The UK’s Best Dog Walking Shoes in 2022

This is our review of the best dog walking shoes in 2022

Picking the right shoes for walking your four-legged friend is essential – you need something that will be comfortable and keep your feet safe on those long walks.

Shoes are more lightweight than hiking boots and ideal for less rugged terrain, and many dog walkers prefer them as their dog walking footwear.

So, based on our findings from customer reviews and expert opinions, we’ve put together a list of the top seven dog walking shoes in the UK.

Our personal favourites are the Mountain Warehouse Waterproof Walking Shoes. The unique IsoDry technology by Mountain Warehouse keeps your feet dry and the shoe itself is designed for maximum comfort. The ones we reviewed are for men, but we can’t see why they couldn’t be used by ladies too!

In this post, we will be reviewing. 

Keep reading as we introduce you to the best dog walking shoes on the market and provide some tips on choosing the perfect pair.

Our Best Dog Walking Shoes

Below are some of the best shoes for dog walkers; whether you are looking for the best waterproof dog walking shoes that can withstand muddy trails or dog walking trainers for the kids, you are guaranteed to find a pair that fits the bill.

Mountain Warehouse Waterproof Walking Shoes

Step out in style with Mountain Warehouse’s new waterproof shoes. With IsoDry technology, your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long, even when the weather conditions take a turn for the worse.

These boast a mesh lining, making them incredibly breathable, and their lightweight comfort is perfect for those hot summer days.

These trainers come in four colours, go up to a 13 shoe size and if you are looking for a decent pair of hiking shoes, they are great value for money.

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Regatta Kids Holcombe Low Rise Walking Trainers

If the family enjoys countryside walks with the family pet, these are just the things. With all the features of a grown-up trainer, Regatta’s waterproof kid’s trainers are perfect for little ones who love to get active.

The solid rubber overlays protect toes and heels against bumps, while the slip-resistant outsole offers an excellent grip on slippery surfaces.

Plus, with a waterproof/breathable Isotex membrane and EVA cushioned footbed, they’re comfortable too – perfect for long days spent outside, whatever the weather. They’ll love picking their favourites with nine fun colours to choose from! A fantastic alternative to dog walking wellingtons and still provide just as much comfort.

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Adidas Men’s Nordic Walking Shoes

Gear up and explore the great outdoors with Adidas men’s trail shoes. These are perfect for conquering any terrain with a strong mesh upper and Traxion sole.

This trail-specific shoe is perfect for those who want to explore new trails and hike with their canine companion in all types of weather.

Plus, they’re comfortable and stylish; just make sure to order a size above if you’re on the fence about what to get – as they tend to run small.

Another drawback is that although they dry quickly, they are not waterproof, so they are not suitable footwear for wet winter walks.

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The North Face Women’s Hedgehog Low Rise Hiking Trainers

You’ll have no trouble staying stable and comfortable on even the most uneven paths with The North Face walking footwear

Made with a grippy Vibram sole, a stability-enhancing cradle guide midsole, and snake plate technology, these dog walk shoes are perfect for navigating uneven trails and rocky slopes.

The Gore-tex membrane prevents your feet from getting wet on muddy walks or when walking in the snow, so these comfortable dog walker shoes tick all the boxes whether you are visiting the local park or heading into the wilderness.

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Skechers Men’s Equalizer Double Play Fitness Shoes

Skechers are well known for their supportive, lightweight, breathable footwear explicitly designed for comfort and these men’s shoes for dog walking are no exception.

They’re not waterproof, so they are more suitable for dry days, but they’re incredibly comfortable even if you have wide feet or suffer from foot problems.

They don’t provide ankle support and are not as tough as some styles for hiking over challenging terrain, but they’re ideal for dog owners who enjoy a stroll around town or a visit to the local dog park.

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STQ Women’s Mesh Sneakers

Ladies, these are ideal if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful pair of sneakers that you can keep by the back door to slip on and off when exercising the dogs.

Packed with features you would typically find on more expensive footwear, according to customer reviews wearing these feels like walking on air. There’s the breathable mesh, cushioned sole and memory foam interior.

Obviously, they’re not waterproof, so they are no substitute for wellies in a downpour. These pumps are ideal for women of all ages and with 13 colours to choose from, there are sure to be ones that suit your style.

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Lakeland Active Women’s Grasmere Waterproof Muck Shoes

These multi-purpose slip-ones are 100% waterproof and made from neoprene and natural rubber.

They may not be the most stylish accessories you’ve ever bought. Still, the durable construction and comfortable memory foam interior make them ideal for washing the car, gardening, or taking your pup for a walk in the snow or rain.

Just wear a pair of thick socks when wearing them in the winter to keep your toes warm.

The elasticated ankle keeps out debris, mud, snow and stones, and the sole’s traction offers a secure grip on even slippery terrain. Making these durable slip-ons a reliable choice when searching for footwear for walking dogs.

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How To Choose Good Shoes for Dog Walking

A lightweight option compared to many walking boots, the best boots for dog walking offer most of the same benefits whilst still being light and breathable enough for everyday use.

But what are the differences between a shoe specifically designed for purpose and a regular shoe? Let’s have a look.

The Upper Material

The uppers of hiking boots or shoes provide support and protection; they are usually made from leather or synthetic materials.

Leather uppers

These are hardwearing and tough, perfect to wear when hillwalking with your hound. Leather is an eco-friendly material that is water-resistant, easy to clean and provides a perfect fit.

However, one downside is that they are usually more expensive than shoes made with man-made fabrics.

Synthetic uppers

The last thing you want in any shoe is for your foot to become damp and sweaty. Synthetic uppers are breathable, making them perfect for warmer days and not as heavy as some alternatives, making them more comfortable to wear for long periods.

What Linings Do Your Walking Shoes Have?

Most footwear designed for hiking uses a Gore-tex membrane lining. This wicks moisture away from the foot, keeping you dry and comfortable when you hit the trail.

Some companies have even developed their own technologies to prevent your feet from getting wet!

What Is A Midsole?

This is arguably the most crucial part of your shoe as it supports the foot, provides cushioning and allows flexion.

A softer midsole is fantastic for wearing on more accessible trails and daily dog walks, whereas a stiffer midsole will be needed for more rugged terrain.

Outsoles Are Important Too.

No surprises here, the outer soles of any good shoe for either women or men are made of rubber, providing excellent durability and a great grip.

Vibram soles are probably the most common found in outdoor gear. However, did you know the depth and pattern of the lugs affect how the shoe performs?

If you are a dog walker who needs footwear to cope with mud and wet conditions, a chunky tread will work better, whilst rocky terrains need a thinner pattern with more surface area to ensure a secure grip.

Last Word 

Is it worth spending more money on quality walking shoes? Yes, they provide support durability and are often waterproof – all features you need to make dog walks enjoyable.

Comfort should also be a top priority when choosing footwear for walks with your furry friend. Look for styles that provide arch support and cushioning to help minimize fatigue.

Our top pick is the Mountain Warehouse Waterproof Walking Shoes. They will stop your feet from getting wet, provide a good grip in icy conditions, are true to size and won’t break the bank.

So before hitting the pavement with your pup, check out our top picks for the best dog walking shoes for both men and women and see alternative equipment for dog training which may come in useful in the future.

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