The UK’s Best Dog Walking Bag & Packs in 2022

This is our review of the best dog walking bag in 2022

Dogs are part of the family, and just like with any other member of the family, we want to make sure they’re taken good care of.

That means regular walks, plenty of exercises, and lots of fresh air. And what’s the best way to carry all your supplies for a walk with your furry friend? A good dog walking bag, of course! But which one should you buy?

Our top pick is the HummerDogg Treat Pouch Bag. We love that this bag can be worn multiple ways and has plenty of storage for doggy essentials. There’s a built-in dispenser for poop bags and the outer shell is made of Neoprene, making it totally waterproof.

In this post, we will be reviewing. 

We’ll look at some of the best dog walking bags on the market right now. We’ll also give you a few tips on choosing the right one. So keep reading to find a dog walkers bag that ticks all the boxes.

Our Best Dog Walking Bags

Of course, you can use any bag when walking your dog, but ones designed for the purpose have some key features that set them apart, such as a poop bag dispenser, D-rings to attach accessories and magnetic closures for easy access.

From fanny packs to shoulder bags, there’s something for every dog walker!

HummerDogg Treat Pouch Bag

Our favourite dog walking bag of the bunch, we absolutely love the versatile design that can be worn as a fanny pack, dog walking shoulder bag or cross body bag, depending on your particular needs.

The Neoprene, water-resistant lining, is one of the key features that work to keep your doggy essentials dry and masks any smells from used poop bags or hidden treats!

We found the four separate pockets make it super easy to differentiate between your personal items and dog treats, and the poop bag dispenser on the rear is a true innovation for dog walking. All-round, this is a must-have dog walking bag.

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AlwaySky Nylon Crossbody Messenger Bag

The most spacious dog walking bags that we’ve tested out, we found this nylon cross body bag to be incredibly lightweight and durable, with enough space to fit all of our essential items and then some!

The adjustable strap made for a comfy fit and ensured that all of our items were always easy to grab. We particularly appreciated the massive main pocket that provides enough space for all of your daily essentials, making this dog walking bag an excellent choice for longer adventures and trips about town.

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Pecute Large Dog Treat Pouch Bag

A super handy little treat bag that’s perfect for morning walks and short trips, we found the 300D Oxford cloth outer layer to be surprisingly waterproof and pleasantly padded to protect any personal items from the odd knock or bump.

Our favourite aspect of this dog walking bag has got to be the added extras that come with each purchase. A roll of poo bags, a neat little training clicker and a fancy collapsible water bowl that can be clipped onto the pack via the d rings on the strap!

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TUDEQU Dog Walking Bag

We’re constantly being told the importance of drinking more water, and the same can be said for our furry friends!

We found the not one but two water bottle holders on this compact little waist pack to be an outstanding key feature that becomes very useful during the summer months.

Hands-free with plenty of pockets to store your phone, keys and other items, we loved how easy it was to grab any essentials whilst on the go, and found the pouch to be so light and comfortable that we often forgot we were wearing a bag at all!

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SHANGRI-LA Messenger Bag

Undeniably the most stylish dog walking bags that we’ve tried out for this post, we were super impressed with the waxed canvas outer material that proved completely waterproof during a very wet and windy walk.

Aside from the spacious main pocket, big enough to fit all of your dog walking supplies, we particularly liked the back pocket, which features a magnetic clasp that makes quickly grabbing poo bags, hand sanitiser, treats and toys an effortless task.

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PAW Lifestyles – Dog Walking Pouch

This is definitely a good dog walking bag for shorter trips and morning walks; we found ourselves using the hands-free belt clip to great effect. It was both comfortable and provided easier access to all of our doggy essentials than pockets.

The large poop bag dispenser on the back of this bag is one of its best key features, making cleaning up after your furry buddy a much simpler task in the haze of the morning!

Online reviews are quick to praise the versatility of this fanny pack, as the included shoulder strap and waistband allow for a genuinely multi-purpose dog walking bag.

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Doog Shoulder Bag

With an elasticated mesh pocket that makes a great water bottle holder and a snug front pocket perfect for your keys and phone, we found this Doog shoulder bag to be a super handy product for day trips around town.

There’s enough room in the pockets to carry balls, toys and treats without the bag feeling too cumbersome or restricting, and we found the included shoulder strap to be both sturdy and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

You can really feel the build quality on this product, and we think dog owners could get a lot of use out of this pack before it ever becomes worn and weary.

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How To Select the Best Bag for Dog Walkers

What Style?

Bumbags and fanny packs are great for morning walks and short trips, as they’ll easily hold all your essentials without getting in the way of your movement.

Shoulder bags will offer more spacious pockets and allow you to store more items for long dog walks, whilst cross body bags are best for long trips, as the even distribution of weight across your body will provide greater comfort than any other style!


Depending on the length of your dog walk, you may need to carry a fair few items. Your dog walking pack will have to be able to store treats, toys, poo bags, a water bottle, a bowl and any personal items like your keys and phone, so bag size is important!

How Many Pockets?

When it comes to doggy walking bags, more is more in the realm of pockets. The ability to separate all of your necessary items will be beneficial when your hands are occupied with an excitable or reactive dog.

Look for a water bottle holder; sealed treat pockets, a large main pocket and easy access clasps that make grabbing poo bags or your phone simpler when you’re on the go with your pet.

Optional Extras

Look for trusted pet brands that offer incentives like poo bags, training clickers and collapsible bowls, as these will all be of great use to you as a dog walker.

Dog bags with key ring attachments are also convenient, as these optional extras can be clipped to the outside of your pack and allow you to carry more essentials inside your bag.

Material – Is It Waterproof?

If there’s one thing we can be sure of when walking our pups, it’s that we’ll have to face the wind and rain on a pretty regular basis. The best we can do is try to keep our valuables and their essentials safe and dry.

Choose waterproof materials like Neoprene, and have a look at the online comments sections for each product to see what other dog owners are saying about the quality of these water-resistant products.

Is It a Reasonable Price?

Dog ownership can be expensive, so savvy dog owners will always know how to sniff out a bargain. Always check a range of retailers, and look for trusted brands with good reviews. A dog walking bag doesn’t need to be expensive, but buying a cheap knockoff product may result in an extra purchase in the long run.

Different Kinds of Dog Walking Bags


Bumbags and fanny packs are the least invasive and simplest option for doggy walking bags. Their hands-free design makes them great for short outings and can provide you with easy access to all of your dog’s essentials like poop sacks, food and small toys.

Look for waist packs with belt attachments or clips, and can provide a few dedicated pockets for your dog’s items and your own essentials like a phone or your keys.

Small Backpack-Style Bags

These pack styles are super useful to wear on longer walks and day trips, as they’ll easily store a larger amount of necessities and provide more pockets for things like a water bowl and balls.

The only issue with a backpack is that it can’t be accessed without taking off the pack to fish out your items, so they can be a little laborious to use on shorter walks.

Poo Bag Dispenser

As far as key features go, none is as handy as a built-in poop bag dispenser. Once you’re used to the benefits of these bags, it’s tough to go back to a regular pack. Look for a waist pack with a dedicated pocket for poop bags and a built-in dispenser on the outside.

You should also be prepared to hold on to your used poop bags, so having sealed pockets to store them until you find an appropriate bin on your walk will be useful.

Treat Pouches

Treats are the best incentive for our dogs and a great way to reward them for being well behaved. When it comes to carrying treats for our dogs, it’s best to keep them in a dedicated pouch or pocket that can be well sealed to mask the smell from our dogs and protect them from the rain. These doggy treat bags are ideal for helping to train your pooch.

How to Make a Dog Walking Bag

If you can’t find a doggy bag that ticks all of your boxes, you may try making one for yourself; here’s a quick guide on how to make a dog walking bag for all of the DIY-ers out there.


What should I put in my dog’s bag?

Some essential items for your waist pack or shoulder bag include:

  • Waste bags.
  • Treats.
  • Water bottle + bowl.
  • Spare lead.
  • A favourite toy.
  • Balls.
  • Hand sanitiser.
  • Phone.
  • Keys.


Now that you know all about dog walking bag options and what key features to look for, it’s time for you to choose one! Consider what key features are important to you in a bag.

Do you need something durable? Something with easy access? Waterproof materials? Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, please take a look at our top picks and see which one is right for you.

Our top choice is the HummerDogg Treat Pouch Bag. It has all the key features you could want, an extensive 1.5-litre capacity odour elimination technology; it’s easy to clean and looks great. All in all, this waist pack is a superb alternative to rummaging through your coat pockets.

So get ready to head outside with your furry friend – just be sure to wear your new favourite accessory, the perfect dog walking bag! You can also take a look at all the dog training supplies available on our main page.

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