The UK’s Best GoPro Dog Harness Camera Mounts in 2022

This is our review of the best GoPro dog harness in the UK.

Whether you want to record bone chewing, digging, or swimming, a GoPro dog head mount is a fantastic way to record your pet’s adventures and every video you make will provide memories that you can look back on.

In this article, we will be reviewing the following GoPro dog mounts

Our Best GoPro Dog Harnesses

There are a few things that one should expect from the best GoPro dog harnesses, including: 

Excellent quality: If you are using a GoPro dog harness to shoot a video from your dog’s perspective, then the chances are that you will take it into some exciting areas, possibly with some interesting weather, as opposed to just shooting their daily life. With that in mind, you will want a piece of equipment capable of withstanding the various journeys. See all the cool go pro options below in our detailed guide.

Fetch Dog Harness for All GoPro Cameras

To kick off this list, let’s look at this great GoPro fetch dog harness suitable for all GoPro models. The harness is fully adjustable and can fit small dogs, medium-sized dogs, and large dogs alike. 

There are two mounting locations, one on the dog’s chest and one on its back. The camera bases are easy to use, with quick-release technology. 

The chest and back areas are fully padded with lightweight, breathable material and made to keep your pet comfortable while they get you great dog’s eye view video footage. 

Don’t worry about taking this harness into wet and/or dirty locations, as it is easy to wash and capable of handling different types of terrain. 

However, this GoPro harness does not have any dog leash attachment points, not handles, so you will need an extra harness or pet collar if you are taking your dog outside. 


  • Fully adjustable features, ideal for the GoPro Hero
  • Two mounting points,
  • Padded chest and back layers 


  • No leash ring

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DUTTY Action Camera Dog Harness Mount Adjustable for GoPro

This Dutty action camera dog harness resembles the first one above a great deal; however, it costs half the price. 

This GoPro harness has adjustment points and can fit dogs from 15 lbs to 120 lbs, making it an ideal buy for small and large dogs and is considered by many as one of the top GoPro dog harness mounts on the market.

Ideal for the GoPro Hero, there are two GoPro mounts, one on the chest and one on the back. Both video camera mounts have a quick-release system, making them easy to place and remove your camera from. 

The inside of the chest and back pads are lined with cotton and mesh. This means that the fabric is soft and breathable to keep up with your dog’s exercises. 

Again, much like the first product in this list, this one does not have a leash clip either, nor does it have a handle. This means that this harness alone would not do for complete control over your dog on daily walks. 


  • Two mounting locations,
  • Quick-release camera bases,
  • Padded chest and back covers 


  • No leash rings

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Balacoo Dog Vest Harness Adjustable Chest Strap

This GoPro dog harness works better as a day-to-day piece of equipment, more so than the two previous harnesses. 

This one has a leash ring on the back and a firm belly strap and an extra one to keep the action camera steady for smooth videos. 

The harness has multiple adjustment points, and this particular one is available in size M, it’s highly durable to the strong materials.

The back cover is made of soft, strong, padded material, which can be easily washed and has no trouble withstanding the rain, water, and dry weather. 

The camera base has quick-release technology, making it very easy to use. 

However, there is no camera base at the front or any front leash ring on this unit. 


  • Adjustable strapping & good compatibility
  • Padded back,
  • Leash ring 


  • No front dog harness mount for video

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PROtastic Deluxe Dog Mount (Large) for GoPro

This PROtastic harness is a good, strong fitting that is ideal for large size dogs. It comes with a sturdy D leash clip on the back, in front of which you will find that camera mount. 

This particular harness also comes with a GoPro buckle that should be mounted and screwed onto the video camera base. This will help to make the placement and removal of the camera very easy. 

It is easy to put on the dog, with one thick under chest strap that can be secured with a strong buckle on the side. It is considered the best GoPro harness for dogs by a lot of customers due to its ease of use and durability.

The front chest strap is covered with a reflective band and is fully adjustable, as is the under-chest strap. 

The harness’s seams are also lined with reflective material, making it an excellent pick for bad weather and late-night walks. 


  • Reflective material,
  • Adjustable strap and comes in various sizes
  • This dog harness with camera  mount is easy to put on


  • No front camera mount 

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Soft vest with chest strap for pets with adjustable buckle

A good GoPro pet harness, this next one is much like the first two products that we saw in this list in its design. With fully adjustable strapping, this can fit anything from smaller dogs to large dogs. 

There is a dog harness camera mount system, giving you two perspectives: one from behind your dog’s head and one from on their chest. 

The chest mount and back areas are fully padded and made with soft material to keep your animal comfortable. 

Much like the first two harnesses on this list, this product is strong and has an extra belly strap for good, non-shaky footage. 

However, again, it does not have any leash attachment points nor handles. 

Finally, you can use a wide variety of action camera models with this fitting, not just GoPro cameras. 


  • Fully adjustable and great durability
  • Two GoPro mounts
  • Soft material 


  • No leash rings 

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ATIN For GoPro HD Hero Camera

Finally, this last GoPro dog harness is the perfect one to try out if you are working on a budget. Costing just over £10, this dog harness is still of good quality and mimics the design of the first harness on this list. 

It has fully adjustable strapping, making it available to Chihuahuas and Great Danes alike. 

Two mounting points will hold your video camera steady, or, for better stable footage, you can also use the extra belly strap that will help keep it secure. 

The camera bases are also compatible with a large number of action camera models, including GoPros. 

The soft padding is comfortable for your pet’s to wear, and the straightforward, strong buckles, and quick and simple to use. 

Again, just like the first product on this list, this one has no leash rings nor handles. 


  • Adjustable straps,
  • Padded chest and back areas,
  • This GoPro dog harness is fantastic value


  • No leash rings 

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What to Look For When Choosing a Harness with a Camera Mount

Multiple action camera mounts:

If you are looking at investing in an option with a camera fitting, why not look at one with multiple camera mounts? This will give you twice the opportunities and more camera and video angles and shots to explore. 

Strong bases for your expensive camera:

GoPros are not cheap pieces of equipment and should be well taken care of. The worst thing to do to your camera is to put it on an insecure mount. The bases may not be strong enough to hold the camera as your pet runs, swims, or rolls in it. Our top picks above will ensure the gopro’s stay firmly attached to the pet harness.

Soft and padded construction:

Your dog’s comfort should be priority number one. The best kinds of harnesses for dogs offer some padding around the chest, back, and ideally under the arms for them. The more comfortable your dog is wearing the harness, the more likely they are to happily go on these kinds of adventures. 


Given that GoPros can shoot fantastic footage underwater, it is only normal to want a camera mount harness that is just as capable of going underwater. A good harnessing for your camera should be able to handle the water and dry off easily so as to not disturb your dog. You can also get a GoPro accessory to help the camera whilst its underwater.


Having a great quality camera base is essential for stability, but so is having a steady camera. A gopro small dog harness is robust and will offer a stable base for the camera.


How do I stop the video footage from being shaky?

To stop the footage you shoot with the GoPro from being shaky, you need to pay attention to all of the straps on your furry friend and make sure you use the right mount. Make sure that they are not too tight but tight enough to keep the unit steady.

Is the GoPro Fetch dog harness waterproof?

The GoPro fetch harness is excellent for taking your dog on all kinds of terrain and in all types of weather conditions. It was made to handle water and dry quickly after being wet, making it perfect for a swimming session.

What about harnesses for Sony action cameras?

Most harnesses that are made for GoPros can also handle Sony action cameras. As these particular video cameras are of a different shape than GoPros, you will need to buy a specific attachment to hold onto the dog mounts on the harnessing.

Conclusion and Top Pick

Using a camera to film your adventures with your best canine companion, you will want the best quality videos possible. 

This, of course, greatly depends on the gopro’s you choose, but it also depends on the model. 

You will need something substantial to take the different types of movements and terrains that your pooch goes through. It should also be adjustable to ensure a secure fit on any size dog, with ideally, an extra strap to help keep the unit steady. 

We hope the brands available including kurgo and others on the market that we have shown you help you and your canine companion decide which is the best gopro harness. There are also gopro accessories that people purchase, so be sure to check them out as well.

From our point of view, we think the best gopro dog harness is the GoPro Fetch harness – as it protects your pet, your GoPro camera, and offers you tons of flexibility. A GoPro dog harness could change the way you see the world! For more puppy training equipment, head back to our category page and discover a whole host of useful items.

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