker Collar


With this tracker collar by Kippy, you can find your dog in real-time throughout Europe; this is thanks to several integrated tracking systems for dogs (GPS, LBS, WiFi, Glonas, and Bluetooth)

It’s a high-quality tracker packed with extra features like the virtual fence and an impressive activity monitor ideal for conditioning a dog and increasing fitness; you can measure steps, calories, playtime and rest periods.

The Kippy EVO is designed and manufactured in Italy and is equipped with a LED flashlight which we really liked and the battery life is also good at up to seven days.

The Kippy service package is quite reasonable at under £4 per month, but you do need to pay it annually upfront. Some reviews have mentioned that this product works better in towns and cities than in more remote areas and some customers have experienced issues getting through to customer services when there’s a problem.

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Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar


With an incredible nine-mile range, it’s no wonder Garmin GPS tracking devices are popular among hunting dog owners. Unlike most dog trackers, this one is built into a collar with an antenna and doesn’t rely on your phone’s reception, ideal if you can’t rely on Wi-Fi or mobile networks where you are. It also includes LED beacon lights and Rescue mode, perfect for search and rescue.

This is an expensive option as you also need to purchase the handheld tracker in addition to the collar; however, it can track multiple dogs and there are no monthly subscription fees. It does have a short battery life too, of around 20-40 hours, but if you are a serious hiker and want a robust option, this is the one for you.

Note the Garmin tracking device has a minimum neck size of 9.5 inches, so it may not be the best choice for small dogs.

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PETFON Pet GPS Tracker

This is the most expensive option in our round up, but it is jam packed with features and has no montly subsciption fees.  The device not only lets you track your dog’s location in real time, but it also has a number of features that help to keep them safe. For example, you can define a safe area around your home and receive an alert if your dog leaves that area.

You can also activate the lights on the tracker to help locate your dog in low light or at night. And if your dog gets lost, you can use the tracker to call them using a stored voice command. 

Overall, we were really impressed with the Petfon dog tracker and would recommend it to any concerned pet owner.

What is a GPS Dog Tracker

A GPS tracker for dogs is a tag or collar designed to help pet owners keep track of their furry friends. It may be that your pooch is an escape artist, you may be hiking in the countryside, they can even help if your dog is stolen. The newer models often incorporate an activity monitor too, so that you can measure your dog’s fitness levels.

Like the Tractive GPS tracker, some come with a virtual fence feature that notifies or will send you an alert should Fido roam from the specified safe area.

Some stats 

Did you know that according to Dogs Trust around 50,000 dogs a year go missing and less than half are successfully returned to their owners? There are also approximately 2,000 dogs a year stolen so investing in a tracker to help discover the whereabouts of your pet is not as out there as you may think. 

How Do Dog Tracker Systems Work?

Dog GPS trackers use GPS technology to find the location of your pet. They are equipped with GPS chips, which receive signals from satellites around the globe.

They usually consist of a tracking unit that is secured to your dog’s collar or harness. this establishes your pet’s location and passes the information to the owners

This information can be received through mobile phone apps or by a dedicated receiver. They are an excellent option for safety when out walking with your dog off lead.

Why Would you Need a GPS Tracker?

GPS collars are extremely useful, especially if your pooch is a bit of an escape artist or is working at a distance from you; below are just a few reasons why a dog GPS tracker could work for you.

Working Dogs

Trackers are popular with working dogs as they are often not by your side when out in the field. If you’re the owner of a working dog, you know how important it is to be able to keep track of your furry friend at all times. 

Whether your dog is chasing criminals, herding sheep in a snowstorm or searching for lost hikers in the mountains, a GPS tracker is crucial. GPS tracking allows you to see the dog’s position in real time, so you can always know where your pup is.

 Furthermore, if your dog ever gets too far away or gets lost, you can use the GPS tracker to help find him. And, because multiple users can track the shared position of the dog, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your four-legged friend again. So if you’re the owner of a working dog a GPS tracker can be invaluable. 

Dog Trackers For Hiking

If you like exploring the countryside with your canine companion, a tracker is a great accessory to have; not only can it tell you the location history of your pup, it can show you where they are if they wander off or get into difficulty. 

This especially important if you are close to farmland where you dog could in theory be shot if they are worrying livestock. A GPS dog tracker could literally save your dog’s life! 

In The Dark

Has your dog ever dashed out of the front door on an evening? If so you’ll know how difficult it can be to find them in the dark

Some trackers come with a light and sound feature, which could come in extremely handy especially if you have a black pooch, that can be difficult to see.  

You Own An Escape Artist

Dogs may try to escape from their homes and bolt for many reasons. Boredom, being left alone for long periods, sexual roaming. Some breeds like Huskies are renowned for their Houdini exploits.
At best, this problem is a nuisance. At worst, it can be incredibly dangerous. Dogs who escape can run into busy traffic, encounter dangerous wildlife, be stolen or come across any number of hazardous, deadly situations
The best way to avoid these dangers is to take some preventive measures and of course one is investing in the best GPS trackers for dogs. 

Your Dog Gets Lost

Even if your pooch is not an escape artist, many dogs can be scared by sudden noises, attracted by a female in heat, chase after another animal or simply wander through the gate the postman has left open. 

Whilst a dog microchip may see your pooch being returned if whoever finds them takes them to the vet, this isn’t always the case. A lightweight GPS tracker means you can start your search before Fido gets too far away and hopefully bring them home.


Not a day goes by without a story of a dog being stolen and a tracker is a great asset for a dog owner in this situation; You can use the live tracking feature to see where your dog is and some tracking devices even have an anti-theft alarm that pings when someone tries to remove the collar.

The chances of your beloved pet being taken are much less if you know where they are at all times and if you set up the virtual dog fence feature, you will see if they have been removed from the garden instantly.

Activity Monitoring

Dog tracker systems sometimes come with an activity monitor that works like a Fitbit.This is a great way to keep track of your dog’s activity and make sure they are getting enough exercise.

You can set goals and earn badges, break personal records and stay fit together. You can also keep track of all your dog’s activity in one place and get inspiration to help keep your dog at their ideal weight a definite bonus with almost 1 in 14 dogs being overweight according to a study by the RVC.

You can discover how many calories burned on a long hike and even check if your dog walker is doing their job.

To Create A Virtual Fence 

A dog GPS virtual fence can offer many benefits over a traditional fence, especially when it comes to training your dog.

A dog GPS virtual fence is a system that uses GPS technology to create an invisible boundary for your dog. The boundary can be set up anywhere, and you’re not limited by the size of your land

The main benefit of a dog GPS virtual fence is that it is accurate and reliable. Once the boundary is set, you can trust that your dog will stay within the designated area. This can be helpful if you’re worried about your dog getting lost or running away

Another benefit of a dog GPS virtual fence is that it’s less expensive than installing a traditional fence. If you’re on a budget, a dog GPS virtual fence can be a more affordable option

What to Look for in Good GPS Trackers for Dogs

Not all dog GPS trackers are created equal, so it’s essential to see what features a good dog tracker has before parting with your hard-earned cash; below are some things that could impact your decision.

Battery Life

One of the most important things to consider, if your pet gets lost, you’ll want peace of mind that the battery will last until they’re found.

Battery life can vary quite significantly either by use of the device or other things like mobile signals; however, you should choose a dog tracker with a battery life of 2-7 days.

Live Tracking 

You are much more likely to retrieve your dog or cat quickly if your tracking devive has a live tracking feature. 

This works by updating you of the location of your pet every few seconds. so you can easily see their wherabouts.  


If you have a lost pet, it will be very frustrating if your tracker only reaches a distance of 50 metres like some Bluetooth options; that is why you should go for global or at least countrywide coverage.

That means even if your pet gets picked up by someone in a car, you will still receive the GPS signal.

Virtual Fence?

This is a fantastic feature that the best GPS tracking devices have; it enables you to set up a safe zone for your four-legged friend and send you a notification when your dog leaves the designated area.


You will definitely need your dog tracking collar to be waterproof, especially if your pooch likes splashing around in rivers and streams; even if they prefer dry land, they could get into difficulty in water or be trapped under the snow; this is a feature we feel is essential.


From theft alarms to calorie counters, different GPS dog collars have various features; it’s up to you to choose ones that will be beneficial. Whilst you may not be that interested in a canine Fitbit, many pet parents love the virtual fence feature, for example.

Easy To Use

We’ve mentioned above the technology that makes a dog tracker work and it may seem a bit complicated to set up what with downloading apps and setting up monthly plans. If you’re a bit of a technophobe like me, you should opt for a device that is easy to use, like the Tractive GPS collar.

Mobile Signal

As many GPS dog collars require a sim card, it stands to reason their effectiveness depends on a mobile signal. Always choose a provider who offers no distance limit and good network coverage to ensure your device works even in remote areas.

Subscription Fees

Most dog GPS devices have an additional monthly charge and you will have to pay a small monthly subscription fee, So this is something to consider before buying a GPS tracking device.

Are Monthly Subscription Fees Worth It? 

Some people prefer to pay a monthly subscription fee for a dog GPS tracker so they can always know where their pet is, while others think that there are plenty of free apps that can do a good job. 

If you’re thinking about getting a GPS dog tracker, you should first consider whether you want to pay a monthly fee or not. 

If you don’t want to pay monthly, then you might want to shop around and see if there are any subscription services that don’t lock you into a 12 month sign-up. The average price is usually less than £10 a month, so it’s not goinig to break the bank. If you use all the GPS tracker features like real-time GPS tracking, activity tracking, it has a good distance limit and battery life we think it’s definitely worth it.  

What is the Best No Subscription Option?

The Garmin and Petfon pet trackers have no monthly subscription fees, but the initial cost is more than most dog owners want to fork out; you would need to decide if these premium options are worth the money, perhaps if you have a search and rescue hound or go wild camping with your dog or hiking in the mountains?

The Tile Dog Tracker

Tile trackers are usually used to find things like car keys and items around the home; they work using Bluetooth but only have a maximum range of a few hundred feet at the most; they are handy should your pet escape the garden as they will ring to let you know, however as they don’t work via sim card they can’t compare with the best dog GPS tracker options for the great outdoors or for working dogs that may travel further.

One really good feature about the Dog Tile is the network of users; this network can also track your tile so someone may find your pet and can then let you know their location.

How Far Can You Track Using A Tile?

Some Tile models range up to 100 feet, whilst the Tile Style and Sport models can ping and locate up to 200 feet


Does A Pet Tracker Use Lots Of Data?

No, not much at all and as most models come with a monthly fee, the data is usually included with the sim card or plan. Of course, if you are streaming Google maps to discover where your pooch is, there will be some data usage, but it won’t amount to very much even then. Do remember that Bluetooth drains your phone battery quickly, though.

Do Pet Microchips Have GPS?

Although all dogs in the UK are required by law to be microchipped, they have no way of letting you know the pet’s location and rely on whoever finds your dog taking them to a vet. 

How Accurate Are GPS Trackers?

They work really well and are usually accurate up to about 25 feet; however, this can be affected by several factors including, the weather, being covered by some sort of metal and being in a remote location.

Last Word & Top Pick

We hope this buying guide has given you a little more information about the best dog tracking collars, the types of pet trackers available and how they work.

There are some great dog trackers to buy, some with more features than others, so whether you are looking for the best GPS dog collar for large breeds, one that works with the latest iPhone, or one with a location history feature, the ones above tick all the boxes.

Our personal recommendation would be the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker; you can access a  locator on the app for live tracking, it has a good battery life and, for the price, is the best dog tracker on our list.

What did you think of our guide to the best dog GPS trackers. We would love for you to connect with us on our social media platforms and let us know if it helped you find what you were looking for

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